741: Heads-Up ~ [UPDATE5]

The sun will be VERY for the next 10 days, or so.

We are rolling around to a new sunspot group on the sun and it appears to be major. Look what it did today:

Blam. Wait… that looks like…

That BLAM probably threw solar debris into space — chunky style. Anyway, Earth rolls into that region’s bailiwick over the next few days, and it camps out over our heads for another 10. Get the aspirin and pillows ready… and maybe the basement door open. The sun did something yesterday and nearly all CATs eith got tachy, heart-rate doubled, or got migraines. Or ate lots of chocolate cake.

The sun looks to be making a little departure from existing models the past few days:

Could this be that big solar finale before the sun goes to sleep and brings about a new minimum? Will Jessica marry Steve and shun the BATTLE TOASTER? Can Bulgaria keep from touching that monkey? And how many colors does it take to count to Florida?? We shall see. Or we won’t. We’d issue a buckle-up alert, but… did we ever unbuckle from the last one?

We’re gonna try this, at least until the dryer’s done.


Hold the phone. This shows a blam…

…and this…

…show a BIG ship exiting Portal One… at the exact same time. How much of our solar activity are ET transits? This one thing, but the physical effects of them 93M miles away is another (tells you something about how energetic these interactions are). But how much of this contributes to what kind of long-term effects? We need to look at this differently and get back to you.


Ok, this is surprising. We checked to see how much of our solar activity is governed by ET ship transits. Ready?

Something like 75%. We’re checking into historical activity now.

UPDATE3 ~ 4/17/22 Midnight PDT

Another flare, X-class:

Now we just need to figure out if this is due to some residual gravitic ship channel/wake (from that aforementioned big ship) or, more probable, a combination of factors that encourage this kind of thing given sunspots (which might be something else), solar cycle, and any other number of other processes. Back to school on the sun.

And btw… Happy Easter everyone. Special thanks, as always, to Brother J.


Another M-flare, this time from a different region:

It’s giving lots of CATs headaches, some have nausea, some are falling asleep… same ol’ thing. What isn’t the same ol’ thing is why this is happening, but we need to look at it more before mentioning it.


Jeez. We need to have a CAT meeting to discuss some things. The coordinator du jour will be contacting those concerned.