Your Meterage & Timeline Jumpy House for 8-21-18 [MAJOR UPDATE]

  On and on it goes (and on) as we try to sort out our various futures and wishes and dreams vis-à-vis the energies and shifting timelines. What we’re seeing is a kind of “stepping-stones to The Event” situation, with lots of little steps instead of the bigger Steps we were seeing before (which may come back), with some of us like-minded SOURCE enthusiasts being … Continue reading Your Meterage & Timeline Jumpy House for 8-21-18 [MAJOR UPDATE]

WHAT is The Event? [UPDATED]

BELIEVE… that you’ll be thrown up into the air by a callous photographer. AIIEE!
AND that The Event will be happening any day now. AIIEE!

Regular CAT readers kinda already know much of this, but new folks are coming in and asking the same question over and over, so… here’s the answer. The question: “What is The Event?”  Here’s what ~AM said in a comment. [Note1: ~AM edited this as they weren’t entirely happy with the way we were providing answers. ]

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Recording Step #10: Another Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATE1]

Remember the 12 Steps to the Event? Well, we’re finally having a new one… like, tomorrow. And the next day. What will happen? Not sure, but we’re thinking many of us will loll (not lol) around on beds and the floor, moaning — and not in a good way. The (ouchie) energies are all over the place, so we’re going to track them with this … Continue reading Recording Step #10: Another Line of Demarcation Approaches [UPDATE1]

The Event: Step 9 Update

“Dude: Yer gonna feel that later.” According to Simon Parkes, Psychic Lynn, and now the M’s, we’ve learned that something interesting is (finally) inbound around the Equinox… but it’s not exactly The Event. It’s the next part of The Event (Step 9, finally). This energy boost will be for for all, and will pave the way toward reconnection with SOURCE — especially for those who … Continue reading The Event: Step 9 Update

Immaculate Reception [UPDATED 2-14-18]

Just a quick note: Step 8 is now finally over. It felt so… internal. The next one — Step 9 — feels more about receiving something (energy, knowledge, connectedness), but… we’re not sure when or what that might be, nor how BIG. How’s that for vague? We’re still processing what just happened (and also dealing with the idiot TWBs again).  Some have suggested that The … Continue reading Immaculate Reception [UPDATED 2-14-18]

Update for 1-28-18: It Really is All Happening [UPDATES]

It’s all happening. A quick snapshot of some quiet, current metering drama: Not seen this kind of energy before — esp. from this Italian meter. More from Italy; timeline kerfufflage. More drama. Again, we’ve not seen this kind of activity in one snapshot. Riometer from Sweden. Ottawa is hot as usual, though we suspect that 60 Hz indicator is a power line. Irkutsk @ 3000 … Continue reading Update for 1-28-18: It Really is All Happening [UPDATES]

Event Step 7 Check-in

FYI, Step 7 WHOMP-age is beginning (that terrestrial meters can measure). There’s been activity up and down the spectrum within the past two weeks, but it was more unmeasurable and ostensibly personal. All one need do is meditate for a short period of time to realize that EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT. Better. Infinitely so. But we keep watch at various meters to see if it’s quantifiable … Continue reading Event Step 7 Check-in