More Timeline Kerfufflage


You may recall the CME we had yesterday…

…well, it’s already hitting us… somehow. Last night between 11:00 pm and 1:00am we had ANOTHER major timeline jump:

Yet another gynormicon muon burst

Here’s a close-up:


All times here are UTC.

This corresponded with other activity:

Gynormicon neutron burst at the same time.

And from Canada… wow, no idea what’s going on there:




You can see the muon densities skyrocket in two different bursts:


Expect to feel the cosmic kerfufflage for the next few days — or longer. Kiruna looks upsidedown:


And this is happening:

Keep in mind that this graph reports upside-down. Not sure why they chose to do that.

More as we find it.

We are almost outta here.

141 thoughts on “More Timeline Kerfufflage

  1. Good gawd! Today, I can barely move, feel like a vise is on my head, and can only stomach fresh greens. (note: does not preclude coffee. must have some) Also woke up at 2:45 a.m. Was moving to a new house.

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  2. Thanks for the updates! At least there are pissible reasons for the way I felt ladt night and today. Yesterday I felt awesome, today everything seems to have changed. Really weird and discouraging but remaining focused on Source and keeping my spirit up!

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    1. Today feels like an “energy integration” day. Some of us are tired (up kinda late last night, as we usu. are during major timeline upgrades). Some of us have that “cold back” energy thing going on, energy going in or coming out.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Do you know what that cold back energy is doing? I have that too, it also feels like the energy is from someones hands on my back, almost like distance healing.

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          1. Haha…I made a chicken pie this afternoon to give myself something constructive to do! I told myself to “put on your big girl pants and be grateful”!

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      2. My goodness, I have the very same sleep patterns during the energy upgrades. Btw, “energy integration phase” is just the right term. Feels the same way to me. And… it looks like the whole planet has turned into an open air ascension symptoms recovery ward))). Cats and Ms thanks for babysitting the comment section in the midst of this betwixt and between state of …what we used to call reality.

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  3. Today still felt BLARG, but waaay less BLARG than the others so far! It’s becoming easier to breathe. Even my kitty has recovered a little, so I’d like to thank everyone who gave me supporting words a few days ago. You know who are!

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      1. Cat 5 thank you. You brought tears of laughter re the Klingon translation. Your sense of humour knows no bounds (just like the rest of your beingness) . What a gift.

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        1. Speaking of which, I WAS watching a few episodes of Star Trek TNG last night… how the heck did you know, CAT5?! Haha!


          1. @ francis
            And I was considering re-watching. This is now becoming worrisome, some of us start copying each other in here! Gotta go do sth out of the ordinary before it gets copied by someone else in here!


  4. So… Today I’ve been CERTAIN on Source timeline (or some”Divine” version of it) BECAUSE.. I was driving on hwy and looked down for a second and looked back up to see in THAT instant a car having crossed TWO lanes to pass right between me and car in front of me to exit third lane at tremendous speed.

    There was virtually NO room for him between me and car in front…

    I don’t even know HOW it “fit” and was gone in a flash… I was looking down… The crash would have veen REALLY bad..

    And get this

    The reaction in me that SHOULD have been VERY apprehensive at the unbelievably close call didnt even flutter my tummy

    As in just “witnessing”… Observing… Calm as can be

    I instantly – reflexively said “thank you” because there was NO doubt THAT had berna DIVINE INTERVENTION…
    But even that you could have sworn id seen a tiny butterfly flit in front of my vehicle instead of a car as faras my reaction went

    I replayed it… Yep nit even an inch in front of me …and barely an inch between vehicle that crossed and car in front of HIM…

    The speed? Not even a whole second elapsed…

    I fidnt1even honk but just watched it zooming on…Away..

    I smiled…

    And said “Source” timeline it is then…

    Well either THAT or i TOLD you… There might be a few on BOTH sides that don’t want to deal with rhe questions i have… 😇

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      1. It would have been over in a flash.. I would have been SO grateful to be done too, i miss ny son SOOOO mych my heart and soul are wounded and shattered … And i know I’ve been granted so much grace to get through it…… Very grateful fir that too… But still… when i get to go at last? There will be NO hesitation… 💞

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    1. On the new moon I was driving on a narrow 2 lane road in a congested area and in the distsnce saw blue flashing lights on the opposite side in 2 unmarked police cars. As I pulled over a speeding car overtook a van how we didnt have a head on collision and he missed me have no idea. 3 unmarked police cars chased this car at a high rate of speed. Sat in shock wondering how that happened.
      Last night drove the same route and in the very same place on the road was an ambulance and 4 police cars.
      Question is there some type of rolling energy patterns in specific places that need to manifest in some way? Still shake my head in disbelief as I shouldn’t be here yet again!

