Your Meterage & Timeline Jumpy House for 8-21-18 [MAJOR UPDATE]


On and on it goes (and on) as we try to sort out our various futures and wishes and dreams vis-à-vis the energies and shifting timelines. What we’re seeing is a kind of “stepping-stones to The Event” situation, with lots of little steps instead of the bigger Steps we were seeing before (which may come back), with some of us like-minded SOURCE enthusiasts being jollied into an evolutionary timeline-y group (we’re guessing), so we can more easily GROUP-PUSH the UP button on the Cosmic Elevator of Cosmicness. Or something like that.

First, we had another big K-index (as opposed to Circle K) event at Kiruna… that’s two in two days:


And, lo and behold, the NASA meters were NOT edited! A miracle. Lookie:


And this brought the usual geophone/ULF/ELF/SR confirmation…

…but now we have so much timeline kerfuffflage that it’s tough to keep track:

Timeline jumpage in Lombardy.
[sigh] And Canada.

AND another GRB…

…which in some cases are “Universal Being” information transmissions. It’s a long story. The message? Either, “The Event is almost here!” or… “DUCK!”



We feel you, bro.


Ok. One of the CATs just spoke with Lisa Gawlas and we are all now literally swimming in a new energy — an energy that’s already here; we’re living in it, now — an energy that has never been on the earth before. Those tingles you might’ve been feeling are going to start getting more tingle-y!

Note that you also might start noticing people REALLY getting twitchy, that is, those people who don’t know what’s going on. Some people are open to knowing, some aren’t. Be careful and gentle with the norms.

Also, when you meditate, try asking SOURCE to merge with you. See what happens.

Oh, and we’ve had more activity, so you may have felt some of it:



Please note that, while some of us are trained as scientists, we use these (and all) meters in ways the techs and scientists didn’t intend. Basically, we understand what scientists are seeing a lot better than they do because our brains on running better software. Simple as that. Everyone on their path, everything going well.

Lookie here:

Lombardian timeline jump, slightly delayed from the Russian one above.
Those numbers on the right basically indicate vibration, in Hertz. (That’s much higher than Schumann Resonance).
When the meter goes dark, it’s showing that the 3d computer system is reacting to the timeline jump.
You might notice lots of electrical and computer systems will become spurious during timeline jumps.
Here’s Canada, showing the same jump as the Russian meter.
Like the Middle East and Pakistan, Canadians are dealing with TONS of energy. Timeline jumps.


Wow. This is crazy, the SR meter totally saturated. (We suspect that 50 Hz signature in the middle is a power line, btw.)


Krikey. Never seen this before. It could be showing us that new earth energy we mentioned.
Look at the amplitude recording on the far right. (Psst, actually it’s a CME.)

Like we said…

A small CME, but looks like it’ll hit around the 25th (the chart’s an estimate). Some energy travels faster, some slower.

And… wow! Look at the Wave X bursts! (Sorry for the large file.) That spiraling one is HAARP making hurricanes in Asia… which is then negated by SOURCE and Wave X!

Wave X in action.
Wave X in action, frozen on another meter. See the Big U?
Wave X in action. That right there is SOURCE literally applying the brakes on that typhoon.
UPDATE for 8-23-18
Last night almost killed some CATs… while others were sanguine and purry. No idea why the energy was so painful for some. Anyway, here it is:
Those WHITE patches are turning into PAIN STICKS.
And today, Etna looks like this. Is this better or worse? No idea.
That tall, solid bastard on the right, that goes all the way up… that’s the one that got some of us. Ow.

Wow. What a life.

Ok, get comfy now… whaAAA!


53 thoughts on “Your Meterage & Timeline Jumpy House for 8-21-18 [MAJOR UPDATE]

  1. Peace Love & LightI would first like to thank you for all that you do speak and be. We are all divine expressions of various cat gods in higher dimensions. All here for the mother of all shifts along with mother Gaia. The divine feminine has assured my that I will make it thanks to the divine grace of father god. We are the children of this planet earth and this is the timmeline where we reclaim our divine perfection in all of our glory! It has been won the moment we remember and awaken to the incoming love light source energies. I on the 20 & 21 of August was shown two dreams of highest 4D timelines with the MPR (Magnetic Pole Reversal) before and after.It was joyous! Euphoric maybe! As what all of humanity was told will come to pass. But no one can define that moment in time no can truly fathom it.This love light shining above as within. Total alignment with our higher purpose and the highest good for all.So we have been shifted massively into the light. All lower self created catastrophic timelines that were still attached to the collective conscious of humanity is now severed as we move higher and higher, closer and closer to zee fils d'or (primary golden timeline) Where all is good and the party jumping to the beat of All that is. All captured in a snapshot of reality of day in the multiverse holographic multiple dimensions existing simultaneously. WE WILL GET AN UPGRADE, or rather we all ready have. Get ready to fall into the abyss of the exploring these new timelines and energies.I am going to get a cat on one.Love and lightSher Khan


  2. Well, that's the comment of the week. Thank you, Sher Khan. This is why we all came back to this moment, to live it again more fully.-CAT2


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