CATS in Hyperspace & Meterage [UPDATE7]


Um… did anyone else have a dream… or an actual waking experience… of going very very very fast?

We did. It felt like the above, mixed with this:


This just in… there was a timeline jump yesterday. Lookie here:

Note: No, these weren’t intentionally made to look like “Q’s,” they’re just pointing out the time.

One of us noticed that these meterage chunks are nearly identical, and are at the same time, so the M’s looked at it… and this was indeed a timeline glitch.

Here it is at the same time on another set of meters:

Timeline skip.


Wow. Mt. Etna meters are going berzerk. We’ve never seen them like this:

Never seen this.
Or this.
YOW. Or this.
Or this. Crazy energy.

And this is Canada. Timeline drops and jumps.


Whoa. And look at this GRB at the same time!


AND some K-index mojo:



Just as we suspected from last night’s meterage: we’re in a RED WHOMP. Ow. Expect headaches and other happinesses. Lookie:

More timeline jumpage.


Aaaand another GRB:


Wow, check this out. Both Lisa Gawlas and M2 totally lost their voices because of the energy. Weird.

Literally off-the-charts at Kiruna.
Same time.
We didn’t add that mark in the middle.
It scrambled Rome.

 Get ready…

That’s HAARP at the beginning, inducing an earthquake, and Wave X at the end — counteracting the energy. Amazing.

Note the times. HAARP induced this quake in Indonesia. See how shallow it is?


Has it stopped, yet?

38 thoughts on “CATS in Hyperspace & Meterage [UPDATE7]

  1. AND… we were zooming…at a down angle?… toward a door. A lot of us. Wow. I'm still tingling. Ok, gotta go feed the actual cats.~M4


  2. I had a liiittle bit of that, and then a dream about adopting another, larger wildcat who strangely had the exact same fur color as my current vintage kitty (17 y.o. in August!), and I had to make sure they were getting along with each other. Very surreal.-Francis


  3. EEEeeeee! Talk about your blind staggers. I don't trust myself to walk without a cane. Several times I got my legs twisted up in each other. Huh? What?


  4. Sonic boom in Georgia just now… LMH was just live streaming about flashes and it came… freeeeky.


  5. So this Saturday morning I awoke to the realization that I had clearly gone thru a portal at beyond the speed of light. It simply was. No ifs, ands, or buts.


  6. For those who want not only The Event, but also “Disclosure, Mass Arrests, Global Currency Reset,” etc… The Event is enough. Just concentrate on that. ~M5


  7. Yep. Thought it was recovery time from last wave then suddenly woke at 2am Fri morning and told my partner another time line jump. Still have a head that feels like my body is at sea after two weeks. Isn't this fun !!! I'm not sure. Ask me after we are done.


  8. I'm doing just that. And honestly, it frees up a lot of mental space and pointless agony. If the paradigm changes completely through The Event, none of that crap is going to matter anymore. It never truly did. So I'm trying my best to ignore them.Like you guys always say, do you want justice, or do you want SOURCE?-Francis


  9. Yeah, look at UPDATE5 to see the timeline jumpage. None of us can remember what “NORMAL” used to feel like.-CAT8


  10. Well, when planes are suddenly grounded (for a BS “NASA” reason), you'll know The Event is close.-CAT8


  11. The extreme meterage is a bit of a problem, as it makes ordinary of the extraordinary. I've already caught myself looking at things and thinking, “Well, it's been higher and crazier….”~M5


  12. “Disclosure, Mass Arrests, Global Currency Reset” are just features of a bad dream. Once the Event arrives and we wake up, all the evil will just disappear like the nightmare it is, and we can get on with our real lives.


  13. Yesterday my son arrived at 1030am for breakfast, I looked at the clock as he was early having arranged to be here at 11.Went downstairs to the kitchen, talked to him for awhile and got out ingredients and started cooking. About 20 minutes later looked at the clock which read 1033. Is this a timeline jump? I've noticed this a lot in the last week.Two weeks ago spent 5 days in bed as everything was spinning with one leg out, foot on the floor to try and make it stop. Still feel woozy. Are we there yet SOURCE?


