It’s Literally All Happening [UPDATED]

It. Is. All. Happening.

Just a quick LEAP note to let you know that the RBD’s main mission of defeating THE main nasty dark nastiness has been entirely successful… and has changed her forever. The deed is indeed done, opening the way to an opaque yet golden understanding of splendiferous future eventage that we can’t talk about… mainly because we don’t really know anything. Suffice to say it’s literally all happening.

Besides, you’ll get so much more out of all this if you do. And for those who crawled through that 5,000,000 yards (years?) of raw sewage… the rewards will seem that much sweeter. The very best to all our spiritual brothers and sisters from all over, and our humblest most grateful thanks in perpetuity. The date will be bigger than any number in human experience. You will literally never forget it. Yes, we’re all soon to find out just how special this planet really is to the rest of the cosmos. In the meantime, please take a moment to mentally thank the RBD for all her hard work and sacrifice. Now it’s time for YOU to step up.

To quote Da-da: “Without it, we’re all just mass without gravity.”

56 thoughts on “It’s Literally All Happening [UPDATED]

  1. Is this evidence of RBD power?”Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron David De Rothschild Indictment”


  2. In meditation, I wanted to see the black dragon. I Protected and grounded myself to Gia but had a strange lifting sensation when a real big long dragon figure looked at me. It was HUGE and colorless like PimpMyBrain says. When it beamed me, it turned into the RBD! Told me the black dragon got burned and ate. It kinda hurt my brain when it scanned me. Said I'm too small to burn off my black cause it could harm me. Said I need to think about others and accept rainbows. I hate rainbows. I said that many lights hurts my 3rd eye but I can try. COOL. And scary! Thank you everyone for te good tips! I want to work on myself now so I can talk to without hurting! It was so big and bright! Wow.


  3. We originally did not mention the BD because we knew people would (foolishly) try to connect to it, for whatever reason. We're not sure what you encountered, but just concentrate on connecting to the Oversoul, then branch off from there. Everything else is just dangerous tourism.~CAT3


  4. This from Veteran;s today…….very interesting!The Rothschild family, according to a highly placed source, cut a deal 4 centuries ago, with an unseen power. This power, I was told, and according to the Rothschilds, is not evil or Satanic or anything like that. They just came on “entities” somewhere in Germany, long ago, that agreed to help the family gain power and “earthly dominion” in exchange for a few things.Each male member of the family would, at age 25, and I know someone who has witnessed this, goes through an “investiture” ceremony. There, the young Rothschild or Goldsmith or whatever, perhaps young Bush, no proof of this, allows an unseen entity to enter them. This entity, as they tell it, lives outside time and space, and has been on earth for “hundreds of thousands of years.”Their reward is help against enemies, knowledge of the future and a guarantee of an afterlife of their choosing. This is their story, as told to someone who was never supposed to pass it on. There is no aspect of good or evil involved, only a deal to use their given power and the gifts of the unseen entity to create “vibrations” that feed their newfound friend. Those vibrations are maximized through hate and suffering, not having anything to do with evil itself, but simply out of coincidence alone.Read the rest at:


  5. I know we're supposed to forgive, but the cabal should be rounded up and made to work a martian penal colony, with no return ticket.


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