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So, for those who missed this…

Sounds good to us.

Next, the latest from Blossom Goodchild is a must-read, important enough to quote the whole thing:

Here we are then … the last chat of the year probably. After the last communication about the ‘Pillars of Light’ and the stunning photograph, I wonder if you would be kind enough to let us know what 2018 holds for us? 2018! That seemed so very long ago, way back in 2012!
Greetings of Good Cheer to you Blossom and All. We believe there should be a HO HO HO to Brighten one’s day. Indeed, another break in the calendar that ‘strikes up a chord’ to bring on the beginnings of a New Year and with that … there is much to celebrate. For as the Energy continues to amplify … so too, does the manifestations of all that One’s heart desires.
Not only on a personal level shall one find that LIGHT IS BEAMING THROUGH THE BEING … yet, on a global scale also … INCREDIBLE CHANGES ARE TO BE SEEN.
Such as?
Such as … distortions of Truth being exposed to the masses. Many of the one’s of lesser Light shall be ‘cornered’ and brought to justice and be held accountable for their actions. As more and more is revealed of what has been going on behind the scenes … it shall lead to more and more being uncovered. We would say … The biggest ‘can of worms’ shall be opened.
We have spoken before about how such matters shall shock the world … Shock the soul.  Yet, they shall do so on a heart level. Therefore, it is wise to build one’s strength of PEACE OF MIND … put it into play … and be of a disposition where one is immediately able to rise above that which is brought out into the open.
As these ‘surprizes’ surprize … one shall find their soul’s in a place of; Firstly, not being able to reason with all that has been brought to Light … yet, as it is absorbed and transmuted … one will KNOW that these matters are now ‘dying’ as they are revealed … and THE NEW WORLD OF LIGHT is slowly shining through.
For that which lies ahead is to prepare you for all that is to come.
Remain steadfast in your own TRUTH. 
Over the years, we have talked many times about ways to bring oneself into the ultimate dream of themselves. There is nothing new to say regarding this. Yet, there is a ‘step up’ within self that can and will bring One’s Being into a place where a Greater Understanding assists the soul to remain in their TRUTH … no matter what One is BEING fed by your media and social propaganda.
So, we would ‘predict’ that the world in which you live, not only shall become more topsy-turvy in your following year  … yet , along with it, shall be more Energetically charged phenomenon that shall protect and guide you through.
We would not think to ‘leave you in the lurch’, as you would say … especially at such crucial times … and Dearest Souls … the times ahead … we would indeed term … crucial.
We have talked about a turning point. We have talked about a tipping point. Now we speak of the ultimate point! In which, with all that is revealed concerning ‘shock, horror’ … there HAS to be the opposite end of the scale where upon the ‘ooh’s and aah’s of delight are also appearing and stunning One in LOVE … Literally.
What do you mean … stunning One in Love?
In that … the balance of what is to come in Love … has to outweigh by far … that which will wound the heart.
We have been preparing for this … we have been preparing YOU for this.
People have been asking if the ‘Pillars of Light’ you speak of, are connected to what is talked about in ancient scriptures as a Solar Flash … which brings about much Enlightenment? You have sort of spoken of AN EVENT that feels like it is one and the same … and now , with what you are saying today … may I ask if ‘this is what is to come?
It has always been on the cards that this is to come, Blossom.
Yes, I know. The ‘point’ being, that this has been talked about year after year and usually around this time …  and here we all are … Still! … Waiting!
All good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes in your world. 
We speak little of time frames … for they do not serve. Yet, we would pronounce the fact that INDEED, YES … you are ever closer to such an Event taking place.
Treading on dodgy turf here guys! You know that, don’t you? For ‘soon’ is a naughty word!!
This is why we were careful not to use it! Ever closer … ever closer.
Don’t get me wrong! I was thrilled to see the Pillars of Light coming from the sun … and that HAS to mean something. Yet, you spoke of them six years ago. To wait another six years for the next thrilling instalment isn’t really worth mentioning right now. Take a tip from me … if an Event is going to be that far away … I’d refrain from mentioning until Dec  2024 … or close to, if I were you!
We have learned to understand your humour… 
Tinged with Truth!!
Dearest Blossom … Dearest friends … WE SPEAK TRUTH.
This I know! It’s just that you don’t wear watches or have clocks in your place of residence!
Let us be bold…
The year ahead takes you not just one step, yet, many steps further into YOUR NEW PLACE OF RESIDENCE.
