32 thoughts on “Well… We’re Over Here, Now

  1. Swell place, I love it.

    I’ll just go and fetch my things, thanks for letting me stay, you won’t even know I’m here.



    1. pS ” Just received from Forbidden Knowledge:
      Google was subpoenaed to appear before Congress last week, along with Facebook and Twitter, to defend themselves against charges of censorship and bias, after years of demonetizing and algorithmically filtering users they didn’t like”

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  2. Hi All. This feels like a better place to hangout. By the way, have you seen the hole punch clouds appearing all over the San Francisco Bay area? Was wondering if you believe they are just really cloud formations.


  3. I’m here too!

    Meditation question if you don’t mind: I drop a grounding cord at the beginning of meditation. Should I pull it up at the end or is it ok to stay connected to New Earth until my next meditation, which is usually 24 hours later?


    1. Just ground to the New Earth (each time you meditate)… and leave it at that. You also have a whole team working with you ‘offstage,’ who can take care of this and that. There are many more of us ‘offstage’ than on.

      -CAT Editors

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  4. Btw… latest from Gaia Portal:

    Mentoring of all planetary Ascenders begins in earnest.

    Standards of vibrational requirements are raised.

    Schools are selected.

    Choices are made.

    The harvest is near.


    The word “harvest” is a little creepy (because this word has been sadly co-opted by horror films), but they didn’t mean it to be.


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    1. I’m never comfortable with this word, “harvest”…
      It’s a bit confusing why almost everyone uses it, like JC in the Bible, The crystal stairs-channelings, now Gaia


    1. Yeah, all those observatories can see the sun’s brown dwarf companion and all the planets in its own solar system (like Lynn’s “red comet”), becoming more visible in the south. Images of strange things in the sky will start to filter in more, soon, so expect censorship to increase — including censorship here at this new CAT location. Hurry 4D!

      -CAT Editors


  5. Thank you for all you do. So glad you left the google dung pile. Love you all.


  6. Testing testing, 1 2 3, is this thing on?

    Have had SO much problem posting on last site for months and months and even tried different browsers.

    Let’s see if this works.

    (More sunlight in these new digs?)


  7. I am soooo happy you left goodless.com it never let me make a comment and I have followed you for years and have had so many comments and they would never take my pw, I like it here, purrr purrr purrr
    I appreciate and use your suggestions , the Mantra “you are perfect, immortal spirit brother…” Has taken the bad juju off me many times
    I am so happy and so grateful you are here at this time!

    [psst… we edited it as you asked, Milifiori. -CATx]


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