The BOO List: Halloween Comes Early, Wave X3, Spooky Tidbits [UPDATED 5-19-16]

Trick or treat.

Again, so many things are going on, we need to lapse into the horror of the listed update:

1. BOO

Hoo boy. While no one online seems to be putting out any new (accurate) info of late, it’s been like Halloween for some of The CATs. Seriously scary bugaboos have been popping up in meditations and dreams all over the place for about a week, causing sleepless mayhem. One CAT had what they called “Mr. Nasty” jump into their meditation (we won’t describe him, yikes) and scare the holy crap out of them, while this same entity tried the same scare tactic on Da-da a few nights later, both appearing in a PROTECTED meditation, and awakening him with a serious fight-or-flight early morning adrenaline surge that lasted for two hours. We’re not saying this to scare you; if you’re made aware that something is jumping out of the bushes at people, when it happens to you, you can identify it and get over it that much quicker. There’s nothing to be afraid of… except fear. (There’s a fear lesson in there, too.) This thing seems to be ancient, LIVING FEAR. Be on your guard with grounding and protection. We know its name but we ain’t gonna use it, no matter how many people tell us they’re tough enough.

There are any number of reasons for the above happenings:

A. Boop Boop Boop: Five planets are in retrograde (backing up). Half of us don’t believe in that kinda thing having anything to do with human events, but a lot of strange things sure do seem to occur during these times.

B. Put Another Flash on the Barbie: Australian radio-telescope astronomers recently revealed “energetic transient flashes” that they think came from outside of the Milky Way galaxy.

C. Celestials: We recently read one sensitive claim that an “11th Density” ship had “entered the galaxy and were on their way to earth.” But… why would 11th order celestials NEED a ship at all? We had a visit from two of these celestials, so we can safely say that they’re here, now. (A few of us meditated during a thunderstorm (never had the opportunity before), and were visited by two 11th density celestials, who placed their hands on our shoulders. It was very moving.

D. Halley Debris: we recently passed through the debris field for a big chunk of Halley’s Comet… which may or may feature big frozen chunks of water left over from when Mars got whacked by a huge explosion sooooo long ago (you know who you are). So, the debris could be charged with that supremely negative emotion. Who knows what’s hanging out in there in space, entitywise?

E. Malice Aforethought: Back in ’95, before any weird stuff happened to him, Da-da reported being visited by something just like what was mentioned above, in front of TWO eyewitnesses. (“Did you just se that??”) He later discovered that this being was sizing him up for the future. This is doubly disturbing in that this entity knew what Da-da would be doing 20 years later. Spooky.

F. Cat Hater: Or, the entity simply hates cats.

Regardless of reason, it was Da-da who rid us of the entity, using a Coursian mantra. Since it appeared to him TWICE, he could call on those images and (mentally) recite the following:


Da-da reasoned that, since even negative entities are our brothers and are a product of SOURCE, it makes sense to treat them with LIGHT instead of fear. And from what he said, the entity (a serious Big Bad with a Name) seriously did not like being re-connected back to SOURCE (!) and has since fled. Factually, you should use the above (mentally) on anyone you’re having a problem with — and with everyone else, as well. It creates a forgiveness “miracle” or bond that raises the vibration of both beings. All expressions of love are maximal.

UPDATE 5-19-16: Seems this entity (we call him “Mr. Nasty”) may have struck a bunch of kids in Peru. One of The CAT staff thought this might mean that that area was soon to experience some sort of natural disaster. This thing does NOT like the above mantra, as it does GOOD, so it might be worth committing to memory.

2. WAVE X3?

The next (third?) period of Wave X flux energy is due to crest the end of May/beginning of June, as seen by two of the uberCATs. Not sure if this is a mini wave or the next big one; we have no idea where this wave stands in the grand scheme of scheming waviness. Meanwhile, lots of little waves continue to stroll through, like this one from May 6th:


Note: the above Schumann Resonance meter is in Russia (14 is midnight PDT). There have been a few big whacks recently, mostly in the snoozetime hours (perhaps deliberately to ease transitions?). FYI, “chaas” (bottom right) means hour in russian.

