Incoming Weirdness, Meterage & Mayhem: That CRAZED Look of Fall [UPDATES]


Wow. Wave X drama.

Kiruna is looking active, to say the least. Headaches and fatigue and bad hair days appear common — esp. in our case. (And get ready, we’re going to say, “meanwhile” a lot.) Here’s more, from yesterday:


And this:

Other meters are showing timeline skippage, but nothing dramatic:



Moscow’s got (big) blips:


The geomagnetic energy has been high-ish.


Somebody turned Etna back on. Not sure what this one means, but it sure is pretty.


All of this is invariably blamed by the mainstream scientific media (MSSM) on the ever-popular coronal holes excuse-du-jour, and of course, “fissures in the earth’s magnetic field,” which show up more in the spring and fall:


This is partially correct. The earth is indeed wobbling from one side to the other, as it does through the seasons, partially crinkling the geomagnetic fields. This is the main cause (by design) of the “thinning of the veil” that occurs in the fall (and spring), when spirit activity is higher. But when you factor in the truly gynormous energies coming in due to SOURCE’s Wave X energy, the veil between our world and the spirit world is ‘wafer thin.’

Hi! I’m dead!

Expect all kinds of freakiness to come out of the woodwork all the way through Halloween. As you’ve already seen, this is already affecting the animal world and the human world, but the spirit world is set to go even more whacko than it’s been (‘whacko’ being the technical term), becoming something extra-special-weird as we get closer and closer to… something. We can all feel it. And there’s a Step (11) in there too, right at the Autumnal Equinox. (Alas, our cool countdown widgets don’t work on this syste, so we’re looking for a new one… SNIFF.)

Mummies… for milk!

Then there are: Timelines skipping all over the place; electronics failing; mummies selling milk. And the sun’s companion (which we really should name… howbout Trudy?)… TRUDY is starting show some leg; this (very nice, spiritwise) extant system possesses FEMININE energy (to the sun’s masculine), which is why so many psychics and mediums keep talking about a fresh influx of “goddess” energy coming in.

Meanwhile, the cabal is going berzerk in fear-thrashing, as sharks are wont to do as they go down; and bears are coming out of the surf…


…as the MSM feels their zeitgeist vanish due to a pathological disconnect with the truth. Oh, then there are billionaire-paid shills “protesting,” then being caught red-handed:




Ah, what else? Oh, social media and tech holdings stand at the edge of a cliff. And then there’s NASA (Never A Straight Answer), which has had google quietly censoring websites and scrubbing history of facts, not to mention invoking the FBI to make up any and every excuse possible to close some horribly dangerous SOLAR OBSERVATORIES (previous terror-pants dens of iniquity)… and axe the webcams of others; this from an anonymous commenter:


Apache Point Observatory

Lowell Observatory

McDonald Observatory

Mount Lemmon Observatory

Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory – Whipple Observatory / Mt. Hopkins Webcams

Mauna Kea Observatories

AXIS 232D Network Dome Camera located in Sydney Australia

Webcams located at SOAR Observatory – The Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope located in Chile

BRT Tenerife Telescope Webcam located in Spain

Webcam located at Mauna Kea observatory at the University of Hawaii Hilo

Webcam from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope observatory in Hawaii

Webcam at JAT OBservatory in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

AND THEN… at the same time, HAARP is battling SOURCE’s Wave X like a surly ant shaking an appendage at.. well, SOURCE. The PTW injects energy into an existing storm, making a “hurricane,” then SOURCE grabs it and says…

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 12.50.12 PM
“No, you don’t.”

In action:

“Hold it right there, Mrs. Brady.”

And then there’s stuff like this:

That’s the PTW’s HAARP at the beg. of the clip (operating between S. America/Africa), trying to overcome SOURCE’s kibosh — Wave X energy at the end, showing who’s boss.


Meanwhile, those of us who’ve been doing our inner work are experiencing more instances of “meanwhile,” along with more feelings of wonder, more blue skies, more flat-out blotto-fatigue, more zoned-outted-ness, sprinkled with a pleasant, soothing anticipation that things are going to be okay… somewhere… and that we’ll get there, eventually.

Until then, we’ll have to endure those who barf fear, those who barf cats, and those who barf rainbows. Take your pick:



Oh, and rabbits are being weaponized for Halloween. Expect to see them everywhere.


In the meantime, stand tall and let the juggernaut pass you by.



UPDATE1 — 9-16-18

Kiruna looks… weird; squished, crunchy. The energy is down to down near zero:



And the geophone traces are erupting:


Cumiana is highly attractive:


And the Pontese Observatory looks dicey:


That’s it for now.

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  1. No CATS & M’s….I cannot read your words & images properly. My eyes hurt.



  2. May I humbly suggest a nice, positive “Love” colour? A “wash” of pink or blue or green? A colour that makes people go “awwww” when they are here??


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  3. Why bunnies though? What’s the symbolic reason? Do “They” have to pervert everything?


    1. Yup. They ruin everything they touch. They’ve even managed to besmirch pizza, and for that, they must suffer… but that’s what they like, so… enjoy.



  4. Well that explains suddenly waking at 1:30am and throwing up, it was rather colourful, sorry TMI

    Wonderful site, you have a new admirer!


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  5. Pleiades 1 Messages September 15 2018
    P1 calling Terrans for origins recognition! Attention for calls in PVSE / SdE !!
    MiD in disarray fears larger fleets. Ashtar (s) “dominate” solar surroundings.
    Agitation in ÓB (Low Orbit) continues, as detonators continue to be disintegrated.
    MiD in operation in *Zone T. Armament block. Local fleet. The Light Celebrates!
    Attention Bearers of Roses! Ashtar (s) call for Central Sun anchorage. Momentum present.
    Stairs are clear for imminent climbs.
    Superior controls are evident.
    5th layer opening! *”Sinus virus” working! 71% (non-regressive) – Next >>>> Opening of the 4th.
    Reverb package “The Reprogrammer” in progress >>>> 98% (non-regressive). STAGE 1.
    Sector 5/9 of *Base 23T in deprivation: 89% (non-regressive). Zetas invited to withdraw. The Light Celebrates! Next >>>> 6/9.
    Attention Consecrated Terranos! Special projectors for Emissions in special redirection.
    End of Transmission


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  8. La,la,la,la,la! As we go merrily sailing along. Despite the pain and occasional gnashing of teeth, we’re having fun! Too wet to plant trees. Maybe tomorrow


    1. Blossom has an interesting comment about the pyramids being “dormant” … I didn’t know they could be “awakened” by someone with the right frequency … wow!


    1. Maybe he is. People on adjacent timelines can sometimes communicate/cross-polinate. You can actually flipflop, rise or drop amongst timelines depending on what’s going on and the current timeline climate. David Topí would do well not to worry about the PTW or the details of “ascension.” There are scads of “spirit teams doing that work.



  9. When will the “Farsight Institute” learn that there are countless MULTIPLE TIMELINES? Predictions don’t matter much in an omniverse of infinite outcomes.



  10. Oh. I knew this was because of upgrades, but didn’t know this is what as happening exactly:
    “Many are suffering from INTENSE BODY HEAT. It is happening because we are Massively moving up in VIBRATION/ FREQUENCY. The LIGHT BODY is coming in and taking over and the 3D body is literally BURNING OFF. This has to happen for us to raise into the higher dimensions of 5D through 12D.”



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