Update for 3-3-18 [UPDATE2]

This is how we’re feeling lately.

We’re actually doing this post the night of March 2nd, with a strong feeling of the calm-before-the-storm. Could be wishful thinking. We apologize for accidently deleting the previous UPDATE; this one should make up for it. Anomalies galore. And in lieu of actual reportable psychic forays, we’re gonna have to lean on meterage.

First off, we have the outlier Belgium…

…which has been going SO berserk that we’re pretty sure someone installed a new microwave next to the electric pickle machine. Or, it’s just a Belgium thing.

And this incredible capture in Mawson:


…we have this fascinating Schumann Resonance meter in Medicina, Italy, showing two timelines combining into ONE ELEVATED TIMELINE. Wow. Expect more of this.

And then we have the Kiruna riometer showing some biggish cosmic energy suddenly appearing from nowhere, with no provocaton…

…and a bit more the next day.

It should be noted that we had some decent solar action on the 27th that may account for what might be termed, “terrestrial rebound” energy a day or two later from some of the Schumann meters…

…but that doesn’t explain this anti-neutron-ity from Armenia.

And Mawson again:

Those are big neutron values, but it is the South Pole where the atmosphere is nonexistent.

Here’s Belgium again. Big surprise.

Then some spurious activity at Sayan; note that pre-midnight gap around 23:00 UTC, not to mention the big drop-off 12 hours later. Could just be meter maintenance…

…but then, there it is at Norilsk…

…and Moscow. Weird. It’s exactly the same, so we chalked it up to a power outtage, or spike that scrambled the systems.

 Now this is weird: On 3/1, Kiruna showed a *huge* spike (far right)…

…but then it’s gone. Could just be a glitch.

Then a big drop at Lomnicky.

 And most recently, a bump or two in Italy…

 …and one at Irkutzk…

…and a Schumann meter in Cumiana, Italy…

… and a magnetometer in Cumiana…

…and one in Rome.

…and Moscow.


None of these meters are recording what we ourselves are all feeling by way of Wave X. We still can’t see Step 9, or The Event — but are nearly all having dreams about getting tickets to a train or a plane, or somesuch, and waiting for it to arrive with other people, everyone excited. SOMETHING is coming.  Could be the calm before the storm. Could be the calm before the calmer? Our advice: MEDITATE HARD on making The Event happen. Now. We don’t know about you, but we’re sick of how corrupt things are on this planet, how horribly the planet is treated. Let’s work to pull ourselves up by own own bootstraps. We have lots of allies here, working for us behind the scenes. Let’s give them some meditative group-help. Once more into the meditative breach…

We know. We’re tired, too.

Oh, before we forget… one more big THANK YOU to our Friends in High Places who are working so hard for everyone behind the scenes. One day you’ll know; you’re already well on your way. There were just TWO very public RAINBOW DRAGON sightings in one week [ONE and TWO], on national TV, no less. Rainbow dragons (smaller versions of Quetzalcoatl) are awesome, as is the (BIG!) Rainbow Dragon herself. More on them later, and they’re many talents and specialties. They really do look like this when feisty:

Talk about the self-propelled cavalry. Wow. But they’re just one facet of a gorgeous otherworldly gem.

In the meantime, keep your heads up… but don’t forget to duck when necessary.

Cats love dragons.


Well, something’s going on. We were awakened at 3:33 am (on 3/3/18) — after M5 saw the number 333-3318. We didn’t say anything, as we had no confirmation from any of the other CATs, plus Guides suggested we keep quiet about this surge, as it won’t affect everyone (just those close to portals, which are all over the earth). It’s possible that it also pertains to 3:33 pm, but we aren’t there, yet.

Anyway, some meter activity from Medicina, Italy:

And the proton density is WAY up…

…despite there being no reason for it (it’s usually a single digit number)… save for a puny C-class X-ray event. Probably.


Three things:

Moscow got an anti-zing…

…and so did Mawson.

And finally… note that these are physical graphs. They are not SPIRITUAL graphs. There is no specific instrumentation (that we know of) for recording spiritual energy… except you. YOU are all receptors for this. Practice receiving. BE the METER.

More as it develops.

49 thoughts on “Update for 3-3-18 [UPDATE2]

  1. I agree on meditating NOW to bring in the event energies NOW. i've been asking my readers to do the same – and have seen others also doing the same.


