Meterage for 11-15-18 [UPDATE4]

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.56.35 AM

Sorry for the delay, we were investigating some new muon scintillation equipment. You’ll soon see the difference. Timeline kerfufflage continues…

So, looking at the above muon meter image, you recall that big timeline jump around Halloween. Well, we’ve been having lots more:

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.01.41 AM

There was one around 11:00 pm PST last night…

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.02.34 AM

…or were there more?

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 11.02.56 AM

They’re all over the place. (Those are either timeline jumps, or adjustments.)

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 12.02.26 PM

This is Sayan, showing some cosmic chop developing in our neighborhood (which is mostly influenced by the sun). The last time we had kerfufflage it looked like this. It indicates a certain… change/energy (read discomfort) waiting in the wings… but isn’t it always?

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 12.02.47 PM

This is Norilsk. Same thing. This happened before the last full moon… which is on the 22nd. Interesting timing. The one after that is right after the Winter Solstice.

Meanwhile, the Moscow SR looks calm and peaceful (remember, it reads upside-down).


But there are some interesting anomalies associated with the earlier chop:

This looks like various timelines were being sorted. Or someone in the lab was using the microwave.
See that light green energy “ghosting”? That’s the energy “chop,” a word we take from aviation, when you’re flying through choppy air on the way out to and from a carrier.

Stay tuned for timely updates… if we’re on your timeline!

The 15th Doctor is inbound.



Ha! We had another timeline jump today… at the exact moment we had a CAT meeting to modify some things:

Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 12.14.21 AM

We’ll see how we did.



Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 9.09.49 AM
That latest double-muon burst was around 3:00 am PST.


Ah. There’s the “bubbling” we were getting, starting at midnight PST.

More later.


Looks like we had another major timeline shift around 10 or 11:00 pm PST last night. Kiruna is still down.

Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 6.18.16 PM





Talk about a timeline jump:

Yeah, a little indication, then…


Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 11.08.34 PM
This is the Yakutzk Muon 20m detector. BOING!


Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 11.15.35 PM

And look at Cumiana, Italy. This magnetic field meter looks like a recording of the Mahabharata:


Btw, someone somewhere posted something about our solar system passing through a “dark matter hurricane.” This is simply not so.

More as we find it.

115 thoughts on “Meterage for 11-15-18 [UPDATE4]

  1. So, today I’m staggering around like I was loopy. Strange cash machine glitches and my computer is behaving badly. After a rich lunch of shrimp scampi, I barely made it home to sleep it off. As one of the Dr. Whos would say, “Wowzwer!”


    1. For me…the “weird” has been pretty consistent since the end of October. The new new norm before the newer newer norm by which I mean that it gets weirder and weirder.

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  2. Strange synchronicity: A license plate frame on a car in front of me said, “Call Box” with a couple of small words in between that I could not read. And now this image! Hmmmm 😉

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  3. Ok, great news, the Tomsk three horizontal white squalls are back online… And, they’ve been joined by a few other horizontal squall friends. We’re up to 8 or 9 of ’em.

    We’ve re-sync’d with DIVINE. QUITE the day to get there….

    Geezum crow, the amount of timeline shifting in my life these last few days has been WHOA. Somehow, we managed to squeeze into the 2% chance version of “ultimate” SOURCE potential, whatever that means. It was ROCKY, though I felt the undertone of LOVE the whole time.

    Focus on the LOVE, everyone. Or SOURCE. Same thing.

    The breakthrough is SOOOO eminent.

    What can “they” do to light BE-ings, in an energy that supports light BEings in physical form?

    (hint: game over)


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    1. @CATs Eds

      Gorgeous. Delightful.
      At one point the sweet cat simply walks/swings like a model.
      “Find joy much more important!” is my reading.

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  4. All those serious people watching poor miserable models wearing unimportant fashions. Trust the cat to bring levity and perspective. Hey let’s all grow fur and be done with clothes! What a darling.
    Whomped badly from Wednesday night onwards. Felt this was multiple jumps. The cat came to nurse my head and donated me a flea to make me feel better.

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    1. Hi Oldsoul! Thanks for posting this. However, I will need to be honest. Everything MW said was absolutely true. But, let’s not forget what the Course actually teaches. A major teaching of ACIM is this: “Renounce the world and the ways of the world. Make them meaningless.”

      True change can only come from within! Maybe after the Event, truths like hers can be made manifest. I certainly hope so. But right now, under these circumstances, it’s absolutely impossible.