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  5. As far as i can make out? …its going like this..

    We are ALL getting “tested” as in invitations to give up our peace…

    I KNEW it so i went into seclusion… And so when it started? Was pretty obvious because calls began to come in… One after another… People hadn’t been in touch with for years …several SAME day…

    Hmmm.. Just declined participation… That’s what vmail is for…

    And SO…

    IF we “bite”?

    We go “down”…

    If we remain steady? … We stay course or “move up”

    One hint (and do NOT discount for its simplicity) is


    As many
    As often
    as you get the chance

    It absolutely shoots you forward and “pass go”..

    May get points deducted if THAT is the intention… Dunno… I just kinda live that way

    BUT as i said, i REALLY did go into isolation…
    But when i peeked out? Walked amongst people again “doing my thing”?

    Brighter … Source timeline…

    Worth a shot id say..

    Love love love to ALL of you💞

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    1. Wonderful story Iota!
      This has been my way for years now, too. Whenever I feel a rage coming up I ask myself: “Is this really worth sacrificing my peace of mind for it?” It turned out, that nothing was worth it – ever! The few times I was not fast enough and the rage took over, have brought
      me to the realization, that I have to stay wide awake 24/7, no matter what. And here comes the “funny” part: After I had made the decision to take back control over my reactions, all hell broke loose and I was bombarded with situations, that would normally let me go berserk instantly! I guess that’s what you call “getting tested” 😀

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      1. Oh Mr K!!

        I feel like a yoyo sonetimes.. The exact same thing happens to me!! And i get so disappointed in i absolutely KNOW better… Sigh

        Thanks so much for sharing so i don’t feel I’m the only one! :/

        Sorry i haven’t been able to “like” everyone’s comments.. Locked out of my acct…

        Love you Lily!

        You stand strong beautiful soul…

        I’m standing with you… Pretty sure we ALL are 💞💞💞

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    2. Wow, love that Iota! Yes, it does feel as if there are lots of ‘challenges’ at the moment when sharing air lol! Step back and breathe and smile 🙂 Love to you x

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  6. Yeah, sleeps all over the place right now… My sleep schedule is all whacked out right now. Plus I just got this crazy head rushy feeling out of nowhere just sitting here being lazy at my computer. Feels like I just got off “The Edge” at Great America.. And I don’t think I’m getting back in line for a second run. I’m good.

    Really wish my brain could make sense of the timeline jumps, but it’s like reading Chinese to me. Although, I do get a lot of fleeting moments throughout the day where it does all make sense. But it’s not long enough for me to even process it. It’s like I will come upon a moment in the day and just for that very moment I will feel that this moment was something I remembered from the past as a younger version of me. This is increasing for me actually… It’s kinda like catching up to something that was in the future, but from the past as a memory, I know, I know.. it sounds weird as fuck, and it is! Hold me?

    Also, knowingness about… just random shit really… is increasing as well. Feeling into things is very strong right now as well. I can instantly feel into anything and get what it’s all about or a choice and know which route is the correct one.

    All this shit is increasing big time! And I hope it continues because having my super powers back makes this place like easy mode again.

    I love all of you no matter what so get your shit in order so we can do this and GTFO!


    1. I can relate SO hard to most of this…especially the cursing. Points are docked for cursing, yea? 🤞🏻😜


  7. Amazing sleeping CATs the new timeline reveals:

    #Tens of #cats #mummies were unearthed in #Saqqara#necropolis along with 100 wooden #gilded #statues of #cats and a bronze one dedicated to the cat #goddess #bastet.

    — Ministry of Antiquities-Arab Republic of Egypt (@AntiquitiesOf) November 10, 2018

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  8. Btw, that latest CME (and perhaps all CMEs?) contain timeline/’reality’ “burst” information, with multiple timelines in the burst. There are at least three timelines in that latest burst and we don’t even know where WE are let alone all of you! Be sure to ground a lot, and try to imagine EXACTLY what you want, clearly, and you will gravitate toward it. Clean air and water and no ca8al would be nice at this point — and SOURCE, o’course. And a calm, safe place to live. As we’ve said repeatedly, our THOUGHTS are hugely powerful, so don’t get mired down in fear, whatever you do.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. “A a calm, safe place to live” …
      Oh, my place is the contrary to being calm or peaceful … noise upstairs all the time, even at night …
      I have almost (98%) decided to listen to Da-Da’s advice and install an LF generator … that would be GREAT!
      I have set boundaries, and they are being violated. I am not afraid of anything or anyone. I yearn, crave, long for peace and quiet. I have faith.
      I’ll let you know,


