Your Heliomancer Circa October 15, 2015: "Fin de le Mal Époque"

Fin de le Mal Époque!

Some of you know that the sun is actually a living thing, very complex. It’s also a kind of multidimensional holographic projector. Of what? OF YOUR “REALITY,” Timmy… which isn’t reality per se, but most of you don’t know that. However, more and more of you are waking up. The sun knows this and, it is The CAT’s informed opinion that, the sun has a sense of humor and fair play. It LIKES to give us little clues as to what’s going on; all we need do is look, and pay attention.

That said, A Man Called Da-da invented something he calls HELIOMANCY — divination of the future via satellite images of the sun — and we like it, a lot. He has kindly allowed us to steal this from him and make it a regular part of The CAT. So without further ado…

Your Heliomancer Circa October 15, 2015

The sun knows something’s up. How could he not? And it’s showing that to us today with… a party hat? Or is that a skewed Xmas tree? A crumpled witch’s hat? Knowing the sun, it’s all of the above: the sun, HE BE COMPLEX. Perhaps Merry Old Sol’s letting us know that an earth party is about to begin… while another ends… and that that it might be a bumpy Xmas. Could also be what’s left of that terribly annoying (and dying) symbol of idiot secret societies, The Eye in the Pyramid. Get a hunch, bet a bunch.

Bottom line: The CAT strongly suggests you acquaint yourself with the phrase Da-da (who is rather French) has been using ’round the office like it’s going out of style: Fin de le Mal Époque (pardon our french), or “THE END OF EVIL TIMES.”

We think that this is precisely what the sun had in mind here.

Get your evil t-shirts before it’s all over.

3 thoughts on “Your Heliomancer Circa October 15, 2015: "Fin de le Mal Époque"

  1. Coronal hole in the shape of a party/witch hat? That AIA image is upside down, so maybe it's really a cornucopia instead, or maybe instead of a horn of plenty, it's a trumpet heralding the end of evil times, or perhaps even calling us to arms to help effect that end….


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