“Last Day to Jump” [UPDATE3]


Hm. We had, “Last Day to Jump,” on our calendars for today… and then this happened…

…early this morning:

Timeline jump.

Some of us also felt… a hot/warm area *above* the belt-line (ahem) last night, pulsing on and off, followed by uber-champagned-ness energy all over… and it occurred right before the above jump.

Also, it looks like the recent flare/CME energy made landfall:


And this:


Here it is hitting the Tixie riometer:


Hacks like SpaceWeather tow the party line with their “coronal hole” noise. [insert Aussie accent: “The Coronal Hole TOOK MY BAYBEE!”] But wait, there’s more!

We’ve not seen Cumiana look like this.


N. Italian jumpy house.


And in case you were wondering: “GOSH, might there be some muonic telltale beating in the floor??” Well, you’re psychic Timmy! Thar she blows!…

Here’s our fav Siberian muon detector right in step with the Moscow SR meter at top.

And a little Kiruna zoomage:


The current peak of the latest incoming solar energy (regular) is around 11:00 am PST. Wave X energy will be of course increasing till either your CNS melts or you find yourself “on the green” at Downton Abbey, as it were.

Speaking of timeline jumps… not sure we’ve mentioned these before, but sometimes the sun just “turns things on” in what’s called, “solar dimming”:


Check out these little animated snippets:

solar dimming 1

solar dimming 2

That’s enough for meow… er, now.

“Welcome to Meownton Abbey…”


Some tidbits:

Interesting spike from the Jang Bogo neutron meter run by S. Korea in Antarctica. How’s that for out-there? Lots of meters are down due to the timeline jump.

And this shows you how unreliable Spaceweather.com is:


That’s a HAARP hole, not a “fallstreak hole.” We’d written off this site long ago, anyway.

As for the aforementioned sun anomaly, we don’t have time to work up an animation, so here are two images you can use:


For those interested, download the above images then run through them quickly, and observe the faint dark blobs that appear at the sun’s equator, oscillating on and off occasionally. We’ve been seeing this activity for some time, and it’s getting more and more prevalent.


We had stopped looking at MIMIC since they dropped the old system (that was easier to use to pick up HAARP and Wave X activity, hence the drop), but the new system actually showed what the old system was picking up: total Wave X swampedness:

(Thanks to commenter Mr. M for the heads-up.)

We’ve never seen this microwave meter do this.


Sorry for the delay, we’re always slow on the uptake on Saturdays. We had another high-energy night last night (that is, early Saturday morning). It is the first time we think that *all* the CATs slept late — till 10:00 am! The below happened right in the middle of it (08:01 UTC is midnight PST):


This was all that CME/flare energy come home to roost:


And we had a muon thing a little while ago…

Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.48.15 PM

…and an SR blip:


More as it happens.

156 thoughts on ““Last Day to Jump” [UPDATE3]

  1. Dear CAT’s & M’s could you possibly look into this? It has been quite quite upsetting to see/read.

    John of God a healer in Brazil has been accused of being part of a huge pedo ring. I had distance healing from him years ago and know some lovely people including my former neighbours who travelled regularly from the UK to Brazil for healing. Is this true?

    Love & Light ❤️🌟❤️


    1. Well, this article gives a slightly different story on why he got arrested. I personally just don’t buy into it, there is a nefarious agenda behind his accusation.


    1. @Anonymous thanks for your thoughts. I can’t help wondering if this is a smoke screen to keep attention off certain other people, I asked my guides but everything is very foggy! The sheer amount of disturbing ‘stuff’ coming up at the moment is quite overwhelming. Best to just breathe and stay in the heart through these times I guess.

      Love to All ❤️


      1. M3 thank you. That does sound very likely! So many healers and alternative health peeps seem to get targeted as well as main stream doctors who try to tell the truth about vaccines etc… ❤️


        1. Just wanted to add, I received distance healing from him years ago when I was going through a tough time and he really helped me. My neighbour suffered terrible back problems and she went to see him in Brazil a few times I believe with her husband. I know they have only ever had positive things to say about their experiences too…

          I have been watching You Are Free TV on and off for a while but this video has had me questioning many things. It mentions alleged ties between John of God and the Cli8ntons. Just bizarre…It’s made me question a lot, including myself and the choices I make to watch or not watch, read or not read certain things. Sometimes channels, sites etc are so obviously rubbish but then there are the ones who mix in what you believe to be true with things that are not. Very clever and I guess this is how people get pulled into believing certain things…I guess there will also be those that believe what they are reporting as they have been deceived themselves. These are such bewildering and confusing times!

          Roll on 5D Unity Consciousness, so tired of all this rubbish…

          Sorry, a bit of a babble I know…I just hate to think that this person is suffering because of lies and mis-information. I know he is not the first and won’t be the last in this 3D world.

          Love & Light ❤️✨❤️


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