Hi. You know who you are. And we know who you are, all of you, from top to bottom to underground. And we know you monitor this site.

FYI, we know what you’re up to in that small N. CA town, setting up your small-scale “Boston experience.” We know who’s who and where’s where… and we’re sharing what you’re doing with the authorities in advance. Roll the dice, Roger.  People aren’t what you think they are, anymore.



No more warnings, only action. You tried to KILL us, personally, so the gloves are off.

The best defense is a good offense.


63 thoughts on “WARNING TO THE CA8AL [UPDATE]

  1. As i said “ENOUGH”

    AND… there are MILLIONS of us saying:


    for EVERY one that actually voices it…

    Time’s up….

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      1. How can we all help and add our intention? After GPC, of course.


  2. Sending love and light protection to all you cats and m’s on staff and a herd of kittens armed with razor sharp tiny shivs to go after “them” … they WILL rue the day and their karma will be swift and painful. So let it be written, so let it be done. Enough. We the people have had ENOUGH. WWG1WGA 💕

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    1. add your energy and intention and WILL to what the cats and M’s .. are doing … see your energy go out from you to do this.

      then COLLAPSE the timelines they have contaminated
      SEE it
      FEEL it

      ty ❤

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      1. Hopefully, you mean the timelines that the ca8al has imagined! Their numbers aren’t enough, anymore. Too many of us thinking pure thoughts, growing and learning. Too much SOURCE in your face.

        Let neutral ETs also see our solidarity. We are coming into our own, now. We are not worshippers. We are equals.


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  3. Those PTW SOBs want to burn us out? We’ll burn THEM out. Enough of these f*ckers.



    1. Let’s not resort to violence. Surrounding them with TRUTH will be enough. All we need is for a majority of people to wake up to what’s really happening in their world and The Event will probably happen. The PTW are seriously thinking of heading for the hills right now — even those who “won” their various elections. None of the ca8al will appear in public at this stage. People are furious. We can feel it.


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      1. waking up being informed about the ca8al and the roots of all this.
        Behind humans are malevolent ET’s. I saw the movie *Above Majestic* last week, but sincerly it was nothing new for me. Since 2014 I informed myself about all this stuff who is going on, without becoming infested of bitterness.

        I left Facebook, cause it’s fitting the BEAST and giving your identity…. I posted about the heart of Portugal where the Templars lived and than came the wildfires, engineared weather with storm and before drying out the land( the same as in California).

        Maybee the ca8al are tracking spiritual people?

        I have my real home in the south on the Algarve and when the fire last year broke out, it is 300 miles north…. I was not there…. but the two daughters lost their homes, two houses burned to ashes. Our second home where the fires raged, didn,t burned. The fire came from two sides but stopped some meters before our house… it’s our high energy he he….
        It is impossible to stay groundet in situations like this but hopefully we all saw it like the bird Phoenix and left it behind us without anger, revange or any negative emotion!

        So waht can we do *cats* ?
        how can you keep your vibration high in so dramatic situations? I learned the great compassion in Buddhism ( I am not a Buddhist, cause I choose to stay free without any indoctrination) anyway it is only love and compassion .This is my way to see, to feel and to live here, untill we all will ascend.

        love A.

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  4. Be careful NOT to be contaminated by them

    perfect analogy, is Luke Skywalker … he was being goaded and baited and when his emotions got involved (anger) his white hand turned black ….

    dark gains
    light loses
    > YOU

    and i cry.. :/

    remain centered
    acknowledge what you see
    (withOUT emotion as you do that the floor is indeed on the floor)

    WITHOUT resistance (another trap, that actually perpetuates what you resist)

    the floor is just on the floor, ok got it.

    NOW from nothing (NO THING) neutrality, centered


    ALL their energy
    ALL their intentions
    ALL the impacts and consequences of THEIR actions
    Sourced by THEM?


    we are NOT their human disposal receptors
    WHEN we FINALLY say that we are NOT

    UNTIL then? there HAS been implied consent
    that’s WHY it was important to verbalize and intend


    but we can’t use “can’t” or ANY other negatives either in intention, declaration, thought etc because Spirit ~ the Subconscious ~ Mind etc ONLY understand REALITY

    (nothing is non existence ~ darkness has no property, it is the absence of Light)

    so when we say: “i don’t want”?
    the “don’t” is cancelled out
    “i want” is the translation and understood

    Creation, decrees, intentions, declarations, affirmations follow this

    it is WHY many fail
    or are intentionally mislead by ,… the ticks and their fleas

    so STATE what you ARE
    and WHAT you WANT

    “i AM Sovereign … I Nullify and Void … I cancel and reverse” etc

    hope this helps

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    1. We decided as a group that we don’t care about our physical bodies. We go to the New Earth with Brother J no matter what. Same goes for all those who wake up and move toward SOURCE. This is why the 12 Universals are holding The Event energy: so all those who can wake up DO wake up.