  9. Couldn’t sleep. Watched hallmark Christmas movies til 2am wishing life were as sweet as Christmas every day.


  10. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the JUSTICE timeline is going to have to be experienced. Sorting us to various timelines might be impossible without it, otherwise it would’ve been done by now (or perhaps it already has?). This is just… four… CAT’s guts on the matter (ew), but… the recent fires are so horrific and so obviously man-made, and the election-stealing and murders so blatant, that something has to be done. I don’t understand why this is necessary, but it seems Spirit and the various councils are *waiting* for all of US to do something about this… because they won’t. There is an historic precedent for the various councils NOT doing anything to stop beings who are obviously insane and need to be cashiered OUT of Our Common Existence.

    So, here’s this:

    -Some CATs

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    1. Inelia Benz in one of her old videos mentioned that she herself got info from her guides or just via personal awareness, that California is an interesting place on the planet. She was given a clear message that whatever starts in California grows and spreads globally and exponentially. I remember, as an example, she mentioned Deepak Chopra (whom I personally don’t trust, he doesn’t walk his talk) who intentionally introduced his teaching (which is his country of origin ancient teaching, not sth he created), anyways, he introduced his teaching to the world from there and it spread like fire effortlessly all over the world. Same happened to any other ideology, political agenda, etc that stemmed from that region. Cats and ms can take a look at this, I myself haven’t but it makes some sense and explains why the ca8al relentlessly targets that place with their destruction agendas.

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        1. @ cat6
          About a year ago I was pissed off at all those extensive chemtrails that became a global phenomenon through the agreement of now all governments. I also felt very annoyed at the fact that many ppl were still oblivious to that and other promoted and executed by the ca8al activities that were clearly hurting and destroying this planet. So, I decided to ask the Earth Consciousness why she was STILL allowing it and why hadn’t it stopped that stupidity already as I knew she could easily do it. I am fully aware of her power and intelligence and so I couldn’t understand why she did not interfere while it was high time she did. What she told me was sth I least expected and couldn’t quite agree with at the time. It is making sense to me now though. Her reply at the time was this. (translating from a telepathic message into a dumb linear language): The destruction of nature and disastrous conditions that ppl are into must become so uncomfortable and threatening that the things that cause them (ppl’s thinking, believes, and activities) can no longer be ignored by the majority. This is supposed to alarm the majority to the ongoing reality of deception, manipulation and outrageous chaos of thinking and living which allows this kind and this level and scope of destruction of the people’s health and the environmental health. That should and will prompt the majority of sleeping people to finally and collectively notice, re-examine and discontinue this whole chemtrails, weather weaponry, fracking, forest cutting, GMO, killing of the forests and biosphere etc to stop. The earth consciousness told me that she didn’t want it to be HER choice, she wanted it to be people’s choice, and yes she has enough capacity to intervene. Only recently it has become blatantly obvious for me that if you make all choices for your kid or whoever you are “helping”, you basically make them docile and prevent, not promote their evolution and growth. There is no evolution without personal awareness and responsibility (i.e. the well developed ability to offer a sovereign and unique (not copied) response to a given challenge).

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          1. We all have to remember that many ppl are still “sleeping” and of Free Will. Everything that seemed hidden is now in front of our faces whether we are looking for it or not. Chemtrails have been around for over 20yrs and when I finally woke up to it, I didn’t try to fight it, instead did something about it. We need to stop fighting and start doing, with the thought and intent of peace and balance as the end state. It starts with awareness, then thought of change then putting it into action. Mother Earth free will conscious being, and I too have heard the same message; she remain neutral and supportive. My last meditation I felt her “say” our intentions need to be put into action as that is the realm we are experiencing (3D). If that means you do a dance with your intention woven into the steps, well, crazy right?! 😲😃. I can say that my Doing (I used crystals) has brought back real clouds, blue skies and settled weather. The air feels calm and serene! I still see the chemtrails time to time, but they do not last and the frequency has dropped by 85% (I kept a log, knowing some trails I would have missed due to night spraying). My son knows about them, I taught him to use his hand as an eraser and swipe the trail with a loving command of “clear” said 3xs. It works! I’ve also removed words of “sovereign” as it means to be above, thus hierarchical (monarchy). True authority over ones self with no other above or below you is actually ‘I AM’. It brings your awareness back to you and your power too.