      Mahatma Gandhi said it also, “If you want to change the world, start with yourself.”

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      1. Thanks Pattycat…couldn’t agree more. Happened upon this little nugget and thought I’d share. Started being the change about 35 yrs ago now. Blessed to find the Course back in the 80’s. Hoping the reference will point more folks in that direction. It saved our soul ( were our soul in need of saving)😊
        Peace and Blessings♡


    1. After scrolling thru the comments like 3 times, I finally watched the above video which was copied from a Laura Wells Research video:
      Her comments on her post are alarming, as far as FB goes.
      She added a NASA explanation for the interference you cats have seen on the monitors:
      For my self, when this event happened, I became discombobulated. Now there’s a word I don’t use every day. I blamed it on jet lag after traveling on a cheap airline from east to west coast.
      Two nights ago, while sleeping, it was as if someone hooked me up to a mild electrocution device. I am in Southern CA. My cousin, in Virginia, experienced the exact same thing at the same time. I was worried. She said, no, we look younger, and I said yeah, that’s true.
      Hope that helps some of you cats.


  5. FYI, the ca8al continues to try and cook up distraction. ANY “earthquake” at a 10 km depth is them:


    Event type: Earthquake
    Region: South Sandwich Islands region
    Geographic coordinates: 56.791S, 25.388W
    Magnitude: 6.4
    Depth: 10 km
    Universal Time (UTC): 15 Nov 2018 20:02:22
    Time near the Epicenter: 15 Nov 2018 18:02:22
    Local standard time in your area: 15 Nov 2018 12:02:22


    Event type: Earthquake
    Region: southern East Pacific Rise
    Geographic coordinates: 56.223S, 122.049W
    Magnitude: 6.2
    Depth: 10 km
    Universal Time (UTC): 15 Nov 2018 23:09:01
    Time near the Epicenter: 15 Nov 2018 15:09:01
    Local standard time in your area: 15 Nov 2018 15:09:01


    Event type: Earthquake
    Region: Solomon Islands
    Geographic coordinates: 10.527S, 163.127E
    Magnitude: 6.2
    Depth: 10 km
    Universal Time (UTC): 16 Nov 2018 03:26:55
    Time near the Epicenter: 16 Nov 2018 14:26:55
    Local standard time in your area: 15 Nov 2018 19:26:55

    Three recent quakes — two on either side of the tip of S. America and the other in Indonesia — all at 10 km depth, were artificial. I heard the phrase “they are cooking up a distraction — literally.” They are trying to hide behind some kind of tsunami or something. (Didn’t work though!)


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  6. Latest GaiaPortal:

    Alignments with the Light are followed and promoted.

    Elements of collaboration present.

    Fronts of the Storm are visible.

    Salacious elements are revoked.

    The Lightning Illuminates all.


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  7. Dear Cats,

    Do you have any blog post that explains the meters you post, any info about what they are and why the info is important to us? I have tried to research them and to self-educate, but I’m still confused.

    I do love your pictures, love following the comments, the Event discussion, and all things Feline. Thank you Cats, for all you do. 💜🐈

    Cat Reader

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      1. I would love to see an “about” or “reference” section. A while back, you posted a little about yourselves, and I wanted to save that link because I thought it was fascinating,. Then I had a pc crash and lost it.

        You have written some really good things in the comments that deserve to be in a little section for handy reference. It would probably save you time/work in the future as new people arrive with questions.

        A list of acronyms would be good, like TWB, etc. A while back, I saw “G + P” and didn’t know what that was. Later I did see it written out, but I had wanted to ask for clarification at that time and just didn’t get a chance to ask. A list of acronyms and one sentence about each if they need clarification would be a big help for newbies. You seem to be getting more readers all the time. 😀 You could write answers to frequently asked questions in the reference section and put a link to it in the comments section when someone asks something. No more work than just answering comments, but your answers wouldn’t get lost as new posts are written and old comments/answers get lost in the shuffle/kerfuffle.

        Thanks for this great blog~ 😀
        Thanks to all the participants for the interesting discussions and loving support for others.


        1. Hm. A FAQ. Ok, we’ll try to get that done by Xmas… if the smoke stops. Lots of us are either beleagured by smoke — or relatives! It’s Thanksgiving week here in the states. Please note that leaving denser material in the comments is intentional, as putting some of this info front and center garners too much attention from the PTW, and we’re already getting helicopters and planes circling our various houses (seriously), as our work carries a higher energy that can show up on satellites. The PTW is nosy as hell. They monitor this blog as it’s a good litmus for how much people are waking up, esp in terms of their clair-X faculties.

