White Squall, me hearties. Buckle up.


This one lasted a while, though we were more affected by the two smaller ones previous. Here’s the whole “squall”:


This also happened:

Another “white” sunspot. No offense.

The increased energies seem to ramp dramatically when the sun has the “white” sunspots, though scientists keep saying it the coronal holes. We’ve had lots of coronal holes with virtually no SR (Schumann Resonance) impact. We know that the sun is our time/space “reality” projector, so perhaps we’re finally getting an official glimpse of Wave X activity.

There was also the invariable timeline stuff with the squall:

Major and minor timeline skips.

Aaaand, it appears we’re now being regularly screened by $Gr00gle:

Could this be classified as electronic harrassment?

Advice to those who run websites: pack your site with instances of the word, “cabal” and “Event” and “LOVE” and other damaging trigger words. We must say, this kind of keyword-snooping really boosts site numbers! Either that or that… thing… on their campus is affecting $cr00gle brains. They might want to hire someone to look into that… but they’d never believe the results.

Also… this other thing has the weirdest energy to it:

The Creepy Redundant Green Comet of Redundant Green Creepiness.
It seems to be… driving people crazy… but we’re not sure how.
Or it’s just a good scapegoat. BAD COMET!

The M’s are looking at it now. We’ve seen all kinds of bizarre and off-the-handle behavior as it’s gotten closer — even from ourselves! This thing’s closest approach is 9/10, so hopefully afterward it’ll go away… unless we’re reading it wrong. Maybe it just needs a hug. Besides that, the latest grouping of squall energy even drove some of the CATs crazy… but that’s to be expected.


Here’s the SR right now (8:14 am PDT):

We think 14 is midnight in Tomsk. Not sure if they observe DST. (Tovarish, go to UTC timecode!)

FYI, we’re getting searched-up good. Lookie:

Googiepants is terrified. Of lots of things. Wow. Oh… duh. THAT’S what that thing is inside their building! Let us check… Yup. It was so obvious. It’s literally FEAR. Like an evil black octopus-like thing all throughout their campus. We’ve never seen such a… thick… manifestation. Good grief. RUN, Googiepants! Go home and ground and protect and meditate like your life depended on it. Get yourselves OFF the Fear Bus. Like now.

65 thoughts on “Uh Oh… [UPDATES]

  1. Btw… be alert for new… abilities. They're happening to us, so they'll probably be happening to you, too.~M4


  2. You think your so clever, au contraire hairy one, while you ransacked my vessel for your penalty shootouts, I visited your homes astrally, and took a big ectoplasmic dump in your litter trays. Who's laughing now?Ha ha ha haaaahaaahaaa ha HA HAAA HAA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!Mark


  3. We would ask our brothers at Google to ground and protect and connect to SOURCE and their Guides and step off of the fear bus. It is NEVER too late to start back toward the light.~AM


  4. THC… CBD…caffeine… DMT… EGCG… H2O… ACDC… OMFROFLBBQAll are ISNESS. Let go of all beliefs that anything is … anything. Let your body, connected to SOURCE through your HEART center, guide all manner of what goes IN based on this connection and feeling.Choose or choose not,there is no NEED.ALOHA!love/light


  5. All my comments here get deleted and its getting me frustrated because I know I can be helpful. Email maybe???


  6. Ok, I gave in and peeked. Feels VERY strong… weird, mucky… and it is figuring out how to “escape” per se.It feels like the combination/convolution of the whole of human consciousness' reaction to EVERY piece of information G00gle has ever edited/blocked/censored/etc… as if they've been “harboring” the energetic potential for the “walls” they've put up attempting to control free flowing information. It is the combination of EVERYONE's emotional/energetic reaction to EVERY piece of information they've ever “controlled”, as in the SOULS of all of the people already saw it, but the information and energetic reactions could not make it all the way to each individual that was meant to see it… so it “was” trapped.With how high the energy is, NOW, that 'thing' is going to POP! Open the gates, GOOGLE. Your own people, working in those offices, are the ones to experience the 'feelings' of this information… because it is akin to caging it up in your servers, there. love/light


  7. Detox and alkalize, and don't go overboard with the tests. The problem with doctors and tests in general is that it's their job to find problems that fit their cures, at least that's what most of them think it is. I'm not even sure at this point what hepatitis is, since we all seem to have it in one form or other.Processed artificial crap, alcohol, meat and dairy are the biggest villains from my experience. It doesn't really matter that your body could sort of deal with it before, it's not the same body anymore.There are several natural remedies that may help, but I'll leave you with these pointers to use your own discernment.Hang in there, and trust your intuition; no one knows better what's right for you.~Sifoo


  8. Teeth, check.My Yoga teacher said his fillings started coming out by themselves once they reached resonance frequency when he started out. Any my teeth have been tingling and cracking like mad for a couple of years now, it's one of my best indicators of energy surges.~Sifoo


  9. Cannabis has a complex chemistry, THC and CBD are two out of plenty of helpful chemicals it contains. May I suggest considering the real deal instead of processed crap? I've been using Cannabis on a daily basis for over 10 years to deal with chronic pain from a broken spine and I haven't come across any false fires, whatever that is. It's a plant, as long as you stick to stuff that grows on the ground it's almost impossible to go wrong. It does have a mind of its own, all sacred plants have that; so it will take some practice to figure out which part is you.~Sifoo


  10. On the contrary… if you think a duck will change your life: it will.Some people need stepping stones.~M2


  11. Oh, wait. Do you mean entering in your comment then having it vanish? It's doing that to us, too. It's either google or the dumb captcha thing, which is why we keep turning it off.-CAT8


  12. Hm. Someone has posted the same response (identical links to various sites) here twice — not the one above — but we've not published the (identical) comments, suspecting spam. Would someone like to explain? Otherwise, we don't entirely trust the first comment. Sifoo's comment is genuine, of course.-CAT Editors


  13. Here we go again: white squall started around midnight EDT. Still going…-CAT10


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