Aaaand It Happened Again… [UPDATE5]


[Orig. published on 11/9. Updates at bottom.]

Good catch by AntoniaTaylor for pointing this out to us. We were in Friday-sleep mode, apparently. There’s been another major timeline shift… but this one is different, and has impacted the meters differently.

This shows the geomagnetic storm K index.

Looks like it happened around 11:30 pm PST. Some of us noticed it was unusually quiet at that time. This event was different, though, as it hasn’t been processed by the earth — or maybe any of us — yet, as evidenced by various meters:

See? The Moscow SR meter looks quiet… for now.

And here’s the cosmic version of Kiruna:

This is interesting, but not SPLIT-dramatic like the K index.

And the muon counts aren’t dramatic at all…


There was a big pop at the Moscow neutron meter a few hours after the timeline jump…


And this:


So… WHAT FRESH TIMELINE IS THIS? Your guess is as good as your guess. Or was this a or timeline adjustment? We’re looking into it. After we get more coffee.

We strongly suggest doing a special meditation for this, so see what’s what.

It just came in that… like it or not, this is part of our life path, and we are destined to live through the struggle before the bliss.  We have to fight for it in some way, to “earn” it happening. Not sure how we need to do that, so let’s all meditate on it. Perhaps we need one last group meditation push on 11/11…

How long can I maintain this extended hang time…




We just noticed this from the Kiel Longwave experiment:

This hit around 6:00 pm PST on the 8th.


Hm. The 38 Mhz line is going UP…



And some geomagnetic kerfufflage:


And some curious outliers:


More as we find it.


Whoa. One timeline is taking off:


Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 5.43.16 PM






Had a CME around 11/11/18 at 11:11 pm UTC, though it’s hard to tell on this meter. Since this was a little one, that was not earth-facing, we have no idea when, how, or if it will affect us. The last two sure did, so…


There was also a timeline jump at that time… but then again, there are so many timeline jumps…


And some interesting activity in Canada:


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  1. My first reaction this morning upon reflection and coffee is that there seems to be less. By less, I mean less anger,less chaos, less pressure some how. It’s like the lid is off the pressure cooker. Beuhler? Anyone?

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    1. I forgot to mention that the hear/feel blast of energy today was unlike any other I have felt/heard over the years. It was VERY intense, but thankfully brief as it went racing through. I have no idea what time it was, but it certainly got my attention. Stay tuned!


  2. Not sure how or if my experience last night relates to this. About 10:15 mst I had the sudden strange sensation like being in one of those fun houses when I was a child, where everything is slanted and skewed and it makes you completely off balance. It was so disorienting I almost fell over. I went to bed and the feeling continued fo about an hour. It was very surreal. I’ve had those dizziness spells from energy before but this was different. It wasn’t internal. It was like it was really happening, like I was in the middle of a vision of an earthquake. Okay…now I sound crazy even to myself!


  3. Thank You Cats & Ms … I felt every bit of this activity, started to increase around 2pm aedt & hit around 5pm … felt extremely tired & before I crashed into the pillow I was told its time to sleep like a sleep mask had been placed over our eyes, problem is we won’t see what hit us … you are right it hasn’t hit us yet but I know we are in for a major 9 days of extremely high energies impacting the physical … monumental … our light body is moving in 🙂 was overheating during sleep & woke hearing the song by Phil Colins 2 Hearts believing in just one mind … cosmic togAETHERness. We are graduating up into The next level of the Event, this is how I am perceiving it … its coming in stages & its the turning point or turning the page to a new chapter … peak preview … Have a Fabulous day


  4. Ha-ha, great kitty illustration!
    Strangely enough, I feel like the cat that jumps (holding its breath), and not like the one that will be taken by surprise …
    The moron I have as neighbour above switched on an electric drill at 03:15 at night … don’t ask me if I slept …
    Some people will be taken by surprise, indeed.

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  5. Someone also had a great point earlier… this really feels like some sort of weird experimental hybrid timeline where we’re quite literally split into two.

    Does that mean we get a bit of both worlds until the big party (Event) kicks in? I’m quite curious.

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  6. There IS a world wide meditation on 11/11
    :)))) that would be really great if every one joined!!!!! Even the littlest push helps a great deal!

    Global SUNday Unity Meditations with Divine DNA code amplifications at 5:11am, 8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm Pacific Time.


