Your Basic UPDATE for 8-4-17 [UPDATED!]

Ok, we’re back from a rather weird vacation, but more on that later. We have all kinds of stuff for you in this special balloon-popping/re-inflation edition.

1. ENERGY! First up, we have HIGH ENERGY all over the place. Besides the energy of 7/31/17, yesterday (8/3/17) was equally intense:

This from the Tixie cosmic background energy meter, showing 4X the regular energy.



This canadan meter rarely shows so much red.

…and here’s the latest:

So, lots of energy coming from the cosmos, from the sun, from Wave X (wherever that comes from), from the earth (which is absorbing all this energy), etc. No surprises there, but it can be occasionally uncomfortable and disconcerting. More on that in a moment.

Next we have…

2. ECLIPSE! Blah blah blah. The upcoming eclipse is upcoming… and folks, we’re seeing doom and gloom and crystal rattling all over the place for this natural, rather ho-hum event. Rest assured that this eclipse is just an eclipse. Nothing mojo-y will come of it. It will happen, and that will be that.

UPDATE: Here’s what Lynn at Psychic Focus said re: this:

The eclipse does feel energetically significant. Not in a bad or good way, but I hear a “necessary” way.  In some ways it is helping to fuel our evolution and aiding the split to have a 3D and 4D earth. Oddly, I get both “earths” will share the same moon and sun.  The new 4D layer looks to form over the 3D layer (much like the spirit world can exist on top of our 3D world). I hear that a meditation is not needed, because this is set in motion to happen (you can focus on the 4D reality with a goal to ascend to that higher level though). This is special and significant as it creates the framework for our future incarnations as we ascend.

We’re basically saying the same thing, though we were referring to energy that would affect us personally. It’s more of a macro thing beyond our control. The eclipse doesn’t feel good or bad, but just crazy energy and sensitive people are picking up on it.

3. The Event! Yeees, The Event is still inbound around October timeframe. No precise dates have been communicated, probably for a very good reason. Suffice to say that it’s supposed to take us by surprise.

That’s Da-da on the left.

4. Lynn and Da-da! and the M’s are working on a new graphic that will show the approximate level for all the things we talk about. It’s instructive for us, too. (And yes, we know that there are, in reality, no levels… but since we’re INSIDE the illusion… it might be interesting to see where everything is.) More on that as soon as Da-da finishes it.

This is Russ, one of the spirits in Da-da’s house, walking upstairs.
Hi, Russ!

5. SPIRITS! And more! Just like some spooky books have stated in the past, the dead really have have risen, and all kinds of weirdness will become commonplace. Now, even “normal” people are seeing spirits and Wave X manifestations. Here’s a recent comment from regular commenter Mark:

The energies have been strong.

My wife, who NEVER has ‘experiences’, called me in a panic as she say waiting in a dentist’s. She said everything began to vibrate around her and some kind of translucent spiral appeared in front of her face…

Later that night she was an old woman standing next to me in our kitchen who simply vanished. She is also experiencing memory glitches and her memory is usually astounding.

I just had a vivid dream of a tidal wave washing away the military and then the water became Crystal clear and purified. 

Yep, still on track I would say ☺

Please note that the dark parasiticial (1D/2D) entities and dark (1D/2D) beings are gone, as are most of the dark 3D ones, so the spirits you might see aren’t dangerous; they’ll typically show as WHITE (no offense). Rest assured that these spirits are just like you or me, but in spirit form. There’s no reason to be afraid. If you see one… say hello!

Sorry for the jiggle, the ship was moving a bit, from left to right (it’s moving away from the camera).

6. ANNOYING! Say hi to one of the persky tall whites’ diamond ships. No, they aren’t nice. They will eventually go away.

7. And now the most important entry.

Forget Disclosure and Antarctica and the secret space program. Forget the “strawman” currency reset drama. Forget Trump and the ever-incipient PTW mass arrests. Forget the Clinton and DNC deathcount and the fake Russian fandango. Forget Cobra’s “process of dehadronization of the Black Stone” blabblah and the “yaldabaoth entity” that already left a while ago. Forget all that. NOW remember what you’ve forgotten: SOURCE!

SOURCE is what no one is talking about due to the above swirl of misdirection — and misdirection is exactly what it is. So, it’s time to remember. SOURCE is right there, waiting for you to remember. All you have to do is ground and protect (until The Event)… then think or say, “SOURCE… you are welcome. Please come to me now”… and watch what happens. Be patient. If you’ve not paid much attention (if any) to SOURCE, your connection might be a little rusty. Everything else is just mass distraction. You need to make a conscious choice pre-Event, so… make it.

And after all that, there’s only one big mystery left:

UPDATE for 8-5-17

We’ve had another timeline jump (for some; no idea how this works across the population), and in some cases more than one. Lookie here:

GCI001 California, USA; GCI002 Hofuf, Saudi Arabia; GCI003 Lithuania; GCI004 Alberta, Canada; GCI005 Northland, New Zealand; GCI006 Hluhluwe, South Africa.

That big disturbance, as recorded in the top-of-post graphs, looks here as that black band: a timeline jump. It’s across ALL the Schumann Resonance meters across several countries, a big jump. Expect more of the same.

Here’s another big energy event at the Ottawa detector Saturday morning PDT:

This solid indigo band (which we’ve not seen from this meter before) correlated with the Moscow one:

AND we have a full moon coming up. Sheesh. If you weren’t already buckled up…

22 thoughts on “Your Basic UPDATE for 8-4-17 [UPDATED!]

