It’s an Energy Thing [UPDATE1]


This could’ve been an update for the previous post, but it’s interesting enough to stand on its own. With a horn.

Seems we had a pre-Event run-up of energy that’s NOT from the sun. Here it is:


Looks like a little CME, right? It’s not. Here it is caught in action:

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.31.20 AM
Coming from the bottom right. Alas, we can’t get a video to post. Doesn’t look like much, right?

Looks like a small CME/flare… but it’s not. It’s not from the sun at all. What you’re seeing is actually cosmic energy zooming into and through the sun, perhaps released from one or more of those gynormous “thought” ships on the other side of he sun (?), perhaps coming from BEYOND… it’s hard to tell. Anyway, a regular (small) CME doesn’t typically show effects like this:


That’s turned up to 11.


(FYI, this is the CACTUS meter.)
From zero to 2200 neutrons in no seconds flat. BLAM.

It totally blanked out one of the Italian VLF meters:

I’m swamped and I can’t get up.

EVENT precursor? The unicorn energy horns that have grown out the tops of our heads say YES, but they always say that.


Does this butterfly-unicorn-rainbow energy make me look fat? And sparkly?
Actually, it was just a space-hairball. Take that, Kirk!
Oh, yeah. Totally nailed it.


A WHOMP is in progress…


…and we just had a major timeline jump:

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 10.58.00 PM

Now you see why we watch for CMEs and flares and prominences: it’s our pre-Event re-programming codes and re-integration of larger parts of our actual spirits (only a tiny portion of us goes into vehicles).

Stay positive. Meditate often. Breathe through the OW.


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      1. I’ve been practicing meditation with mudras, upa yoga, qigong and mantras and they help me a lot to see more clearly and to be aware of my life and these experiences with the new energies and releasing the old trapped emotions and emotional traumas. Practicing brahmacharya or nofap is huge in improving body, mind, soul and spirit potential because cultivating and transmuting our sexual energy makes us really balanced and aligned with our true nature and higher self.

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    1. I don’t normally feel much in terms of physical sensations during these energy blasts, but last night I woke up at least twice and felt my body vibrating. Felt kind of cool. 🙂


    1. Rod Stewart’s “Sailing” has been on my mind for some time …
      Sailing home,
      To be free …
      Can you hear me,
      Can you hear me,
      I am dying, forever crying,
      To be near you, to be free ….

      I am not posting the video as the CATs don’t like videos, but if you go to Rod Stewart’s YouTube page, it’s there (17,214,393 views)

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      1. Check out the video of “I don’t wanna talk about it”, live version with Rod Stewart and Amy Belle.

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  1. Me too – my body was vibrating last night like each individual cell was excited. Upon reflection, it felt like my my body was a bell that had been struck by a hammer. The “energy” was entering on my right side and exiting left side while i was facing north. It also happened the night before. What a ride! This is so exciting!

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  2. The commenter that often goes under the name “visitor” endlessly brings Stankov as a highly evolved someone, the one who knows it all, etc, you got the direction of his intention. In the previous post he mentioned Stankov’s remarkable feat of ascension from 3d directly to 9d.
    (It’s a BS, of course, I am glad the cats arrived at the same conclusion, i.e.- it is impossible if one is to remain in the human form, the rest I won’t even mention).

    Anyway, I’d like to refer to the following articles that quote some of Stankov’s statements and reveal some of his standpoints so that others here could get the bigger picture.

    “He (Stankov) claims to be ascended back as a Logos God and multidimensional being.”

    “Stankov predicted that humanity would ascend Dec. 21.2012, after the 3 day stasis, most evolved souls would automatically ascend to the lower levels of 5th dimension.” (For the most part it is a copy of what Drunvalo said in his numerous interviews).

    “…channelers are not very intelligent in the knowledge of science, theosophy, philosophy and Gnosticism, that lacking intelligence they were actually picked out by the Archons/dark entities because they would not ask many questions related to how things actually work.”


    The article in the link above is written by Stankov himself, here is what he says there:

    “I have written about this fraud in my English book ” The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction.” There has never been any entity with the name of Jesus Christ, as Christianity is now preaching. There has been no crucifixion and no resurrection the way it has been presented in the New Testament.

    The Jesus myth is based on the life of the famous spiritual teacher Apollonius of Tyana, who was born 2 years A.C. and lived almost 98 years. He preached a new gnostic teaching based on the Buddhist tradition of Krishna and amalgamated it with Pythagorean mysticism. He based his transcendental philosophy on the works of Plato and Aristotle. His followers, known as Gnostics and Neo-Platonists, continued this spiritual tradition and further developed it to the most congruent gnostic teaching Western civilisation has ever had.”

    “When Constantine, the Great Deceiver, summoned the Nicene synod to establish the new Christ religion and its dogmas, such as the Trinity dogma, it was decided to eliminate any written source that pointed to the existence of Apollonius of Tyana. This man travelled for most of his life throughout the whole Roman empire and was very famous and hugely beloved for his knowledge and divine nature, even centuries later. He performed numerous miracles and, after he ascended, he appeared to many of his followers.”

    (that I leave up to everyone, cats and ms including to verify). Also, there is NO “Buddhist tradition of Krishna”, Krishna comes from Hinduist tradition, not from Buddhism, how come that overevolved and over educated personality of Stankov is not aware of it I have no idea)

    “The Christ myth of the entity Jesus was established around the life of Apollonius of Tyana and one of his followers known as Jeshua, who, as said above, later emigrated to France. All the other stories around his alleged Crucifixion and resurrection are forged and only serve to promote the tendency of sacrifice that all old souls who incarnate on this toxic planet exhibit in their effort to help humanity. This spiritual tendency has been maliciously exploited by the PTB to eliminate any potentially dangerous adversary and being of light by killing him, burning him, crucifying him or using any other perceivable means of physical elimination.”

    Isn’t it what the author of the Da Vinci Code wrote in his book?