  7. Thanks, only a short head ache this after noon, for I go for years without one. Peace.


  8. So, the comment I made to my roommate this afternoon: “it feels very weird out” I can’t place the exact feeling, but it echoes my post yesterday about “less”. Something is gone, but I don’t know what yet. Anyone else? I do know that one foot is in the door. What door isn’t clear yet. EEEeeeeee!


    1. Yes, something is different but it’s hard to put a finger on. Less inner turmoily feeling? Less collective “noise” jacking with your vibe? I don’t know… Seems the world is up in flames and it’s totally peaceful where I’m at? Honestly though, I have no idea what’s even happening in the world anymore. I am checked out to the max. Its gotten to the point where if I’m stuck in some situation where I have to hear a commercial I play a little game with myself called “guess the programming” – But even that’s getting old. Maybe these graphs are showing some kind of separation of densities. A fork in the road, perhaps…

      But yeah, something is different and when you think back to what you felt like this time last year it feels like a distant memory from long ago. Like a person I don’t even remember anymore. Shit, I can’t even remember what happened 2 months ago anymore… And time is flying by probably the fastest it ever has. The numbers are off the charts for me… I didn’t think they could get any more frequent and
      crazy, but they are. Things are changing and picking up for sure.. Especially for those who have the eyes to see it.

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  9. Why is not the line crossing completely closed to prevent this situation?
    One of the “proposals” (let’s put it that way) discussed among the different groups, hierarchies and those that assist the change of evolutionary level for the human race is the total closure of the steps between lines 33 and 42 so that, whoever is at 42 can no longer go down, and whoever is at 33 can no longer climb. For the moment, it was rejected to carry out this drastic action because there are still very few people, approximately 5% of the population that have managed to tune some of their subtle bodies with the energetic currents of the temporal line of evolutionary change and, as such, it is considered opportune and it is wanted to give the opportunity, during a little more time, so that a few more million people can go up and change line.

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    1. I am from the line 756.008. And I have no idea what you are talking about. Nor am interested in operating within the confines of this funny math construct of Mr. Topì that you presented here. And also, I do not recognize anyone, except the healthy and actively evolving part of humanity as the leader of this planet.

      Isn’t it funny how some ppl make up a concept, confuse it with reality, hypnotise others to follow that made up concept, vihemently defend and promote it, depart from the obvious reality and then view or declare themselves so….enlightened?

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  10. Whoa, crazy energies! Dreaming of more buses, trains, houses, strange situations with people I know and don’t know as if I have unfinished business to attend to in dream state maybe collapsing time lines?

    Seeing flashes of blue and white whilst awake!

    Hope everyone is okay 😊🙏🌟

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    1. @ Lily
      so good to see you!!!!
      a big hug from Europe coming over the Atlantic Ocean

      we where missing you yesterday

      love A.

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      1. Hey 1444! Hugs closer than you think! I am from the UK 🙂

        I have been very discombobulated the last few days, couldn’t have strung a sentence together if I tried!

        Big love to everyone, phew this really is a wild ride! x

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        1. Wow Lily thats great
          in all this wild ride we are hugging each other
          from Algarve to UK it’s a two and one half our flight
          ( we often did it, when we still had our second home
          over the cliffs of Dover.
          It is my artwork and my poetry that gives me so much inner strengh
          and of course meditation too.

          I wanted to post my last painting on this thread, but it’s not possible
          so here is a link to my last painting and my poetry of LOVE:


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          1. How does this this timeline stuff work anyway? Is it that as long as I can see this blog and your post we’re relatively on the same timeline?


          2. Sorry to worry you, things have been crazy here. We picked up our new kitten last week but it did not work out as I hoped. My daughter became quite jealous and I had to ask the breeder to take her back (the kitten!) It’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster and what with all the energies of late, I feel like I have been a bit squeezed and flattened!

            It is really odd. I have to mention this because there is nowhere else I can really say it! I have tried to have a cat on a few occasions and each time, at first, it goes really well, daughter is happy and excited then something really odd happens. It feels like a really oppressive wave comes in from nowhere. My daughter is suddenly agitated, impatient and every emotion seems heightened. You can quite literally feel the darkness in the air.

