Da-da’s Spiced Pumpkin Surprise Bread

Time for a break. We’ve decided to kick off pumpkin season early. Sometimes you just need pumpkin bread, and MAN is this is one of those times. Da-da posted this recipe some years ago on his site, a spiced pumpkin bread “with very little frog in it” — which we think is a good thing — and the Master CAT Bakers worked with Da-da to … Continue reading Da-da’s Spiced Pumpkin Surprise Bread

The Missing Missile Mystery is Missing [UPDATED]

Sorry, folks. Stories like THIS… are a bunch of crap. There was no missile headed toward Hawaii that was shot down. It’s just the PTW trying to scare people with yet another fake distraction… though at least no one died this time. HOWEVER… this happened right about that time:   Our Guides are telling us that this is literally recorded FEAR, recorded by a meter … Continue reading The Missing Missile Mystery is Missing [UPDATED]

Your Basic UPDATE for 8-4-17 [UPDATED!]

Ok, we’re back from a rather weird vacation, but more on that later. We have all kinds of stuff for you in this special balloon-popping/re-inflation edition. 1. ENERGY! First up, we have HIGH ENERGY all over the place. Besides the energy of 7/31/17, yesterday (8/3/17) was equally intense: This from the Tixie cosmic background energy meter, showing 4X the regular energy. …and… …and… This canadan … Continue reading Your Basic UPDATE for 8-4-17 [UPDATED!]


  We had never read any of Ken Carey’s books (nobody tells us anything), but we are currently digesting them and passing them around quickly. For those who read this blog, the excerpted book is a must-read; Carey’s description of The Event, written back in the late ’80s, is amazing. It is also supremely reassuring.  [Note: this is the Oversoul speaking directly to you, through … Continue reading The Event ILLUSTRATED II