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Ok, we keep getting asked this, so here goes. The observatories are closing for two reasons:

1. Trudy, the sun’s (female) brown-dwarf companion (so much better than Nibiru, or “Coco, the Star of Death”), and her rag-tag-tagalong solar system, are getting closer and closer to earth (they’re on a space-time plane slightly above ours), and; 2. Ships are arriving to offer potential help, just in case it’s needed. Needless to say, the PTW are freaking out because they’ve been bad and are expecting some kind of ET retaliation. But all is well… at least for those of us who haven’t been victimizing people. [UPDATE: Lynn has a new post on the subject, with new intel.]

Below is the latest from Sophia Love’s newsletter. We’d been meaning to write about this recent solar observatory kerfufflage (which also happened back in 2012/13), but this blog move and other special projects have taken a bunch of our time, of late. Anyway, Sophia covers a lot of info, and we will to after this. Basically, don’t panic. You’re in good hands.

Sophia  – The Event and Solar Observatory Closings

September 16, 2018

I reach out now to someone who wants to connect and who can enlighten us on what is going on with images of ships near the sun posted recently, as well as the apparent shutting down, without explanation, of numerous solar observatories around the world.

Is this possible?

Yes. There is information available for you.

I hear more than one voice?


We are gathered to submit information. There are many; several of us old friends. I was chosen to speak however. You have exuberant friends.

Yes, I do. Hello everyone! (I am seeing (what looks like) one being jumping up and down and waving to get my attention; big smiles. This is pretty wonderful.)

What precisely do you want to know?

Thank you for coming forward. The questions I’ve received are really one – “what is going on with the sun?” I believe a full and complete answer to that question will answer several others regarding the closings as well as images of ships.

We cannot hope to satisfy every curious reader with our information. Yet, since we are representing several groups, we can offer what we know. Much, if not all, of this is not readily available to you.

There are vehicles preparing for entry into your airspace. Although there have always been such preparations, it is only recently, as the event approaches, that their numbers cannot be hidden or completely dismissed.

They are arriving to help.

Your sun is the gateway to you and the doorway out. Therefore, it becomes a focal point for activity.

All of those vehicles wishing to enter and/or exit will be visible near the sun.

You are a massively controlled planet and populace – yes, even now.

If these current images were to be witnessed by the mass population, panic would ensue. These closings are timed to avoid this.

Do not suspect every unusual activity as one of harm. In this case it is the counter intelligence taking over in order to re-align the plan.

None of this is precisely timed. Yet all of this is expected and has been planned for.

Even seemingly negative events occur and/or are allowed because they fit into an overall plan.

I was asking more specifically what or who is near the sun, and what or who is preventing access to images of this?

We realize this.

We are many, already there and others arriving.

Those of us involved with your military and governments plus those of us there for different reasons.

You’ve been told (that) you are to be aided. These are not here to harm, but to help.

The sun’s activity becomes a concern, we realize this. It does so (only) in (the) absence of information from finer tuned and advanced technologies in your case.

We realize there is fear regarding impact to life on earth. What we will say is this, and we hope this will alleviate some of that fear.

You have been deemed a species in need of assistance and possible relocation.
These put in your path many new and unusual happenings. It means you will not suffer from cataclysmic destruction. Yet it does not mean that there is no need of assistance for this to be accomplished.

We are here and we are waiting to help.

The images may serve as a reminder and a warning. Some of you knew this moment would arrive in your lifetime and others of you have been preparing to escape before it does. There will be no escaping.

Sophia, those of us gathered today to speak to you do so out of love and respect.
Our assistance is not offered merely as a “job”. It is offered now to you out of a deep respect and appreciation for humanity.

The solar observatories will reopen.

When this happens, there will be so much more that you know. Hang on to now, your “early warning system” and keep it as re-assurance. Those of you asking these questions and curious are the star seeds who have been waiting for a sign that we, your brothers, sisters, cousins and friends, are here and it is almost time. Soon we’ll be together.

Be in joy, for this is not an event to fear – it is one to celebrate!