            I know it sounds a bit ‘out there’ but I just have a feeling there is something more to this than meets the eye or even third eye. It’s not just with pets. It seems that every time I try and do something positive for us, to make life a little better, an energy comes in that is absolutely not benevolent and turns things upside down…I think I know where the energy is coming from but cannot seem to stop it…

            Happy 11.11.11 x


            1. Well… I’m not sure, but it’s the general consensus (unless something has changed), that that dark energy (from that one source) is on the OTHER timeline, now. Let us know if it shows up again.


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          3. Goodness, what happened? How did you come and get us? I am intrigued! I’m sure my soul knows but my conscious Lily brain is asking questions 😉 🙏 Feels like I’m leading a double life! Big love ❤️

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            1. We hope you won’t feel weird about this. Someone in the comments asked, “Where’s Lily”? And we looked… and you and your daughter were on… well, an unfortunate timeline. It was nothing YOU were doing; it was due to something someone else (not nice) was doing. We saw that neither of you deserved to be on that timeline, so we just decided in about five seconds to throw a team together and pull you back. We spent a minute putting out feelers, pulling a team together, thought it out, and just came and got you, and moved you to this timeline. Sounds really easy when I write it that way. It happened very quickly, a spur-of-the-moment thing. As usual, this was many things on many levels: 1. A rescue mission; 2. A supreme test for the CATs (M’s actually); 3. A demonstration (to us) of what we can do. We’ve played in the space-time arena before, on a planetary scale, but nothing like bridging across gynormous buzz-saw timelines THAT WERE SEPARATING. Phew. One false move and all that. After this and all the other things we’ve been doing the past few years, we feel like International Rescue! You owe us nothing, of course. We just like to help. Above all we learned that, as Extensions of SOURCE, we literally have no limits. If you can think something, you can do it. Same goes for all of you. You can literally do anything.


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          4. This reply is meant for Lore, but for some reason the reply button is non-existent for his post.

            When the world renews, DNA from those who are extremely loyal to God and/or consist of “the least of us” are brought to the new/old Earth. We relive through everything and those who were trampled in life will have the opportunity to grow straight and have the instinct to either dodge and/or overcome when the bad things in life come. We experience deja vu, signs, visions, and general gut instinct to help guide us through life. For example, the reactions going on in the Sun are completely random, but we return to the exact same prehistory Earth and Sun every time the world renews. Since nothing is ever powerful enough to influence the Sun’s reactions, the same patterns play out in the Sun every time. In other words the Sun signs are extremely valuable to help evaluate where you are and what changes you might need to make in your life to dodge or overcome the next obstacle.

            The Cats here have a different method and understanding, which is fine. Different things work for different people. Just like cats and dogs 😉


          1. OMG that was THAT night???

            Wow that was soooo out there.

            I was in, uhhh time/space somewhere (somewhen?), then… suddenly heard, “Josh can you come back?”

            I appreciated the nudge


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          2. Thank you SO much Cats and M’s, heartfelt gratitude! Please tell me that there is no way this person/being can pull us back to the ‘unfortunate’ timeline? Can I ask, was thus being a certain ex? The reason I ask is that a psychic I spoke to told me he was doing everything to keep my daughter and mysf from growing spiritually etc… Can he do anymore or has he finally (hopefully) left our path? 🙏 So grateful! Can I also ask when this rescue mission took place? Phew, huge hugs ❤️🌟❤️

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          3. VERY very grateful you did that M5 and ALL! You made my day (night) thank you again!!

            Lily we love you! 💞

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          4. @Lily
            Really? I thought it is now a bizarre combination of “anonymous1444” and “Lily”, hence lily144. It just looks this way, like it or not))).

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          5. yes 144 and 1444

            we are on the same timeline
            I choose SOURCE and I love the cat’s here
            over twenty years ago I worked with the Course in Miracles
            it is Source that I want with all my heart
            hope all is well now Lily


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          6. @The CAT(s) That Lived

            after listening this video
            I came back here to research what really happend on the 11.11
            yes the rescue of lilly144 and my love I was feeling for her when she came back
            this was a huge time line shift we all jumped!

            thank you *Cats*
            love to you all A.

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  11. Like most on this blog, I prefer the term “Source” instead of “God.” However, to keep with the letter of A Course in Miracles, I will use God.


    I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me.
    Everything is either an expression of Love or a call for Love.
    Home is unchangeable Spirit.