Dammit, Jim…


While no one knows exactly when The Event is nigh, Voyager 1 may have already experienced part of it in intersteller space after leaving the sun’s heliopause:

• The Voyager 1 spacecraft has experienced three shock waves

• The most recent shock wave, first observed in February 2014, still appears to be going on

The “tsunami wave” that NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft began experiencing earlier this year is still propagating outward, according to new results. It is the longest-lasting shock wave that researchers have seen in interstellar space.


This is the third shock wave that Voyager 1 has experienced. The first event was in October to November of 2012, and the second wave in April to May of 2013 revealed an even higher plasma density. Voyager 1 detected the most recent event in February, and it is still going on as of November data.


It is unclear to researchers what the unusual longevity of this particular wave may mean. They are also uncertain as to how fast the wave is moving or how broad a region it covers.

Sensitives will start to react to the incoming energy in various ways… most of them invariably involving cat hair and black clothing.



It’s come to The CAT’s attention that someone has claimed that the earth’s axis has been “fixed.” That doesn’t resonate with us at all. Instead, it looks like the earth’s wobble (due to the sun’s companion) is in full force and going to continue to cause the seasons to “blur” together, resulting in very weird weather. We are going to lose the signs of definitive seasons for the next few years, so buckle up. [sigh] When will be be allowed to go back to the days of Currier & Ives?


And finally, speaking of seeing something really scary, someone recently reported (again) that Kissinger was dead. Alas, two of the Meowracles say he’s not. Makes you wonder what kind of black magic fury is going on to keep these evil old fossils alive. We know they’re our brothers, too, but they’ve really got to go. Time for a Coursian mantra.

Oh, and be sure to stay off…

The MSM is going to be pumping out tons of earthquake fear, NWO fear, EMP fear, Nanotechnology fear, AVOCADO fear (not really), fear fear fear. Don’t take the bait, unless it’s good on corn chips. Stay positive. Good things are happening and the cavalry is inbound.

Get ready.

UPDATE 5-10-16 10:38 pm PDT: Whoa. Serious Schumann WHOMP going on right now.

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  1. Someone asked about the Coursian mantra (that Da-da actually got from author Gary Renard). Try it on random people when you’re waiting in line, somewhere; 1 in 6 can FEEL it and will look right at you. Note that it’s effective even if you’re not in front of the person. You can conjure them from memory and say the words as you “see” them. In this way, you can work ultimate forgiveness into any part of your past that you want… which comes in handy for heavy familial karma lifting.~Da-da


  2. That's insane da da, twenty years earlier for a showdown now!A couple of years back I had an attack during meditation, I was shown hideous images of cannibalism then given the name ” Diablo!”. Instantly a crazed gnashing vile demonic entity tried to claw and bite its way to me but I used JC to get rid. It wouldn't be the same clown would it? I have to say, never felt as frazzled as that before….. 😉


  3. What is the top picture? It looks like the “entities” or “ships” in the clouds.


  4. LOL LOL Thank Y'All :)I have admitted myself into an internet Comments Section Rehabilitation Program so I won't say more…until my next relapse.


  5. That's exactly how it was, so it could be. Both of his forays were fast, but seemed to take forever, esp. the first one. Both instances are burned in my memory (which is where I got the idea for the mantra). Good grief, the first time I saw it, its huge black bat wings flapped through right through my apartment, accompanied by this awful chill and despair. Second time, it was more white-teeth/black-fog-breath-in-your-face. I was startled by the parallel, by the fact that it was the same being. But it sure didn't like my inviting SOURCE into the equation. ;)We are ALL scale models of SOURCE, with Divine Will and indestructible immortality. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.


  6. It just jumped into my mindspace while I was meditating, showing similar horror. [Shudder] I instantly cried out and burst into tears. It was terrifying. I couldn't believe it got through all my protection, but it was only a moment, like it was showing off. But Da-da's words really chopped the thing off at the knees… in a positive way. ;)-CAT3


  7. This quote from the May 12th Unspun News:“There are objects in our atmosphere which are technically miles in advance of anything we can deploy, that we have no means of stopping them coming here … [and] that there is a serious possibility that we are being visited and have been visited for many years by people from outer space, from other civilisations. (….)This should be the subject of rigorous scientific investigation and not the subject of ‘rubbishing’ by tabloid newspapers.”~ Lord Admiral Hill-Norton, Former Chief of Defence Staff, 5 Star Admiral of the Royal Navy, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee


  8. Isnt it remarkable how we all live in ouf own world? Makes you feel important becuase of the money you make and the range of your responsibilty and no you actually do not have to pay attention to whats going on around you. They have that shit down in new Mexico. The MOD's decision makers dont listen to coast…but they still have theyre operatives calling in. Comparmentalisation actually winds up being a kind.of insanity.