  14. i as well feeeeeel things like disclosure, the arrests, etc. aren't going to matter and are one last side show (movie – albeit a highly entertaining/emotionally driven one). the event is the focus here – for me that is. although i do find it interesting that yellow rose for texas says Trump is setting up the exit for those choosing west (which will have things like disclosure, financial reset, etc.) – those choosing east are going Home (home world's, new earth, etc.). it is an interesting perspective and for me, aligns with the concept of freedom – which i have felt all along was the gift we are getting back after having that compromised here in this simulation/realm/matrix. so if one CHOOSES to see/experience the arrests and the like, they will have that experience. freedom of choice. if they decide upon seeing this happen that ok, they saw it now they want to go home, they will. and why is it as i am typing this i suddenly am having a major deja vu experience like i have said this before in another timeline/experience. serious deja vu just now! any thoughts on that???


  15. my first thought on the deja vu ~ we HAVE been repeating this journey to get outta here ~ only THIS cycle we are getting it RIGHT which aligns w/a past life hypnosis i had years ago and i went back to my birth and was in full Energy Body and i was psyching myself up to go jump into that teeeny tiny body coming out of my mama and i told myself “ok let's do this and this time let's get it done right!” i knew there were no other options – it was getting done right this cycle.


  16. Aww Love! I've been blessed to be woke already, just waiting for us all. Now, if you think this is painful, try going 5D all at once. MeYOW! Very glorious, but very painful, like every cell was electrifying as they each activated. MeOUCH! And hehehe cats, just wait until you grow wings! Yeah. Wings on cats! No worries though, cats do not become birds (how uncool) our wings are rays of light. Amazing times my loves!


  17. Indeed. We wanted to come back and experience this Event again, so perhaps this time there will be a split: one for those who want to experience Justice more fully; and another for those who want to get closer to SOURCE. We all win.~M4


  18. HUGE “zooming fast at a downward/right angle last night while in bed. A TON of calf/leg and third eye/crown re-tuning lately… reaching the outskirts of my “physical” energetic field creating newness.Also, had an “audible” internal dialogue with one of my guides last night… he urged me to emphasize remembering/sharing this. OPEN minded, OPENS the portals of awareness.IF my wife and I were clueless to the energies, I feel both of us would have sought medical attention by now from the habbenings. Youthing like whoa, with a new set of WINGS coming in fully. Vibration levels at all time highs, with a truly unfuckwithable feeling when around others. The low cannot touch the high anymore.”do not mistake the healing for disease”love/light


  19. Don't forget that the “low and high” alike are brothers in spirit, no matter how misguided. The goal (our goal, anyway) is not just to return to SOURCE, but for ALL OF US to return to SOURCE.Note: Some of us went to the ER in the past (five years?) with what we later learned were simple energy symptoms. Doctors must be comparing notes on this, somewhere.~M2


  20. Major Eeeeeerie here today. such heavy smoke it appears to be twilight. Extremely quiet. The birds aren't saying much either. When I closed my eyes in prep for afternoon nap I was eye level with liquid love light rippling out from my viewpoint like waves move out from a pebble after being dropped in a pond. Indescrible feeling!


  21. But of course, my friend 🙂 I share that intent. I feel the more “I AM”/SOURCE… I am … aligned with, the more I AM able to shine beautifully, openly, so that all around may be reminded of their own true divinity as well!I imagine Dr's are starting to see some REALLY wonky/inexplicable stuff, which I imagine will continue to increase in frequency. Hence why Dr's “practice”


  22. Of course. Sorry, I hope that didn't come off as preachy. My point was actually for others who read these comments. Tone is sometimes tough to manage in written instruction.~M2


  23. s.joshua… You have made my day. I physically grew my wings eight years ago. This month as a matter of fact. Since then I have searched the net for someone who can convince me they grew wings too. You are now the second. Congratulations! Welcome to the winged world. And now I believe here comes many, many more. This is it my loves. ❤


  24. I figure I'm just got to be a cat for a while and hide in a grocery bag till it's over lol


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