    1. Yes, we use “SOURCE” instead of “God” because that’s the term all the ETs and Universals use. Even J called it “The SOURCE” originally to us loooong ago. It’s just semantics.

      -CAT Eds.

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  12. Why don’t you want justice?

    Justice is everyone being telepathic so there aren’t any misunderstandings.

    Justice is everyone knowing everything hidden from them.

    Justice is everyone knowing the results of their actions and experience their actions from the other’s perspective.

    Justice is the “benevolent” beings doing something instead of giving free reign to the “malevolent” beings that aren’t from the planet. (no matter what logic you use, there is no-one on the side of humanity as it can all be easily and simply debated against).


    1. If you knew the evil nasties would all see the error of their ways, and given the chance to change, they did. They were all feeling guilty and really did want to now help with a positive change for all that is, would you still want justice?

      Everyone deserves the chance to change.

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  13. Huh! It’s now 12:55 PST. During the 11:11 meditation I was sitting outside on the bench in the sun when the river got quiet and the birds weren’t saying much either. This giant pillow muffle lasted for a few minutes and then the volume was turned up and all resumed. It was very sweet. I’m still here (wherever here is) when I looked up, I noticed the apparently obligatory chemtrails. Not solid, but enough to make me mildly peevish. Soooo. What?


      1. During my 1111 meditation, I fell asleep. That’s never happened before. So idk wtf that was all about. Maybe I needed to be asleep for a downloaded, upload or private higher self convo. 🤷‍♀️


          1. Oh, I frequently fall asleep when meditating or giving myself Reiki – as far as I’m concerned, it’s perfectly normal! 😉


  14. I have realised that – not just for me, for many ppl, including those here who reported odd, unexpected, and inexplicable switches in moods, overall sensation, and change of feeling regarding space around them, that someone or sth is deliberately messing up with everybody’s timelines. It’s not a hybrid timeline like someone has recently suggested. I have realised – after observing what has been taking place over the last 3 months in this respect, esp last month that the positive peace-joy like sensation and the corresponding situations are the indicators that one is on the organic timeline of their choice. When things and emotions suddenly go chaotic and then change from bad to worse or towards the ridiculous- you have been artificially pushed to a synthetic timeline by someone else’s choice (or maybe by sth and I don’t know what it is. Yet). Maybe we all need to make a declaration of sorts – higher vibrational and organic timelines only and no chaos and low vibe based timelines are accepted or entertained any more.

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    1. We think that the PTW were somehow messing with/creating timelines, somehow — but not anymore. Now it’s our Memory of SOURCE (which is basically SOURCE) Who is collapsing timelines and moving people from one to another. When you feel those emotions, you’re probably feeling the emotions of lots of your brothers and sisters as they’re moved hither and yon. It’s all done for everyone’s greatest good, now.

      -CAT Eds.

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  15. Dear cat’s,
    What you have done with Lily and her daughter has surprised and excited me in equal parts. It is wonderful.
    In the comments you say that it is a rescue mission and that we can all do it.
    Do you know if one can self-rescue ?? And if so, how?
    I have entered into meditation and I have sought an answer, but I am not very clear about it yet.
    I do not pretend to bore you with my particular story, but somehow I know, since September 10, 2010 there is a version of me living a timeline that is what I want to experience.
    I have had flashes, dreams and visions … I have even been there for brief periods of time and I know that it exists. I am not crazy.
    To demonstrate it in my last medical review I concentrated on that version of me, (I have an autoimmune disease of some severity in this line that I know I do not have in the other), well, my last analysis was perfect. Without the markers of that disease. My doctors attributed this to a laboratory error and have ordered me to repeat them.
    I know it’s not a mistake. It is proof that I am right.
    I would like to rescue myself from this one in which I live now and be in that other one.
    But I can not keep up long enough. For example, for the analyzes I was long enough to have my blood and tissue samples taken, just two minutes and I “went back” exhausted. I had to sleep all afternoon.
    Any suggestions ?? All help is welcome. Thanks with all my heart.
    Greetings from the north of Spain:

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    1. @ Cristina Sending hugs and love, I hope your condition disappears and you stay on the most favourable/positive timeline x


      1. Dear Lily,
        thank you for your loving words. I hope that you and your daughter are perfectly well and you manage to get rid of all that blackness and viscosity that attacks you, forever.
        My best wishes and my Light are with you.