          G+P: Ghost + Poltergeist!


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    1. They mean a unicorn is gonna bite your leg on Sunday. Did I say that out loud? Sorry. Was the cloud by itself, off to one side of the sun, or….

      The PTW are ramping up HAARP usage to create more mayhem. It’s hard to tell without a pic, tho.


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  8. Had a tough night last night, kept going back to the same dream where there was a version of me during a nuclear war, woke up knackered! Hope that’s one timeline gone.


    1. It was another high-energy night. Some CATs have taken to fasting again, to make it more bearable, physically. Some of us have also had apocalyptic dreams, but we’ve been having those (and WAVE DREAMS) for years.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. What makes it even more awesome is that the jaguar swam through the water and then approached the cayman from behind. He never saw the King of the Jungle coming. One bite, and that was the end of that. Footage of this thriller with a happy end:

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  9. A little off topic but nonetheless interesting and is worth knowing. The presenter is a researcher and just a curious person(who married physics and energy psychology in a very demonstrable way). She discovered that “the human biofield is a diffuse magnetic plasma that is imprinted with our memories. She has mapped this field and discovered that specific types of memories are stored in specific areas, and has developed a sound therapy…” It’s not new to me (and probably many others in here) but she structured and clarified the info so brilliantly and in such a clear way that it’s worth watching the presentation. You can start watching from 6th or 10th min, it gets more interesting from the middle of the video onward.

    P.S. The “EU model” stands for Electric Universe, not the eu zone))).

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  10. Thanks, I believe the little negative timelines are a good way for us to see how far we have progressed. Smile with Gratitude, We Are One. Peace.

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  11. Excuse me, I am new here, and you probably get this a lot, but is there a specific post you can direct me to help me understand your methodology and theory behind reading these charts?


    1. We have no specific methodology, per se. We “look” at charts and both Spirit and our Guides tell us what they really mean. Afraid that’s impossible to teach. The meters themselves weren’t designed to give spiritual, metaphysical information, so it’s not something you can look up. Really the best thing to do is remember that everything is energy. So if values are high, energy is high. If values vanish, energy is shifting phase. We encourage you to develop your own rapport with your Guides (after Grounding + Protecting), or Brother J, and ask them your questions. You’ll then need to learn HOW they answer you, depending on your gifts.

      -CAT Eds.

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    1. I was going to say something about that. To me it started like an internal vibration. Yet it had waves. I understand how it can be described as bubbles. Mine came with naseau. Yesterday and today. Also headache. Not sick though.

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      1. yesterday night with stomach pain and extremly negative energies
        yesterday afternoon it started with extreme fatigue and low blood pressure
        It was a wave and what a wave!

        Today a feeling of euphoric feelings… yes waves are like this: up and down hu hu

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  12. I loooove Lisa Harrison
    I came to Lisa’a videos via Linea
    and to you cat’s , I came via Lisa
    She speaks about the waves and Schuman, our reaction… or getting weird when it peakes or sleeping. Well I slepp like a baby when it gets high in the energies and transform quick.

    through Lisa I found out Sophia and Nag Hamadi… Lisa is wasome for me and a great researcher too:

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  13. By the way, we just had another timeline jump,
    And the 38MHz graph is … hmm … thick and very hairy …

    Can that inner bubbling feeling take the form of coughing? I have been trying to clear something from inside me, to cough it out …

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    1. Many years ago, a fella in a discussion group said that he thought there was a portal in his house, and he liked to meditate there. He was doing this when a man and a woman contacted him telepathically. He said they told him that they were in a lab at Princeton University (I think it was), using a computer for synthetic telepathy. They told him that they could see his thoughts on the screen as words, and his emotions as colors. He posted two links to articles about this, but I lost them to a laptop crash long ago.

      I think I had at least one instance of this myself, but not while mediating in a portal. It was while falling asleep. He told me his name, which I have long forgotten, and said he was doing research. For this reason, I am very careful about meditating and about falling asleep. Maybe you Cats & M’s can talk about protection and how you do that.

      So, I always wonder how many dreams and visions and “knowings” are simply some people tinkering around in a lab and messing with people. Not a good feeling.


  14. Big energies today, BLAMMO!

    It’s been a while for me, and I was beginning to get worried.

    Now I feel at peace once more, wired and well-done, to a cinder 🙂

    Also participating in some kind of battle against team dark during sleep, it would seem.