    The paragraph below is from the article that Stankov wrote on 26 Aug 2018 (remember the date while reading the info below), the link to the article comes after the paragraph:

    “When the new cities of light, which we have created in Italy and Central Europe (New Raetia), in Vancouver and along the Pacific Coast (New Lemuria), in South America in the Andes (Terra Nova) and also a number of smaller cities of light as those in Bulgaria (New Pulpudeva) and in Slovenia (New Ljubljana) will appear in the coming days – and there is a high probability that this may happen in September – then the true history of mankind will have to be accepted finally by the entire humanity. This event will have such a cathartic effect on mankind that this alone will trigger the final global ID shift, which all “light proles” are now describing as “the Event”. Before this can happen, the cities of light must emerge and if currently only a few people are talking about these cities of light, it is because they are not consciously aware of their creation, even though they participate in it at the soul level.”

    It didn’t happen, of course.

    Now, here is what Stankov said about himself: “I am the first scientist to have elaborated the theoretical basis for the existence and applicability of infinite free photon energy as early as 1995.” (

    Really? Aren’t you forgetting about Mr. Tesla? And many others, btw who weren’t as famous.

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    1. yes, many predictions fail,but not only from that source 🙂

      Cities of Light
      will appear in the coming days – and there is a high probability that this may happen in September –
      may happen -there is no fix date!
      where can i get more info about cities of light?


  3. “What you’re seeing is actually cosmic energy zooming into and through the sun, perhaps released from one or more of those gynormous “thought” ships on the other side of he sun”

    My Guide says it is the Divine Fleet behind the sun, for “We are close!”

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  4. FlutterbyRainbowUnicat What more could you ask for ?!!!

    Thanks for the awesome visuals and post! Energy is quite indescribable, like being on an upwards helter skelter with an extra large dollop of ringing, bubbles and flashes whoa!

    Love and Light All!


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  5. I absolutely love the unicorn-rainbow-butterfly kitty! Amazingly beautiful!
    Oh, and I got a headache from the neutron spike – BAM!

    This mother kitty has run out of ink!


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  6. lots of train and airplane departure from a city dreams for the last 3 weeks or so. I’ve had them linger than that but it has ramped up recently. kinda tired of it . I’ve had maybe 3 good nights of sleep (lack of sleep due to dreams mostly) in the last, hmm…6+ months. can the damn bubble just burst already? whatever it is, sheesh, just happen.

    hey, just wondering. any word on where G1nsbur8 is? was hesitant to ask but, i got over it lol.




    1. Déjà-vu for me, I’ve seen it before, the old world is crumbling before our eyes. Next are floating cities in the sky, I’ve had visions of this that are coming back as we speak after watching this footage.
      Thanks for sharing! 🏆

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        1. We’ve already had floating cities sightings a few times over the past few years, in China. They’re actually timeline rifts. Unless yours are something else, which is probable in an omniverse of infinite possibilities.


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            We were the first to introduce the concept of the “cities of light” that are our 5D creations as ascended masters and Logos Gods. This is one of the many creations in which we are now involved as the Elohim confirmed one more time in their latest message. Actually the current ascending reality which is an interception of 3D, 4D and 5D timelines within one and the same holographic model is the most complex creation this multiverse has ever seen. It is a challenge and a joyful adventure for all of us to explore the utmost limits of God’s creation. And we, the PAT, are very good at that – we are actually the best!

            Below, there are two videos that document the appearance of cities of light in California and China. Forget the suggestions of the editor in these videos as he has no clue what is happening in the End Time, but enjoy this unique manifestation as visual images of the new worlds in the Golden galaxy, the Guardians of which we are. We have seen with our third eye similar cities of light in the sky over Vancouver in the last six months but we do not have any visual documentation.

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    1. That whomp must have been what made me sooo tired last night around 9 pm pst. I couldn’t figure out why it was so sudden,
      I slept like a log and even wanted to sleep late, but some sound in my head woke me.
      Thanks for the updates and terrific cat pics! 💓

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    2. I guess it’s time for you guys to change the strategy, just think about it, when and where there is a not-whomp-in-progress-time that can be found on this planet now?

      So, I propose, instead of reporting the whomp time, you should start reporting sth like: “blissfully quiet 6 hours/15hours” tomorrow/next week, the harmonious period starts at such and such time and ends at (fill the blank) EST. Enjoy your short rest and we wish you lots of luck to survive the ever increasing clearing, cleansing, purging, vibrational chaos, shocking self discoveries, blissful self discoveries, integration of new information about life on the whole new level, loss of touch with your ego, unforgettable reunion with your Soul/Spirit/Higher Self, crumbling of illusions that you confused with reality, experience of the Source with all the consequent confusion as well as clarity it brings, loosing oneself, finding oneself, forgetting oneself, remembering oneself, dissolving all selves and and remaining sane against all the odds.

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  7. The theme for today has been… Limiting beliefs… And because this energy is like being on the demon at Great America, and because I feel like I’ve drank a 12 pack of Mountain dew for some reason.. I’m gonna post this message. Plus, I think I’m supposed too. Things are kinda weird right now. Anyway…

    If you believe something to be one way and one way only… that’s a limiting belief… you limit yourself to experiencing all other possibilities when you believe something to be only one way… Let’s use an example that everyone can get down with. Let’s say you want to move but you have no money or job and your credit sucks. Who’s gonna rent you anything in this world with those circumstances? Well, Nobody… if you believe you need all those things to make that happen. So yeah, you’re right in a sense and it is true to you because thats what you believe. No one will rent you shit. And thats the experience you will have.

    Now, if you’re like.. “Hey Universe! I need a house and a one car garage… and a small yard with one of those jenky dough boy pools…” Well, if you believe that it doesn’t matter if you don’t have all those things lined up (job, credit, money) and you are ACTIVELY pursuing finding a house with those specs. That house will come in at an angle you could have never even planned for or seen. This is the way it works. It’s really simple, actually. Next thing you know, you;re lounging poolside, jenky style and scratching your head and thinking “How the f…?” This is why you must be open to ALL possibilities and not limit yourself to only experiencing things one way. Everyone deserves what they need, so start believing that and living it. Were the manifesters here, that’s why everyones fighting over this world.

