“Last Day to Jump” [UPDATE3]


Hm. We had, “Last Day to Jump,” on our calendars for today… and then this happened…

…early this morning:

Timeline jump.

Some of us also felt… a hot/warm area *above* the belt-line (ahem) last night, pulsing on and off, followed by uber-champagned-ness energy all over… and it occurred right before the above jump.

Also, it looks like the recent flare/CME energy made landfall:


And this:


Here it is hitting the Tixie riometer:


Hacks like SpaceWeather tow the party line with their “coronal hole” noise. [insert Aussie accent: “The Coronal Hole TOOK MY BAYBEE!”] But wait, there’s more!

We’ve not seen Cumiana look like this.


N. Italian jumpy house.


And in case you were wondering: “GOSH, might there be some muonic telltale beating in the floor??” Well, you’re psychic Timmy! Thar she blows!…

Here’s our fav Siberian muon detector right in step with the Moscow SR meter at top.

And a little Kiruna zoomage:


The current peak of the latest incoming solar energy (regular) is around 11:00 am PST. Wave X energy will be of course increasing till either your CNS melts or you find yourself “on the green” at Downton Abbey, as it were.

Speaking of timeline jumps… not sure we’ve mentioned these before, but sometimes the sun just “turns things on” in what’s called, “solar dimming”:


Check out these little animated snippets:

solar dimming 1

solar dimming 2

That’s enough for meow… er, now.

“Welcome to Meownton Abbey…”


Some tidbits:

Interesting spike from the Jang Bogo neutron meter run by S. Korea in Antarctica. How’s that for out-there? Lots of meters are down due to the timeline jump.

And this shows you how unreliable Spaceweather.com is:


That’s a HAARP hole, not a “fallstreak hole.” We’d written off this site long ago, anyway.

As for the aforementioned sun anomaly, we don’t have time to work up an animation, so here are two images you can use:


For those interested, download the above images then run through them quickly, and observe the faint dark blobs that appear at the sun’s equator, oscillating on and off occasionally. We’ve been seeing this activity for some time, and it’s getting more and more prevalent.


We had stopped looking at MIMIC since they dropped the old system (that was easier to use to pick up HAARP and Wave X activity, hence the drop), but the new system actually showed what the old system was picking up: total Wave X swampedness:

(Thanks to commenter Mr. M for the heads-up.)

We’ve never seen this microwave meter do this.


Sorry for the delay, we’re always slow on the uptake on Saturdays. We had another high-energy night last night (that is, early Saturday morning). It is the first time we think that *all* the CATs slept late — till 10:00 am! The below happened right in the middle of it (08:01 UTC is midnight PST):


This was all that CME/flare energy come home to roost:


And we had a muon thing a little while ago…

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.48.15 PM

…and an SR blip:


More as it happens.

156 thoughts on ““Last Day to Jump” [UPDATE3]

  1. My heart is beating uber fast! Just had a big flash of blue/white light in my living room, what was that?!!!!

    Was just sitting looking at your blog, lights all dim, candle on and then FLASH!!!

    Should I be scared?


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      1. Oh wow! Wonder what this could be? The flash I saw was really bright about the size of a person! I’ve had small flashes in my peripheral vision before but this was big, definitely there! I wasn’t scared but my heart beat quickened a fair bit!

        I wonder if anyone else has seen this?!


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        1. interesting – the flash I saw was much smaller – maybe the size of a baseball or so. I don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about though. I sometimes receive “downloads” and they are often preceded by seeing some sort of orb/flash, usually fairly small in size, though I don’t really know why I saw the “dimming” effect right beforehand in this case (I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen before).

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    1. Lily, the first thing I thought of when reading blue white light was Archangel Michael.
      How did the light feel to you?


  2. Thank you sooo much, CATs and M’s, for the above explanation.
    I did feel the “uber-champagned-ness”, and I was really annoyed, for I thought those days were over, but no …

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  3. just checking in. appreciate the blog, the humor in the writing, the firm yet gentle approach to the comment section and the thought that is put into the graphics. and that’s not even the meat of what is offered here. time, to me, seems to be moving ever faster (every week feels 4 days long, every month feels like 3 weeks) and i’m not sure where it is going. not sure why i felt compelled to say that but i don’t think it matters really. thanks for the effort that is put into this space.


