That Obvious LOOK of the Puppeteer

Whatever, snake-pants.

Something to keep in mind when these public-angst events take place: this is literally a reptilian controlling Strzok via remote, telepathic link, using him like a puppet. Looks like they were trying to make the guy look stupid, perhaps as punishment for failure, as well as to show off their lower-vibe skills. Or they wanted to ensure that he gave the responses they wanted. Either way, it was an embarrassing display.

Note that this puppet-control thing is unlikely with people who meditate, ground, and set protection… but lower-vibe folks (with reptilian DNA streaks) are pretty easy for the reptiles to control. We know this sounds crazy, but it’s actually pretty boring; a party trick. Please don’t attempt this — or wosr, ASK for it — as it lowers your vibration down to something like near-2d levels.

Also, that self-righteous contempt you’re seeing is actually (earth-dwelling) reptilian contempt for humans; it might be disturbing if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic. Luckily, The Event is rolling in like a freight train. Nothing can stop it… and we’re nearing the station. Oh, and please also note that not all reptilians in the omniverse act like the ones inside the earth; some are reportedly nice… or so we’re told.

Come on 4d!

14 thoughts on “That Obvious LOOK of the Puppeteer

  1. Strzok made faces, smirked and sneered all the way through his interview with Congress. He did everything but stick his tongue out at them. LOL, his operator should have done that, and morphed the tip into a fork for good measure. Now that would have been good showmanship! I was waiting for that, but sadly the reptilians must have thought that would be a little over-the top. Strzok even sounds like a reptilian name, like something from Star Trek. “Captain Kirk, Admiral Strzok from the planet Draco is on the monitor wanting to talk to you…”


  2. Sigh! Besides teeing me off, It was a pathetic display of control. I for one am a bit tired of the whole charade. Oh well, back to the garden. I have new perennials to plant.(much more fun than being teed off.Grounding in the best sense)


  3. Hmmmm, we've had the Event train before, but I cannot find the other post? (Mandela…?)Did it say “1610” before as well?Are we saying that number holds significance again?Mark


  4. Thanks for the update, Vibes going through the roof, is the the cure. I'm surrounded by sleep walkers, and they occasionally catch me off guard. I figure it is damn good training. My best weapon is Love/Violet flame. I ask the Elemental Spirits of N,E,S,West[Aia, Faia, Maia, Gaia]to assist me and my Crystals.Love/Gratitude to All.


  5. I've read a lot on the 4D shift from various blogs, but still havent fully grasped the magnitude of what's happening. There's nothing I “should” be doing other than meditating, correct?Thanks,-paranoid newbie


  6. Nope. Just relax and go with it. Meditation will give you everything you need. Just ease into it. Don't expect immediate results.-CAT4


  7. He not from where I am. So obvious. I just watch and laugh at it. Is that wrong? They have no power over me. It's a fhgn movie. I wish them no harm. I know who I am. The inevitable word. . . Soon.


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