            On another note: we got this and we are over the hump! What we are seeing are the attempts to return our awareness and emotions to “as it was”…that’s all. Now comes the amazing personal experiences we all are encountering, which I love reading what is being shared here. Thank you! 💕❤️💕

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        2. it’s weird…. I started to paint a dragon coming out of a portal last year
          then the fire assaulted our familly…. we get the phone call: we are leaving our home now, the fire wall of 30 meters high approaching our home.
          Later : we are safe in a pool room and praying to survive etc etc… they lost their work their clothes, photos nothing left, only their life.
          So I stopped to paint, it tooked nearly one year to start again and now the fires in California

          But I will paint the dragon, IT MUST BE DONE NOW!

          we all have to go through a kind of highly transformative energies of fire….

          love to all of you, wherever you are in the world

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    2. You know, I read (almost) everything and try not to become invested in anything. If I woke up on New Earth tomorrow, I wouldn’t give these demented asshats another thought. However, since we do appear to be exactly where we are, and so are they, I want them stopped. And I will rejoice when and if that happens, and then never think of them again.

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    3. Elections in American have been fraudulent for a long time. See “Steal This Vote” by Andrew Gumbel. This book, written in 2005, details vote fraud going back to the founding of the nation. America was seized early in its history as a powerful toy for the ca8al, they will not let it go easily.

      If the general public has not said “Enough!” yet, they never will, so don’t hold your breath waiting for them to clean up today’s particular manifestation of this chronic problem. Short of direct external intervention, I do not see “Justice” materializing at all currently because too many people are deep asleep, and too many ca8al operatives are still in power. The few who are awake are too few to effect change.

      If you want clean elections, go to Canada or some other insignificant non-world-power. Nobody bothers corrupting our elections, we are too small to bother with.

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      1. @ Unknown

        Elections have been fraudulent for a long time NOT ONLY in America . Many years ago I met a lawyer (someone invited that person for a dinner). This individual was a part of those committees that manage the local voting points for the given neighborhood at various schools, libraries, social centers, and other convenient places during the voting days. This person worked there for a number of years (different voting points) in a certain eu country. During a common discussion that person said that they all, together with other admins of those voting points were laughing at the stupidity and naivety of the voters who came to vote believing their vote counts and they can make a difference. That person explained that EVERY TIME before the voting commenced, they as the committee for that particular voting point, would be given a paper/phone call with the info on the outcome/voting data for the given voting point. The info read the number of votes each candidate was supposed to get by the end of the voting masquerade REGARDLESS of the actual situation/people’s real choices. So, in short, the voting score was pre-designed by the government for every candidate, and the voters just bought into that dog and pony show- every time. This individual left the government legal field and went to business and have stayed there for a long time since. This was a rather accidental personal encounter, not sth read in a book or on the i-net.

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    4. Spirit and councils are holding back/not helping because they are waiting for US to do something? Did we not get the memo? I thought that focusing on Source was what we were supposed to be doing.

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      1. What puzzles me is that if Spirit/Councils are not helping us, why did they ask us not to meditate/interfere with their involvement on the hurricanes? Why help us with one thing and not another? just curious…

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    5. So… there are no DEW weapons doing this (these are seriously oversold, I think by fear). I see the fires being caused as a chemical spray from above… This situation is getting ridiculous (it is so obvious it is being manipulated). I heard Trump even call it out on a recent YouTube I watched. I think he sees what is going on.


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        1. There is no DEW. Human tech is not advanced enough to wield a satellite with a power source great enough to do such a thing. That first video shows one instance of a lens flare, nothing more.

          -CAT Eds.


        2. The CA fires were created with planes spraying accelerants, then lit by fire teams in light colored Priuses (to blend in) — or in the “Camp Fire” case, a technological “malfunction” created by PG&E, a ca8al company, started the fire after the accelerants were sprayed.

          -CAT Eds.


        3. Don’t know about the house that looks cut neatly in half, but as for the unburnt trees, that can happen in brushfires. These fires, based on tinder-dry scrub brush and dead grass, rush through an area with an extremely hot, thin, mobile margin and burn up anything dry. They can move faster than a person can run. Trees hold a reservoir of water, they will not catch fire for a few minutes, and by then the front of the fire has moved past them already.

          I live in rural BC, we have these kinds of fires every summer. I have seen this phenomenon with my own eyes, and nobody has ever claimed to see anything out of the ordinary (ie laser weapons) when it happens.