All that is presented to you on the different scales … cannot possibly leave you where you are.
I know I sound as if I am having a go at you with everything you are saying … I don’t mean to appear rude. Yet, I am sure if I read back over the last seven Christmas channellings, it would more or less, say the same.
We understand Blossom. Yet, with respect … we would not choose to change the record for the sake of ‘knocking you flat with something new’. We speak as we find. We KNOW we speak Truth and we shall continue to say the same things over and over … until the days arrive when a ‘new record’ is played because the old one has come about.
I am trying to read into the fact that you said ’knocking you flat with something new’. It took me back to the beginning of the week when I hit my head on a metal bar and it knocked me flat! Concussed for a few days!  Is there a connection there? Probably not.
Or probably! There are not just wake up calls for the soul. There are plenty designed for the body when it needs a jolt to ‘give it a service’ so to speak.
Interesting! I shall consider myself well and truly serviced! ( I am sure there is a rude joke in there which is totally inappropriate whilst communicating with Light Beings and talking of the wonders of the following year!) OK, so I will stop interrupting with my ‘but you’ve already said all this again and again’ … and allow you to flow. What sort of information, for instance … do these/will these … Pillars of Light carry? Will they be an instant download?
The information these pillars contain and offer are KNOWINGS that are awakened inside of you.
In a sense, as if a button has been pushed and low and behold … you know this and you know that. Not that you didn’t know this and that before … yet, it was waiting to be ‘switched on’ in order for one to recognise it.
KNOWING’S about what though?
About self … and what way to continue along your journey. You will be Divinely inspired and feel such exhilaration about your future days and your future selves. You will FEEL the UNIFYING OF SOULS and where once there lay confusion and doubt … there will be direction and motivation.
The Energy that WILL come through, even more strongly than now … and shall continue … will allow you to ‘Get It’.
We realise you would like to say ‘Get what?
Well, I am getting that ‘Getting It’ … is A FEELING.
Correct and perfectly placed in the conversation.
More than anything your FEELINGS OF LOVE will be recognised in the Higher Vibration that they have aspired to. 
Such LOVE … on/of/in/as/through … its HIGHER frequency … Vibrates … within/around … you … of/as/in/through … you … in such a way that FEELS SO GOOD!
It sounds so cool. Will we then be seeing more of these Pillars of Light throughout next year?
They will not be ‘showering down’ upon you on a regular basis. Yet, they will be noticed. We say that without hindrance.
There will not only be these such things … yet, displays of colours.
Yes, you mentioned once before of seeing rainbows that would astound.
And they too shall appear.
May we say here … these Pillars of Light … these Rainbows … these Cloud Spectaculars … these Light-ships … these Light Displays … are not being presented to you in ways of compensation for that which has upset the Being in ways of atrocities being revealed etc. They are being presented to you because you will have reached a certain Vibration that allows these wonders to shine through.
So, food for thought … will they only be seen by those who have brought themselves into that Higher Vibration?
We give varied answers here. For, this may be the case with certain things and yet, other things will have an OVERALL affect. 
We would say that there will be at least ONE very interesting … mind blowing … presentation that will SHIFT ALL!
Yet, let us make this clear here … you cannot confirm it will be next year?
Let us say … we are very much hoping it will be.
And I shall reply … I very much hope you are right. Either way, my friends … I have to finish this chat by saying, that without doubt, I can feel more than ever before, the change in Energy within me. The different way I feel which is not easy to put into words. I just know I have changed and continue to do so and although sometimes, it feels really odd and I am neither here nor there … I DO KNOW it is connected with all you have shared with us … about what we are going through and where we are going. For this … my Gratitude is beyond words. Yet, TRUSTING you can feel it from my heart.
We pick up the Energy of all hearts. This is why we are in such Knowing of all that is good is to come to each one.
You are of Goodness … 
You are of Light … 
You are of Love …
I wouldn’t imagine Santa swings by your way. Yet, it just seems the right thing to do to wish you a Blessed Christmas time to you and yours!
We FEEL the blessings offered to us … and we in turn, shower you with rainbow stars of Peace, that settle within and shine forth without.
IN LOVE TO YOU. Many thanks and look forward to resuming early sometime in the New year.

