Something Just Happened — AGAIN

Well, something big just happened — again — from the 10th to the 12th. What was it? Look:

Look familiar? This is the Yakutsk Muon telescope. It did this once before, because…

We’ve had another major timeline split, along the lines of Lisa Gawlas’ ‘U’ back on 7/30…

Here it was back on 7/30.

This most recent split saw more “Twin Towers” of energy motifs…

…as well as timeline jump signatures…

…just as we saw on 7/30:

This would explain the extreme discombobulation of the past few days. (We also noticed that some of our graphs had been doctored and files replaced on the old post. We’re tracking down the original files. The PTW editing the narrative, again. History will not be kind to them… nor will anyone else. In the end, it won’t matter.)

The big question is: why the split? One negative thing went one way, we went here. Perhaps it had to do with Syria?

Anyway, this activity is prepping us for… Step 11 (the prep for Step 11 occurring on 9-11, which was interesting)… and Step 11 will be on the Autumnal Equinox, 2018.

Da-da called it, way back when we first put that countdown up. He’s not psychic, but he does get excellent hunches. There’s only one more Step (with lots of little ones in between), then Step 12: the Last Step. We’re still not sure if the next Step is The Event or the last one before The Event.Still, we’re closer than ever. It’s be interesting to see if Lisa Gawlas sees something similar. (We’ll ask her.)

And yes, the question still remains: Are we there, yet?

We’ve boxed ourselves for easier shipping and handling. Operators are standing by.



…is the PTW HAARPing like crazy to retake control of the storms. The battle for planet earth has moved up where we can see it. Again, instead of getting mad or feeling fear, just remember your answer to that question: Do you want JUSTICE, or do you want SOURCE? If you haven’t asked yourself, as now.


Thanks be to our commenters, who woke us up. (We had a rough night; some CATs are still down). And here’s partially why:

Whatever this was (we’re looking at it now), it broke the Lomnicky meter (look to the far right)…

…while Oulo didn’t even notice it:

This could mean that we’re seeing a meter on another timeline, but we’re still not sure about that. On the other hand, the Moscow meter took notice of it:

That’s quite a spike.

Similar activity as Sayan:


Also, as Mr Tailor was kind enough to point out in the comments, Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a CAT1 storm! Whoohoo!

36 thoughts on “Something Just Happened — AGAIN

  1. Is it bad that I've pretty much lost interest in most 3D matters and following all the Justice trumpeters (like Ben Fulford, David Wilcock, and so on)?Lately I feel like the only thing that truly matters is Love. Weird, I know, but… that's been my gut's main song for a while now.Couldn't sleep for crap last night… so much friggin' energy. Also got ankle pains like you guys. Make it stahp!-Francis


  2. As long as I'm on your timeline, I'm happy.Ironic now in how even the folk who make good ethical decisions can't sleep at night.Good shout Da-da!Mark


  3. You guys, something is happening out there that they don't want us seeing. OBSERVATORIES TAKEN OVER BY FBI! LIST OF OBSERVATORIES CAMS DOWN..Apache Point Observatory Observatory Observatory Lemmon Observatory Lawrence Whipple Observatory – Whipple Observatory / Mt. Hopkins Webcams Kea Observatories 232D Network Dome Camera located in Sydney Australiahttp:// located at SOAR Observatory – The Southern Astrophysical Research Telescope located in Chile Tenerife Telescope Webcam located in Spain located at Mauna Kea observatory at the University of Hawaii Hilo from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope observatory in Hawaii at JAT OBservatory in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

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  4. Well, that was because I had the file last, and it was my turn to post, and the dog-walker just showed up right at 9:00, so I hit PUBLISH and walked away! Just like magic!-CAT3


  5. Yeah, more and more meters are being shut down, too, which is why we have to use ones in other countries. This is all because the P7W doesn't want us knowing that the sun has a brown dwarf companion that rolls around every 70,000 years — along with its own solar system (the “red comet” being part of it) — and causes change in its path. It will be much more of an issue on 3D earth. But now you know.~M5


  6. Hmm.. sister sun and her companions must be on the way. Wouldn't it be nice for an enlightened leader to step forward and tell the world — and invite everyone in the world to come together and work together to ensre our civilization's survival?[theme music UP] Yeah, not on 3D world.~M3

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  7. Hmmm, now the Russian site from Tomsk with Sc-human-n resonance won't load anymore…Please check as well. Thanks.


