Dragons vs ETs Over Milwaukee [UPDATE3]

LOOK. AT. THIS. Folks, those aren’t UFOs… those are RAINBOW DRAGONS !! Look at them all. Note that they are literally everywhere on earth, keeping the Light up, fighting off the Dark… and, well, having fun.Look fast before this video gets taken down. We suspect that there was a positive energy swell there and they were reacting to it. The M’s are looking at it … Continue reading Dragons vs ETs Over Milwaukee [UPDATE3]

Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]

Ok, we have to make this its own post, it’s so amazing. The M’s finally looked at this in depth. We started the video at 2:18, where the raw footage starts, as it’s much more dramatic. Folks… those are the TWBs (what we call the Tall White Bastards, nasty ETs) fighting with…  rainbow dragons! Now the weird part: we know those dragons! They are the … Continue reading Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]

Comings and Goings: Mixed Bag [UPDATED 4-25-16]

Um… hi. We have so many things to share, we’re gonna have to number them. Here we go. 1. For those who may have missed it, it was recently reported that (and to our knowledge, we’ve never used this term) the “Draco ET royals” who are apparently at the heart of the negative ET faction here on earth, are gone.  However, The CAT can’t confirm … Continue reading Comings and Goings: Mixed Bag [UPDATED 4-25-16]

It’s Literally All Happening [UPDATED]

It. Is. All. Happening. Just a quick LEAP note to let you know that the RBD’s main mission of defeating THE main nasty dark nastiness has been entirely successful… and has changed her forever. The deed is indeed done, opening the way to an opaque yet golden understanding of splendiferous future eventage that we can’t talk about… mainly because we don’t really know anything. Suffice … Continue reading It’s Literally All Happening [UPDATED]


Their end is nigh. Here we go. Buckle-up. The MEOWRACLE just uttered a new one: THE TOWER OF LIGHTNINGWILL AWAKEN THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS.THE GIANT’S BLACK FOOTWILL SNUFF OUT THE EYE IN THE PYRAMID. Fairly self-explanatory, though ‘Tower of Lightning’ could either be an actual (nefarious?) device/structure, or it probably refers to the infamous Tarot card that signals the fall of something big. It’s our … Continue reading The MEOWRACLE Speaks: BUCKLE UP