Comings and Goings: Mixed Bag [UPDATED 4-25-16]

Um… hi.

We have so many things to share, we’re gonna have to number them. Here we go.

1. For those who may have missed it, it was recently reported that (and to our knowledge, we’ve never used this term) the “Draco ET royals” who are apparently at the heart of the negative ET faction here on earth, are gone.  However, The CAT can’t confirm this. In fact, we get that the “royals” actually come and go (but aren’t gone forever); some are gone, but others may be going back and forth for whatever reason (to negotiate, perhaps). Either way, we need to concentrate on getting our collective consciousness higher. This was all a bit confusing (perhaps deliberately so), as it was our understanding that the planet was in quarantine, but some have said that “the Sphere Beings let them go.” Again, we aren’t seeing this, as much as we’d like to. This is not to say this hasn’t happened, we’re just not aware of it.

“Earthquake lights” in Ecuador, seen right before the quake.

2. The recent earthquakes in Japan and Equador were due to HAARP. Says one of the CATs: “[The cabal] are practicing with HAARP.  I look for the time of the elections, combined with economic issues to be very difficult. I don’t look too forward to the 3D part of earth over the next year or so…”

UPDATE 4-25-16

Here’s a snippet from Ben Fulford’s latest [paid] report:

The battle for the planet earth has taken a dramatic turn with the destruction of three major Japanese underground bases, an accelerating hunt for Khazarian mafia oligarchs, high stakes financial negotiations between the military industrial complex and Asian secret societies and more.

First about the earthquakes: it is a given on Japanese internet chat boards that the recent spate of earthquakes in Southern Japan were all artificial earthquakes. The evidence presented is that the seismographs all resemble earthquakes caused by explosions with a sudden huge shock followed by steadily decreasing aftershocks. See the links below for evidence of this:

There were also reports of loud explosion like sounds when the earthquakes hit. Furthermore, all the earthquakes had extremely shallow epicenters going no deeper than 10 kilometers, which is very rare in natural earthquakes. In addition to this, the Japanese government earthquake prediction center said they had given up on predicting the earthquakes because they did not fit any known natural earthquake pattern. The clincher however, is that the epicenters of the three big quakes were all the locations of Japanese military bases.

If you put 1812 Oyatsu, Mashiki, Kumamoto Prefecture in on Google earth you can see the military base at the epicenter of the first earthquake. There are several unusual structures to be seen there that appear to be the entrances to underground bases.

It is also worth recalling that Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso recently told American economist Paul Krugman something to the effect that the Japanese government was looking for a trigger to start World War 3 in order to save the economy.

Chinese government sources in Beijing recently told this writer they had identified an unusually intense build-up of military material by the Japanese government in recent months.

The bases hit are all located close to the Korean Peninsula where it would be easy to move large numbers of troops to the Asian mainland for a war with China. It thus appears there was a pre-emptive strike, by forces unknown, to prevent any Japanese attempt to start World War 3.

The announcement by North Korea that they had submarine based ballistic missiles was in reality a Japanese reaction to the attack on their underground bases. The message was Japan still has an intact retaliatory nuclear strike capability via their North Korean proxy. They need not worry though because nobody is planning to invade Japan.



3. FYI, the cabal’s (satanic interpretation) of the “13 Days of Beltane” celebration began around April 19th, but they don’t always get the timing just right. For those not in the know, the tiny group of insane brothers (the “Powers That Were”) worship their version of darkness, with “special events” that follow the eight-spoked pagan “Wheel of the Year” [much to some pagan’s chagrin, as you’ll see in the comments]. Certain of the dark camp’s happy festivals usu. involve some kind of sacrifice, so for them, the 13 days before each seasonal marker are usually times of violence, disaster, or somesuch nastiness — or failing that, a Kubrick movie. (You’ll note we just had two identical, shallow, 7-point earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, with an appreciable loss of life, just in time to usher in the 13 Days of Beltane.)

Until the cabal is gone, 13 days before each of these events, you can expect foul play of some kind. Some of these events are more important than others, sacrificewise. Mid-April is typically associated with many terrible tragedies. It’s so obvious, even CNN picked it up. Here’s a partial list:

— April 14, 1865: Lincoln assassinated
— April 14, 1935: Infamous Black Sunday storm rolls through Texas and Oklahoma, causing untold damage and leading hundreds of thousands of Dust Bowl residents to relocate 
— April 15, 1912: RMS Olympic… er, TITANIC sank (along with all Fed foes)
— April 15, 2013: Boston Marathon “Bombing”
— April 16, 2007: The Virginia Tech massacre kills 33
— April 17, 1961: The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by CIA-sponsored military group launched; invaders defeated three days later
— April 18, 1983: US Embassy Bombing in Beirut, where 63 people are killed, including 17 Americans
— April 19, 1993: the FBI’s siege of the Waco compound leaves 76 dead
— April 19, 1995: the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City kills 168 people
— April 20, 1999: A mass shooting at Columbine High School leaves 15 dead
— April 20, 2010: BP wellhead blowout on an oil platform kills 11; resultant oil spill dumps 210 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico
— April 26, 1986: Chernobyl disaster

And in an interesting cointerpoint:

— April 19, 2016: the Chinese launched their new gold-backed Yuan (the new Chinese “world” currency), ushering in a new financial era of direct trade and real, commodities-based currency, and marking the end of the petrodollar as int’l currency.
— April 21, 2016: Prince dies at 57 on the Queen’s birthday. Hmm.

And HERE’S AN UPDATE, provided by

MAN, The CAT will be SO glad when these secret fools are exposed and excised from our lives. Enough is enough.