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    1. You are right. Or I think you are right. Or I feel you are right.
      Aahh whatever, this is getting close to insanity.

      What puzzles me until this day: if the law of attraction works on money, why are none of the lightworkers millionaires or billionaires? Mutatis mutandis, why are those who haven’t done a minute of selfwork in this lifetime loaded with money? They feel like crap unconsciously, yet attract money like pounds to a waistline.
      All the lightworkers I read and see are asking for donations or making ends meet. Something doesn’t add up.
      Yes, abundance isn’t about money so they say. Still it doesn’t answer my question.

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      1. Hey 777, Good question – It’s because they FOCUS all their energy on it… So, really they’re rich and have money because that’s all they care about. That’s how it works here… whatever you focus on you bring into your life. Hence the reason peoples lives are mostly shit.. because they focus on how shitty their lives are instead of where they want to be. Most of us lightworkers aren’t focused on that cash because we see the bigger picture… At least that’s how I understand it to be.

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    2. Thank you dear WP, you helped me a LOT! I’m sure you were supposed to post, as I’m going insane lately and this came to the right time 💜
      We’re all so incredibly connected
      Love and hugs

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      1. Well, I am honored to be able to help people like you, Ambien3. That is so awesome and thank you for the feedback. It helps me too, believe it or not! And I kinda knew it needed to be posted, but you never know where it’s going to land these days. I’m just a regular dude like everyone else, but I’m connected to a soul group that is tired of the BS. They are moving info through me. They are masters of sound. I am a musician/engineer and my music connects to the trifecta… The high heart, Source, and the earth. It cracks people open and soon I will share the music/album my soul group has been helping me create for this very moment in time. It’s gonna be a very intense experience for those who can connect on that level.

        This album is more then just an album. It’s hip, slick and straight from the cosmos with no bullshit attached. Music that people need right now. I couldn’t have even made it until now because I was working out my own bullshit and that would have been reflected in the energy of the music. I cant even finish it fast enough because I can feel how much it is needed and the answers the frequencies will provide to the people who hear/need it.

        I know I went off the reservation a little with this post but I feel its sort of connected because this album is going to help people heal a lot of their own bullshit. Or open them up to it and help them work through it. All this from an album you say? What kind of sorcery is this? It’s called Magic and yes it’s going to do that and more.

        I love you guys and you’re all doing great work!

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        1. Can’t wait to hear your music! I know it’s going to be magnificent
          Playing my piano (beside at least two daily Meditations and lot of sports) is helping me through this rough final examination 😊 but still struggling
          Your words resonate with me as I’m just a regular girl
          Thank you so much, Love

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        2. I appreciate the support guys! Thank you. And you all will most definitely get a copy of it. I will make sure of it. There’s still a lot to do, but there was some key info I needed to know that was just relayed to me, so I can continue to work on it now. It’s been a long road already but I knew it was going to be like this when I started this.

          Ambien3, thanks so much and don’t stop playin! Here’s some inspiration for you from my favorite piano player. This guy is a musical genius and it’s kinda not fair, haha.

          I love all you guys!

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  8. Well… I don’t get that anything that follows needs sharing, but ‘someone’ has other ideas…
    I was in the massive headache club this morning (Jan 7th ) – I’m not a coffee ‘lover’, but I do use it therapeutically and did this morning…
    … as to growing unicorn horns… and exposing more weirdness … as far as Crown chakras go – my daughter once perceived mine to be closed, but most people are crown chakra ‘innies’ – receiving energy & up grades; my crown chakra is an ‘outy’… I received information on why this is several years ago – it helped me deal with my life better… I feel when I receive energy or information it’s omni-directional in… So, wasn’t that happy feeling the unicorn horn presence going into my skull pointy end first – it did let up some time today… and also after reading the update I realized that I felt better after this last time line shift – I thank whoever for that big jump…

    – as to the night of those receiving visitors – when I read that I was ‘out’ instead of receiving, but not clear what I was out’N’about doing…

    I’ve had to breathe through letting go of disappointment about the early space program. I was emotionally invested in it in my teens, even wanting to go to Mars – I read quite a bit if Science fiction back then not wanting to be here, and to escape what was being done to me… another thing, like other things, so many of us have had to let go of…
    Re: early astronauts – in my original timeline, Alan Shepard was the first man IN space (up and down) and John Glen was the first to orbit the Earth…
    Perhaps we could all allow for each others timeline memories, maybe none of them are ‘wrong’, within this context… – Funny, I had never heard of the Paul McCartney controversy until about 6 yrs ago (so, coincidentally about 2012) – it was never in my life and their popularity started in the US when I was a freshman in high school, so my exposure to EVERYTHING Beatles was prevalent and preeminent.
    There are just going to be memory differences with timeline things. I just don’t think any of it is really important anymore or maybe rather that it will be irrelevant soon – oooo, the dreaded ‘soon’… 🙂 no hurties intended to anyone, just my own perusings…

    love to all,


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        1. Is it true there was a Chinese astronaut some centuries ago?
          Or is this just a tall tale?


  9. Constant headache for two days. Few hours before Schumann spike my temperature went up to 40*C (104F). Haven’t had that in years..


  10. 3:50 central time. Whomp started an hour ago. Ice cold and muscle spasms. Compressed feeling. No medical issues but I took some minerals just in case. Anybody else? Blasted me!


  11. We don’t know what any of this means, but here’s what’s happened to some of us today:

    -One of the M’s suddenly felt down for no reason around 10 or 11 am PST today. Anyone else? (It’s happened to CATs and other psychics and sensitives before.)
    -Another M was sitting and reading and suddenly heard a high-pitched, “BEEP… BEEP” to their left… at… 2:15 PST. Anyone else? (We’ve also had this happen — a lot. It was usually an ET drone/probe of some sort.)
    -Yet another M got caught up in thinking about FOOD, recipes… and cooking outdoors (?).
    -Another M made some terrible apple pancakes. How can you ruin apple pancakes??
    -And lots of us and readers are having headaches, body aches, feelings of cold in extremities, heat in the lower abdomen… the usual.