  11. Omg, last night/early morning I was soooo comfy in my bed, but did not sleep a wink – I always sleep well! No thoughts, no worries, no “things on my mind”. But something is brewing and even though CMEs always energize me; last night was so strange and yet, so calming? I’m in Canada btw…hmmmm.

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  12. Apparently I’ve integrated something somewhat. A midnight on the dot purge- Okay, an auspicious start. Then this morning a cloud ship parked directly on top of the snow-capped mountain across the valley from my house for many minutes. What was so special was the breath-taking pastel blue and pink color absolutely radiating from the edges. Wowzer!!! What a miraculous visage. Then it was off to Costco where I had continuously pleasant encounters with everyone I met. (now that’s a first) So all said, I will say that today stacks up much better than yesterday. Cheers!

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  13. There is a very interesting three “white squall” bands that have been running horizontally over the last ~24 hours on the Tomsk. This is interesting vs. the “normal” vertical white squalls.



    1. And here some moves in space & around Earth in the last 3 days:

      3) Pleiades 1 Messages, November 13, 2018
      P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

      Higher Disclosures happen as Major Consciousness opens. (2)
      New perforations of old plasma happen now. Controllable vibrations happen.
      Phases for New Human established.
      Recreation of environments in progress.
      *Zone T in energy update.
      Lower clashes are placated by *Sentinels.
      *Plasmic Myasmal Layers being removed (2 and 3 NOR – T) – First movement: 64% (non – regressive). Possible collaterals.
      OP *Startust2 prepared. “Contamination” started… 62% (not regressive).
      Specific codes being delivered. First reception >>> 59% (non-regressive).
      Pro-Love on the surface 86% (non-regressive).
      New Islands synchronization started! 55% (non-regressive).
      End of Transmission
      Pleiades 1 (Extending Crystalline Field in Terran environment)
      * Item in Glossary

      2) Pleiades 1 Messages, November 12, 2018
      P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

      Higher Disclosures happen as Major Consciousness opens.
      Observers create new plans for redemptions.
      New craters open as a haven for old Gaian anguish.
      Mayan Sovereigns land on Terran Plane. Indians welcome first arrival.
      Attention *Nilun, The Fragment Collector! Superior Devic Consecration in progress. 7h linear to completion.
      The *Spanish Line: line lighting in progress: 55% (non-regressive). The Light Celebrates!
      Consecration FA-EN144 (Consecration Code) in progress. FIRST ROW. Collateral >>> Changed sleep patterns. 44% (non-regressive).
      Attention *Cranu-Idini, *Projector MorDort-SIUX aimed! IMMEDIATE REVERB! Anchorage AT 94% (non-linear).
      Attention *Manoliah / IUD-IL! Immediate Attention! *CDiX-12 Projector Aimed! Anchoring and immediate reverberation! 80% (non-regressive).
      *Eliar Flours, The Artist! Immediate call coming up! Required Master Projector Support: Synchronization Started… 81% (non-regressive). Start support.
      End of Transmission
      Pleiades 1 (Extending Crystalline Field in Terran environment)
      * Item in Glossary

      1) Pleiades 1 Messages, November 11, 2018
      P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

      Top ideas stand firm.
      Attention PVSE and related! Higher protocols continue to be delivered and revised.
      *Zero i: Larger mesh being formed. Higher alliances merge into mastery.
      Attention *Eliar Flours, The Artist! Field expander delivered.
      Attention *Cranu-Idini! Guidelines for renewals and extensions delivered.
      Larger body parasites begin to be removed. 79% (non-regressive). (Yaldabaoth Parasites)
      Attention *Etnya Solaris & *Vanula, The Fountain of Potions: “Old Torments” receiver ready for collection and transmutation! Support Projector aimed: 79% (non-regressive).
      Attention *Manoliah / *IUD-IL! Projector Master IL12 (See Glossary search for Sala IL12) aimed! Prepare reception! 61% (non-regressive).
      Attention Terrans! Prepare for fluctuations in new waves.
      Matrix break continues.
      End of Transmission


      1. @oro
        What a bunch of nonsense! Here is my report based on what is taking place everywhere, in plain English.

        Nothing works for any party the way those other parties planned or hoped it would work. Nobody really knows what the hell is going on. Some people are waking up regardless of the ongoing mess some are waking up because of it, some are just dying. Those who are waking up identify and delete the programming that altered their perception of themselves and reality. The “parasites” are still having a feast in most of the places across the planet and have not been identified and recognized by the majority.

