De-Hurricanery [UPDATES]

This is Hurricane Florence. It WAS a natural hurricane (see below), which is a rarity in itself, but…

…we don’t think Florence needs to be much more than a tropical storm.

With this in mind, the CATs and our Friends just… well, blew-up the center of Florence. You can do it, too. Let’s see how successful we are at stopping one of the most powerful weather forces on earth. Ready… go!

UPDATE 9-11-18


Well, it was a natural hurricane till the cabal screwed it up. Look:

As you can see in this MIMIC graphic, the PTW are HAARPING Florence with pulses of microwave energy (the white flashes appearing inside the hurricane); they also doing it to the other hurricane developing in the east. Florence is a natural hurricane no more, but has been instead weaponized. Makes you wonder if anything’s ever going to change for the better, right? However, THERE IT IS. This isn’t even a smoking gun, it’s the act captured via satellite for all to see. Ask everyone you know: why is this still allowed to happen? If the swamp is being drained, how many swamps are there?

Note that those broad white flashes are Wave X energy. So, this is literally SOURCE putting the kibosh on cabal activity.

Also, we just noticed…

…the energy from last night looks like… the Twin Towers. THAT’S interesting.


Oh. That’s why so many of us have headaches:

1-Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.19.50 AM
1a-Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 10.09.39 AM

And more Twin Towers energy simulacra:

The truth is bubbling. And… well, something else is going on, too. We’ll tell you later (when we know). We’ve never seen this before.

In a battle of energies, guess who wins?

Those big white swoopies are Wave X energy — that is, SOURCE energy. We’re trying to see who’s wielding the SOURCE energy (SOURCE doesn’t get involved with weather at this level, but the Oversoul might, or… well, Angels). Whatever is happening, we’re not being allowed to see things with complete clarity right now for whatever reason.


So, we discovered that today’s Twin Towers/energy resemblance is intentional. Then we saw this from GaiaPortal:

The ÉirePort group, operating as it does from the so-called “Land of Éire”, is essentially a spiritual group entity with a mission to enlighten and illuminate the beings of Ascending planet Earth (Gaia). We point out that the “Land of Éire” is not represented properly by the 3D entity called “Éire”, rather is a Higher Dimensional encompassing “place” within each and every human and earth-based being.
We bring this message to all of the planet that the times of “massive apocalypse” are upon us, and this date in particular was chosen for our group message, as it represents a collapse of the illusory 3D ways and the rising of the Ascension Pillars of Light… within the planet, within communities, and within each and every individual being of the planet. It is symbolically represented very nicely by the “Twin Towers” of Light, which replaced the former 3D “Twin Towers” of “financial illusion” in the town called, “New York City”.
Cosmic Energies have incessantly poured into your world, on all dimensions, since the events of 9-11-01Now you enter the “9-11 Portal of Illumination and Ascension”.
Remain open to your Ascension process, and follow the “Twin Towers” of Divine Masculine and Feminine Illumination.
That is all for this moment. 
-ÉirePort Group

You know… we don’t see a “massive apocalypse,” but maybe we’re just dim. Or perhaps we have different ideas about what that means. If you see GIANT ANTS and flaming skeletons, then you’ll know we were wrong. Sorry ’bout that.


Hm. Who will win? The cabal, or SOURCE? See how HAARP is whipping the hurricane speed faster and faster with the bursts of microwave convection? Then see SOURCE put on the brakes? That second storm (in the middle) just died. Watch as the same thing happens to Florence — while the MSM tries to crank the fear factor to 11.

Are we 4D, yet?

FYI, we’ve been assigned a full-time Google Mountain troll to read everything here, so everyone say hi… in a special way. Without words.


Btw, this is why you may have felt weird — or crushed — last night:

14 is midnight PDT in Tomsk, so this white WHOMP was from 1-3 am, with grumblies from 6-11 am PDT.

More as we develop.

We’re watching you, even without satellites.

81 thoughts on “De-Hurricanery [UPDATES]

  1. More like one of those things from the end of Hellboy.Btw, that grief is probably a mix of both personal and group pain. We can feel that and anger and confusion coming off the populus in waves.Oh, yeah… that observatory…-CAT2


  2. No. Someone higher up handles these kinds of things. Humans can't handle the SOURCE energy necessary to quash a hurricane. SOURCE isn't going to do it Itself, as that would be like a mountain looking at a lepton. Delegation is a really big thing at the spirit level; it often feels like an omniversal bureaucracy, but we know it's not bad. At all.~M2


  3. I sent GMTroll love – looked like it made them itchy- that's what I saw anyway.


  4. Yeah, that guy has no idea what kind of energy he's dealing with. In 20 years all computer systems will be run by one 17YO kid eating a burrito (on 3DE, that is).-CAT5


