Immaculate Reception [UPDATED 2-14-18]

Just a quick note: Step 8 is now finally over. It felt so… internal. The next one — Step 9 — feels more about receiving something (energy, knowledge, connectedness), but… we’re not sure when or what that might be, nor how BIG. How’s that for vague? We’re still processing what just happened (and also dealing with the idiot TWBs again). 
Some have suggested that The Event (the BIG ONE) will occur at the end of February/beginning of March, but not all of us are seeing that timeframe as of this writing (some of us ARE, but no clear consensus, yet). Despite seeing energy spikes in the various meters we watch, we’ve not been posting about them as they aren’t quite mapping to what we’re experiencing; they do sometimes, but not enough to warrat a post; they’re more and more about a world we’re not entirely part of anymore… or something like that. 

At this point, all we can say is… stay tuned. Until we have bigger news, we’ll just post tidbits in the comments.

UPDATE 2-8-18

Ok, have to look at the meters; might not mean anything where it counts, but they’re pretty good.

Moscow SR meter; a little WHOMP-y.

Irkutsk (monthly). Look at the far right. Off the chart. BLAM!

There it is in the hourly detail. That’s UTC time.
Italy, going on a rare off-timeline jog.
Ottawa, off the reservation, as usual.


We are seeing some minor solar activity.

And of course all the NASA sites are down for maintenance and have been for a few days. Convenient. Always good timing from NASA.

Sunspot AR2699 had a solar radio burst a few days ago, so the sun’s stirring.

Due perhaps to a little solar flare. However, that sunspot is rolling its barrel right at us the next few days. Look for activity in earth’s illusion programming. (The sun is a multidimensional projector.)

The meters we typically use to show this are down, so we had to use the above.

There were also some GRBs (gamma ray burst) of late, so things are hopping all over.

And a bigger one on 2/5:

And another, earlier.

AND a bigger one the day before:


And look at California Scumann Resonance yesterday…

0 (bottom) to 100 Hz.

And the rest of the world.

Site Key: GCI001 California, USA; GCI002 Hofuf, Saudi Arabia; GCI003 Lithuania; GCI004 Alberta, Canada; GCI005 Northland, New Zealand; GCI006 Hluhluwe, South Africa.

Things must be crazy in Saudi Arabia (GCI 002).

UPDATE 2-9-18




Sure would be nice to include more meterage from North and South America, but those are only for the few… who are DIGGING INTO THE EARTH LIKE CRAZED MOLES right now. Won’t help. 
Oh, note that we’ve updated some of the meterage in the earlier sections, rather than post whole new graphics.


Note that the TWBs actually tried an attack from inside a gaia portal. We thought they’d been locked out, but they worked their way back in, like spiritual spirochetes. Talk about clueless in the ways of the SOURCE. They’ve been isolated within a giant dome of energy (having been “herded” with 432 Hz tones!) and are slowly being brought to task. Sadly, they won’t survive this one… and no one’s crying any salty/silicon-y tears, so… they’re pressing their own RESET button. So it goes.

UPDATE 2-10-18

Interesting striated Schumann Resonance weirdness from the Moscow meter:

UPDATE 2-13-18

We finally have a direct-hit scenario for the earth from a CME today (at least according to the simulation):

We’re guessing that this will hit anywhere from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am PST on  2/15. What the effects will be should prove most interesting. Note that we don’t see anything juicy happening, other than people feeling tired, grouchy, and almost flu-like (jeez, what else is new?). Stay hydrated. 

More as it develops.

67 thoughts on “Immaculate Reception [UPDATED 2-14-18]

  1. It's not a middle man. It's a bridge. Trust me: we need one. We have a direct line; we're just afraid of it.~AM


  2. Why be afraid of SOURCE? Unless… you are “TRYING” to hide something that is ALREADY transparent to SOURCE? Seems super silly, immature and FUTILE. Try to go direct! Nothing to hide or fear. Middle “men” only distort the connection. 😉


  3. Nobody needs a bridge to SOURCE, as SOURCE ALREADY has a direct connection to the ALL.


  4. It's more complicated than you realize. We strongly suggest reading Gary Renard's “Disappearance of the Universe.” -CAT4


  5. Note that you can “go direct” IF you have an established relationship with SOURCE, or the Oversoul, or Brother J, et al. For the average person, they need a little help. Let's not all get religious about this.-CAT8


  6. Why? Because one DISAPPEARS if they DO NOT go direct! Gary for the win! He's the middle man now? Silliness. SOURCE is THE SOURCE… no middle man, books, or historical figures can come between you and LIFE with the ONE.


  7. Sorry I opened a can of trolls…In sympathy to your findings, I know from my experience that things ain't so black and white!


  8. There will be no more posted on this subject. The level of understanding being shown is undesirable. This is one reason why we rarely speak of complex spiritual matters.~M5


  9. Some find it easier to speak to a being such as Brother J than directly to Source. It has to do with personal comfort usually.


  10. Lol.. reminds me how my daughter was telling me this morning that I'm a mmmmmmmmmmmm…. butterfly. We'll be stitching everything up within the next 500 years or so and then into the Age of Apollo we go.


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