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  15. FYI, note that the “chop” we speak of in this post was *MUON* chop, not cosmic ray chop. We’re getting our meters mixed up… which is pretty easy as these are all staring to look the same. It’s our group opinion that muons are the key particle in understanding timeline kerfufflage. (And no, not “wavicle,” as particles don’t act as waves so much as have multiple timeline/dimensional “presences.” The Double-slit experiment just shows photons working in two simultaneous “realities.” Actually, some people on earth are like this, too, existing in multiple places/lifetimes at once, though this is pretty rare and limited to fairly advanced beings. They aren’t very good at Twister, though.


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    1. Wow! Some pieces of my knowledge of the world just turned upside down, again …
      I studied theoretical physics, and I used to believe that photons were both particles and waves, and that “the observer is the observed” (e.g. the double-slit experiment). Reality does not exist if you are not looking at it! Future decides the past, etc, etc. (e.g.

      Now what? No “wavicles” …
      Is the observer still the observed? Does the human energy field influence the energy/matter, particles that surrounds it?

      I believe it does. This is called intention, materialization, you name it.

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      1. Whatever you look at, or THINK ABOUT… changes. The Observer is the Creator, that is: you. Physics, as we know it, is dead. So is “science” the way it currently stands. We all need to start a new branch of study for developing the Psyche. And… imagine how unhappy the multi-billion-dollar cellphone maquiladora will be when we’re all suddenly… telepathic. We won’t need phones anymore. This is the way humans USED to be.


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        1. Thank you!
          I feel happy.
          Yes, we re the Creators, and we can change the result of any experiment – or “fact of life”.
          We used to be telepathic, but the human DNA has been tampered with sooo many times … we have lost many abilities and skills. We must develop new physics, new methods of healing, a new education system …
          Love to you, M2

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        1. Kiruna is on again!
          Looking strange … hairy and fluffy, … and shopped off left and right …

          By the way, here’s what Kryon says in Book Nine, The New Beginning:
          “The new energy is upon you. It floods on to the earth and exists simultaneously with the old. Many of you are feeling it. Time is literally speeding up, and you are feeling the train of humanity moving faster. […] This is a kind of interdimensional speed-up, and it is sensed rather than seen.”

          We’ve been aware of it for quite some time, yes. Sensing!
          Kiruna has not, it can’t keep up with it, it’s not human.
          Here is the graph:

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  16. Ok, I don’t really “care” about my weight (it is like looking at these meters instead of feeling the energetic shifts internally ~ sometimes it feels good to have the external confirmation). Watching a scale was so 7 years ago when I was dabbling with modifying “physical” attributes before delving into the multidimensionality of it all. Though the last two places I’ve stayed at have had a scale so I’ve checked it for fun. The first one, I chalked it up to it being inaccurate, but now that a second scale has confirmed this I am grounding it’s validity.

    I’ve “looked” the same for the last few years, although I have become much more “open”/loose internally during this time as I’ve purged and healed the emotional/energetic parts that were manifesting as “tensions” physically… Anywho, I’m now about 25 lbs lighter than I was, dropping from ~155lbs to ~130lbs.

    Anyone else noticing that they’re becoming “lighter” physically in this evolution process?


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  17. Schuman has another pillar and an interesting hash mark or two. I like it! A nice cuppa chamomile anyone?

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  18. Looking at the site numbers, it appears that people are subscribing to posts, but don’t realize that we update so much, or that our comments sections are often better than the posts themselves!


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    1. @Cat4
      It’s true, most of the time I visit to read the comments, not the posts). Funny how the whole thing organised and reorganised itself a few times so that mostly interesitng points get presented while the “hot air” comments are more rare or in minority, thank goodness!


  19. “Dark Matter Hurricane”, it was me. But I posted that article to show the weirdness of the magnetopause, very strange! And the author of the article did say that “dark matter hurricane” was a term used as fear porn. Nothing to fear, unless you are TPTW and trying to create fear.


  20. @ Cat eds (responding to some cat earlier comment in this section)

    Guys, who cares about scroogle/search engine rating, truth heavy or lie heavy, it makes more sense now to notice your score within the collective consciousness. People find info on the i-net via the least logical, most peculiar and offbeat ways when they need this info, and no PTW can control THIS kind of search as it’s based on energy laws, and no one except the source can change or cancel the base energy laws which make the entire creation functional, no matter what technology they have.
    This whole war that the NA and PTW as their “vassals” are into is only because they are so in the know and so scarified by the fact that once the inner “source technology” of consciousness of every human here is back online, that’s it, the game is over- latent psychic abilities of every human here are so potent that the only thing TPW can do is to block the knowledge and awareness of those abilities and block all ways we might be interested in looking into that direction, because when we do, we’ll see our potential and power and we will also see our enemy, and the enemy is so pathetic that it’s not worth dealing with. The enemy is only worth to be starved and abandoned at this point.