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      1. ….it’s not about wheather one can wake up, everyone can, it’s all about whether they choose to. And they choose not to wake up, so there is nothing anyone else, with whatever powers can do about it. It’s their free choice. Sleeping is a way more attractive option for many if you compare it with the truth of things. Most ppl are so invested and so embedded in this hologram/virus run program, they just want to keep being a part of it ad infinitum. Again, like it or not that’s their free choice, waiting for them to change it because another one is available is ridiculous. Why do you insist they need to have a choice identical to yours? These people haven’t had enough with the consequences of their current choice, they prefer being a part of this illusion/hologram. It’s not your job to evolve others by force or via a wait game, and it’s unwise to feel frustrated and disturbed if others prefer to de-evolve. You’ll help more when you take care of your personal evolution and how you feel/vibrate right now.

        As for the topic of this post and it’s comments… isn’t it obvious that you don’t warn an idiot and don’t educate an idiot, you leave an idiot or make an idiot depart from your reality. You guys are funny, moral principles and high ethical standards are not recognised and have no effect on an enraged alcoholic in a state of severe intoxication. Take this simple fact into account, you are being violent only towards yourselves when you go through this warning routine and expecting them to behave like good and reasonable people. ??? With all due respect, who has an issue here?

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    2. Hoorah ! And so say all of us, brillianly put 🐱, certainly made me feel invincible been following this site and comments for a while now, there is much channeled material and many spiritual sites out there but I So love all you guys and what you do. Much more grounded, real and authentic…I could go on Thank you 🐈

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  5. my friends (brothers and sisters)


    please do the work to CLEAR yourself and PASS IT

    they are CLEAR, committed, intentional, consistent and decisive

    in CLARITY

    the time is NOW

    COLLAPSE those timelines and END this NOW

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  6. Well, tough love is in the house. Some of the CATs have sworn to nail themselves back onto the wheel of karma for another tour of lifetimes if necessary to defeat the ca8al and allow truth and light to finally take hold and win the day. While this is an illusion, a game, we are going to win this game. If attacked, it is perfectly within your spiritual right to defend yourselves. In fact, you have a moral right to stick up for yourself, and others.

    -Cat Eds.

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    1. You won’t be attaching yourself back to the karma wheel if you use love and light to cast out darkness! But you’re right, if attacked, you can kick all the ass you want.

      Everyone’s so feisty! USE THIS ENERGY to raise your vibration! Ask Guides to use it with you!


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    1. Iota I am just reading this incredible post and comments now! Time to ground, protect, meditate on raising vibration and immense strength and light Nd hold our ground! Enough is must definite enough, time for change, time for the light to shine as strong as it possibly can, time for people’s inner arm clocks to ring loudly and wake up! Sending love, light and infinite strength to everyone! Go Cats, Ms, Dragons and everyone! ⏰⏰⏰🌟🌟🌟🙏🙏🙏


      1. We stand right with you Lily.. United with Source.. ONE with ALL aspects of Creation.. Unlimi2in Power and in Peace..

        When it “appears” otherwise?

        That is just an illusion

        What i wrote above IS the Truth.. So DENY what appears as false..asserting the Truth instead…

        It is both the proper use OF “denial”
        YOUR Divine Right
        AND RE-introduction of Light into the darkness

        Doing this a few times
        (do it hourly with your child)
        and SEEING the Light dispel the darkness
        (Tiniest flicker of Light ALWAYS dispels darkness.. )

        Is what FINALLY convinces us that darkness (evil) is NOT real

        It has NO inherent properties of its own

        It’s merely the “absence of” Light

        Nothing is > NO THING



  7. Wow, the nightime energy from all of us — ALL OF US –is huge. Night teams, work with dragons and U’s to push light into dark dreams. The PTw will never sleep well again until they stand down. Even then…


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      1. EVERY child on the planet is key’ed into light. When I am drawn to an area remotely, I find the playgrounds nearby and interconnect their energies to make a LIGHT-splosion of LOVE emanate, which morphs everything into sunshine and rainbows. Mini “events” all over the place.