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  4. About the only thing that happened is that the car battery died. It was less than 2 years old. The comment made to my traveling companion was “I wonder what timeline jump did we make ?” It was very clear that we were supposed to be on this particular timeline and not the old one. How very interesting. It’s like I absolutely knew what could have happened because of the timeline jump. Other roads traveled. Thank you Source!

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    1. p.s. I forgot to add that the battery died about 10:30-10:45 A.M. PST. When my mechanic who just happened to be directly across the street in his shop walked over with his battery jumper, we departed on our new destination at almost 11:00. Coincidence? I think not. Whew!


    2. Something I learned about car batteries
      I would like to share with you good people
      The average life expectancy of a car battery
      is five years…the clock begins when the battery is
      manufactured, then sits on a shelf until sold which
      could be weeks to several months to years old.
      you do the math…beware of older dated battery
      clearance sales…be sure to get dated guarantees in
      writing keep your sale receipt…


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      1. Actually, timeline jumps eat batteries. Lots of towtruck guys have admitted to us that they’re been scratching their heads, replacing (for free) batteries they themselves replaced 15 mos previously — and this from guys who check the manufacture dates.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. It seems to be tail lights failing around time line jumps for me. By the way here in N W Pa. at 6 pm. the sky was a beautiful blue w/magenta/pink, that I have not seen in my 56 yrs. Love to All. Peace.

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  5. Our kitten, Sophia, insists on sleeping under my chin while resting hers on top of her paws that she likes to put on my shoulder/arm. Which is fine until she starts dreaming and runs her razor claws into my flesh. That usually sends her flying much like poor furry above before I come to my senses. Always a nice way to wake up for both of us.

    I got some more intel on the shroom dream as well. Apparently it’s much like flying in that the most difficult part about picking shrooms in your living room is forgetting that it “doesn’t happen”. Which is the part we’re sort of struggling with right now. Creating a better future is difficult enough without someone close putting all their energy into worst case scenarios based on what’s “possible”.


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    1. My vivid dream from last night involved a pretty little cat that I didn’t know jumping up on my bed and saying ” Hi, how are you? Remember me?” I was momentarily surprised by the fact that she was talking, but then we had a nice conversation that I wish I could remember. I got the definite impression that she was moving in. Not sure if it means anything, but it sure was fun!

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  6. Intense sunset with lots of neon and gold colors tonight they were trying to spray over with chemtrails. Funny thing is the picture of myself against the sunset looked like I was covered in gold light I had a dream last night of the very thing. 🙂

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  7. New timeline jump confirmed by : synchronistic appearance of rainbow to the north after rain cleaned outside, this was followed by cleaning ladies showing up (a week early) to do the inside. All between 11.A.M. and 1 P.M. Cay

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      1. Sooo, for weird… when I started the video to watch, not totally focused, I saw a dragon head(and body? ) to the northeast of Japan area? when I tried to re-watch to try to find it … with focus… couldn’t pausestartpause to catch it… maybe just crazy… yup, that’s me…


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    1. definitely feeling this one….biggest one yet, huge…since Wednesday & put me off my feet with flu like effects…just slowly easing back to stability today.

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      1. If you experience flu like effects from these energies, even after all this time, it means you are still full of ‘Energy Blockages’.

        It is SOURCE telling you that are still stubbornly holding on to stuck energy that only CON-flicts with any positive, meaningful movement forward.

        Here, see if this beauteous sound from the universe will help you…it actually sounds like whales/dolphins and *loons* when you are moving SLOW —

        — but gets really cool when you finally free yourself, when you let loose and give up CON-trol in order to SPEED UP the CON-structive ‘cracking open’ of your physical/energetic body vehicle CON-tainer:

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          1. “correct”….when one is empathic & at a higher vibration, one would ‘Know’ this…..thank you !….so many stubborn 1 sided interpretations & opinions out there & there is no Hue-nity in that….as they say ‘walk a mile in my shoes’….one must open their mind to other perceptions beyond their own…..much love xo

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  8. I had the strangest dream.