  16. A propos the collapsing of multiple realities/timeline jumps:

    I read this in Jenny Schiltz’ blog, and it intrigued me a lot:

    “I was shown perfectly how insane all this can be by my cat. This cat will soon be 15 and has been on quite a journey with me. […]
    He has never been one to stay home and will disappear for a few days at a time. I have become used to this but recently we hit day 7 of him being gone and I was worried. That afternoon while I was out he came up to the garage where my husband was working. I got a text from him that said “Bailey showed up, he is dirty and thin. He is meowing but won’t let me near him.” My heart sank. I got home and set out looking for him. When I found him I called him as I normally do, but then he would look at me as if he had no clue who I was. I couldn’t get close enough to grab him and if I tried he just ran. I was at a complete loss. I started to wonder if he was experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia, especially since he had head trauma as a kitten. I didn’t understand how he could not know me but recognize the kitty, kitty, kitty call I made. I didn’t understand why was he so dirty and thin as I always leave food for him outside and have seen him eat it even when he chooses not to come in.

    I barely slept that night and made the decision to get a humane trap. I planned to trap him and get him to a vet where I felt I would make the difficult decision to put him to sleep. I couldn’t let him starve or freeze to death and winter is coming. That night in walks Bailey through the doggy door as he normally would and not only was he clean but he was his normal fat self. I was shocked and so grateful as he snuggled in my lap. I think that if my husband had not seen him the other day, I would have thought I was just exaggerating what I had seen prior. We both saw a version of Bailey that was dirty, scared, skinny and had no clue who we were.”

    Are we all on multiple timelines?!


  17. Okay, I think that malevolemt energy/being/ex is back and is desperately trying to keep hold of us. It has been a horrible day, the oppression in the air and darkness will not go. I have tried clearing, I will keep trying but I am feeling exhausted. It is as if something is disabling any power that I have. I literally do not know what to do. I have tried speaking with power, invoking Brother J, Archangel Michael, Source, Ascended Masters. I have tried crystals, frankinscence. Something or someone is definitely blocking me in every way.If it’s him how has he got so much power, I don’t understand? I have had help from a lovely psychic who manages to clear him at the time but a few hours later, Bam, ut’s back again. It’s ony every temporary. It had taken every bit of energy to just get this message on here. Whatever/whoever it is was trying to stop me from typing. Feels like I am wading through thick tar. Hope this message gets through. xx


    1. @Lily

      Lily, have you tried seeing yourself as a powerful being who has the right to say “no” (not verbally but truly) to certain toxic things and people and to say “yes” to yourself, your light and your the right to be what you are without feeling guilty or fear to be punished (or attacked)?


      1. Hi Anonymous, yes, really honestly, I have tried in so many ways to show strength and power but just feel blocked each time. In fact the moe I try and clear my daughter and myself, the more resistance I feel. For example, I tried a clearing, asking for brother J’s help. I used the following method:
        I imagined a white pure light around my daughter and myself (I did it separately for each of us) I then asked Brother J to help me clear the malevolent energies and entities then said the following: ‘Entities, you are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened, you are healed and forgiven lifted and enlightened. You are healed and surrounded by the Christ Light and the Christ Love, know go in peace. Then I ask Brother J to please take these entities to their perfect place and say ‘go in peace’ Then I ask Brother J to cut all psychic cords, dissolve all negative thought forms in the light of truth and seal our auras to all but that of the highest vibration. I can feel some clearing as I do this and will repeat it a few times. But, nearly every single time, a fe minutes later or maybe even an hour and I feel like the air is heavier than ever, my daughter will be distressed, my head will feel like it’s in a vice and I will feel weak and sick and the atmosphere will become really oppressive. It’s almost as if whatever I tried to clear has come back full force and is saying ‘Do you really think you can clear us, well take this!” I’ve tried many different ways but get the same result all the time. I never seem to be able to get through a day without the dark stuff coming back again. After a few years of this you can get quite drained! I feel like I need help to find out what the blockage is so I can finally budge it once and for all. It like someone has taken a switch off me and hidden it. If I could just find that switch and turn the power back on…x