        I saw SOOO many tanks turn into ice cream trucks last night 🙂

        BE the dream.


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  8. I’m on board and will do what I can, especially in dreamtime, have been doing this for a good while 😉❤️🌟


  9. Being in the UK you guys are busy while I sleep 🙂 but I must have felt you all as my dreams were very productive, exposing those that harm children xxx

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  10. Thank you for the great post! Very timely!
    Enough is enough!
    Enough sitting on the fence!

    Love you all who come here and comment from the heart!

    P.S. This post (and the next one) came in my mailbox around lunchtime – we are obviously in different time zones 🙂
    I wonder who is down under … ❤

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  11. Thank you for all you do and all you are, CAT’s, M’s, you rock.. all the people in our community and everyone, all the beautiful beings in the omniverse who make the constant effort, the constant commitment to change things for the good for all of us.

    It’s been a crazy ride, but it’s in these situations that we truly discover who we are, realign with our strength and remember why we came here.

    I’m literally feeling those imaginary division concepts of ”them and us” dissolving in so many people now. And that’s the beginning of the new. More and more of us are joining forces and light, we are so, so powerful.

    Nothing but ❤

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  12. Visualizing so much LOVE surrounding the ‘fleas ‘ that they went a bit crazy, and coudn’t function at that time💓

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  13. Good News & Bad News:

    1. On this timeline — which we seem to have created, so… we don’t know what to make of that — there is no explosion/sacrifice of that small CA town neighborhood. Those involved have been scared to death by the response.

    2. The ca8al has decided NOT to back down from trying to kill and control all of us, ans are now in fact spraying (really) toxic chemicals into the CA fire smoke.

    They have made their final choice. The rest of us are moving on, from whatever density we are, to our higher vibrational existence. The New Earth layer is ready to go.

    The timeline updates are in the “Timeline Jumpyhouse” post.


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    1. yes @The CAT(s) That Lived

      I totally agree
      I saw the Kiruna yesterday at 18 h and was thinking wow * new timeline* and than I was asking myself what I really want and it’s to go back to source.

      * * * * thank you for this blog who gives us the right post’s to not loose our inner power * * * *

      love A.

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    2. NOT time to get discouraged..

      We just simply “get” what they chose…yawn..(so darned UNoriginal they are…geez) that’s what happens when you give up your creative abilities through aligning to what IS NOT REAL

      (Darkness/Evil > LACK OF LIGHT/LOVE)


      Which is WHY they NEED US


      Us IN “Fear”?..

      Is US CREATING the negative outcomes THROUGH Our fear

      They HAVE to induce us TO “Get Upset”

      They NEED us TO Create the Negative Outcomes they desire.

      So let’s NOT


      1. As i said… Their. hallmark traits are

        Consistent, Committed, Resolute. Focused and Decisive

        That was to be expected

        When WE get CLEAR and employ SAME traits? The results WILL be astounding

        Plus… Neg energy does not and cannot expand

        This has actually been scientifically measured. While positive energy expands Thousands times over

        Which means. They do?

        We say

        STOP NOW

        and it IS

        how many single people have glanced up to see spraying and said “STOP” And observed it STOP?


        this is OUR test

        They do? Really?

        Ummmm… WE DO TOO

        WE say otherwise

        It IS time for OUR commited action to take place


  14. About time someone finally decided to claw these clowns. But personally I think it is the masses that are the biggest obstacle.


    1. Again, we’re seeing this as a coordinated air/ground effort to burn people out. There are no DEWs being used for this. People need to note the details in the above link and watch for the signs.



  15. To be CLEARER STILL..

    I say;

    “UNinteresting and UNoriginal choice that YOU are making. I totally “get” you WANT me to relinquish MY power… HOWEVER you NEED MY agreement TO do it and I REFUSE.

    AND the consequences of YOUR choices are YOURS NOT mine.

    SO i return them NOW to YOU let me know how that worked out for YOU”

    NO ONE can TAKE our power FROM us. But it’s NOT THEIR fault if WE CHOOSE to hand it over is it?


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