CERN Has Fallen and It Can’t Get Up [UPDATES 12-16-15]

Boo hoo. CERN’s LHC is discombobulated, its instrumentation and site are 404 kaput. So sad.

This from RumorMill:

I and many others, I bet, have been checking in on CERN a couple times a day. This morning it was normal. RMN readers may recall that sunday, I reported on them having lots of strange problems, Circuits tripping, etc…

Well, now it’s GONE…Flat Gone…

This happened just an hour or so ago, EVERYTHING was working fine on their end , sorta , because , in last 24 hour they are HAVING some trouble, although they hide it. Moments ago, I tried viewing the DASHBOARD, its GONE – THEY REMOVED THE FILE ALL TOGETHER ?

it comes up a 404, means file not found, they have removed the php file alltogether .

Wonder if they found their prize they were looking so hard to find before their September time frame?

No. They found no prize. The funny thing is: THEY THEMSELVES want the LHC to fail, secretly.

UPDATE: It’s apparently back up again… but that won’t last long.

UPDATE 12-16-15: CERN’s LHC had been DOWN (after an apparent explosion we’ve yet to verify) — then back up and back down over the past five weeks, bouncing all over the place and not working right — and now it’s finally DOWN, in shutdown mode, with no word from CERN on when or why or how:

And… we at The CAT heard a rumor that the US Govt’s geoengineering program has been shut down for 2015! Let’s hope that’s true and that it stays shutdown for 2016 and the duration. It appears that the light really IS winning. Happy holidays, everyone!