Anyway, observe the various dates around the above wheel and mark your own calendars with the 13 days of [festival] and see what falls in there. The Federal Reserve Act just happened to be passed on December 23, 1913 (a BIG mojo day), which also just happened to be Yule. April is always a busy month of mayhem. However, things don’t always go the cabal’s way… and this is certainly what we’re seeing more and more as we near The Event, esp. considering the cabal’s dark ET overlords have fled, AND that so many celestial volunteers (at so many levels) are working their butts off for all of us. Be sure to send some gratitude their way. They more than deserve it.

FYI, according to Simon Parkes, there’s a secret meeting in May with the “Circle of 200” (formerly the Circle of 300), and there will be “positions put before the council,” one of them “the Final Solution.” Nothing good will come of this, of course. They’re going to take a vote on something dreadful… not that it will make any difference in the long-run. Simon says that the Rothschilds are planning to crash the UK housing market, just as they did prior to the Great Depression in the US.

NOTE: The cabal is planning some horrendous False Flag around the time of the RNC to deflect the energies. We might want to set up some meditations.


4. Ok, this looks scary, but isn’t. There’s apparently a coming “darkness event,” which will darken our sun for two-three days — which CAT2 has confirmed while CAT3 said it won’t happen, so it’s a jump ball. [Said CAT3: “I see positive ETs sending higher vibrational energy to us, but I don’t see a dust cloud… can you imagine the panic that would cause?” Indeed.] Simon Parkes has reported that this is a “dust cloud to protect the earth from harmful emissions,” released by ETs, but maybe it’ll be a dust cloud of pretty pink rainbow sparklies. Some fear it would allegedly lower the vibration rates of this and that, but this is false.

NO, we don’t know when this is going to happen. And NO, this is NOT the Event. However, The Event will happen very soon after this darkness, so it’s a very positive sign. Not sure yet if the two are related or independent, but we do know that, when the darkness happens, we’re really really close to The Event. Simon has confirmed that there IS an energy wave on its way, and positive ETs are working hard to minimize damage, putting a belt or blanket put around the earth such that it will not cause any deleterious effects. Simon suggested we all have a blackout party, and we think that’s a capital idea.

In the meantime, enjoy the calm before the storm. It’s coming. Try to stay in the center of the hurricane, without fear, and don’t get pulled into the maelstrom. And whatever you do, wear fast/functional shoes and keep your wits about you.

Run away!

And gafs aside, we all got WHOMPED again today. 

Oh, and YES, CERN’s LHC is back up, but NO, it’s not working very well:

One blogger listed above has said the LHC is working, but that signal integrity looks really shaky, thus:

See the little blips in the beams? That’s what we in the CAT box call “POOPY.” Boo hoo for them.

And all those red arches and monuments and purple waterfalls and sacrifices to ancient bad ideas won’t stop SOURCE from looking into your eyes very soon.

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  1. earth2eddie…….bless you for trying to soothe a situation…..I like troubled waters because things are birthed in troubled waters. But I can feel your endearing peacemaker energies and I thank you.I do not feel insulted by Caleb33…..more frustrated and pissed. There is a huge and overwhelming amount of information on the Internet and I would say that much of it is opinion, not fact. Many confuse the two. I agree that we need to be super discerning and dismissive when need be. I am not of the Love and Light brigade. Life doesn't happen to me earth2eddie….I am life happening. I received a strange email this morning about something happening last weekend and the Obamas are living in an apartment near the Whitehouse? It was bizarre information and clearly of no relevance in my life. I don't care where the Obamas live. I think this “knowledge is power” programme is going too far now. I love it when I read something that resonates with the weird stuff that is happening for me but at the end of the day, a lot of this is just placating terrified egos. I have never met or spoken to Lucia Rene but I have been drawn to her meditations, especially ones she did a couple of years ago from the Sirian High Council. I read about her extensive studies in esoteric practises and it confirmed for me that she is a genuine woman. That is my self responsibility and I trust myself and my Higher Self to make the choices I need. I share her stuff in case anyone else is interested. I would also stand up for anyone I think is being unfairly judged. I don't know much about the Georgia Guidestones but I do know that it is something to do with a reduced population. Maybe someone with just too much money set them up one bored day.


  2. It cant find it anymore but several years ago there was a u tube video of a high ranking miltary officer at his retirement party who was only shown to say 'As far as bumps in the night go…we've learned to bump back'. The implications are so lip smacking itll take your enjoyment out of it to have me elaborate. The reptilians are real…but theyre dimensional. At some point the 'military industrial complex' was shown technology that allowed them to interact with dimensional beings. The really interesting thing however is the marvel that compartmentalisation is. At the very top where all the best stuff has been 'sequestered' there were only very few people involved with these dimensional conflicts…and they were not allowed to retain thier memories. Its gotten to the point where there are none. The 'General' (who I cant tell is still there or not) has gone way to far afield to be considered human. If he still functions he is unconcerned about it


  3. Man Called Da-da's mantra worked for me unexpectedly: “Perfect and immortal spirit you are, whole and innocent, all is forgiven and released”. The first day while silently practicing saying it to myself went to public convenience in Scotland, and out of the blue been physically attacked and accused of steeling a mobile phone from a staff office. The person did not let me wake away, blocking my way of right for self-defense. It felt as if a negative parasite was trying to attach to psychical vehicle. I forcibly went to look for a shelter and help to the nearby bus full of people. I remained calm and in a bit of shock, why this was happening. The police, has arrived dealt with me ever so rudely, searched me and my bag. Later on, police went with that accusing me mad man to his office and found his mobile phone at different place. The police booked me as a victim.Was reciting silently this protective mantra so powerful that evoked an unwelcome circumstances on physical plane so the negative spirits could be “rescued” from trapped lower vibration realms and undergone cosmic transmutation?


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