Defeating CERN for Less Than $20 [UPDATED]

FYI, CERN’s (hidden agenda) LHC is currently running, off and on — not the way they want it to, but running nonetheless. Many can feel it. Here are some of the common complaints:

  • “Feels like you’re fighting a cold, like that tired ‘medicine head’ feeling, or you’re reeeeeeally tired/drained”
  • “It’s a very weird feeling, like your spirit and body are detached and you’re floating above yourself”
  • “Like being drunk without drinking”
  • “Feels like your spirit is being pulled out the top of your head.”

Lynn over at Psychic Focus recently wrote:

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I get that when CERN begins experimenting again, the activity surrounding the experiments will create a disruption in the magnetosphere that surrounds earth. It will be thick in some areas, and thin in others, and I see the bubble constantly shifting and moving about like a bubble on the end of a plastic dip stick (the type a child uses to blow bubbles in the back yard. I will try to find a picture when I am done and add it to this post.) The magnetosphere is constantly wavering bath and forth, and I hear the low lying “hum” to it as it moves…

It is the shift in this magnetic bubble that effects people, so it is through indirect measures of CERN that people will feel it. Much like how astrological positions or the moon tug on us, the magnetosphere does too. People that are sensitive (especially to EMF waves) or have autoimmune issues will feel this the most. I see it causing irritability, fatigue and “ADD type” feelings in your thoughts. Looks hard to concentrate during this time.

The biggest thing is to be aware of this and recognize changes in yourself. Meditating, trying to hold a higher frequency, constantly clearing your energy and asking your guides to help are things you can do to mitigate the symptoms. I also see soaking in Epsom salts (in a warm bath) can help to release some of this (what feels like toxic or overpowering) energy from your system.

Those of as at The CAT can unfortunately feel when CERN activates, reporting all of the above symptoms. It’s quite debilitating for sensitives. We’ve tried several things (including lead sheilding believe it or not), but the only thing that works — and we know this sounds crazy — is putting an inexpensive crystal and a piece of orgonite in your pockets. (We said it’d sound crazy.) for it to work, you need to carry them on your person.

We use citrine points, about three inches long, and pocket-sized pieces of orgonite, both readily available on Etsy or eBay for around $10 each. We know this sounds crazy, but… this combo works. As usual, we were keeping open minds about these kinds of thing and they actually seem to work. We’ve originally tried this technique to defeat what we call “mind-noise” while in large crowds, like at theme parks, and it works very well. Seems to create a protective bubble around you that defeats… well, BAD ENERGY. Sounds hippie as hell, but it’s a real thing. There’s a ton of it out there these days and CERN makes it 100X worse.

Unfortunately, like religion, “science” has also proven itself to be trustworthy and for sale to the highest bidder, so we’ve been forced to try alternative means of gathering information and making our way in the world. Because of this, we’ve become trained to rely on our own insights, as well as those of a handful of truly remarkable sensitives who have ALWAYS been right, nearly 100% of the time (so far). The only differences we see are in various timelines, as they evolve and collapse. We’re not here to convince. We’re here to advise. When in doubt, do what TheCAT does: take everything with a grain of salt and look for patterns. Develop and learn to trust your own instincts and innate abilities. 

CERN-wise, note that there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a nuisance. Despite its intent, it won’t stop what’s coming. Nothing will. The positive energy cavalry is incoming — and unstoppable.

Discussion: Does CERN’s Shiva statue have anything to do with the recent Kali projection on the Empire State Building? End of the world, anyone? Well, for some who deserve it.

UPDATE: So much for that. When Wave X is roaring, a CME is hitting us, AND CERN’s goddamn LHC is on, nothing helps. You just have to ride it out. Some of us have had our eyes CLOSE one after the other while feeling totally exhausted. Like the Tao of Da-da says: “Strong winds CAN blow all day depending on how much sugar’s been ingested.”