    Really minor stuff, we know. Must be that CME.

    -CAT Eds.

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      1. Hah! My down time was at 11:00 PST when I promptly went to bed and slept for 2 hours. I later ruined a batch of chocolate chip cookies with too much salt, Aaand here in the PNW we had our second major snowstorm with 6″ at my house. Seattle is getting hammered. Also the heat pump died today. This is the 3rd electronic failure in the last 2 weeks. First the car battery died, then the espresso machine died, and now the heat pump.. Clearly the new must come in with the higher energies. Grumble, gnash teeth. At least I’m keeping the hummingbirds well fed with rotating feeders.

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          1. That is a brave cat trying to stop plastic polution, One bag at a time. Love/Gratitude, yet I’m not going to eat bags. Peace.

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          2. Umm. I am also experienced in pulling things out of my cat’s bottom, but it’s usually stringy pieces of grass. Suppose it’s a digestive aid. Plastic bags are an odd one though. The things we do as cat staff! Good job they are so awesome and lovable.

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          3. You know, for some reason cats dislike the smell of coffee grounds. Maybe if you soak a few plastic bags in coffee or sth else your cat may dislike, and then leave those “bad tasting plastic bags” around your cat, you might get the cat trained to avoid this “food”.
            Mine used to consume Christmass tree long plastic decorations. Once he put one end of any of it into his mouth, he for some reason, would decide that the only way to get rid of it is to swallow the entire 1.5-2 meter silver (made of plastic) noodle like thing. For some miraculous reason I would usually be on time to pull it out of his mouth before it was swallowed completely, which would stop him from repeating the same damn thing for about 30 mins- 1hour. But after that, the joy of cat’s curiosity…. you got the picture)))

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        1. Whereas on *my* very high frequency ‘5D’ PNW Timeline here in Canada, a warm front blew in last night, all the snow from one little 1 inch snowfall is gone completely, it is back to mild and cool moderate Vancouver weather….and absolutely NOTHING has “died”.

          (the frequency contrast between current 3D and 5D tangled Timelines)

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      2. Very rough evening and night, feeling down for the first time in a week. Started at about 3pm yesterday, currently 5:21am (Belgium UTC+2).
        Dreams were full of challenges, relentless.

        That’s the most horrible part of this experience, thinking it’s finally all fluffy clouds and peace and then out of nowhere getting smacked to the ground like a brick in a tornado. That has to stop, I’m so done with it.

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    1. Has anybody else been having difficulties sleeping over the last couple of nights? Weird, tired and sleepy but wide awake and active all blended into one! It is disorienting.

      About your beeping sounds… for me those keep appearing out of nowhere, like from some invisible realm/space from time to time over the last couple of months. I hear those beeping or some other sounds loud and clear (it’s usually a series of identical sounds, the series differ though) but the sounds are not coming from the physical space. They are normally short lived. Is that what the cats are experiencing? Btw, alien probe sounds creepy but it makes a lot of sense, it hasn’t occurred to me though that it could be just that, but makes sense b/c the sounds are always artificial.


      1. Um… more like last eight years.

        In terms of the CATs, lots of us live near portals, and portals have… countless… beings and ships and spirits and tech allover the place all the time. You either filter it out or you go mad.

        -CAT Eds.

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          1. @Sekhem Norse
            Thanks for posting, I wonder how many people are hearing them…
            I was a bit surprised to see ‘chimes’ show up again the next day when I looked up the lyrics to a song that had me dancing around the room, called “Belfry” by Lone Justice. The last verse is –

            From the coldest mountain
            To the deepest brine
            Burst the shutters open
            And let the glorious sound
            Rip apart the sky
            Belfry, belfry
            Belfry ring victory’s chimes for us
            Belfry, hope has returned for good

            A very uplifting song, for these long Waiting for Godot days… 😉

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    2. The cold extremities are weird when you are having a mega hot flush. I had wondered if it was just me so I’m glad you mentioned it. Also have digestive issues and haywire heart beat. Slept 12 hours last night after a really sudden onset of tiredness that hit me like a brick. Winds are wild in NE of the UK today which is making me feel very unsettled. Maybe a much needed spring clean of energies of our island.
      I have a pancake craving now you have mentioned them.😊

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        1. Thank you. It’s hard to get over the thought that you might keel over any time , but hey if I do I get back to a nice energy body. Do you get past the wobbly heart stage or does it just become another symptom you get used to?

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          1. I had lots of wobbly heart stuff throughout last year, seems to have calmed down a bit but I still get the odd wobble usually when the blasts of energy come in. Breathing, meditation, lavender, chamomile and frankincense seem to help, I’ve been making a mixture with organic hemp oil massaging it into my feet, neck, shoulders etc every night before bed, always put a fit if frankincense on my third eye and back if my neck, not sure why but just feel guided to! ❤️🙏

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    3. me too….extreme ‘grief’…..’full circle’ has been reached, endings underway & are intermixed with feelings of disappointment & failure being viewed from different levels from each individual’s mission perspective, many stable seasoned lightworkers, that are not caught in simulated light & love bubbles of illusion from their own making, are feeling this at this time. It’s very real.

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  12. I had a closed bag full of supplies unzip and throw it’s contents inside a closed closet today. It was so loud the whole house heard it. Gremlins having fun again.

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    1. I’ve been seeing those gremlins, or should I say fast kitties out of the corner of my eye. This is going on more as of lately. I Love It. Peace

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    2. yes its been a bizarre week … entered the twilight zone, 4th dimension or the veil is thin, crossing the bridge can have all sorts of trolls underneath … keep hearts open & remember you are Love.

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  13. Latest Gaia Portal

    Soothing vibrations inflow to the masses.

    Overreaches are abandoned.

    Fliegelmeisters awaken.

    Farsights are enabled.

    The chariots are coming.

