Vacationus Interruptus [UPDATES2]

There is a huge structure on the sun, facing earth, that no one’s talking about. In fact, the ever-lame “SpaceWeather” site has this:

Okay. It might LOOK blank on one filter, but look at the others:

Das is nicht blank. That’s an awesome structure. It yielded the CME we had earlier in the month — again, that no one reported, or if they did, it was just a side mention. Why?

Meanwhile, the Lycksele magnetometer looks strangely… flat. This isn’t because of obfuscation; we just don’t know about this structure. It’s like a white sunspot.

But other things are jumping:

Look at this unusual backscatter:

SOMETHING is going on — and it’s GOOD.

White sunspot

We’re predicting another CME, but… what kind of energy/effects will it yield?


Very interesting.

AND… to make things more interesting, this is coming in…

Comet Panstarrs will make everyone act… very strangely… which is saying something.

More after we get back from vacation.


Check out this super-happy bearded sun face!


Ha! This latest one looks like a wizard letting a cat out of a bag!

UPDATE 7-20-18

And this structure did… nothing? Hm.

22 thoughts on “Vacationus Interruptus [UPDATES2]

  1. That backscatter!! Truly magical, (if not doctored?) When I send healing to the Earth, oftentimes I've seen myself in space looking down, and I'm a part of the grid, and I know others are around me making up the rest of the grid. These pictures are beautiful. Thank you.


  2. In the purple filter, I like the big arrow pointing at the energy.The green filter is magical.


  3. It's not my eyes, it's not fluid in my ears. I had them checked out. So let me say that since I woke up Sunday a week ago, I have had vertigo. Not spinning right or left, but up and down. One day it's livable and the next it's intolerable. I just wonder how many of us are contemplating if the energies are reorganizing our brains. I refuse the idea of disease even though I used basic medical opinion to discover everything is just fine. So what say you all?


  4. We know that the sun is our 3d/4d Illusion Projector. So, perhaps when the energy to be delivered is purely of the LIGHT variety (as opposed to DARK) there is no obvious “dark” sunspot apparent. There is clearly something there, as seen in the other wavelengths, but our regular (illusion) eyes cannot see it. A curious situation.~M6


  5. Yup, was also wondering why Spaceweather posts:Sunspot number: 0Updated 13 Jul 2018Spotless Days Current Stretch: 16 days Magnetic Field Lines are shifting, so… dizziness, nausea.The Return of the Dragons, WE ARE running the energy through Gaia's New Earth magnetic field lines and new Crystal Grid. Finally re-United with ALL Kingdoms and Elementals.


  6. And again:”We really must start unfocusing our focus.”


  7. Hmm had a strange experience last Sunday at a train station in the UK.I was waiting in the train station for my friend. It is a large area and sitting in the main ticket hall 3 people walked in. 2 men and a woman, (she was American). They stood right in front of me, which I thought was weird and then as I listened to their conversation I thought hmmmm this sounds luciferian. I then saw black energy, (think pig pen from Charlie Brown), coming from her right hand. As I looked at it she started making the horned goat and i knew she was cursing me. I got up and walked out.She must've followed me as she then came out the exit and as she soon as she saw me she went back in. She then came out again turned, paused looked right at me and gave me a huge smile. I felt my inner self expand and rise becoming larger. I looked and observed her with no expression.My friend arrived and I saw this woman was touching a baby; I wanted to say 'don't let her touch your baby' and then realised another group had joined them this baby was part of this group. They were travelling to Milton Keynes.Respectful of abilities some have not so great when used to interfere and try to cause problems.Train experience was small blip nothing major oh and that group got on the same train. Ignored them and enjoyed a day out with my friend.Very strange week so far this week and it's only Tuesday.


  8. Look at them (even now, in your mind) and mentally say this Coursian mantra: “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”You can even do it after the fact, in your mind as you review what happened, for any event/moment in your life. You'll be amazed at the effects. It is a positive blessing, but also repels those of a dark bent, as it reminds them of their connection to SOURCE (and All of us), and they work hard to suppress this. I have personally used it on Mr Nasty himself (THE Mr Nasty) — twice, now. He flees as if scorched, so I'm guessing his followers will react similarly.Also…be careful. The cabal in the UK are very brash (and overconfident). But nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.~M2


  9. Hm. Just calling the earth a “magnet” is a gross oversimplication. The earth is a living thing — actually, it's a living GROUP-thing — one that has multiple vibrational layers that you can't see. We look at that AND at all the layers, using our own abilities (and ourselves, as literal “detectors”), but since you can't see any of that activity, we use these SR meters for illustration purposes.-CAT Editors


  10. I think M2 is missing something here. “I felt my inner self expand and rise becoming larger. I looked and observed her with no expression.”This person used her Spirit Core, her inner Self, which is an extension of SOURCE, to neutralize the bad mojo! Excellent. That woman will be thinking about that for a long time… now that I think of it, she had a “rider,” a bad lower vibe thing inside her using her body like a puppet. That 'smile' reminded me of that Strzok smile. Oh, well. Their time is over.~M5


  11. Thank you M2 and M5 for your replies. Very interesting. M2 didn't remember Coursian mantra at the time but also didn't know it can be used retroactively. So I got myself to a quiet place this morning and in my minds eye brought up two people from the past. As I was saying the words realised I would be there for a very long time as the 'parents' were involved in a dark group. So stood before the group reciting the mantra. Will let you know what happens.M5 thank you for putting into words as I have lots of experiences but unable to put into words to explain and help others and myself understand. Oh yes I did use mantra for that woman and felt a sense of peace wash over me.Thank you for your website M's and Cats read it every day.


  12. It's our pleasure to be of service. You can go back to any point in your life, where any kind of traumatic memory resides, and use that mantra. In this way, the past heals and eliminates future lesson paths, speeding you to SOURCE/a higher plane 1000X faster. Every (positive) spiritual school of thought has value, but The Course is the spiritual fast lane.-M5


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