  9. “We are ALL scale models of SOURCE, with Divine Will and indestructible immortality. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.”I agree, Da-Da! One could say that the entropy released during a game of life manifests broadly! How fun! SOURCE loves a good laugh! “Boo!”, indeed! Dang kids shouldn't subject themselves to the boogieman if they don't want to eat the boogers! Meditations are HACKS for the whacked of mind! Ground yourself in the REAL TRUTH. Or not… Employment and opportunity for lack of PERPETUITY in LIFE. Wake up! I am your best friend who has been kicking their ass!


  10. Lucia René ~ Exit & Unplug The Matrix


  11. This is good. “Your Awakening Counts More Than Your Vote”


  12. Why so quiet lately? I miss new dialogue from this group! Hope everyone is keeping a positive outlook! Set an example for those you love and come into contact with.


  13. I for one have been tired. I think many of the other CATs have felt the same. It has been a long hard slog. But it ain't over yet.We were just given new info (some very good, some neutral but interesting) over the weekend, but we are waiting to see how it pans out. We have also been working to (quietly) make things better for all (and it's been going well), but need to keep that under our collective hat for now. We are all in a funny time, right now. Be certain to only read and pay attention to positive things and shun any kind of fear in articles, TV, etc. Our collective (and individual) manifestation powers are turning ON, so we all need to pay attention — and meditate, especially with more than one person.~CAT2


  14. It's amazing how bogged down we can get in daily life from all of the “stuff” that thinking about the whole of things barely ever comes into play. We need to change this. I am so very skeptical of relying on a “savior”, as it seems this is a tactic to make us rely on someone else for saving us.


  15. That's one of the prime reasons we do what we do here, spiritually experimenting with ourselves and being open-minded. Why wait? We are all Scions of SOURCE.-CAT4


  16. We have good weather here in Scotland and I am busy planting, weeding etc. I am integrating the energy wave we had…..and for me being in nature is the best way. Last night I dissolved my chakra system. I sense that it was already dissolving anyway, but I have to say that since I did it, I feel marvellous. Lighter, more deeply connected to Source, very much in the moment. I did it through Lucia's “Exit the Matrix” meditation. I think there are other ways of doing it, maybe even paying a healer to do it for you.It's a very personal decision which I had never heard of before, but which felt so right for me when Lucia said it. I have a couple of days off from gardening and people so will be exploring this new reality and will update if I feel necessary.


  17. Does all, some or none resonate with you guys from the following:A grand cosmic Announcement of Freedom for the Earth is about to be proclaimed. There are incredible Earth changes under way and great bodies in the Heavens are showing themselves as they move ‘to and fro’ allowing huge amounts of magnetic white ionized light to flow into the Earth for the grand climax of The Event Horizon. At this time, for First and Second Wave Ascended Beings, the physical human body still may need to go into hibernation-delta mode for a bit, as these incredible energies integrate and morph the DNA into a more advanced species. Do not be alarmed and know that nothing is wrong with you health-wise.continue reading here:


  18. Well… at least three of us have felt very weird, lately. I for one (for the first time ever) spit out the sandwich I'd made because it tasted… wrong. So did the burrito I made to replace it. No idea what that's about. Lots of strange pains, headaches, lightheadedness, feelings of… displacement? movement? Lots of tingling. Incredible energies, indeed.-CAT5


  19. This is how I became a vegetarian, then vegan (the food tasting off). Are you talking about meat, or just low vibrational food in general?


  20. Yeah, that was a ham sandwich. But the cheese and tortilla I selected also tasted off. I was “told” that it's a vibrational thing and not to worry about it. It's been mostly veggies and fruit, lately.-CAT5


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