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  14. Very discombobulated, bus dreams, pressure in head, lots of movement in the corner of my eye (beings?) flashes of light, digestion all over the place!

    Home seems to be falling apart! Fence came down yesterday, wall crumbling, cracks in ceiling and everything looks worn and dusty!

    Physically, skin cracking and dry hands, physical vehicle falling apart too!


    Love and Light ❤️🌟❤️

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    1. Hang on in there Lily. Perhaps all the crumbling is a message that something much better is about to come to you. I really hope so for you. 😐💖

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      1. @Newlynn thank you, really does feel as if our world is literally crumbling around us and we just have to wait and see what happens next, hopefully something good!

        Hugs ❤️🌼

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          1. @Newlynn I thought I should add. It might just be me but…

            When I use any other essential oil aparts from lavender in the bath, I come out in really bad itchy,burning hives!

            It’s very odd but I can mix most oils in a carrier such as hemp and put them straight onto my skin and I’m fine. In the bath though, it’s a whole different experience!


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    2. Lily, same here! The skin on my hands keep cracking and the duplex we rent is falling apart! Things keep breaking foe no reason. Looks like we may be moving in a month or two to a house that’s being renovated. I hope you have something new in your future as well. It really feels like an energy or timeline thing. Our entire neighborhood feels and looks worse than I remember. Oh, and the head pain/pressure is fun too!

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      1. Yes our neighbourhood suddenly looks/feels so run down, our gate is now falling apart, maybe it’s all making way for a beautiful New Earth!?

        Oh but my hands! The skin in my thumb has cracked so much it’s gone really deep, if I touch anything the pain! Ouch!!!

        Hope your move goes well ☺️

        We are on a housing list so just keeping everything g crossed that something suitable comes along soon. Daughter is disabled but also talk and heavy for her seven years, trying to help her with therapy and change nappies etc is quite tough. Not enough floor space so tend to get kicked in the face quite often! All accidental, she cannot help it, there just not room and she thrashes arms and legs about a lot during care!

        Big love and light to All ❤️🌟❤️


      1. @SB couldn’t stop chuckling when I read this! I pictured a big chipped tooth on legs with a walking stick like a funny cartoon! ❤️


    1. More false hope…
      I’m beginning to believe all this stuff is false hope.
      The event is always coming. Things are always meant to get better. It I should true Hillary would’ve been worse than trump, but nowhere is there a visible sign of improvement.

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      1. true, imagine 200, 300, 500, etc years ago, and every single culture (large number of ppl) was into this “messiah, buddha, shiva, jesus, mitra, this or that avatar, the great eagle, holy whoever, and now the event is coming soon”. And then 300 years passed… and nothing of the above came. What did come soon in great amount except for the event was more stupidity, suppression, victimhood, and like you said- false hope. Sth is not quite right with this orientation.

        I would propose for the sake of growth and evolution of this planet and the ppl it hosts, why don’t each of us just quietly declare (and makes sure it happens) sth like :

        1. My response-ability for everything i have done and chosen for me so far and for my current choices is coming right now,
        2. My joy/peace/clarity/awareness is coming into my life and reality right now,
        3. My discernment and creativity and my ability to grow and evolve is coming to my and my environment attention right now,
        5. My nature to be sth out of the ordinary is revealing itself right now,
        6…. you all may continue the list from this moment on and sing it out loud with your fellow cats on a daily and hourly basis, until one person liberated imagination starts confusing this collective nightmare.

        If you can’t stop or enlighten them, surprise them with the most beautiful thing they least expect))).


      2. Feeling the frequencies. . . breathing in the pure love. . .it appears that the words transmitted do not resonate with each one. . . no one is required to read or to feel these words. . so then false hope is like an oxymoron. . .

        Remember there are many perspectives, and many conduits of information. Take whate resonates with you and injoy!

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  15. A present showed up from U tbe this morning for all the Cats and related friends who are crazed by things seen in the corner of eyes, strange and maybe wonderful others things newly seen, sensations that make your skin crawl, – too much? hide head in corner then lastly look for the door/portal to NE…

    with love and affection, ❤

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  16. Well, Gang, this statement is based only on my personal experience re: The Cities of Light. I live about 90 miles SSE of Vancouver. The energy shift here which is high to begin with has been taken up several notches vibrationally. The clarity and intensity is palpable. Just sayin’ Draw your own conclusions.

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    1. @ Anonymous
      2019-02-10 AT 11:10 PM

      Wow! Great work, thank you so much! So, the Builder Masters are right here
      on earth! And the triangle stands already! Blessings!


      1. Well, crap; the Kabamur account was just locked and I refuse to join Twitter in order to officially follow anyone! Nevermind…..

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      2. I would be interested In The CATS take on kabamur_taygeta as well. Kinda cool follow but then dude says that Jackie Kennedy is the one who fired the kill shot of her husband President John F Kennedy! Since we’ve been lied to about everything since the beginning of time,I’m sure Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t do it, but Jackie O?

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        1. ALTHOUGH the zapruder film shows that it looks as if jackie may have done it. here is a slow motion of the zapruder film/video which says, “watch the limo driver.”

          in this video, you can see the limo driver–secret service agent–slowly lift a gun over his right shoulder, then fire at jfk’s head, blowing it apart. it may take a few times watching the video to observe this.

          then the driver pulls gun back to front and speeds up the car to drive on.

          ALSO, if you watch it over again and again. you can see that it appears that Jackie is the one shooting jfk in front of head. then climbing onto the back of the car.

          when I first saw the ‘Jackie did it’ video years ago. I was flaggergasted, thinking it does appear that way.

          and folks said that she had been received mind control, been brainwashed into doing it.

          the video may clearly, though, show the Secret service driver to be the one who shot the front of the head. I read somewhere that this man later revealed to his own son that he had indeed been the one to shoot from in front.

          any other comments after watching this?


          1. here is the link to the ‘watch the limo driver’ zapruder slow motion video.


            1. There were three assassins. The killshot came from the grassy knoll. There are agents all throughout the video, including the man with a mustache dressed as a woman. The umbrella guy was a section chief. The whole thing run by… guess who?