        The majority is still asleep and their crap is terribly “synchronized” to project the corresponding solid and very crappy reality felt even by the bystanders. The higher consciousness folks, as usually trying to change/affect the environment (not the players) to cause independent and healthier thinking, while the parasites are doing just the same in the opposite direction, so the whole thing is in limbo- and the players (people) are exhausted and disoriented. The political/social show electronic devices (your external chips) are way more interesting, entertaining, horrific, and all in all massively distractive and addictive for most to be replaced with self-inquiry and meditation on a daily basis.
        Brainwashing is still in progress, awareness is not fashionable, not popular, not advertised, not promoted publicly, and has not been initiated by the majority on a daily and hourly basis, so repetitive thinking patters, programs of enslavement and victimhood prevail, the majority still chooses to sleep.
        “Communication channels” with one’s own more aware or exploration and self-inquiry capable parts of one’s own consciousness haven’t been open by the majority either, forget the free and two way communication with higher dimensional beings.
        9 out of 10 people choose or expect to be saved by something outside of them. The popular saviors are various religious saints, holy men and women or holy ghosts, good deeds or specific organizations of the government (?1?), the Source, prospective lover/life partner, the global benevolent event, and the list has no end. Anyway, as long as they expect to be saved by sth external, they automatically declare that they themselves are victims of or prisoners of this planet and have no power, intelligence, creativity, etc to start thinking for themselves in an outrageously creative and awareness provoking way and get the hell out of the prison of their perception- that’s where the real prison is.

        Getting the picture? Notice, I used no confusing, trance inducing wording, like “Nilun, The Fragment Collector! Superior Devic Consecration in progress. 7h linear to completion.”- what in the world is this supposed to mean? Plain nonsense or machine talking? Or here is another one from your post “IUD-IL! Projector Master IL12 (See Glossary search for Sala IL12) aimed! Prepare reception! 61% (non-regressive).” ???? ???? Give me a break…..

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          1. @oro
            I get it that u r not the author, but if you were motivated enough to post this charade in here, you must find it valuable one way or another, must you not? Or you were completely unconscious or in a kind of drunk or drugged state in the midst of which you went to one site, copied that gibberish there, then went to this blog, pasted the gibberish in here while being completely oblivious to both of your choices and actions and as well as to your knowledge of the content of that incredible gobbledegook???

            What I am trying to say is that when people post their comments here, they (and the readers) assume that the commenter is fully aware of what they say and why they say it and also, they are in agreement with the info they posted unless the commenter mentions it for logical reasons that they do not agree with the presented by them info (when it’s someone else’s piece). I will not participate in further discussion on the topic, things are too obvious at this point.

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      1. Something doesn’t feel right here because it seems a bit illogical. They are holding back because we will have an “uncomfortable feeling”? So for the sake of avoiding that short uncomfortable period for people nothing takes place, while at the same time all types of atrocities of every kind are still ongoing impacting basically all. The sense of damage proportion defies logic imho.

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        1. No, that ‘uncomfortable’ thing was in response to the question asked, a feeling some would experience if they weren’t high enough vibrationally when The Event happens. SOURCE is waiting for that bell curve “sweet spot” so not so many people are left in a confused lurch. However, given the media here, the censorship, and the level of PTW control… well, people ARE waking up… but sloowwwly. The fact that sites like ours are being suppressed is not helping. The atrocities are illusion, so that’s not seen as any kind of factor, but educating people about this is a slow row howin’.

          Hang on, I’m getting a download…

          Ah. This is interesting. It’s like living some impossible epic movie. It’ll have to be the next post.


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      2. Yes, we recently learned that SOURCE energy can take the form of a being — well, the shape anyway — and has… personality… in order to communicate. The energy inside those 12 Jupiter-sized ships (which is so bright as to be colorless) is literally alive, and exudes this indescribable LOVE. I shoulda brought sunglasses! BRIGHT! And ALIVE!


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    1. @ Cat8
      Many ppl r dead alive anyway, plus, death is an illusion, right? What’s the problem with making a shift from the physical state to a non-physical one? Everyone will do it anyway some through death others through direct conscious transformation into formless, whichever way ppl will find more suitable for them. This time in human history i don’t even know what is more tragic, to be born into this place or to die here.
      One thing is obvious – nobody actually knows why there is this holding back and WHAT is it really that is holding back the event.

      I have another question though which i think is more relevant at this point: what would it take for the event to happen say, now or tomorrow? I mean, really?