        1. @lily

          Ok, I’ll keep it simple and to the point. Showing strength and reclaiming your full power, i.e. being this immovable, silent, righteous, quiet, mighty power that feels love and respect towards itself are two different things- diametrically opposed ones. You are not a cleaning lady for the entities and calling brother J or K or L is not gonna change your core belief that allows others (people or forces) to abuse you. In a nutshell, you can’t FEEL as a victim and choose the life that honors who you are where you get everything you desire at the same time. You see, life reads and hears your core energetic state, anchored by your most dominant beliefs, not what you verbally state. Your words (mouth) says “A” but your emotional-energy state says “B”. If you wanna move that mountain you have to make these two become one. That’s what J and others say in the bible b/c they knew the mechanics of consciousness. If you clean ALL THE TIME and to no avail, you are stuck in a state of perpetual self defence. You created a no choice universe and you keep yourself unaware of your full potential by making yourself exhausted through various means (unconsciously of course). You act ONLY to defend and never to choose for you or to create. When was the last time you chose just for you? When was the last time you did 3 incredibly loving things for you that made you feel loved and appreciated by you? A perpetual state of victimhood does not imply that you are being a powerful you, able to say “yes” to this and “no” to that (not through J or K or L but from your core, from the totality of your Being), and that perpetual state of victimhood will naturally, through all existent energy laws connect to all sorts of abusing people, forces and entities in the area to make a match made to last and that’s precisely what you are having. You see, a psychic can take away the generated energy, but no one other than yourself can change your choices that generated this very energy you say you choose to get rid of.

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          1. Thank you again Anonymous. I do look after myself, honour myself. I meditate every evening do little things that mean a lot! I made the des ion to write two books, the second of which I have just completed and the purpose of which are to help other women and raise issues of domestic violence etc… Surely that is proactive and empowering? I am turning a not so great experience into a positive by trying to help others and make a difference. I realise I sound a little bit ‘vulnerable’ at times. This is one of the very few places that I feel I can bare my soul so to speak… I am so gratef to have found this site! 🙏🌟🌟


        2. Dark entities have free will, and the ones bothering you have decided that you are a good energetic food source that they do not wish to abandon.

          Sometimes, it takes a professional to get rid of a severe pest infestation. I had a whole bunch of cockroaches in my house several years ago, and no home remedies got rid of them. Finally I called an exterminator, and boy did those little suckers scatter! He knew from experience where they were hiding, and he dealt with them in the space of an hour. They never came back, either.

          Get an exorcist. Whatever bad can be said about the Catholic Church (full of pedos, corrupt, etc) at least they still maintain a stable of these people to deal with stubborn dark entities.


          1. Mmm… I’d not get an actual exorcist. Too much religious overhead. A good psychic can easily do it. If this is what you want, you’ll be guided to a good local one. Not only do they do their thing, you get to watch, and learn.


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    2. P.S Just checking, I’m still here on this timeline with you lovey folks and not on that other one! Felt like I was being pulled back before, got a bit worried..Phew xx


      1. Still feeling very heavy but am hoping that as I’m still able to post and chat with you that we are still on the right timeline? I can feel a constant tugging though, something is not happy we are here. I feel like everything I do is being watched by something I cannot see and it’s intentions are not good. Cannot help wondering, why my daughter, why me? Why us?! I have a feeling that the energy/being that was my ex was trying to find me right up until the point I clicked on the dating site all those years ago. If someone had said what I have just said here to me back then I would have thought it crazy, but now….Nothing surprises me! i do feel like I have to keep checking you guys are here though, just in case! Thanks so much x


        1. There is no right or wrong timeline. We all get the timeline that’s best for what we need to do/learn/experience… but sometimes we mess with it if Spirit tasks us. The ca8al needs to learn humility, and that power has nothing to offer.

          -CAT Eds.

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        2. @lily
          1. There are versions of us and of this site/blog/forum on other timelines just like there are versions of you on all those other timelines (and maybe some of us or you are absent on some of those timelines).

          2. Notice that you are more acutely aware of what someone out there feels or intends to do to you than you are aware of your own needs, choices and desires- you did it in the past and it was your survival tactic, now it is only natural for you to still be on alert in regards to what is coming at you in your environment, close or far doesn’t matter.

