Cosmic Ray Counters Just Went to 11 [UPDATES]

Something major just happened in our cosmic neighborhood, as the cosmic ray/neutron meter just went ZOOM.

No idea what this means, but The CAT is guessing it’s GOOD. Could be a glitch, but we doubt it. Schumann Resonance is also up.

We’re also seeing more definition in the 36-44 hz wavelengths — AND silly explanations for the rather unusual dual-tail of comet Catalina. Wave X2 evidence, anyone?

The CAT highly recommends reading THIS: Wave X2, the Second Wave of Wave X, has officially begun. Meanwhile, ETs are arriving en masse and hanging out, expecting something big, while other things that are nearly beyond imagination are getting ready to literally hatch.

Be happy and keep the fear at arm’s length. Mozart, Ella and Q have your back.

UPDATE1: Here’s the energy spike, graphically demonstrated (in neutrons). Note that that vowel movement at bottom should read “December.”

UPDATE2: There was another off-the-chart spike at 1:00 am Pacific on December 7th.