    I was in front of a panel of people who were studying my body. I was naked and conscious of myself but they were completely the opposite of intimidating.

    I had only gotten really kind and considerate vibes from them. They discussed changes that were going to happen to me. Like they were going to redesign me, enhance me. I sat down with them and they gave me something tiny and white to swallow. Then they gave me something tiny and dark blue to swallow, it had something to do with the stars and space?

    The main I recall is that I REALLY just wanted to hang with these guys, they felt like family.

    When I awoke I heard “Mount Etna”?


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        1. Yeah, and heard Mount Etna. 🙃

          Anywho, did anything happen today, the “dream” pills may have had an effect?


  9. I’d rather be sleeping, but being nudged – stuff going on – inviting closer-ness with SOURCE and others – do most nights…

    – felt/sensed a forest NEAR, at times an animal noise heard… some other scene, can’t remember at the moment…

    – was being nudged to infused water (as you would do with love, per Dr. Emoto) with something heard in video yesterday? maybe day before – but have to be pretty sure you really want to and feel/sense ready for whatever affects as would be permanently with you/your body as it would change all the water in your body and future water comprising… did drink it…

    – ‘HEARD’ Moon is being healed…

    – I feel different…
    – air smells fresh and cool…

    I think that’s it… checking and seems all I was being nudged about – hoping they/me? will let me sleep now… I wonder what it would be like to get to sleep before 3 or 4 am…?

    I think the Moon thing was the main-ness…
    sweet dreams and peace to all…


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    1. very perceptive….in our physical world it’s all about ‘Water’ & water related things, like the Moon….all this week I’ve been getting ‘Full Circle’ & Mogwai (Gremlins) singing…..sweet dreams & love to you

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  10. I love looking at all of these graphs, seeing the outer reflection of what I’m feeling inside. Maintaining a extraordinary level of peace through it all. What’s going on with the Schumann??? I’m seeing a whole lot of black.

    Thanks Cats & M’s ❤️


  11. Thank you Cats for all the charts and info over the last few days. Much appreciated. It explains my weird symptoms and sleep patterns. You can’t go on past experience now regarding what causes which symptoms and their level of severity. Everything is constantly changing. Interesting times! Only coffee and cat pictures help.🍵😺

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      1. Lol. I think I posted a pic of pea soup instead of coffee. Well spotted. Think I prefer coffee though – I like pea soup but it’s a bit wind inducing! 😟

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          1. Crivens!!! I only have two coffees a day, but boy do I look forward to them. Presumably we won’t need stimulating in Nebraska. Sorry New Earth, couldn’t resist that. 😊

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          2. Crikies! You may be right M5. All of my fancy single origin coffees are Not the taste delights they used to be. I was wondering why they they tasted somehow off! Clearly my taster is off. Major gnashing of teeth!

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          3. I haven’t been able to drink coffee since about 2003 :-(, when I got food poisoning in spain, just tea for me now, I wonder if that will go too.


    1. *WHICH* New Earth?

      Do any of you grok, that there are an unlimited, infinite number of New Earths?

      They range from lowest frequency 4D AND 5D, to highest 5D, even some New Earths have already been created for 6D/7D — in order to perfectly match the frequency of the ascending person (that is, one who still wants to experience an ‘Earth’ reality ~ some will simply go higher, and decide to go back HOME).

      I recall that one of you cats does know this….but the rest still can’t grasp/grok this concept?


      1. It doesn’t matter. The SHIFT will move you where you will be the happiest… unless you’ve been up to no good. We speak in generalities for a general audience. Don’t get hung up on details.


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  12. Thank You Cats & M’s who is the comedian? very comical wuv it 🙂 greatly needed during this intense energy outburst … ouch my head. LOL the coronal hole took my bwaybee … space weather’s phibs & mimic shutdown are in cahoots anything to hide the truth … lies can no longer exist in an infinite sea of truth its game over. ahem Yes I felt the uber Champagned-ness before the timeline jump & my heart has been singing ever since … now I feel like “uter” don’t make me run, I am full of LOVE 🙂

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    I know I have written of this before, and others also have…but to share that the last two days, I’ve been shown confirmation…that the ‘Line has been drawn’. It is done. It is set. Meaning each Soul has NOW chosen. Made their choice and that choice is ‘set’. It is done.