  2. It's hard to come by knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you're talking about! Thanks


  3. Yup. Nearly all of us. It means you're ready… and waiting. I'd say it's getting very close… but I felt that way two years ago! Though right now, the internal pressure is almost unbearable, more so than ever before.Be sure to read that Blossom update mentioned above. It's esp. for those like us who are feeling this.-CAT12


  4. As Blossom said in the above, this latest “Event pressure” feels very much like being pregnant… and just waiting waiting waiting for the baby to come. C'mon, Event-Baby!-CAT3


  5. I keep having dreams about vacations, airports, and departing as well! Is it a sign of some sort?


  6. Yes, it means that you will very soon wake to find yourself a giant bag of pretzels. Ok, seriously, it means that you're ready… and waiting… for The Event. Welcome to the waiting area!-CAT5


  7. Seeking to learn more about dragons, I pulled off my shelf a book a friend had given me years ago but I had never read. “Dancing with Dragons” by DL Conway. I find it imcomfortable as early as the Introduction, where she says that dragons exist on the astral plane. Do they not exist in higher dimensions than that? I thought I had read that information from the Cats. Is there a better book recommended? -Also One Who Believes


  8. This synchronicity, while my wife sits on the couch, 9 months pregnant… what comes first, the chicken or the egg?? ;)I keep recalling a vivid dream I had a while back, with the message “It POURS in 145 days!” Which, figured to be 3/13/18 from that morning. Time will tell, being so relative and all what, if anything, that pertained to!SOOO many dreams I've had lately have been in 'environments that felt like they were moving at high speed all around me, but not where I was… as if the whole 'set' of my dream has been a train car moving along the tracks.love/lightJoshua


  9. These are not dragons that have been covered in books. Quetzalcoatl is the closest rainbow dragon from the past we have to study, but the information has been so corrupted as to be almost useless. I'll ask the dragons if they'd like to share more info. Note that these are not animals; they're highly intelligent beings that are above Pleiadians and most other ETs people have come in contact with on this planet. They're a step or two below angels, if that tells you anything. Like I said, I'll ask, but don't get your hopes up. They move and think MUCH faster than we do, so asking them questions is like a sloth asking a hummingbird a question: they kinda get impatient and answer quickly just to get it over with. ;)~M2


  10. The chicken came first. The egg was a natural genetic hybridization brought on by natural radiation from the sun.Btw, we were just talking today about how weird all this energy must be for a pregnant woman! Please accept our best in advance!~M2


  11. Wow thank you for your explanation and for asking! I am grateful that the dragons answered. So exciting!!!


  12. This is interesting. In terms of the baby, I keep hearing various calming vibrations. It feels like they are being imprinted on the baby (like a stamp); they feel good, very loving, protective and safe. :-)~M3


  13. All of your messages are much appreciated 🙂 We are approaching this 'free birth' style, so we have not gotten an ultrasound. Our feelings/intuitions/dreams have lead us to believe it is a girl… Zeta Rainbow will be her name <3We are very open to any insights from yawll!love/lightJoshua


  14. This is very interesting:”…my team wants to fully address the fallacy that our spiritual growth is contingent on anything we eat, smoke or don't smoke, drink, partake in (unless it is going way beyond moderation,) the size of our bodies, the conditions of our bodies or the skill of our understandings. The only thing that takes you further into soul engagement is application. Living what you understand and then, sharing that wisdom with others to help them up and out of the chaos. The loving desire that springs from all that. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. LOL and my team is insisting I include this much used in my beginnings of understand for all that is going to have a kick back to what I just shared: “Some things are true, whether you believe them or not.” I heard that, felt that statement so many times over my first maybe, 5 years of unconditioning my belief system.”https://lisagawlas.wordpress.com/2018/03/04/22018/


  15. Recently , I was 'led' to research and read about white lion beings or order of white lions specifically , could you cats read anything in that regards?


  16. Well. We've recently noted that current energies are ramped like stair steps, as other psychics have noticed, separating “February energy” from “March energy.” I for one got blasted with energy last night (I live near a portal), and — in a 3:00 am “wake-up” meditation — saw myself quickly reach for a doorknob and open and close a door, going from one energy to the next. Very interesting. Feels much better today.~M4


  17. Your loving input, positive intentions and feelings are greatly appreciated 🙂 We feel strongly this will be the week though both accept the pliability of time and are open to the flow of whatever loving alignment the universe brings us. My wife has entered into 'nest mode' now, and I find myself at DEFCON – LOVE status ;)love/lightJoshua


  18. When she can't stand it anymore you want to (naturally) jumpstart labor induction, believe it or not… try having her eat a pepperoni pizza and then (carefully) have sex. Works every time. This is literally natural biochemical labor induction in action. ;)-CAT3


  19. Similar experiences reported for eight of us (so far), along with “airport/bus station/trainticket dreams.”-CAT4


  20. Well, I can't speak for others,but I've been going around all day today chuckling to myself with a silly smile on my face. (Also very light-hearted) Tale that!


