Your Heliomancer for Saturday, August 22, 2015

Heliomancy: Divination of the future via images of the sun... or something like that.

This very latest image of the sun’s corona showcases a Dalek vs. an owl, bringing up all manner of meme collision interpretation. Between all things secret society (owls are Illuminati symbols) and Dr. Whovian villain metaphors, we’re pretty sure the Powers That Were have their hands full. We also have what looks like a deformed Italy on the bottom left, AND a slice-n-dice samurai bird of prey on the bottom right, so… basically all kinds of fin de siecle fun will be had by all those who deserve it. Waiter, more schadenfreude for all The CAT’s friends.

[NOTE: YES, of course our maxillam is impaled upon our acuta lingua… or something like that.]