    1) So some have chosen the 3D experience for the rest of their lifetime.
    2) Some have chosen to finish up their Missions on the 3D experience so we can expect transitions to occur as per their divine Will.
    3) Some have now or recently just awoken, thus they jump to 4D trajectory and go onwards from there.
    4) Many more are in the 4D trajectory and continuing their journey, that shall take them to 5D. They are assisted by those that are in the 5D Trajectory already.
    5) Some are in the Passageway of the 5D Trajectory, at various points of said Passageway. Where depending on where they are in the 5D Passageway, some have now given back the CRYSTALine Light programme they agreed to experience (lower frequency 3D and 4D programming). These now quietly, blissfully, await the ‘jump time’.

    The point is, it’s done…each have now made final choice at Soul Level.

    Today our Sun emits the Rose Ray. The same Rose Ray emitted on Saturday 20 January 2019. If not already, it is encouraged to energetically work with our Sun. It ‘speaks’ to us via it’s RAYS of colour. Sun gazing half an hour at sunrise or sunset adjust the eyes to and assist the human to let go of thought, to see the sun’s Rays. With physical eye adjustment, with practice, we can choose to Sungaze during the daytime, for information. Sun glasses (a clever Cabal invention), block the sun’s rays from entering our eyes…It only takes a few weeks to get used to ‘no sunglasses’ again, as our eyes adjust to light and coloured rays gifted by the Sun. I was shown in vision form some years ago, that prior to the MAIN WAVE EVENT, a mint/sage green RAY is emitted and I will see this around our Sun. I have said previously I will post a notice here when it is seen. This being the signal that the MAIN EMISSION is imminent.

    We are being encouraged to go within. To experience the SILENCE. That contains the BLISS and the ALL PERVADING presence of ETERNAL LOVE, that is present in all moments. We are being encouraged to EXPERIENCE within ourselves this Silence. NOW. In these moments upon us. A place of inner calm.

    The higher frequency energy WITHIN (that we also emit out), is amplifying exponentially, via our Sacred Breath. We can NOW increase our ENERGETIC, just by one IN/OUT Breath. The Sacred Breath, having always been the KEY to our deliverance. The link to our evolvement and connection to ALL THAT IS. Where this divine way of breathing, connecting, has evolved us step by step…and continues to do so. Such a simple act, of breathing in LOVE, and breathing out LOVE, has always been the key to our ever expanding human unfoldment and Service.

    It feels (a knowing), NOW is not the time to make plans. But to BE and allow our own unique unfoldment to NOW occur. And allow others theirs. When we are busy thinking, as a 3rd or 4th Dimensional Consciousness, we miss the ‘Show’. We miss the beauty and the higher truths, that present to each of us, an array of ways, unique data, for our own awareness and our own PATH.

    Enjoy YOUR journey. Allowing and honouring each their own chosen experience. Knowing all souls have chosen and are so honoured for their own choice. ALL is Divine…it just IS.

    God Bless. One Love,
    Amanda Lorence
    1 February 2019

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    1. I always find it funny that we essentially don’t have a say where we will go. Yes, we choose on a soul level. But do you know your choice? No, you probably don’t. Basically, you could be the Dali lama and stay on 3D earth, while bill gates goes to 5D. All based on decisions that are technically null-and-void as you have no memory of it and you are not conscious of any choices


      1. Bill Gates is not going to 5d. No celebrity, political leader, or pusher of any agenda is going past 3d.

        Of course you have a choice. You always have a choice. But that said, if you choose to go toward SOURCE, you have to do the work, too. And doing the work may involve staying on 3d longer than you want. You can’t just advance spiritually because you want to. You have to do the work, make the hard choices.

        Meditate and ask yours Guides for guidance… and you will get it.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. I have been asking my guides but no clarity is forthcoming. This week in particular I must say that my dreams have been rather up close and personal with many persons/ Beings that I don’t seem to recognize. One dream in particular I was dancing/ spinning with a person the size of a man, but that I perceived to be female. 😯 Just a lot going on!


