Ahem [Sadly UPDATED]

The Event and pumpkins:  Soon, they will both be upon us. UPDATE Sorry, a few CATs misunderstood what some M’s said, then wrote this too quickly. The upcoming… thing… that’s to happen is being broken up into phases, apparently, as the majority of people still aren’t ready for one big Event. Too many cooks, who are too eager for something to happen, misread an email. … Continue reading Ahem [Sadly UPDATED]

Da-da’s Spiced Pumpkin Surprise Bread

Time for a break. We’ve decided to kick off pumpkin season early. Sometimes you just need pumpkin bread, and MAN is this is one of those times. Da-da posted this recipe some years ago on his site, a spiced pumpkin bread “with very little frog in it” — which we think is a good thing — and the Master CAT Bakers worked with Da-da to … Continue reading Da-da’s Spiced Pumpkin Surprise Bread