Floating City Mystery SOLVED [UPDATED]


Some people are starting to freak out about this, so The CAT decided to step in.

Thousands reportedly witnessed the spectacle of a ghostly alien city floating in the clouds over the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China last week. Footage recorded by residents of the city shows the mysterious phenomenon as witnessed by thousands of shocked residents of Foshan on October 7, 2015. 

This is NOT a Project Bluebeam event. The above cellphone video capture is actually showing a time rift between two timelines. You’re viewing a dynamic interaction here, where two timelines are merging for a moment, and then part ways again. This is exactly what happened with the ‘city in the clouds’ event seen by hundreds in Africa, last April. It’s nothing to be afraid of. Timelines are folding in on themselves all the time, but most especially now. Eventually there will be only TWO moving forward. Guess which one you want to be on?

UPDATE 10-22: There’s been another floating city appearance, this time captured over Hastings. This has been confirmed as a real image. Our resident psychic said: “Something is really shifting. It’s like the energies are overlapping.”

(Yeees, we have resident psychics and mediums and all manner of WOO people here at The CAT. They’re imperative to have on staff when dealing with so much disinformation every day. More than likely, you yourself are a lot more WOO than you’d ever care to admit. You’re reading The CAT, after all…)

UPDATE #2: That California floating city image that just popped up is fake.

Another floating city, this time over Hastings.

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  1. Do you anticipate these types of events continuing & even becoming more commonplace globally? Are any countries more inclined to experience these than others? Thx


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