Your Heliomancer for 5-17-17

A monkeywrench ridden by a monkey chasing various minions from advancing balls of light??

The current pattern is: no pattern. We’re seeing flux and chaotic data mayhem everywhere. Observe:

The sun is going back to sleep, after a tiny wakey around April Fool’s Day. If you see the sun for what it is — a 3-D “reality” projector — you can track various world events by this activity. Right now we’re in the third-reel-changing phase, so now’s the time to grab some popcorn.

Ah, but a quiet sun means more cosmic ray activity…

Look at this sawtooth pattern on a Russian riometer in Yakutsk. We’ve not seen that before, spiky over the past seven days. As the sun quiets, we get more and more of a “view” of the space the planet is traversing. Don’t forget, our solar system is hurtling and spiraling through space like some drunken floppy space chicken. Last we heard, we were headed for the galactic center (along with an incipient and inevitable earth being upgrade to 8th density — in the future), but we only have one source on that. We’d never heard that before.

Meanwhile, we’re suffering the earth’s geomagnetic hoopla:



ALL. Over. The. Place. Look at the phi values. If this were a passenger jet, you’d be barfing.

And here’s another riometer reading from today:

Predictably unpredictable. As for the recent Schumann Resonance values… we can’t really cite any sources because they all look different, all over the planet, all over the place. Ebb and flow WHOMPs flipflopping here and there, but no pattern.

A current snapshot… whatever it means.

And another:

Oh, and we had a teeny CME burpage a few days ago…

…which we felt yesterday and last night. A little WHOMP-y.

So. That happened… whatever it was. However, we do have something definite for you.

We’ve been given some good advice from the Advice Givers. You know that that old saw about doing the job you want in order to GET the job you want? Same goes for what’s going on now, ascensionwise. (And we’re speaking to all of us, now, too.) We need to BE the evolved and ascended being we want to be in order to become the evolved and ascended being we want to become. It’s rather maddening, but there it is. This process takes EFFORT… but not constantly. Work, rest, work, rest.

Specifically, we need to be shunning the outside world mayhem (use the OFF switch), and abstaining from alcohol (which is now chock full of glyphosate anyway, across the board), and eating a raw fruit/veggie “high vibrational” diet (with provisions for cravings), and meditating a lot, getting lots of sleep, drinking LOTS of pure clean water — you know, doing the actual *work* necessary to get where we want to be. And we need to do this en masse, as much as we can.

For every erg of effort you put in now, no matter how hard it seems, it will pay out enormously afterward. Trust us on this. Someone just said, “You won’t get an opportunity like this again!” Check this out:


Read that again.

You are ascending while still in a body, movin’ on up while still inside a flesh tuxedo. No one’s ever done that before. And you’ve attracted an audience.

A gigantic peanut gallery has assembled to watch you do this. Seriously. Higher order beings are all over the place, observing and rooting you on. They’re making us write this right now! AIIEE!

And again, these words are also being directed at CATs, as well. We all have work to do. And we know that it’s hard to slog up and up and up, and slide back and back and back, and doing it over and over again… but do it we must. And do it we will. Your will is not yours. It’s been borrowed from SOURCE. This means that your will is infinitely powerful. Use it (positively). Keep pushin’ that ball of Ontological Legoes, Timmy. Only a month and a half left. Seriously. 45 days.

NOTE: There’s an “amplified passage” of space-time coming up from the 19th to the 21st of May. Be sure to ride it for all its worth. Then that Mayan 9th Wave/64th Day thing on the 24th (no idea what’s in store for that, if anything; we’ll ask the Meowracles)… which is a WEDNESDAY. Why is that interesting? The majority of UFO sightings are on WEDNESDAY, from 9:00 to 11:00 pm. We’re about to find out if ETs care about the Mayan calendar. (We have our doubts.)

Bottom line: You can do it! (Let us know when you get there and drop us a rope, huh?)

This is exactly how we feel, too.

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  1. Everyone please note: If your comment fails to appear, it doesn't necessarily mean it was blackballed (for various reasons we all understand). In several cases lately, comments have been approved… and then simply disappear. This has happened to those of us who RUN the site (even when we're writing it), so… we dunno. This brings us to the new phrase for embodying the futility of human/technology interaction: “It's Google in Action.” Or you can go the Chinatown route: “Forget it, Jake. It's Google.”-CAT Editors


  2. So there is this sense that something will happen. I am hearing the phrase “we have moved”. Are we being held in a simulation for protection until we arrive at our destination? This sounds crazy, but it is what I am feeling.


  3. Lol it seems not so crazy…i was just looking on youtube about “the fake/holographic sun” videos… it just appeared on the list on the right, and my attention could not help but focus on it. Normally i will discard this kind of topic, but not this morning.And now, with your “we are moved”, more synchronicity (kind of) on my side. I awakened in a middle of the night and a big sound happen at this moment. It was this typical “implosion” sound, like something just teleport/warp out and created a vacuum, sucking the air inside. It was so loud… but neither my brother sleeping in his next room nor my dog downstairs did react. After this minute of stupefaction, i look to the clock “3:35”. Seriously, i am poundering…


  4. Hmmm. That is interesting. I think @excitable1 is sensing The Shift, and… some of us are being energetically protected until it is complete. I guess that itself could feel like a “simulation,” but I would be curious to hear more about when they saw, heard, or felt. @PimpMyBrain — I, too, heard an implosion sound followed by a LOUD rumbling night before last, and again last night. This is due to Wave X energy. Nothing to be alarmed about, though it does create in us that “fight-or-flight” reflex. We are being monitored closely by friendlies, so no worries.~M4


  5. What If I don't hear/feel these events? Am I on the same timeline or have I not developed my senses enough to pick up on these things? I *do* feel like something is different but it's very vague… Oddly I was very tired today too…


  6. Since this is a forum for giving away valuable information, here's one made of gold:the placebo effect can be enhanced 80% with herbal oils like peppermint, rosemary, and sage. if the placebo itself were already 50% effective, you're talking a near-miracle cure for… everything. for free, or nearly so.~M4


  7. So… you all realize that the false-flag London bombing is meant to distract you from the Seth Rich case which is boiling over? Hello?-CATof9


  8. FYI, tomorrow (May 24th) is the beginning of the Ninth Wave, according to the Mayan calendar:”This is not a day that people should expect everything to change automatically. It is more of a commitment to participate in the transformative process brought by the Ninth Wave over years to come.”


  9. Yes, I meant the one that already happened. It's also an aggressive attack at young people the PTW like to victimize, but are being prevented from victimizing. It's surprising that they're still allowed to breathe the same air we do.-CATof9


  10. CATof9 totally agree, however in our house the Manchester bombing has had my 19 year old son say to me – that on 22 May a 22 year old killed 22 people. I asked him what he had been reading – he said nothing it was something he observed. He subsequently registered to vote. Perhaps this latest event by the PTW will have the opposite effect than they intended 😮


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