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      1. What’s holding back The Event is people NOT waking up. When enough people wake up, The Event will happen. How do you wake up people walking around staring at their phones all day long? Or downloading porn and self-medicating? Or obsessing over DEW? Or pointing fingers at Democrats? Or complaining about Trump? Of course, The Event itself would wake people up, but we’re not in charge.

        -CAT Eds.

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  14. Well! Aren’t we a cheerful little group today? (My best attempt at channeling the Church Lady from SNL) C’mon, It’s working. Let’s change this! Lighten up ( with no pun intended)

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  15. In today’s Oracle Report, Laura says:

    “To their dismay, the a$$$ons do not control the energies.
    The energies can be manipulated by manipulating events that happen under specific energies, but the laws cannot be broken. The Divine will always rise within the code.
    In their arrogance and blindness, the a$$$ons believe they can override the law.”

    I hope she is right. It sounds just great.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Except the big, ‘ol “a%”$ons” are long gone, zapped away by higher order beings. There is only the ca8al left now, who are pretty much praying to the equivalent of a dead ‘god’. Quoting the CATs on this one.

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      1. There were something like two or three of the little ones (rom their original planet) left, but the energy climb may have been too much for them at this point. They were almost worse than the old big ones; what they lacked in size they more than made up for in sheer brilliant nastiness. Good riddance.

        HOWEVER, we’ve been meaning to say this — maybe some of us have — but the negative/neutral ETs are the minority. The majority of ETs are good, and have been maligned by a number of sources. We wanted to say this since we’ve complained so extensively about the TWBs, and even then, there are several species of “tall whites” who are very nice. (The TWBs are about 7-8 feet tall and bald, with thick necks; they often appear in black jackets and hats.)

        -CAT Eds.

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      1. Ha, I had doubts about that bit of Laura’s post, too.
        Well, I just posted the bit I liked, hoping it was true.
        Thank you, dear CAT Eds.


      2. twas misinterpretation…..that’s not what she meant. always a curious thing this internet… can post lots of great info & get no response, then get nailed for one small misprint… Pooh says ‘No bother’

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  16. For the moment, it was rejected to carry out this drastic action because there are still very few people, approximately 5% of the population that have managed to tune some of their subtle bodies with the energetic currents of the temporal line of evolutionary change and, as such, it is considered opportune and it is wanted to give the opportunity, during a little more time, so that a few more million people can go up and change line.


  17. I do not know how many months will be given, it only seems that in the last three or four months there has been a flow of people trying to go online doing all the work from the beginning, and causing some groups and hierarchies that assist the planet to have seen or perceived that there is the hope of rising more people than initially expected despite the frequency difference between both lines. The only thing that is necessary for this is the will of the person to initiate the whole process of frequency change and move their bodies, to anchor even one of them (the soul and at least the causal one) and to be able to put a foot in the energies which will then help you to scale your other subtle bodies to the sublevels above

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    1. David Topi seems like a nice, well meaning person; and he’s obviously very passionate about spreading his information. But I’ve read too many books from the esoteric shelf to take these systems seriously any more. They’re all running in circles enumerating endless strings of rounds, planets, timelines, bodies, rules and so on. It looks more like just another religion than enlightened from here. I say spend that precious energy visualizing where you want to go instead; the only real rule is that there are no rules.

      Didn’t fall into any cosmic black holes of despair today, that’s nice for a change. Whoever is holding this train right now better have a damn good explanation…


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      1. the only real rule is that there are no rules! i agree with that

        i take this david topi stuff like energy report,what is going on,like SOC !

        nothing more


      2. @ Sifoo
        I watched some of his videos on utube just now, to see what’s he is all about for myself. I agree, he does seem passionate about what he is doing here. However, for the most part he is basically repeating others and really not saying anything new. As for some of his writing, I’d say the guy is confused himself in some areas and I am not too sure he is very aware of what or who he really channels. On a good note, I find nothing negative about him as a person, but as a teacher that he is claiming to be…. No. May be he is a teacher in training- at best, at this moment he does not demonstrate profound self-knowledge and self-awareness, so I’d dismiss most of his communication and ideas he says he got from the other side.


    1. For those interested:
      This is a Sphere/Civilization/Community of advanced beings from a higher Dimension. Reach Earth through Portal 1 in the Pleiades Constellation. From
      here the name Pleiades 1.

      Genuine information is very rare. Distortion & misinformation is rampant –
      part of the war! – for the confusion resulting is successfully bringing delay.

