Scenes From the Pre-Event


[Above: A rare ship-less pic.]

Some people were allegedly photographing ships around the sun, but… better images have been flooding in for… YEARS. It’s happening so frequently now, in fact, that we were kinda shocked. We’d been keen on this back in 2012-2015, when Da-da first showed us, but after NASA de-res’d the Stereo satellite images (they used to be AWESOME) — and intentionally destroyed the Stereo B satellite — we stopped looking.

Well, we started looking again.

Then we checked with our Universal friends, and… yowsa: everybody and their brother is flooding in to watch The Event in person. This had been happening a lot some years ago, but when The Event wasn’t happening as fast as we all thought, the activity dropped. But now, the solar system is filling up again like a stadium parking lot on the day of the big game… though you can’t see them after they exit the sun, as they typically cloak (how Romulan). Anyway, LOOK:


They’re all over the place.


NASA consistently calls these “glitches,” but these glitches originate from inside the sun and have specific, trackable trajectories. See for yourself. Also note: Not only are these gynormous ET ships the size of Neptune — coming into the solar system around about 50 ships an hour — their shields can also withstand the heat and pressure of the sun. They also seem to spook NASA scientists, so PLEASE send more!











It was one or more of these images that spooked the solar observatory denizens into fleeing their posts. Seems the majority of ships leave the sun’s South Pole — which is the sun’s dominant pole right now.

We encourage you to search daily for your own planet-sized UFOs… HERE.

If you see a particularly juicy one, post its date and time in the comments.



33 thoughts on “Scenes From the Pre-Event

  1. What a fun game LOL.

    They’re EVERYWHERE, big sons of SOURCE too, ha ha ha.


    P.S. Isn’t it ironic how I sleep so well in the dark, yet the dark is so restless right now, sweet dreams.

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    1. Actually… the “dark” of space is NOT empty. Science thinks it knows everything. It doesn’t. All those “empty” parts of space are chock full of 4D and 5D and 6D and 12D, etc., realms and constructs. We can’t see it because we vibrate too slowly. As we start to vibrate faster… you’ll start to see all kinds of wonders…


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  2. I used to watch these vids of the sun years ago and they never showed so many “glitches”. I also don’t remember such a low res image, the corona now looks blocky. I will definitely be searching that database eagerly.
    Jupiter sized ships! I can’t even imagine what it must be like inside one.

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  3. Neato; every frame I’ve looked at so far has at least a couple blips in it. There are so many that one could get rather blase about it (just another planet-sized ship, ho-hum)! Anyway, how about 2018-09-24 at 09:45:30, bottom left?

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    1. Yeah, you can get jaded if you look at that all the time. I mean… “Disclosure” is kinda dumb when the sun is a portal for 50 Jupiter-sized ships per hour. Good grief, what’s in them? We tried looking, but the (positive) ETs running them are veeeery good at blocking our vision, in a nice way. It should be said (for those who are thinking of trying) that trying to spy on them is being “telepathically impolite.” A whole new set of rules we’ll all have to learn. But they understand. Like kids with new toys.


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    1. Look at it as a kind of validation 😉
      Three more website disruptions and you can write a confirmation report
      Oh wait, actually you should be already at 5 sigma, so WOOOHOOOO

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  4. I was wondering, any news on the Sun’s brown dwarf companion lately?
    It should be the same size as the ships, Jupiter class I guess?!
    (Hahaha indeed jaded: casually talking about jupiter sized ships and brown dwarfs….thrilling times though, totally love it!!!!!)

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    1. Oh, no. Trudy (what we call her) is nearly as big as the sun, a(n almost totally) burned-out core of a (formerly) bigger star. (Wow, we’re suddenly discussing so many celebrity names… but that’s kinda mean.) Trudy’s system is transiting our own over the next two years. Her own solar system denizens come and go as they cross our path. It’s all in Guides’ and Oversoul’s and SOURCE’s hands, now. Trust.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I’m totally looking forward to enjoy this spectacle.
        From what ever perspective this is going to be
        Trust ist literally my name (surprise, it’s not Ambien)

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      2. Hey CATs, a Sun sized burnt out core is massively dense and would cause heavy disruption in the planetary orbits of our system, hope we got help to dealt with this.


  5. Okay. This is a few years old, at the time I was looking, a lot. But I captured a shot of this huge transparent orb that appeared when a solar flare hit it. It is massively larger than the Sun.


      1. Met a beautiful young lady this evening
        curly blonde haired blue eyed goddess…
        she pointed at my bicycle/transport.
        uncertain of her words at the moment
        discovered this beautiful women was deaf

        Said hello to her what I could remember
        in sign language learned back in the 70’s…
        we hit it off well..stumbled through single hand
        spelling of words, and she understood completely

        signed I lived just down the street…her kind smile
        blew me away…kicking my self for not asking
        her name…certain we will cross paths again
        I await that moment again…


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  6. This is the kind of stuff that can still get me REALLY excited, despite how numb this P7W-run Crapsack World has rendered my heart.

    C’mon, 4D!

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      1. That’s why we struggle here, because it’s a consensus reality. We cannot do certain things because we have been conditioned to beleive we cannot, as a collective.

        The irony is we wear the shackles we have created, not for much longer…



      2. As believeable as this entire state of being and physical incarnation is created entirely by thought.

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