A Small Dis-/Recombobulation Event

Not sure if anyone else felt this today, but The CAT staff and other sensitives were feeling WHOMPED today. Not sure why (Wave X2?), but apparently a big global shift is under weigh — bringing with it a massive dose of Justice and Retribution. One of us (Da-da) noticed that the neutron count dropped. Last two times it dropped, we all had a similar reaction, … Continue reading A Small Dis-/Recombobulation Event

Cosmic Ray Counters Just Went to 11 [UPDATES]

Something major just happened in our cosmic neighborhood, as the cosmic ray/neutron meter just went ZOOM. No idea what this means, but The CAT is guessing it’s GOOD. Could be a glitch, but we doubt it. Schumann Resonance is also up. We’re also seeing more definition in the 36-44 hz wavelengths — AND silly explanations for the rather unusual dual-tail of comet Catalina. Wave X2 … Continue reading Cosmic Ray Counters Just Went to 11 [UPDATES]