  21. @ CAT5, glad to hear our intuitions align~ Zeta essentially named herself; it was what came to my wife during a meditation and I felt a strong resonance as well to it when she shared it with me.@ CAT3 HA! Love it ~~~We read about the careful sex aspect in a great 'free birth' book we were led to: 'Unassisted Childbirth 3rd ed.' by Laura Kaplan Shanley, but the pizza part is news! Is there an energetic/chemical relevance to the pepperoni??? We typically eat organic/vegal with the occasional fish though know of a couple organic pizza places that would serve up a 'roni pie for the special occasion 🙂 love/lightJoshua


  22. Yes. I, too, have been surprisingly uplifted and positive about things. I even got emotional for no reason, feeling… joy. This could explain all the pointing and staring by passersby. No one was more surprised than me. ;)-CAT5


  23. Indeed there is with pepperoni, or any spicy food; the general consensus is that the baby gets a taste of that, through the mom, and says, “That's it. I'm outta here!” And… well, semenal fluid induces contractions. Explaining it takes all the fun out of dinner and a movie. ;)-CAT3


  24. Ditto! I cried tears of joy in my car while running errands and I'm nowhere near that time of the month, nor that time of my life! -CAT6


  25. I had nothing so dramatic. I just sung all the songs from, “The Sound of Music” a la Julie Andrews, on a mountainside. I can carry off that wheeling, Swiss-smock look really well.


  26. I'm sort of disappointed at myself. I've been fairly irritable and negative to myself and others lately. I've been trying to center myself but i'm feeling a lot of anger and frustration. Even the attack thoughts have been getting intense. I know what to do, but I just thought I was over this. :/


  27. It comes and goes, but stay diligent, and don't be hard on yourself. This stuff is being dredged up for a reason. Try to look for the root causes and then just let them go, one by one. It's a process.-CAT10


  28. FYI, all: it's our general consensus that the meters shown in thsi post are less and less relevent in showing what's really going on, and have become of questionable value — at least the public ones we're allowed to see. We're experimenting with alternative ways to validate what we're all feeling, but this is proving to be elusive. In the end, we need to learn to trust ourselves and our own (psychic, for want of a better word) sensations and emotions over some meter that may have skewed data, anyway, depending on who's running the system and interpreting the data. In this case, physics has gone the way of metaphysics, and there's no going back. As non-local beings, we blow away all illusion-vending machines.~M6


  29. Cabal doing some experimental HAARPing in N. CA today, replete with convection holes and helicopters zooming out for air samples. Dear Cabal-ops guys: What will you say to SOURCE when you see It? It is coming for you. It is coming for all of us. (Btw, I hate calling SOURCE an “It,” even though It's technically neuter.)-CAT2


  30. They're puzzled over why their mayhem is not working. Welcome to the future, Mr Global. Can you feel your hands trembling on the yoke as you fly? That pilot hightailed it out of here. We wouldn't fly that helo again until it gets a complete overhaul. Complete. Overhaul. Oh, and we're now using concave reflectors against spot HAARP convections, so expect the unexpected. Not only is humanity AWAKE, it's also PSYCHIC. Mr Global's worst nightmare come true. No more messing around.~M2


  31. Funny you should mention it, but something is inbound. We just got confirmation. MAybe it should be its own post.~M3


  32. Today, where I live, the skies were the most incredible azure blue that took my breath away. At sunset, the snow- capped mountain peaks to the east of my house glowed with peachy-pink radiance. As the sun set lower, the eastern sky was intense violet! Wow! Somethings up! This morning while I was having my coffee, I kept looking east and imagined that rainbow rainbow wave of the Event that Allison Coe described in her latest QHHT video she put out a few days ago. It's starting! Wow again!


  33. Same – the sunsets for the past few months have been electric. When I think of the wave, I get the hearing/sound vacuum and my chakras start to feel funny. Exciting stuff.


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