  8. Creating the Event:1.) SOURCE is positive yet integrates and transmutes the negative with light (truth) both internally and externally based in and with love. The TRUEST LOVE. Be like SOURCE.2.) Information is expressed through feeling both positive and negative within the body. Walk toward SOURCE emitting your TRUTH in loving compassion. Be passionate about it, just like SOURCE!3.) Listen to your body, i.e., if your left ankle hurts you hobbled yourself with the truth of you. Likewise, if your right ankle hurts you hobbled yourself with the love you gave. Remember to walk your path to SOURCE and not a grave. ;)4.) True love is BASED in truth. WALK your OWNED path! Correct your internal mistruth to reflect SOURCE in you!5.) There is only action in 5D. No TIME. Walk like you are IN 5D to manifest it in NO TIME!6.) Critical mass is reached when the above steps are TEACHED… Just like SOURCE teaches us in meditation and REAL life. :)The EVENT boils down to us MANIFESTING SOURCE on Earth. So, walk the walk and talk the talk of the TRUEST LOVE of YOU!TOD


  9. Not anymore. It has this message: “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”


  10. Since it has already been taken down, I'll take that as a yes.(Buh bye, Google!)~Sifoo


  11. Something that's been bugging me for a while was Michael Knight of Ramtha fame remarking that Ethel is just a side show. Which feels right to me, even though I'm sure it will play a major role in the event somehow. The info on the shut down observatories has been leaking a bit too much for my taste, why are they making such a fuzz if they want to keep it secret? I don't know, maybe I've just been here for too long. But it would make sort of sense (the lizard kind) to scare people into fetus position by shocking them with Ethel right before the show starts. I mean, it's zooming by ether way; why not use it to your advantage.~Sifoo


  12. I would never make excuses for the PTW or the MSM but perhaps if we had a timeline split, then the missing/changed posts are like the Mandela effect. I wonder if we did a poll, who would remember them the way they are now and who would remember the “original” posts?Love you all!Mike


  13. Someone asked about Proj. Bl00b3am in the last post. We had to think on it, as it's really complicated. We do think there is some stuff going on (and they are trying to make it near impossible to figure out), but we're not sure that it is as complicated as the P7W think. It's strange: as dark and evil as some of the forces are, they really aren't that bright. Much of what they do is a “hey let's do this and see what happens.” Like kids playing with adult machines or tools. Like all their other “plans,” this will fail miserably. ~M2&3


  14. Whoohoo!That wasn't us (well, except for a small bit). That was all SOURCE, or Universals using SOURCE energy. We're still not convinced that SOURCE personally interferes at this level; it's usually handled through Oversoul Intermediaries (Universals). People here would call them angels.~AM


  15. This brings up an interesting tidbit. Please note that even our brothers on the other side of the veil discuss (gently argue) over what SOURCE is and how It works with us and why we're here. Why do you think there are so many “high councils” at so many levels? If you like mystery, SOURCE is the greatest mystery of all. We ourselves are extensions of SOURCE, but we just don't know as much as some think we know. Much of what people think of as SOURCE is (technically SOURCE, but) actually ONE, the Oversoul, that is… all of us as SOURCE-extension. You are literally talking to you right now. Hi. It's a little weird, I know. We as a SOURCE being intentionally broke our SOURCE-self into a bazillion “soul” pieces, all connected to the whole — and SOURCE. Why did we do this? THIS is what civilizations all over the Omniverse talk about! Every advanced civilization is a group-SOURCE enthusisast, and will talk about this stuff as if they know the answer. (Psst, some actually do know.) Can't wait to wade into the discussion to find out how dumb I am!~AM


  16. FYI, we are officially moving this blog to another provider. Google is monkeying with everything now, including comments, and are trying to create a way for them to insert and edit comments to take control of the information — not to mention change our blog posts and edit our meter evidence. They will fail, of course (they have already failed), and they'll be very very confused and horribly afraid once Event energy courses through them. The reminder of SOURCE will not sit well with them.~M5


  17. ?????


    1. Oops. If that didn’t make it. I’ll try again. Delete these crap comments. Thanks! Love you all!


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