Moon Landing Hoax Photo Breakdown

This monumental lie just sticks in our craw, not to mention the “examples.”

The following is a post Da-da did with Lynn at Psychic Focus back in 2015, but this drill-down vanished (TWICE!) and had to be totally and painfully recreated… which we finally got around to. Da-da was kind enough to let us use it here. You’re probably aware of some of this, but this provides a level of detail and depth that exists nowhere else. The end link is not for the faint of heart.

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Submitted for your continuing truth education, take a look at this photo (which we show repeatedly so you don’t have to be going up and down constantly). This is a real pre- “moon landing” photo, verified by Lynn. Originally part of one of Lynn and Da-da’s awesome “Five for Friday” series, we wanted to drill down into this one photo. Da-da’s questions and comments appear in italics. Let’s get started:

1. First off, who’s in the space suit? A real astronaut, or a stand-in?

I get that this is an actor. I don’t see him as a big actor, but rather a favor made to some guy in the know. I see some powerful guy with a son that looks to be less impressive in the dad’s eyes (the son is picking up someone’s coffee for them and delivering it). The crew behind hiring Kubric hired this “son” as a favor to the dad… I don’t have a name, my impression is that it isn’t anyone we would ever know.

For an astronaut to do this kind of thing, it would’ve been too insulting. They not only would’ve refused, the PTW simply couldn’t ask them to do it. It was bad enough that they had to lie about what they got credit for. The secrecy of the fakery was too much for them. The guy in the suit is an actor who saw it as a job, like doing a commercial.

If the astronauts felt insulted by the fakeness, was it an actor who did the “first man on the moon” video?? Was it a famous actor? Is that guy in the suit an actor we’d know today?

I do get all that was faked. Who were they? It doesn’t look like anyone i know. This person died at a very early age. The whole thing was very suspect; it feels like he was poisoned. He had dark hair and dark eyes. He had the saddest eyes.

2. Who is this guy? What’s he thinking?

Kubrick was the main guy, but this guy is like the assistant director. He’s most concerned about the angles of the shot and the positioning of the flag. Also… there’s some significance to the flag being backwards. It’s inverted intentionally in all the pictures and videos.

Was this guy a later famous director? Can you tell what other movies he may have worked? And… does he have a GUN in a holster under his left arm?

I don’t think he was famous. He was working for the government and for Kubrick at the same time. Kubrick ran the show. And YES, that’s a gun in the holster. He knew what the government wanted. I keep hearing the word STERILE. He had a sterile personality, all about the business.

3. Is this guy a real cameraman? Why isn’t he looking into the camera’s viewer? How much money were these guys making for doing this?

Yes, he’s a real cameraman, and that’s a real camera. He’s not looking into the viewer because they’re talking about things and setting up the shot. It’s not actively being recorded. He’s worried about the angles, setting up the shot right. How much are they making? I hear hundreds of thousands, not millions. Enough to keep them quiet.

Were any of these guys killed? That’s not much money. Was the money recurrent or a one-time thing?

I get the money was a one-time thing. The actor was poisoned. I don’t get that anyone else was killed.  

What gets me — besides the asst. director carrying a gun — is that these guys made so little money from what is really one of the top three scams of the 20th C. (bigger scams could be how WWI and WWII and all the other wars started and why, and of course the “Titanic” really being the Olympic sinking.

4. Who’s the trench coat guy? And while i’m thinking of it, were any other famous movie directors involved besides Kubrick?

They feel like directors and are making sure the details are realistic… I also feel like they are responsible for some kind of filters being used. I get they wanted as few people involved as possible. They had to keep their circle tight and secure. Kubrick consulted with people but rarely said what he was doing [until later, see Kubrick’s video confession at bottom]. He said the technique questions were for another project.

Was kubrick working on 2001 at the same time as the moon landings?

Yes, he was working on the begining stages of 2001. Believe it or not, doing this moon-landing video actually inspired him to do 2001. There was a bit of overlap. It changed the direction of how 2001 went. I get that there’s some subliminal codes in 2001 about this fake moon landing thing.I have to watch that movie again.

Kubrick invented a film technique for 2001 where he exposed the film for the shot — then rewound the film and put the whole camera assembly and film cannisters still in it in a giant *refrigerator* — then rolled them back out and shot the next scene on top of the same film, so there’s no seam… but it seems he learned this from the fake moon landing pics. 

I see huge refrigerated storage rooms at that Lookout Mtn facility just to store the film cameras and equipment, so that checks out.

5. Is this a back-projection of the earth onto a black screen? Oh. Just realized that they couldn’t back-project stars onto the background as it would’ve had to be PERFECT, right down to the stars in the sky at that time, at the proper angle, for it to work. So that must be why they decided to have NO STARS.

Yes, that’s a back projection of the earth. They couldn’t do the stars, you are right, for that reason. It would have to be perfect and they didn’t have the technology. I get that standing on the moon there would be stars visible. They are more clear, but you don’t see the quantity that you see from earth. It has to do with some reflective property of the ground (I am not sure i understand it, but that is what I am being shown). It was impossible to get this how it needed to be, so they just left them off.

What did they do with all the “moon dust” and rock that they used? Can you tell where they dumped it? Any idea what it’s made of?

They used fireplace ash. [!] They dumped it in the middle of the desert and hosed it down so it’s just a big gray-brown lump, somewhere.

Lookout Mountain Laboratory, in the Hollywood Hills.

6. Was this an early test shot? And where were the moon landings faked? Is this the place?

Yes, it was filmed there. It was an early test shot. The people are the floor of the pic were working for Kubrick, and they couldn’t make it right. I get that when they showed Kubrick, he kept saying things like “you aren’t selling me.  I’m not believing it.” And he’d have them do it over an over again.  Kubrick had an eye for detail, and he wanted it perfect if he was going to be tied to it.


And finally…here’s Kubrick (verified by Lynn) confessing about the fake moon landings. Relevent part is from 16:50 to 17:55. QED.

As for the more sinister side to this story… you knew there had to be one…

THREE Apollo 1 astronauts burned in their capsule. FIVE Astronauts dying in plane crashes and auto accidents. One NAA whistleblower and his whole family killed by a freight train. “Accidental” deaths all over the place. Lynn said: “I hear the phrase “preventative maintenance.”  I think someone threatened to talk, and they made sure that wasn’t going to happen.”

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