We hope these words will satisfy those many questions.

Goodbye Sophia.

Thank you.

Goodbye. I sense sadness and see heads bowed as you retreat.

Yes, you are accurate.

There are two emotions and they conflict. Some of us gathered are so very anxious to stay with you, and departure brings momentary sadness.

The other is the fact that we do not know the whole story or how it will precisely impact each star seed.

There is much love here, and with that love is a desire for full and complete care and forthcoming. It is an uncomfortable position we take, knowing that there are things (that) you on earth don’t recall, and that we are not at liberty to remind you of. The signal must first be recognized by you.

This causes a sense of disappointment with each conversation, as we cannot and will not answer un-asked questions.

Know that all proceeds accordingly and that our feelings of love and protection for you run deep.

Know also that you are going to be fine.

That’s enough for now.

Goodbye, Sophia and Star seeds!

We love you and honor your path!

We will see you soon!

Thank you for your candid reply.

Goodbye now.


Da-da wrote about these things way back in 2013, but we’re going to put the links in the comments as the system keeps putting the links over the “DON’T PANIC” image, creating a false concern. Look below for that.


The Event was actually supposed to happen back in April of 2014, hence all the gigantor ships arriving, but the PTW messed it up. They won’t mess it up this time. Stay loose. Remain calm.


26 thoughts on “Solar Observatory Kerfufflage & Latest From Sophia Love

  1. Alfred E. Neuman had it correct when he famously said “What-me worry” Well I say the same. What-me worry? Naaah!

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      1. Yeah, that for the best. They don’t need to know what they could do better (not like it would work now amyway). I’m happy not knowing amything, it will happen when it does, and I’m happy with that. Everything will work out perfectly for everyone in the end.


  2. What a beautiful message from Sophia. We love and honour our star brothers and sisters back, infinite fold.

    You mentioned the PTW messed up the EVENT four years ago. How can that be if it is ‘spreading’ throughout the omniverse/universe please?

    Are you able to expand on the other special projects going on please?

    Bit nervous about meeting the old family in the sky, I’ve become so far removed from my original self I will be completely unrecognizable and quite repugnant I should imagine. Let’s hope the EVENT brings me back.




  3. I want to help if I can. I do not want to be a mere bystander. Therefore, if I am contacted, I will be ready and willing. Thank you.


  4. A few years ago I had a dream regarding to “the event” that is slowly coming to pass now.

    my vision was a building I was going to and there were 3 space ships (they looked massive) in the sky and it was morning. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the season. (There were personal indicators in the dream that I do not wish do divulge. These are also coming to pass)

    I have recently gone to the building (Which I had never seen before this year) and have to go there again until June next year.

    So it would seem that by the end of 2019 the event will happen and we will be meeting our extraterrestrial brethren soon.


    1. According to Blossom Goodchild, the “UFO portion” of The Event comes later… but we’ve seen that too, as being part of it. We could also be seeing timelines where it becomes necessary to move people off the 3D earth for their protection. If this happens, don’t worry: there’s plenty of room. No pushing. Don’t freak out.


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    1. It should be noted that many of us have been flying blind, lately, the energy has been so high. I just “looked” and all I can see are (occasionally jittering/vibrating) “levels” of energy streaming past us at phenomenal speeds. And it’s… oddly calm now. Yes, the CBTS, but let me enjoy it while it lasts. 😉



    1. Yeah, it is a little. There are big changes that *might* have to be reacted to… or everything will be ok and The Event will happen and we’re fine. The power of positive thinking is actually very much in play right now.


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  5. Greetings CATS & M’s!
    May I enquire as to a “possible” time (if time means anything any more) when”Trudy” et al is going to “grace us with her presence”? A year away? 2 years? etc
    Thankyou for any way you can answer my question.



      1. Thankyou so much CATS & M’s!!

        It’s going to be a bumpy ride for “those who are not awake”! We who -are- awake, just need to “keep our vibes high” & not get caught up in “the bullsheet that others emit”

        I am so grateful for all that you & our “other-world” assistants do for me and us.


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