          3. A question: by choosing to meet and have a kid with that disastrous ex of yours, what did you intend to end for yourself (=eliminate from your life) then (through dealing with such a personality) once and for all but didn’t? So he keeps coming back with his crap. What does being powerful mean to you? What does being a martyr mean to you? Who would you rather be? Which of the two states do you associate with love? How can you tell the difference between love and pity? How do you know which is which? Come to think of it. This is where it makes sense to look at to get the awareness that can initiate the required by you change.


          1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for taking the time to write a response, much appreciated! I complete hear you and yes I have been so used to being in a fight or flight state of anxiety. I have also stood my ground and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have been able to be immovable, I know our situation could have been a lot less desirable. I do not myself as a victim, I Am not a victim, I am a mother though who will move heaven and earth to keep her child safe. I forgive but will not accept any further harm. I often say out loud when feung energies that are not very good that I do not give my consent, that I demand whatever it is to leave. Sometimes I slip back though to feeling a tad weak and often can not see it immediately. I am trying my best though honest! 🙏


        3. @Lily
          the spirit of Aloha (Hawaii) is being fearless
          Hawaiians are fearless
          how more you love, more fearless you get

          the books you are writing (Ihave written four novels), have heavy vibes
          it’s about domestic violence that’s tough

          I suffered from it in my last marriage and know exactly what it means
          if you activate this energies you can get sucked ito a vortex of negative vibes
          it has to do with violence and sex…. first and second chacra

          how can you help and rescue others?
          loving yourself as much as you can, healing yourself first of all!

          how will you help others before you fix yourself?

          love A.


          1. @anonymous 1444
            Exactly!!! This is the main point here- how can anyone help anyone else before they fully healed themselves? If one is stuck in toxic energies and trying to lift the other one who is also stuck in the same toxic frequencies, then both are in trouble. You have to go beyond the toxic zone yourself before you walk others out of their self created vicious circles, and make sure they actually desire it above all else.

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          2. Hey A thank you for your comment and sorry to hear that you’ve been through it too. The books are also about the family court system which is very secretive. Many women and children have been subjected to further abuse after fleeing violence through the courts which should be protecting them, unfortunately for many, my daughter and myself included, the man can use the system quite successfully to continue harm and control etc. I really want to help raise awareness, many people have no idea what goes on in these courts and I am really trying to help make a difference because until it gets out in the open, more women and children are at risk of serious harm due to violence/risk not being taken seriously. Women and children have lost their lives because they were not listened to. I am working on myself every single day to heal and to help my daughter come on. 5 years of court have resulted in major regression in her autism/development. Painful to watch. 🙏🙏🙏🌟🌟🌟

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          3. @Lily

            If you agree, you are from now on under the protection of my Tibetan Buddhism Mandala
            as my whole familly members and friends.
            It is a very powerful protection that cuts any demons imediatly.

            please let me know if you agree.

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            1. Dear Anonymous1444
              Yes I totally agree and am very grateful for this! Does it matter that I have not given my real name here? Many, many thanks, am totally humbled by so many people here, Love, Light, Peace x

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            2. this is just wonderful Lily
              no the nickname is as identification enough, cause the spiritual world knows you. You are from now on in my Mandala and being highly protected.

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            3. @dear anonymous1444 Thank you so, so much, so incredibly grateful! Can my daughter also be protected if it is not asking too much? LOVE, LIGHT and HEARTFELT GRATITUDE! xxx


  18. Okie dokie. Well this is fun. Anyone else getting double vision in the last 24 hours? It’s happened to me twice now. That’s crazy. It only lasts for, oh, half a minute or so, but it’s pretty disconcerting.


  19. Because it’s a cat, I post my cosmic tiger here
    just finished today and definitly changed my timeline yesterday
    during meditation 11:11


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  20. Here in France,it was decided to ring the bells of all the church in the country at 11 a.m, during 11 minutes this 11/11, to commemorate the end of the WW1. I don’t know if the PWT wanted to down the mind of people with that, but it seems to have had the opposite effect. Having the song of the bells, used for joyfull event like wedding/baptism, in every directions was quite amazing. And when this ended, it was 11:11! Time to meditate!
    Unfortunatly for me, i was busy to walk with my dog on the beach, and ask help to my guides/Brother J to have a mindfulness(?) meditation. The sky was so clear at this time… Don’t know if this event make something up in the whole thing.


