LIGHT That Candle, Prepare the Way

The Event is NOW

In a meditation, after grounding and protection, imagine that you’re a giant candle. Strike a giant match and LIGHT yourself (spiritually). Imagine yourself burning with SOURCE, rising up as high as you can go. See what happens next.

This is what “light a candle rather than curse the darkness” means. If we all do this together…

Tell a friend. This is our Memorial Day goal. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 11:11 everywhere, in relay.

We ARE The Event. Make it happen. Prepare the way.

5 thoughts on “LIGHT That Candle, Prepare the Way

  1. Thank you so much CAT Staff… appreciate your service to all. Love, Peace and Serenity.


  2. Do you guys think that we have merged multiple timelines/universes into a new earth? Does this explain the mandela effect?


  3. Actually that was a ruse. With all the 'bigwigs' participating in that second death many probably had no idea what was really afoot. Like many things its a stage show to cover up the truth. The franklin coverup for example was as a complete fake. But it alludes to things that are very real. They call it hiding the truth in plain sight using unverifiable claims to get you to throw the baby out with the bath water. This is how evil the Rothchildian banking mafia and all thier henchmen in governments everywhere actually are. They are the.left hand of Lucifer in this world. And dont pretend you didnt know that


  4. Thanks for the Reply. I am not sure what the second death and what exact truth they are attempting to cover up specifically.


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