Meterage & More for 1-26-19 [UPDATE1]


We’ve had a little activity, so here goes…

There was a small X-ray event, a flare, and some other solar activity yesterday, ho hum:

Nothing that interesting really, though there were some muonic correlations…

screen shot 2019-01-26 at 1.14.11 pmscreen shot 2019-01-26 at 1.14.24 pmscreen shot 2019-01-26 at 12.06.25 am

…but no jumps. The small amount of extra energy will probably be felt tonight or tomorrow; this could be an interesting augur:


In the meantime…

We’re still in the midst of DNA upgrades, but now it’s time for you to actively imagine the finale. Let’s call it Task #3.


Note that you’re right now adding DNA to the *tops* of your helices such that you will create… well, we never thought of it this way, but you will create a circle of DNA at the top of your strands that is basically *a bridge* between the two strands, such they will be connected into one long loop. Perhaps that’s why some of us were getting “rainbow bridge” imagery. Huh.

Anyway, what we’re seeing is, after the above is complete… you won’t be sick ever again. And… you’ll be immortal, unless you choose to transition for whatever reason. This pattern carries over to the New Earth if you get it done before The Event, as it’s the part of you that describes what vehicle (body) you’ll be driving. We’re uncertain if each of you are to do this before, after, or during The Event, as it will be different for everyone. That said, you can start to “bridge the gap” NOW if you want to, just meditate on it and make it a constant mental priority (that is, imagine it and keep it in mind till it happens; you’ll know when you’re done; it’s not easy, but it’s do-able).

The 3d level is THICK and gooey, so manifestation takes longer, a LOT longer, SO MUCH LONGER!… and takes more concentration and will. And lots of quarters. Basically, 3d is the hardest number that you’ll ever do. Also note that we’re upgrading to *14 strands,* not 12, those of us who are upgrading, anyway.


This was originally supposed to culminate around 2023, but we’ve skipped way ahead due to all the positive work people are doing — hence all the timeline skips — so Guides have been making noises that it will happen much much sooner; we thought it was 2017, then 2018… then who knows. We aren’t really sure about timing because Spirit and ET councils aren’t really sure, so it’s obvious that it’s more up to us than it is up to them. Upgrade is as upgrade does.

Keep on keepin’ on.


We sure felt these:




There have also been a ton of GRBs of late, which carry both coding and messages:


105 thoughts on “Meterage & More for 1-26-19 [UPDATE1]

  1. Lisa was drawing a big 0 with me today. She thought that either her “antennas” went down or my upgrades were so “in process ” that I was unreadable. (I’m just sure its the latter) (I’d do the nyucks again, but since they seem to offend some, so in the spirit of cooperation, I won’t even mention them) We’ll try again Monday. On the other hand, we here in the PNW actually had sunshine and mild temperatures despite the heavy doses of chemtrails. When they moved beyond the sun, it was actually delightful. I sat on the bench on the point in the sun. Like an old toad sunning on a rock. ( And I’m not claiming old toadship. So there! )

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      1. PLEASE don’t.

        There is also nothing wrong with not wanting to read it constantly.


        1. @ Anonymous
          2019-01-27 AT 10:38 PM

          And yet, I strongly plead for absolute, total and complete freedom of expression.
          Especially when it is such an innocent little thing and is HARMING NOBODY!
          Anonymous is also absolutely free to skip it, ignore it, or leave it.

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    1. There are no chemtrails, period, in my very high frequency 5D version of the PNW reality.

      Location-wise, you and I are very close to each other, but we experience 2 completely different realities. Literally.


  2. P.S. Horror of horrors, when I went into the kitchen this morning to make my first latte of the day, I discovered that my old and trusted espresso machine had decided to die sometime in the night and tripped the GFI switch on its way to a better place. Lisa called about the same time as the discovery and perhaps my black mood was why she couldn’t read me. Both the new machine and Lisa’s call should coincide on Monday. I’m eternally optimistic!

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      1. Fine! I tried coffee in the French press this morning. Eeewww! I had to almost choke it down. (A slight exaggeration) It’s actually quite tasty and it certainly beat a 16 mile round trip to the nearest espresso stand. (I told you I live in the country)

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  3. I’ve been sleeping with an Auralite 23 crystal (also known as Thunder Bay amethyst) under my pillow for almost a year now. Among other things, it’s supposed to help with DNA activation. Whether or not it truly does anything, it’s my intention that it works, and intention is powerful. Plus I see it every day when I make the bed, which reminds me of that intention. Besides, I’ve always been a sucker for pretty rocks (the house is full of them, and maybe the head, too)!

