A highly advanced (non-human) member of The CAT staff just came up with the term for what many of us are becoming: CHROMOSAPIENS. From the Ancient Greek khroma, meaning color, that rainbow hue you may be experiencing directly maps to the chakra system: ROYGBIV. Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

Note that some of you may be receiving gifts in meditations and dreams (intangible, higher vibration gifts), so try to recognize when this happens. This is happening faster than we anticipated. Also, try inviting the Rainbow Dragon into your meditations (AFTER you’ve grounded and set protection; you don’t want an imposter in there).

One thought on “CHROMOSAPIENS: The Next Step?

  1. I love this post. : )I've been seeing/integrating a chromacolor light body around and within my energy fields for a few months now. Most interesting was early on it was very high vibration and I couldn't integrate it fully. Or 'wear it' for very long. Until very recently. It (very much) now slips on like an warm blanket.PeacePS – Da-da 'She' says 'Duck!'.


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