AIIEE! It’s almost here! 

In the meantime…

Happy Merry to all!

14 thoughts on “A Happy Merry Update

  1. Dreamt we had first contact.I was right to think they were arrogant, it was a deception and we were being used for food!Lessons learned, don't jump into bed with the first offer that comes along. Something I believe you guys have endorsed all along.Happy Yuletide/Christmas Mark


  2. two nights ago I dreamed the sun was destroyed, by something large piercing it like a fist – I cant recall the dream properly and had forgotten until I heard a discussion of Solstice and Saturnalia on the radio and realized the dream was on the solstice. My question, is where did this dream come from? What did I pick up on, was there something broadcast? merry christmas cats and may your stocking be filled with joy. and to the rest of the readers as well.


  3. I'm so grateful to see Merlin's awkward family photo. Warms my heart. An old cat with a lovely new bird's nest. That's definitely going to the printer.


  4. The following isn't happy or merry, so please pay attention. It's important. There's apparently some confusion about something we said about a year ago — confusion even amongst the CATs. At one point, SOURCE stepped in and eradicated all the dark entities which were causing problems all over the omniverse; and recently, the archons in our locality were fully destroyed. Because of these situations, some thought we didn't need to do protection anymore. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Please note that the PTW and their minions are still working together on various targets at various times, and are basically doing a form of dark meditation to influence various people to do various things. To date, they're been doing this most visibly on celebrities and some online personalities, which is exactly what's going on in this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=lD2e80vLjAIThe PTW is using these techniques as a (last resort) form of MK Ultra mind control, basically inducing a form of seizure or data imprinting/non sequitur in various people. Note that this will be impossible by February/March timeframe, as this door will be slammed closed so hard by SOURCE that those doing such spiritual violence will themselves become vegetables, or will simply die.Bottom line: DO YOUR PROTECTION each morning, and renew at midday and at night.~M4


  5. Wow, all kinds of negative comments this morning (not the ones above) that we had to erase. One started with, “You Americans…” and then accused us of being, “new agey.” It IS a new age, FRANCOIS, who's going to the Swiss side of the Alps later… so, you'd better get used to it. We will all be getting used to being closer and closer MENTALLY, so taking anonymous passive-aggressive potshots (the aggressive kind, too) is to become a thing of the past. It's time for everyone to change, or deal with the consequences of refusing the change. (I'm speaking to myself here, too. Some changes are really tough, but SOURCE makes it worth it. Look at what Brother J did.)~AM


  6. Happy Yuletide Francois LMAO.Have a safe journey, enjoy some Alpen and chill the @#$! out.Mark


  7. MAN o MAN have I had some DREAMS lately!!! This wave is QUITE a treat for me, I've been experiencing and awakening all sorts of newness in my BE-ing 🙂 My fav dream has been one where I was riding a moped down the side of the road, as the shoulder ramped up and there was suddenly a ~10 foot drop in front of me. I 'knew' I could make it and got ready to make the drop in stride, BUT instead of dropping I FLOATED upwards. Next thing I'm spinning around and floating through the air over the ocean… and I accepted it, enjoying the ride. After a little bit of doing this I asked Source, 'show me what I need to know.' I suddenly began to hear a voice become more clear as things went dark and then become light again as I awoke laying on the floor in a classroom with the teacher teaching… Dreams within dreams within dreams… :)//I don't 'go out' much, even to eat due to the HUGE gap in how other's feel energetically (and how much energy is absorbed by food during the prep process…) but last night I did for the first time in ~3 weeks. WOW… my ability to hold my frequency is VERY profound now. And I can see/feel/hear SOO much from other people. I am discerning what to do with all this data… In a happy way instead of an overwhelming way FINALLY!!! Merry Happy Days to all this Season of AWAKENING NEWNESS~~See yaw'll at the big show(s) on the way :)love/light


  8. Hi All,I just want to wish everyone here a Very Merry Christmas And May 2018 be more than we ever imagined.I don't know if you will remember me, but I'm the one that lost my sister back in August just before the eclipse and I have been following along ever since I just remained quiet. Anyway M3 I will have an update for you about something you said to me then, but I'll wait til after Christmas to let you know and thanks to all those who were very supportive during my stressful time your words meant a lot to me. It's hard to believe 2017 is closing because there has been so much that has happened since that time but I'm just happy that it's almost over I'm exhausted.Anyway enough for now. So, once again I will say MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE BEST IN 2018 EVERYONE, WE’VE GOT THIS!And to all you trolls out there WE LOVE YOU and now bugger off!I amLove N Light


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