    You know, it’s hilarious in a way, it’s like now the new evolutionary wave whose nature and mission is to upgrade consciousness everywhere is coming into this sector of creation and informs all good people and idiots around here: “I am the love and light of the Source. Those who choose to vibrate on this divine frequency will be upgraded. Those who choose to vibrate on lower frequencies and exercise the abuse of power, enslavement of of other species, destruction, hate, fear, control, etc will be assimilated, the resistance is futile…..”

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  21. A waking dream:
    I panned over a scene at a beach on the ocean. The calm, the peace, the love was palpable. The ocean was calm, but the feeling was amped in expectation. A handful of my friends and guides were in the shallow water – stretching, wading, doing yogic-like movements to open their bodies.
    I was then embodied myself, walking down a wooden pier next to the beach towards a tiki-hut hang out spot, where others were laughing and having fun. I noticed one of my friends was now laying on a surfboard passing by me on the dock kicking out to sea.
    “Ho!” I called out (as we lovingly refer to each other). He had this confident presence to him, as he turned and kicked back towards me, moving effortlessly towards the dock. He came in close and without a word, gave me a nod of acknowledgement and a slight smile. He then turned and begun to move out into the ocean again.
    The telepathic message that came with his gaze was, its time to surf the WAVE 🙂

    Aloha, new Earth.


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  22. Dear Everyone,
    On 11-7-18, one of the posters, Kiera, reported that when the Steamboat Geyser in Yellowstone erupts for the 27th time, this would be a marker for the Event. Four days ago, Steamboat had its’ 27th eruption. She said that Yellowstone would kick off the Event launching right before the imminent disasters that are to be experienced only on the descending 3D Earths.

    Not sure about this information myself but thought I would throw it out there. Others here are much more intuned about this than I am. Thanks Everyone!


    1. Yes, we try not to bring up what’s in store on the 3D world, as we don’t like to foment fear, but… then we hear others say that Spirit wants EVERYONE to go to “5D.” We stopped listening to other psychics, frankly, and just report what we see, feel, experience, eat with whipped cream… [it’s pre-Thanksgiving here].

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I love that this comment was at 11:11

        I just switched 3 timezones to EST though, so I have NO IDEA if that is PDT or EST time haha.



  23. Someone told about apocalyptic dreams and it reminds me about a dream that I had last year:

    * I was sitting on a high building up on a mountain rock, 20th floor outside the window looking down to an nuclear war, with jeeps cruising around and fires.
    I went inside the room and closed the window. Nobody below was seeing me!!!
    I was safe here in this room and even was able to go outside behind the building and enter a normal world… *

    I interpreted this dream, being one in a higher frequency timeline last year. The dream made me very happy and feeling secure full of trust to be guided.

    love A.

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  24. Hi guys,

    Aluna Ash states we are going through a “dark matter huricane”. Are you saying her sources are misleading please?

    My instincts tell me to trust her so now I’m a little confused.

    Thank you Cats.



      1. I have recently read an article from some scientific magazine, don’t remember what site it was on. According to the article (sth about astrophysics and quantum physics) this term (“dark matter hurricane”) was proposed by some scientists that detected a phenomenon that is currently in progress. They didn’t know either what it is, what causes it and what to call it. So, someone proposed this weird name (dark matter means subtle fabric of space/reality, btw, not sth negative) and they just started using this name/term. They openly say that it may be a so called “dark matter hurricane” but in truth they have no clue what it is. How the term ended up in aluna ash reading/post i have no idea.

        As for other psychics, just so ppl here understand it- if the psychic is inclined towards any belief, belief system, preference and is not impartial (and you can’t fake it), the reading will be inaccurate. E.g., there are could be some phenomena that are denied/rejected by the psychic belief system, and the end result will be that this psychic will not see those phenomena while other psychics will. There are, unfortunately, very few psychics that can be truly neutral (=impartial, not indifferent) in their observation and are able to empty themselves of any belief system they may have inclination to hold, to see things as they are. If I happened to work with a group of psychics for research and discoveries or verification of sth, i’d make sure that apart from strong psychic abilities, they all have completely different cultural, religious, and ideological background and do not have a tendency to judge or interpret things from the same vantage point.