  14. FYI, for those who still maintain Twitter accounts, some of the M’s went on a bit of a manic truth-injection binge on a bunch of various Twit posts from other sites. We need to do that more. Fun… but also a bit exasperating at seeing the common denominator paraded around like a floppy sausage. I think that’s what I meant to say. 😉


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  15. Hi Cats, Ms, and others, have you heard about the “meteorite” exploding in Cuba? It was even seen in Florida? “Cuban authorities said the explosion was not man-made and was in fact just a meteorite. It was made primarily of metal, not rock, containing iron, nickel and magnesium”. (SputnikNews)
    Not rock. Iron nickel and magnesium. What alloy is that?


  16. It is tea for me, “special gun powder” green tea or slightly aged pu erh black, it has a nutty taste. Peace.

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      1. I do like coffee but my favourite is Matcha Green Tea, always first cuppa of the day 🙂 ❤️Coffee cravings seem to come in the afternoon but sometimes it has to be a spicy chai tea 🙂 xxx

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    1. Damn right, too.

      This life has definitely left a bitter taste, enough that I doubt it will magically disappear on the other side of the veil. There simply has to be a better way than this madness. It’s just too much, too many steps too far; too much suffering.

      Let me out already, yesterday if possible!


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      1. @Sifoo, yes today is uber strange and a real struggle, will be glad to go to bed. I read your post and got ‘stop the world I’m getting off’ (What the world is waiting for?) by Stone Roses…❤️


        1. If that was within my power we would already be aboard elven ships heading for the undying lands. I did my part, dragged the stupid ego all the way to mount doom. Now I’m tired, spent, deflated, worn down. Nothing interests me much any more, I couldn’t care less if it all disappeared.

          I had a few rough days after the full moon, but now I’m bouncing back. It seems like my body is mirroring the polarization out there, it’s definitely healing but at the same time the remaining issues are showing no signs of going quietly into the night.

          Any second now…


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  17. Make sure to read the description of the video.
    Did Source intervene or did her shrewd manager “misplace” Stevie’s cd…?

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  18. Man… detachment from most 3D events/crap has been reaching maximal levels as of late.

    I feel different. Incredibly so. And this crescendo has been going on for a while, now.

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  19. anything ‘new’ happening – today has been extremely challenging!!!!!!!!!!
    physically for me … emotionally for family member


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        1. ‘Wierd’ and ‘don’t’ Lol what the heck is happening with my keypad and messages!!! Time for bed me thinks! 😜❤️


  20. Two nights ago something tried to pull me out of my body.

    It wasn’t good. It tried to deceive me with lies. I KNEW it was bad. A huge black bird of prey in my dream gripped my eight hand in its tallons and pulled upwards. Upwards was into pitch black. When I doubted I began to pull away, it then squeezed and pulled harder.

    When I struggled to awake, I found my physical hand held up. I hadn’t set protection that night. Not sure what would have happened, but I won’t let it happen. They can kiss my Sovereign Ass!



    1. Mark,
      I salute your defiant posterior. “Leak Project” on U- Tube had an interview with Clif High recently which describes using qi through vagus nerve stimulation to throw off unwanted attackers. I found it interesting, but it is far down the rabbit hole for some.


  21. Anyone experiencing their hands And feet becoming really hot?? We’re taking wake up out of a deep sleep hot? Happens during the day too. I saw my palms looked bright splotchy red/white. Gone in 5 mins.


    1. Yes funny you mention that.
      Was standing by the window and felt a warmth from my hands. When I looked the left hand was red/white, the other looked normal.

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    1. Well, it was high time for people to feel the difference. It’s been quite some time.
      As I commented some posts back, COBRA died, and the person posting in his name is a fellow worker of his. Below comparison.
      Love to you. Take care,

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  22. Oh my giddyness, it’s feeling more and more like the twilight zone these days! Must remember to ground and protect as much as possible, I feel everything is going ever so slightly (understatement) loopy!

    Chronic fatigue, freezing cold one minute, boiling the next, feeling so spaced out and achey everywhere. Would like to retreat to a cosy cocoon and get away from all the madness that is playing out.

    Love & Light ALL ❤️✨❤️

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    1. You and me both, Lily… I’m feeling just so out of it I’m surprised I still live in this body at all!