  1. Talking of misdirection, the Nibiru party are all awaiting its arrival this October too, busy month indeed!I am LOVING the graphics too ☺Mark


  2. thank you for this update. i resonate with much of what you say – esp. the last part. today had an emotional meltdown – wanting nothing more to do with anything of this system. none of it. the politics. the money. lately i have been caught up in these tda accounts – and i knew within i was putting too much on them – getting distracted – pulled away from what i have been focused on for so long – remembering Me and Source within – and the Flash Event. although i do feel this eclipse is not just another eclipse. i am in the path of 100% totality – again – after only 38 years of being here for the last one – which i was told by teachers at the time was a once in a lifetime event. i did some research and learned the mean frequency of when a total 100% path of totality event happens w/the solar eclipse is every 3-4 centuries (375 years according to one belgium scientist). we have numerous cities and towns in my state that are again seeing this 100% totality path again. i have written countless folks w/o response. i feel earth has moved – the entire structure/realm – so perhaps that's the reason. someone else has postulated it is nibiru or one of the objects “following” it will be creating the eclipse. i am not sure – all i know is according to science on this subject this is not supposed to be happening again in our region that is. i recently heard allison coe on youtube – she's a QHHT out of portland – and her clients were talking of the eclipse – and how it is wave #2 – (#3 is the event). timeline shift causing this? if anything i am intending positive for ALL as we experience this.


  3. We could of course be mistaken. But we feel that SOURCE is really all that matters, having been saved by SOURCE countless times.~M3


  4. FYI: serious WHOMP under weigh in certain areas. We'll watch to see if it spreads…-CAT3


  5. The confusion we're seeing is perhaps due to the multiple timelines coexisting. At the highest timeline, The Event happens BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS, so that energy build-up might be what some of us are experiencing now — and might be more prevalent in the whole eclipse thing on that timeline. I'm not sure how this affects other timelines, or what timeline each of us is on, or whether this blog stretches across multiple timelines…? If anyone sees The Event, be sure to mention it here so the rest of us know!~M4


  6. I just wanna be left alone by negative ETs. Sick of their interference. -CAT8


  7. As I read this, I flashed on that Beatles tune, “LOVE is all you need.” It's in the key of B-flat (432 Hz)! Easy to remember. Hit 'em with that next time you see 'em!~M2


  8. yes M4 – my first theory was timeline change/shift. i watched a video on an interpretation of the crop circle of july 18th and the guy doing the reading said there has been a 60% increase in the timeline for ascension (i felt he was referring to the event myself).


  9. LOL LOL LOL I just now got the Red Dot joke! I did purchase one of those little laser light thingies in the hope that it might cause my “inside” cat “Chani” (yes, Paul Atreides' wife) to want to play and relieve some of her aggression toward the other cats. Not having any of that kid stuff, oh no, she is totally and completely dedicated to watching every move I make 24/7. And “protecting” me from ALL of the other cats, including Bubba Lee who is ten times bigger than her. She has long gray hair and thick fur growing between the pads of her paws, so I began to wonder if that was strictly a Maine Coon trait. Still trying to figure out why she is mean to the other cats, and does not want them near me. It's been a time consuming problem and I can't wait to be enveloped by the Event energies and have it melt the meanness out of her Jungle Lioness kitty mind. So that will be one sure-shot way to tell if the Event is here, and I will let y'all know immediately if it happens. It will be no less momentous than Peace in the Middle East. :)BTW – the picture at the top – Do I remember seeing that picture at the end of the movie “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise, or did I just see it before here on this or Dada's website. Seems like I saw it at the end of that movie only without Merlin, who obviously had Ascended by then in the year 2077. Can't really tell what that picture is about, but with Merlin in it, it could mean that the Girl had just been eating some Pizza before she realized she was NOT ALONE. 🙂


  10. That's the famous painting, “Christina's World,” by Andrew Wyeth. Merlin was actually in the original, but was painted over with a building. HE'S STILL THERE, WAITING…


  11. funny enough i'm going through a similar thing with my older cat (she too has long grey fur) towards a kitten we rescued over two weeks ago. She can't even stand being in the same room as him! Nothing short of a miracle will ever get her to like the kitten, which is what i hope the Event exactly does!


  12. In my neck of the woods, the wildfires' smog has now enveloped the City. I cannot smell wood burning. It's easy enough to breathe but as I write, you can only see 100 feet. The sky is constant overcast of a pale grey brown colour. The ambient light is similar and when the pink-orange ball of the Sun is able to break through the cover, it casts pale pink orange shadows inside and out. At night the moon is Crimson, somewhat brighter then it appears during an eclipse. This is not a vision, this is what “reality” has become in this wee village – a strange alien world


  13. Smart phones and too much internet use isn't the sole problem, it's facebook, instagram, tumblr, and parents, really. With Facebook and tumblr Imagine “clique” mean girls behavior on roids. The younger girls can get really catty to each other, the sociopath among them now have a very easy venue to act out their attacks, and let's just say the bullying ain't your school yard variety. But the Biggest part of this is the parents, however- Now that we're being pushed to have to be a two person income parents simply dont have enough time to properly fix this- One of my good buddies said my thoughts pretty clearly with i linked him the article – “we're not at a point where you can like Have a husband work one joband support the entire family to do shit. now some people work 2-3 jobs to support their family and don't have time to be there.”


  14. Technology is like power. Too much isn't necessarily a good thing. On the flip side, it has great capacity for good. How one chooses' to use it (and by extension how we raise and develop our children) will determine it's ultimate consequences. My kids lament every week that they don't have their own 'smart phone'. I try not to cry crocodile tears for them.But, we've set the rules and established clear guidelines for how and when they can use them and – eventually – get their own devices. As a wise man once said 'It's all in the reflexes' ; )Happy 8-8 Lion's Gate to all!


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