              -CAT Eds.

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        2. No. It was a full ca8al conspiracy, with the higher-up families, the underground monsters, LBJ and Bu$h Sr. and the agency and some military… boy are they rueing the day… though Kennedy’s forced space program did totally line their coffers with cash. They made so much money from NOT going to the moon.

          -CAT Eds.

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            1. You don’t want to know. They’re kinda boring after you learn about them. Just darkness hoarders, of many types, some even on the surface inside human bodies. Even they will turn toward the light one day; there are Light infiltrators even in their ranks (from their future) working on them.

              -CAT Eds.

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  17. I’m afraid I have nothing to add on the event front, it’s getting worse and better at the same time as usual. Something is going to pop sooner rather than later, either me or everything else.

    Watching this always gives me hope; as long as I know that Macaskill is out there doing his thing, at least there are two of us :

    PS. The music is well worth good speakers.


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    1. Dear jj…..whichever answer that J gives you, here is the reply I just gave to him regarding my adventures here in mega-high-frequency Vancouver, BC:



      That’s right…..for the past 8/9 years I was involved in the building of the Crystal City of Light over the entire Vancouver, British Columbia Canada lower mainland area, covering the North Shore and out to the Fraser Valley.

      In sleep state even my son was helping out in the beginning, and I was then connected to my male soul mates in Texas — who are actually TV celebrity actors who moved to Austin together but they travel back and forth constantly to film here in Vancouver most of the year….(in order to form and continually charge up the “physical” energy connection between our Cities of Light)

      We all worked together on the Texas ‘City of Light’ over Austin in our sleep states, and then we finished it in the fall of 2017.
      In December 2017 we were meeting a lot in lucid dreams, going through the cities to inspect our Crystalline buildings.

      Then in the spring of 2018 our Higher Selves connected both the Vancouver BC and Austin Texas Cities of Light, to the one over Hawaii.
      A 3-way connection, to form the higher dimensional TRIAD. (triangular Cities of Light connection).

      Apparently this is the optimal structure of higher dimensional crystalline cities, just as with creating ‘triangle’ stargates — like the one you can see in our Sun.


      1. @anonymous: How funny! I was moved to my present location from my previous location in an adjacent state for the express purpose of opening up a new portal on the changing grid. It’s been an interesting ride to say the least! This happened for me nearly 13 years ago. Woohoo!


        1. Ha! We are probably working together in the astral….I was just asking my son to connect to his team and find out what the bleep is going on with Seattle right now — my celebrity soulmates from Texas were supposed to be there for a Seattle Convention this weekend, and it was cancelled because of the snow….we’ve being trying our damndest to get our son a passport so that he can go on a Field Trip to Seattle on Monday — I’m thinking THAT might be cancelled, too.

          And a whole bunch of other messages about Seattle right now…even a purple sky there yesterday.
          So I was asking, what is going on? Why are they closing it off, are they building a portal there right now?

          Got a fuzzy “Yes” answer with interference….nothing else. So far.
          Mayhaps you are working on this Seattle thing as well ~ because it/we are ALL closely connected here….


          1. No, we were a bit disconnected as some CATs were a little sick and low energy, while others needed a break… until one of the M’s plowed into us literally carrying a giant stalk of bananas! That gets your attention. No idea where they got them.

            -CAT Eds.

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  18. Dear CATS, M’s, ALL Please watch this, I know some of you do not like videos but please watch this one, if you haven;t seen this already I do not think you will regret it! Utterly astounding!

    LOVE & LIGHT ❤️✨❤️

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        1. Yes I really believe that, it’s incredibly beautiful as if the ancients and Gaia were speaking through him, felt like a journey through time and a message to wake up. I wonder how many will be woken/activated by this? X


  19. Diana Ross pegged it, It’s like a heat wave, burning in my Heart/It’s tearing me apart @ 10:10 pm, est. Yet it’s only 62deg. in this room. Much Love to All. Peace

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  20. Thank You Cats & M’s 🙂 Love to All …wholey shift it certainly has been a wild ride from feb 2 to feb 10, had severe headaches for 4 days & my blood pressure was up, thought I’d end up in the ER but breathed, meditated, hydrated & made it through. Crazy cause my heart is so full of love & couldn’t understand why my head was hurting so much. Yes felt like a Pine cone or Unicorn was pushing out the top of my head. A bizarre week of Communications, things appearing from nowhere, so much guidance & downloads, its like the Universe Opened a door or did we Open the Door to the Universe? All very exciting even with the ouch, the rainbow wave the unicorn all interconnected could we be sprouting wings too? Its the 11th today & Feeling the energy is calming down “finally” phew I feel better now 🙂

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  21. Pssst, has anyone else noticed the Cats and M’s going quiet?
    Are they still here? Have they ascended? Do they have very important news to share? Were they even here in the first place or was it our imagination?

    More on this, right after these commercials!


    1. Sounds like a tornado siren test guess because they are happening worldwide and out of season you have to test your sirens year round now.


      1. We’ve never had a tornado in Antwerp, checked the records as from the year 1901. We’ve had less than 5 in Belgium in the last 120 years, all in rural areas not cities (duh).
        Besides that, sirens warning people for disasters such as nuclear meltdowns (that’s what it sounded like) have been dismantled and replaced by e-mail and sms-warnings.
        The old sirens were tested until 2018, every first Thursday of the month. Yesterday was Monday.
        The government website re sirens doesn’t mention anything neither, which they always do upfront, yet zilch.
        Nothing in the newspaper today neither, even though it’s from and about this area.

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  22. A question to all cats and ms and all those who are experts on crystals (and please, no popular ideas that can be found in the i-net). I have had a series of very strange and each time unexpected situations with crystals that have been happening in different locations around the world. I personally have no clue whatsoever what the heck this is all about even after I had meditated on it and did some research on the matter. At various times, I would accidentally drop my crystals- always on the tile or concrete or stone floor or asphalt (never a soft surface), some of them would split into a few pieces that way, others would be slightly damaged to my dismay. Nothing negative ever happened before, during or after these accidents, they crystals seem to be perfectly ok afterwords (or so it looks), i don’t feel like they want to go to somebody else either, this is just bewildering and it keeps happening. Any idea on what it could be? Thanks in advance!