      2. My 2 bits for today. The atmosphere in my garden in the PNW is resonating again. It’s like there is an echo. Sounds reverberate in the clarity. Youse cats in Cali. have my sympathy.

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    1. There is only LOVE. Dark and Light and duality constructs. Now, at night, I see “darkness” as a rainbow of colors, as if dancing and phasing in and out of view in this reality.

      We are definitely transiting through some high frequency energies, though. Or the transiting is manifesting in our illusion due to so many people encompassing higher frequencies within themselves. Perspective.

      The LIGHTS are turning on in the darkness. All is ONE, and rapidly returns to ITself.



  25. Dear CAT’s and M’s,
    A bit off-topic but what is your take on fluoride?
    I’ve been using fluoride-free toothpaste for years as well as trying to filter my water as much as possible.

    Today I went for a dental check-up and I have cavities and super sensitive teeth. They even had to spray some stuff on to numb it in order to clean it, unfortunately.
    I was asked if I eat a lot of lemon (yes, every morning warm water with lemon juice)
    I said I didn’t want a fluoride treatment and was told this is the reason for my teeth decay.
    I’ll skip the lemon now, but what about the fluoride? Necessary?

    Thank you.


    1. Fluoride bad! Avoid. Turns pineal gland into pinecone marble statue.

      Hmm. Lemon and sparkling/carbonated water will actually dissolve your teeth over time. Chewing ice is bad, too. Might want to just drink water. Let me check into best practices and get back to you.


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      1. As of this year the WHO finally officially declared fluoride a poison (and it is – it’s a neurotoxin that they originally checked on rats, then other animals and when they discovered it makes animals docile, highly programmable and very suggestible while simultaneously lowers one’s IQ, they offered it to humans on a mandatory and sneaky basis via central water supply, but not only. In south america there are no places that have a central water supply so across south and central american countries the governments put it in table salt sold in every supermarket and convenience shop, what’s interesting, they don’t even hide it that there is fluoride in table salt, it’s openly written on every package (and I have pic to prove it if needed).


      2. For all things Teeth related, try coconut oil (cold pressed,un filtered) squishing. try for few days daily and you will feel the difference. I have never been to a dentist in my life , just do 15 days sessions once in 6 months (preventive).


    2. Exact same thing here. Lots of cavities and some now in the roots that are exposed. Modern dentistry seems so barbaric lol. I was asked if I want a fluoride sealant. No thanks. However maybe I will have to get fake teeth if I can’t somehow re-create them. I AM a creator being!


  26. In regards to Fluoride Free Toothpaste. Ive been using Natural Toothpaste (Fluoride Free) for nearly a Year now and had no problems with my Teeth at all. The Lemon Juice Water is good for alkalising your Body, Id say that this is more likely the reason for your Cavities. A gradual breakdown of your Teeth Enamel from the Lemon Juice. Brush your Teeth after a Lemon Juice and Water drink. 🙂 I had a moment with one of my dentists in the past talking about Fluoride and me not using it, they said it was a bad idea that Fluoride is needed to protect my teeth. I said that I trust my Research on it and won’t be using it. No problems with my teeth. What I thought about after this experience was that Dentists, Doctors etc are programmed with so much information, and because they learn it at a University, that the information is all True. Its not, its a Curriculum that is all programmed. Peace to You and all the Cats ❤

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  27. Thank you everyone for your input and M6 I would very much appreciate that, thank you.

    I stopped using fluoride years ago and would not even consider using it again.
    But what shocked me yesterday, is that I have a tiny cavity on my front tooth at the very edge of where my gums start.
    Cavities usually appear in some place in the back or in between where it’s harder to reach, but being in the front indicates that something is going on there.

    I brush well with good toothpaste, floss every day, clean my tongue with a tongue scraper twice a day and have been oil pulling with coconut oil in the morning on and off for 5 years.
    As mentioned in the comments, oil pulling is a great ancient Ayurvedic practise that besides keeping your mouth clean also helps your body detox.

    I’m stopping with the lemon water for now as it’s clear to me that I have caused damage to my teeth with it.
    Lemon water is very healthy and alkalizing for the body, but by itself it is quite acidic. It’s better to use a straw so it doesn’t touch your teeth, which I didn’t.. Over the past 10 months I almost had it every morning (juice of 0.5 or 1 lemon)

    I do believe that the damaged enamel can be recovered naturally and with conscious intention and will do my best!

    Wishing you all beautiful and calm days.


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