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  23. I have been going through since late december major lung issues. Just wondered if anyone else if feeling this too? A hard time breathing, unusual xray picture, bronchitis……..thanks for anyone sharing.

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    1. Try some essential oils, peppermint & frankincense on a warm damp cloth. Breathe slow at first to get used to it. Then deeper, for pep. dialates, and frank. is regenerative. Worked for me! Peace.

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    2. Hi Sara,
      I’ve had some weird lung symptoms for 2.5 weeks now. At first I thought I caught something at a children’s party, but I got that it’s a cleansing, energetic thing.
      Slimy stuff, sometimes hard to breathe, ugly cough and peeping sounds.
      I used to have asthma and bronchitis when I was a kid and used ventoline for many years, so it’s a familiar feeling, although unpleasant!

      Feel good and get lots of fresh, clean air.

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  24. thank you so much for sharing this. I did not want to get caught up in the medical system, but what is interesting is that they said my oxygen level was 100% which did not make sense with weak lungs but as an updgrade, it makes sense.

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    1. You tell em Mark. Pesky attackers! Anyway what I really posted for is that I have been looking at the Russian chart and whilst I can’t pin down symptoms to colours like you are able to, the spikes do correlate to feeling yuck. Have had digestive issues again but the green lines didn’t match up with my timings. The general spikes of the other colours did. Need to polish and crank up my crystal balls to find out when I can do some living in amongst the whomph downtimes.😊

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  25. Someone linked an article from Natural News on Rumormillnews
    regarding the 5G tech.

    and it drew and interesting comment which i found amazing and i’ll paste in full below:

    Obviously, those in control know these signals damage our DNA so that we cannot trigger the transfiguration process to experience ascension when the solar flash of Matthew 24:27 occurs.

    It is a well-known fact that meditation increases the grey matter in the brain literally placing a helmet of protection around the brain. If a thin film on an energy efficient window can keep out a XM Radio Satellite signal, just image what type of harmful signals meditators can keep out of their brains?

    The church must answer for its refusal to inform the faithful of the allegorical meaning of Jesus’ parable of the 10 virgins in Matthew 22:25 that represents those who separate from thought in meditation. Their minds are pure and the ones who have “no oil in their lamp” are the ones who have not raised the spinal fluid in meditation.

    When will Christianity admit the errors in its teachings or are they part of the con game?

    If the majority of people meditated 5G would have no impact.
    Now you can better understand how the churches serve those who seek our destruction.

    Food for thought.


  26. Latest Ring Of Fire Activity:

    “Put your hands up — and wave them like you just DON’T CARE” ;D


  27. Latest Gaia Portal with the interesting words “completion” and “victory”. 🏅

    Partners of contrast complete their roles.

    Completion is at hand.

    Light messengers convey the joy of victory.

    Victory comes from within.

    Embrace the moment!

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  28. You are a spaceship soaring through the universe. So is your dog (your pet, I would say).
    Your shipmates outnumber your own cells.
    You are the captain.
    I know you know, but I like the image called “Human as Spaceship”:

    Yes, it’s from NASA, but is was created by a human, R. J. Nemiroff …

    ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Well, they are bacteria and fungi, they help digest food, combat intruders, etc.
        Unless science knows otherwise.


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    1. Well… this report also talks about a device that uses the earth’s “Van Halen Belt” (it’s Van Allen Belt!), which made us all laugh, but we’ll look at the rest. There’s a lot of turbulence to this. The Pelosi thing is also boiling. (She conspires to commit double murder, tries to flee, and is NOT arrested? Looks like the T camp doesn’t exactly what to do with this football.) It’s like we’re gonna have *another* timeline split, with one being the political doozy. Stay tuned, we’ll sort it out.

      -CAT Eds.

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  29. Severe gnashing of teeth here in PNW. 5″ snow overnight. Temps down to the high teens. At least the snow covered the daffodils and rock garden iris that are in bloom. The gorgeous yellow witchhazel blooms look lovely covered with snow. Does anyone suppose that the State of the Union speech happens on Chinese New Year is somehow a coincidence? Anyone?