  21. This was posted on FB, hopefully you can see it. The poster believes whatever is in the sky may be responsible for the Californian fires.


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    1. Fascinating! I know they’re using DEW’s, but haven’t actually seen the ground viewpoint. How do you save or send that video? The only way we’ll get them to stop is to spread awareness. Thank you!

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  22. Is this just me or others also feeling like they no longer know what planet, dimension or reality they are in and the current logic and sequence of events is simply becoming incomprehensible? I can’t even figure out what I feel and what is relevant in this (currently?) irrelevant world.

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  23. All I know is I was in a fabulous mood last week and now every where I turn, family is angry, friends are angry, strangers are mad at me for not seeing me. I have a migraine daily and I can’t wait to sleep with ice on my head. I still see 11 11 11 11 11 114 444 333 555 every day so where am I?

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    1. Same as me I guess. On Sunday my spouse jokingly removed my wedding ring and then walked off and then came back and told me she threw it in the trash. I pointed out that there was no trash can in that direction so she said she threw it somewhere. I kind of played along and then the next morning I woke her to get it and she said that she seriously threw it in the air and it was gone. Anyways, she randomly destroyed all of my belongings in 2011 for no reason at all… so I’m kind of used to these things that just do not make sense.

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      1. Why the heck would she do something so terrible on 11/11? This one really hurt.


  24. Hi Lily,

    I hope you and your daughter are doing well. You’re doing great imo, just getting out of a relationship is hard (I don’t know the details etc.), but my nan hard a really hard time with her husband for a very long time. She kept it hidden, and was so scared and the threats of violence and the mental abuse he put her through all her life.

    Eventually the truth came out about him, not only was he beating up and mentally abusive to my nan, but he was also sexually abusing his daughter (my auntie). After all this came out my nan plucked up the courage to leave him, she was in her 60s by now, but what happened next is the worst part. All the threats he had made in the past were not just words, a few months after they had split, he had been spying on her and got to know her routine. She was still working part time even though she could have retired (she worked at the DWP) and he was hidden on the back of the bus. When she got off he snuck up behind her and cut her throat with a steak knife. Some would call this luck, but I know she had SOURCE on her side. There was an unmarked police car driving past as he done it with three officers in, while at the same time a nurse who was just happening to be walking by at the time. The knife missed her jugular by only a few millimetres, and she pulled through. He got sentenced to 25 years and got premeditated attempted murder.

    She is still struggling now 4 years on, but she is a lot stronger and doesn’t take shit off people. I do worry about her, but I know everything will be fine.

    Just know that you’re a lot stronger than you think, and I hope you and your daughter are safe and I know you’ll keep each other safe and happy. Don’t stop smiling and know there is always people around you to offer help if you need it.


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    1. I am so sad about the Fires in California
      the two daughters of my lifepartner, lost their home last october in Portugal
      it was a raged fire with heavy storm and hundert people died.

      But we all carry the spirit of Aloha in us and never give up
      so one of the daughters is living now in California near Santa Cruz
      together with her husband she gives retreats about breathwork awkening.

      We all went through the nighmare last year… but all are safe, even the dogs who are now living in CA.

      Aloha A.

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    2. Dear Chris, thank you so much for your story, I am so sorry for what your nan and family have gone through. Your nan sounds like a very strong woman and it does sound like Source was watching out for that day, thank sourceness!

      Yes, I can totally relate to the physical, mental and emotional abuse. Most of what my ex did was premeditated and planned. It would take up alot of peace trying to explain what happened. He found out our address through the court system of all places . My domestic abuse support worker helped us move far away. He is still trying to use the courts to get back some control but I am learning to be strong and stand my ground. My daughter is severely autistic and does not speak, is doubly incontinent and needs full physical and emotional care 24/7. I home school her as she has such high social anxiety and sensory problems. She is incredibly vulnerable as she is so young and unable to communicate but she is also beautiful, intelligent and full of light. I am exhausted most of the time but I am utterly grateful for her presence in my life and must make the best of everything…Sending love and light to your nan, you and your family xxx


  25. That’s what I’m dealing with unfortunately, except nobody believes that it can happen to a man even though there is police documentation of the beatings I’ve received. I don’t report anything to them anymore.


    1. Belier, I am so sorry to hear this, of course it can happen to anyone, male or female. Sending love and strength to you x


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