Scenes From the Pre-Event


[Above: A rare ship-less pic.]

Some people were allegedly photographing ships around the sun, but… better images have been flooding in for… YEARS. It’s happening so frequently now, in fact, that we were kinda shocked. We’d been keen on this back in 2012-2015, when Da-da first showed us, but after NASA de-res’d the Stereo satellite images (they used to be AWESOME) — and intentionally destroyed the Stereo B satellite — we stopped looking.

Well, we started looking again.

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Warm-up for The Main Event?

So, we can now tell you that we were told that “it all begins on 4/2,” hence the ’42’ thing, and the subsequent 40 days of meditation. Looks like it’s borne fruit: we’ve had three solar flares in the past 24 hours… but ignore the fear in the link. Here’s what it looked like, energywise: We know that extreme sol-ar activity in Sol, our Multi-Dimensional … Continue reading Warm-up for The Main Event?