      I find this message pretty enlightening and straight to the point. It touches all our major problems. One should read it with an open heart. The Messenger is Gabriel
      Raio Lunar. This is a spiritual name. He gets the messages in Espagnol or Italian.
      Then they are translated into English.

      By all means cannot the Universal language be easily understood on Earth.
      Since messages seem encoded, one should read them attentively 3-4 times, before one open one’s mouth to bash the messenger. What a silly waste of time!
      I thought we all come here in good faith. I thought we come here to learn. How can we learn, if one comes here and starts attacking the poster so aggressively? Isn’t that disturbing the good work and the group altogether?

      Pleiades 1 Messages, November 14, 2018
      P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!

      Higher Disclosures happen as Major Consciousness opens. (3)
      Final cleaning activities at ÓB (Low Earth Orbit) happen.
      Superior Fleets glide to be seen.
      Balance being achieved.
      Martian fields being tuned for New Frequencies synchronized with Terrans.
      Divine looks inspire confidence.
      Dissenters announced (See Glossary >>> The *Kingdom of the Dragons of Hotis).
      Attention *Alfin, The Wizard of Certainty! New upper protocol sent for proper dissolutions.
      Attention *Antheera, The Ninth Keeper of Vril! New upper protocol sent for proper dissolutions.
      Special Projector for the *Knights of Order Reverberation! 22% (non-regressive).
      Spheres Sync for the Leap.
      Journey almost finished.
      End of Transmission
      Pleiades 1 (Extending Crystalline Field in Terran environment)
      * Item in Glossary


      1. @oro
        Oro, the king is naked and you are him. Common sense and discernment are rare and as the Universal language, unfortunately, can not be easily understood by some people on this planet due to numerous attempts to compromise it. Since the simplicity of this message is encoded by the king’s new tailors, you should read it attentively 3-4 times, before you proceed with what you are up to. I hope you caught my drift, and if you didn’t, then definitely read it 3-4 times again till the common sense prevails and inform your compromised attention on the difference between an attack, discernment, awareness, disagreement and a deliberate generation of the fog by well meaning people.

        Alfin, The Wizard of Certainty

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  18. I’m just back from choir practice and I feel so joyful! We made lovely music tonight.

    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

    Love to all, even the PTW. It’s not too late.

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  19. I find it hilarious that the anchovies self chosen name means Lord. It beats Penis of the dragon, I guess; but there’s a very popular book circulating out there that talks a lot about the obeying the Lord, hmm. They didn’t create shit that matters, they were spawned by accident and wouldn’t get out of bed without us.

    They’re pretty good at repeating the same stupid pattern over and over again, and making shitty artificial copies of the real world. But creating anything that wasn’t already there isn’t even on their radar; for that you need access to Source.


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  20. what a blast of ENERGY this night! in USA maybee in the afternoon?
    I felt it after midnight UTC
    as I know the electrones take 36 hours approximatly to reach earth
    but the magnetons take only 8 minutes
    and here is the proof Bingo:

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  21. Hey Cats, as I watched this video from Chris Geo, where he talks about the different races outside of this matrix construct, one of them being the “Cat people”, I wondered if there is more to your “obsession” with cats than just these sweet kitties!


      1. @CAT Eds

        Of course!
        Far, far back in time, the Civilization of the Lion-Men was the most magnificent in Creation. Out of envy, Dracos united with Snakes to bring it to extinction. They used DECEIT. They came in peace, given themselves as friends. Took ages to convince the Lions about love and wisdom. That’s what they preached.
        Then, all of a sudden, they attacked. Monstrously. Killed most, put some in chains for labour and ate the rest. Destroyed their mighty Civilization and world.

        Isn’t the mighty lion they brag with, on all their coat of arms, and seals and flags?
        The queen of England brags even with a Unicorn, fully in chains, no more, no less.

        A few escaped to our world and hid under the Great Sphinx, a very, very old Temple of theirs.
        The 7 wives of the great Lion-Men King are the 7 stars of the Pleiades.
        The cats are here with a Highest Mission to anchor the Light of Truth. Their beautiful form, so small and graceful, is indeed a case of Divine Magic. they are in service and they are extremely advanced.
        Of course, they can take human form.
        As for the Draco-Reptilians, DECEIT is all they know. And their Cycle stops now.


      2. I was at a healing workshop years ago and as I was looking around at some of the people there, I saw an overlay of a cat’s head on one woman’s head and an overlay of a bird’s head on another woman’s head. It was subtle, but undeniable and very beautiful.

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