  5. Oh, yeah. It really pays to either eat light or simply fast for a few days before… when you know it's coming…-CAT5


  6. Indeed. Many of us are Constellation Leo, but the CAT civilization is spread all over, so origins don't matter much — especially if we're human this time around, running on imprints. Some of us most recently came from an artificial moon in a system along Orion's Belt. With imprints, it's almost impossible to tell your memories from the akashic layered ones.~M5


  7. Right. We still don't see “apocalypse” in there… well, not on the happy side of The Event, anyway. Sure would like to get this stuff moving…-CAT3


  8. Yeah, it's the ca8al. Florence started natural, then got hijacked. This won't end well for them.~M6


  9. Actually, we have more dragons and other SuperFriends in the mix on our side. You'd never believe it. It's just too weird.~M2


  10. You've piqued my curiosity. So what about the observatory? (Must have coffee after nap!)


  11. I felt it too. And the itchy skin continues, it's driving me nuts!The past few weeks I've been doing less and less work wise, as I'm just wiped out most of the time and sometimes need half a day or more in bed.Never in my life have I been letting go and just being in the moment as this past period.


  12. Allow me to add that Apocalyps comes from Greek and actually means “to reveal” or “uncover”.In other words the Great Revelation is upon us.Yeay, I'm finally finding out who Zorro is!


  13. Actually, we have more dragons and other SuperFriends in the mix on our side. You'd never believe it. It's just too weird.~M2Oh Honey! Try us. I think many of us have our own “weirdness”, we just have been trained not to talk about!


  14. Sorry, we were thinking of the 'dogs and cats living together/mass hysteria' kind of apocalypse. ;)-CAT3


  15. Looks like David Wilcock has chosen the “JUSTICE” side of the things.Btw, there've been lots of timeline splits for some time now, but a *major* timeline split has occured. More on that soon.-CAT5


  16. Ow. Some of us now have that wrist and ankle pain thing. You were right, Mark.-CAT6


  17. Thank you CAT6!Recognition at last!May the Heavens bestow upon you, infinite shiny, sparkly, golden things that tickle your deoxyribonucleic acid in a remarkably positive way.Regrettably, it is a lesser known fact that I am ALWAYS right, some of the time, and lesser still that I am sometimes ALWAYS right.Mostly I am ALRIGHT, I think?BlessingsMark


  18. “No. Someone higher up handles these kinds of things.”~That was inferred in my reply…the “higher up” is your Higher Self/Oversoul team that takes over in the Sleep State and does all the major WORK. But the highest priority of this lowly-delegated meat suit in the physical is to serve as a CONDUIT. A Photon Light 'battery' for this Source-energy-deprived shithole…a transducer/transceiver/transmitter & transmuter.Why are you so quick to dismiss and say “No”? Do you know first-hand what kind of Frequencies another Being besides yourself can bring in, when we are all at such extremely different levels?How do you know as a fact, that the highest dimensional Frequencies I've brought/bring in to this closed Matrix construct, Frequencies that would instantly scorch and cook another human being, wouldn't be enough to quash a hurricane?I have this, to say about THAT: I take my leave I will share with you my impressions, if you intend to travel higher to 5D — minds need to be opened much further, fat egos and default mode condescension towards others needs to be “quashed”.These energies will no longer support shooting people down — instead they need to be treated as Equals and UP-lifted, so that Unity and expansion of Consciousness can be allowed and fostered. On this, your '4D' Timeline.


  19. Aha. They were looking for Psychic Lynn's “red comet.” It's starting to become visible, coming from the south. It's part of a huge other solar system that's slowly transiting by our system, with various effects on the sun and earth and other planets. No idea why it has to be such a big seçret. ~M3


  20. Project Bluebeam coming in. So much work to do. Layers of onion continue to be pulled back. Are we there yet?


  21. Dear cats, esp. those who became aware and then informed us about the man made “adjustment” (to say softly) to the hurricane Flo, you were right, it did start as a natural thing then the HAARP and geo engineering was applied to make things more messy than they were meant to be. Here is the confirmation (recent info, btw).ScR00gle does whatever it does to make my comment vanish. Cats, who run this site, PLEASE do yourself and your friends a favor and leave the blogger, it's a scroogle product, of course they will mess up with you, and what's the point in playing with them on moral principles, these people ARE screwed they don't respond to ethics.


  22. We had to think on this, as it's really complicated how it's being presented to us. We do think there is some stuff going on (and they are trying to make it near impossible to figure out), but we're not sure that it is as complicated as the P7W think. It's strange: as dark and evil as some of the forces are, they really aren't that bright. Much of what they do is a “hey let's do this and see what happens.” Like kids playing with adult machines or tools. Like all their other “plans,” this will fail miserably. ~M2&3


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