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  30. I have had lovely last 2 days with 2:22 A.M. awakening in bliss. It was emanating from a gently vibrating body core which formed an energy torus that was directed by breath. Absolutely no pain in this old body which felt weightless. At first I thought I might be dead.
    I hope this is what NE will be like. Once I got out of bed the pain of gravity returned but I will practice expansion of the liquid light flowing within and expanding out. Amazing times ahead.

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  31. ❤ To all creators of this space/site/blog – Cats Ms Eds etc – to all contributors to this blog, to all those that comment, that contribute to the conversations and topics, to those that lurk quietly and attentively, to all who have responded to or liked comments of mine (thank you for your support, you make me braver) – I send you gobs of loving appreciation – you contribute to my life and living… I thought I was saying so here because of not knowing how to 'like' comments, but just in case this is a precursor to a huge TLJ and I miss you for some reason – Well wishes to you all and wishing you all, all the best and more. 🙂
    ((((((( ❤ ❤ ❤ )))))))

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    1. Much love, appreciation and gratitude for you as well brave,
      courageous sister. Stay strong. The best is yet to come.
      All joyful blessings! Love ❤ Light ❤ Big hugs ❤

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  32. Feels like I have been hit by a truck. Woke at 4am on Tues. Headache (and i haven’t had one for weeks unusually) heart beat all over the place, purging tum, hot and cold feelings. There’s something a hitting us me thinks! 🤔

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    1. Same here today: felt extremely tired all of a sudden at about 11:30am (UTC+2) and went for a nap which turned to be 9 hours of solid sleep. Dreamt a lot, mostly short scenes with different people. All good though. It did end with a girl having a moth on her lip… Clarice! Clarice!

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  33. Seems everyone is getting in tune and singing the same high vibe song. Let’s sing our way to NEbraska. 😉

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    1. Oh no, the description only mentions Green Day… now no one is gonna watch!
      It’s actually a video where 65.000 Green Day fans (didn’t know they had that many fans btw…) sing Bohemian Rhapsody together, it’s played as an amuse bouche before the concert.

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    2. Wow. What a Rock Choir! Brilliant thank you. Did you see the sky at the end. Uplifting energies. If we coordinate the whole of planet Earth in a happy song that should get us to NEbraska.
      Always look on the bright side of life de dum, de dum……😄

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  34. Dear CAT’s & M’s could you possibly look into this? It has been quite quite upsetting to see/read.

    John of God a healer in Brazil has been accused of being part of a huge pedo ring. I had distance healing from him years ago and know some lovely people including my former neighbours who travelled regularly from the UK to Brazil for healing. Is this true?

    Love & Light ❤️🌟❤️


    1. Well, this article gives a slightly different story on why he got arrested. I personally just don’t buy into it, there is a nefarious agenda behind his accusation.


    1. @Anonymous thanks for your thoughts. I can’t help wondering if this is a smoke screen to keep attention off certain other people, I asked my guides but everything is very foggy! The sheer amount of disturbing ‘stuff’ coming up at the moment is quite overwhelming. Best to just breathe and stay in the heart through these times I guess.

      Love to All ❤️


      1. M3 thank you. That does sound very likely! So many healers and alternative health peeps seem to get targeted as well as main stream doctors who try to tell the truth about vaccines etc… ❤️


        1. Just wanted to add, I received distance healing from him years ago when I was going through a tough time and he really helped me. My neighbour suffered terrible back problems and she went to see him in Brazil a few times I believe with her husband. I know they have only ever had positive things to say about their experiences too…

          I have been watching You Are Free TV on and off for a while but this video has had me questioning many things. It mentions alleged ties between John of God and the Cli8ntons. Just bizarre…It’s made me question a lot, including myself and the choices I make to watch or not watch, read or not read certain things. Sometimes channels, sites etc are so obviously rubbish but then there are the ones who mix in what you believe to be true with things that are not. Very clever and I guess this is how people get pulled into believing certain things…I guess there will also be those that believe what they are reporting as they have been deceived themselves. These are such bewildering and confusing times!

          Roll on 5D Unity Consciousness, so tired of all this rubbish…

          Sorry, a bit of a babble I know…I just hate to think that this person is suffering because of lies and mis-information. I know he is not the first and won’t be the last in this 3D world.

          Love & Light ❤️✨❤️


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