    1. Well… with respect to the Reiki practitioners… our new “light body/spirit-sleeves” in these vehicles don’t respond to most crystals anymore. They don’t work like they used to, with the exception of Auralite 23. The rest are still ALIVE (all crystals are alive), but don’t do the same things for us given our upgraded status. That could be why you’re seeing what you’re seeing.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. THANK YOU! It makes sense! As I was reading your reply I noticed -for the first time ever and truly b/c of your observation, that I have never paid attention to that particular aspect of the really puzzling situation, i.e., every time I accidentally and unexpectedly dropped the crystals it would happen shortly AFTER I’d shifted things for the better, there was,- and every single time, indeed a move to a more expanded and more aware energy and consciousness state! If you haven’t pointed at this aspect of this, I would have never noticed, it was such a subtle and yet very pronounced thing that was happening among all others that I was at a loss in regards to the odd crystal behaviour with mainly good things taking place. Fascinating! Thanks again for the answer and the reply!

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          1. Auralite 23 can be rather pricey because it’s one of those brand-name stones (although its more down-to-earth name is Thunder Bay amethyst). How one can copyright a stone escapes me, but whatever. Anyway, if anyone is interested, there’s a perfectly lovely eBay seller (U.S.A.) who makes pendants quite inexpensively (I only know her because I’ve bought her stuff on several occasions). Here’s a link to her current auctions of Auralite:


  23. Kolibri…Kabamur didn’t lock you out. I just checked it out and the twitter account “doesn’t exist.” So maybe Kabamur decided to delete their account suddenly for some strange reason or they never existed and i’m on some over timeline. Maybe the CAT(s) know and will inform us if we were scammed again after they finish working on a project.


    1. It was definitely weird. Directly after I copied the (now dead) link here, I went back to Twitter and found the account locked. I checked it on and off for maybe half an hour and then moved on. That evening, I checked again and it was unlocked. However, there was a post that said, “I’m done”, with many responses begging him not to go. The next morning, the account had been deleted. He gave no clue as to what had happened, just pulled the plug. His prerogative, but odd.


  24. furry rainbow unicat most awesome.

    apologies for adding more video, which I understand cats and m’s don’t care for.

    to view deeper down the paul McCartney was replaced with someone else rabbit hole, here is part one link to

    the poster of the video has done some extensive research and made videos showing this. he also states to do your own research, too.

    the comments of viewers say so much too.

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  25. Word on the street is DJT has a double. Double as in an older version of him, a clone, who timetravelled and is now back here on Earth.
    The timetravelling sure would explain the seemless infinite pool of confidence he taps from.
    It all sounds very weird, so there must be some truth in it.
    Would you please have your third eyes check this intel? 🤝


  26. More fear porn! Apparently we are so full of aluminium that when The event comes, we will spontaneously combust! Is this guy paid by the C8b8l?!

    Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

    Corey Goode:

    UPDATE: I have been overwhelmed with briefings and new information coming in from Gonzales, the SSP Alliance, Blue Avians and the Anshar.

    The Alliance briefings have been sporadic at best, but when they do occur they are filled with gems of new information that correlate with what we are seeing play out in the media in real time.

    I recently announced that I had introduced people like David Wilcock and Dr. Salla (Among others) to Alliance contacts. Depending on the meeting/briefing, there were people that were retired Colonels, Generals, and politicians from this and other countries. I have been providing briefings to Wilcock and Salla along with them receiving direct communications and briefings at times from the Alliance.

    Over the last month, I have been giving Wilcock a series of briefings that will be integrated into his upcoming highly anticipated article. We expect this next article to be bursting with new information.

    I have provided some troubling updates to Wilcock about the SSP Alliance and the recent and tragic death of ‘Sigmon’ during a ‘Dark Fleet’ attempt to destroy the intelligence that was leaked by a former ‘Dark Fleet’ Surgeon who we call ‘Bones’. Some sort of exotic device was used in an attack at LOC Alpha while in a conference room.

    Apparently, a ‘bomb’ of sorts had been planted in the room’s ceiling tiles. It was not a chemical explosive device like we would think of but a device that releases a very powerful ‘flash’ of a specific type of radiation. It is meant to destroy/kill ‘organic systems’ (aka living tissue) and not affect technology or infrastructure. The goal appears to have been to kill the SSP Alliance leadership and retrieve the intel and trace it back to those that leaked it. Thankfully, Sigmund had taken precautions with the evidence and it didn’t fall into ‘Dark Fleet’ hands. In addition to Sigmund, I am now being told that a hand full of other SSP Alliance Leadership were killed. I received further information about internal wars breaking out within various SSP’s including ‘Dark Fleet’.

    I will be reporting details of this very soon. I was picked up a few weeks ago and taken to the LOC Alpha where I was briefed on the recent attack. In that briefing, I was told that Sigmund had been taken to the equivalent of a ‘safe house’ along with his team where he was in critical condition and didn’t have access to the most advanced medical technologies. This ‘safe house’ was a base that was created out of older space vessels that had been decommissioned.

    They found an area underground/within caverns on a local planetary body and docked the vessels together in a configuration and built out infrastructure between them to create a base. I am told that this is the method that most of the ‘Dark Fleet Rebels’ are using to form bases in other Star Systems, rumored to be the closest 13 stars or so. I was also told that I needed to hang on to some of the info from my tour of the Ancient ET structures that are within the Moon until things stabilized with the SSP Alliance.

    I am hoping to clear the info soon as this is a topic I would love to cover in our follow-up documentary to ‘Above Majestic, the Implications of a Secret Space Program’ that hit #1 in its category on iTunes and Amazon for 6 weeks. I have also had more Anshar contact than I could ever hope to report.

    I have had in-person meetings with ‘El Lil’ (Anshar Elder) and Aree (Anshar Priestess) as well as strange ‘Dreamtime’ meetings’ with Aree where we are in a dimly lit cave. She is not addressing me directly but seems to be teaching or preparing others in the cave.

    I looked around and could see features of the other people here and there and realized they were all there to listen to what she said. She was speaking of ascension and the solar event. One of the topics was that most humans are so full of aluminum and other metal alloys, that when the solar event does occur, many will conduct the extremely intense EM energy and cause spontaneous combustion. The topic of purging these metals from our bodies came up as well as the importance of not only staying mentally balanced but also physically balanced (Concerning general health).

    I will be sharing much more about these meetings with the Anshar and what info was imparted to me. They discussed that during this time we are our worst enemies in incurring karma during this energetic change. Karma/Trauma healing is extremely important as is being extra mindful of karma. The energies are enhancing 3rd density energies as they begin to drown them out. In that time, black magic from the enemy is more effective/powerful as is our power of consciousness magic. If we could harness those energies now we could manifest amazing things. The fact is, the dark side and the light side are so frazzled mentally from these energies that they cannot focus enough to take advantage of these energetic perks. There are most likely monks in caves that are able to harness these energies but for the most part, I am being told that we are still too far out of tune to harness them right now.

    I will get into the details of these meetings as well as some very interesting Blue Avian meetings in dreams very soon. I may be releasing some of it with Wilcock in some fashion as well as Edge of Wonder in future interviews. I have been close to making updates on a few occasions when new briefings changed everything. Please keep an eye out for Wilcock’s new article as much of the recent briefings we have gotten should be included. I hope to make some video’s and post some updates of my own very soon. We are also heavily engaged in working on the Graphic Novel/Marvel situation. As all of you know, they challenged one of our trademarks ‘Return of the Guardians’. We are close to a resolution that will make all parties happy. In the meantime, we are getting the 2nd edition Comic to the letterer and then to the printer and sending those out with the completed Graphic Novel to follow soon after. We are also working on a number of documentary and feature film projects that once announced will excite the community as well as bring millions of more people into this community to then access all of our work on disclosure and expansion of consciousness. We hope to make those announcements and share some of these projects at our Cosmic Waves event in Hawaii (April 8-13 I am also excited to spend time with everyone there on the boats and swimming with the wild dolphins. Last year, I was able to connect with one of the dolphins. It was an amazing experience. I was taken off guard by the mix of extremely high intelligence/emotion and ‘WILD mental energy’ this wonderful being had and it sort of jolted me at the time.

    I look forward to experiencing that again but being a bit more prepared for it this time. I would love to see you there. After this year I may be doing far fewer public events as the before mentioned feature film and documentary projects take off.

    More to come very soon,
    Corey Goode


    1. lily, wow! This is the longest post you have ever posted here so far! Why did you even bother reading that crap till the end? This Goode “material” started looking like politics with special effects long time ago. Anyway, lily you are funny))), I mean it in a good way).

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      1. @Anonymous lol, I know, sometimes I come across these articles and curiosity gets the better of me, I don’t believe a word of it but am just curious as to how much nonsense is out there! Plus, a lady on another blog was so scared by what he had written I felt I had to comment. Once upon a time I would have been sucked in too! The awakening process can be a long road with a lot of stumbling blocks (like fake news) on the way! ❤️😘


    2. Balderdash… with a bullet. There is no SSP (not really); this is highly oversold to take the heat off the ca8al’s outright theft of huge amounts of money instead of this alleged “space fleet.” We might have a few ships, but they ain’t a fleet by any stretch of the imagination. And there is no Dark Fleet. All the dark stuff was POOFed by SOURCE a while ago, the “Dark Universe/Dimension” as well. That said, lots of people’s bodies do indeed have lots of toxins and metals of all sorts, but… well, we don’t like to talk about the nuts and bolts of The Event as it might scare people. What’s to happen is not scary, really, but it might look scary if you didn’t know what was going on. Unless this is to be done in a new way we’re not familiar with, some Guides have said that those who are to be relocated to the New Earth — or to various other locations, depending on their vibrations — will have their bodies go POOF here at the time of The Event, that is, disintegrate. It won’t hurt, but it could look kinda scary to anyone who’s watching it. Your spirit will thus be removed from this vehicle and placed in another vehicle in another location (aka, The NE, etc.). It’s not exactly a transition, as SOURCE is doing it. There may be some time factored into the SHIFT, or not depending on personal preferences, previous agreements. But since SOURCE is doing this, this action and your experience will be PERFECT, and highly enjoyable. Just. Don’t. Fear. There is nothing to fear. You yourself are perfect, immortal spirit, and indestructible. You will then take the DNA codes with you into your next body… which you’ll just find yourself in. You may look the same, you may look a little different. We’re guessing that those who go to the NE will be taller and better looking, and smarter, and more fun at parties.

      Oh, his whole schpiel is such crap. Ignore him, whoever he is. (There is no “Corey Goode.”) You won’t see him on the NE. Wilcock is a fool for believing this guy, and some others.


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      1. @M6 thanks so much, I hope the transition is instantaneous and beautiful! I wonder, for those that are not expecting The Event will they just have a strange experience maybe if asleep just have an odd dream and wake up to a better Earth, not actuly realise that their body has gone ‘poof’! Just be very happy they have woken up in this better version?! Or if they are conscious maybe they will just have a time lapse, momentary abscence and come around to their new reality without any awareness of what really just happened but still amazed by it all?! No pain no fear just a beautiful experience 🙏❤️🙏


        1. Well… it could also involve your own mind and what YOU PERSONALLY expect to happen. If you think the Flames of God are roasting your demon-lover body… well, then you might feel that. It’s much like the “death” experience: whatever you expect, you get… at least for a time until Guides can reach you and slap you awake. Some people firmly believe in their own guilt (despite being innocent), so free will dictates that they get what they want… for a time. THAT said… since SOURCE is involved, and loves us SO MUCH it would make your head spin, we expect The Event to be special on every level.


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