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  4. The most painful part of being here for me was always remembering.

    I remember what it’s like to not be sick, I remember what wild nature feels like, what fresh air smells like, what it’s like to trust other people and I remember what it’s like to fly.

    These memories brought me this far, but at a steep price.


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    1. I remember flying and fresh air too. Flying seems so easy in dream time. Just know you can and then you are in the air. It’s a wonderful experience. We will be airborne soon. 😊

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      1. I used to fly in my dreams all the time as a child. I remember sitting in school assembly wondering why it was that I couldn’t just take off and fly away!


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  5. Immortality, seems interesting. I do have a few questions though:

    How will the severely mentally/physically disabled react? I can see perhaps the physically disabled as having a new body again but what about the mental? Wouldn’t it shock them to be in that state forever, or would they be healed?


  6. wow wow wow

    I felt the X wave yesterday afternoon
    I have an ascension flu since ten days

    and I had adream about Vywamus, that I have to get in connection with him
    and the voice told me that he belongs to the Melchisedek line

    does anyone an idea?

    yesterday afternoon with two cups of coffee to survive he he

    love to all A.

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    1. Having never heard of Vywamus and being eternally curious, I just did an internet search and found this: Ascended master channelings usually creep me out, but I quite enjoyed this; no ‘dear ones’ or ‘beloveds’, just matter-of-fact information. It seems this personage is quite involved in DNA activation, which is the subject of the day (although I was surprised to see that it was written in 1996). Lots of interesting stuff on the website; still exploring. Thanks for leading me there!

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  7. “This pattern carries over to the New Earth if you get it done before The Event, as it’s the part of you that describes what vehicle (body) you’ll be driving.”

    This is the best part of all — those of us going directly to 5D and above will instantly shift into our higher level bodies, which have been described as “quasi-physical” in the 5th dimension.
    And we will be able to change these new energy (light) bodies with our thoughts.
    Instantly manifest, whatever we want to look like…

    What no one wants to acknowledge right now, is that you can’t take this currently messed up, toxic 3D-virally infected physical body and it’s mutilated Blueprint into the higher dimensional, 4th Density levels.
    Even with a DNA upgrade, you will still only be using it on a ‘4D’ level Earth. Not a 5D New Earth.
    This physical body has been likened to an old car that you are trading in for a brand new model.

    You are leaving it behind.

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    1. Yes, this body/vehicle will go POOF, then you get a new vehicle at the next stop. Don’t get hung up on 4 vs 5. These numbers aren’t important. Making it past The Shift is… provided that’s your goal.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. With deepest respect – While I agree that our bodies are filled with toxins and infected with “g” knows what. I am in great appreciation with how our bodies work hard to try and work with the environment and choices we make (with the best of what we have and can) to keep in balance & health. I offer Reiki and what the body relays in the session is amazing and at times, eye opening. This body you (the real you) was given is always here, for you. To not only help you have this physical experience, but to externalize your expression of creativity and observations. While I am all about a new world, with clean, pure air, sand, sea and sky; I am also about being present here & now and grateful for this body I am in. If we (humanity, not anyone specifically) can’t make changes to ensure we take care of our bodies, whatever form we are in now or go to, then getting a “new shiny” car and driving or caring for it the same way will have the same outcome, every time, as before. 🌹❤️🌹

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        1. That’s right, NLNL8….you are making a humongous assumption about how we feel about our physical bodies, all based upon YOUR feelings/perspective about the physical body.

          When you get to the level where you feel totally at ease and FREE to toss away your physical body, then you have already evolved through the massive appreciation process & endless gratitude integration regarding your physical vessel, and the in-depth realization of what an incredible creation that is has had to be.

          The higher dimensional beings have said, that this physical vehicle is the SMARTEST one ever created, in order to be self-regulating in such a horrible, dense 3D reality that has been so cut-off from Source.
          The DNA construction was forced to be phenomenal, to be able to handle this physical realm.

          “If we (humanity, not anyone specifically) can’t make changes to ensure we take care of our bodies,”

          NLNL8 — the thing you must realize, is that when you *can’t* make changes to your physical vessel no matter what, then you are being locked into that experience by your Soul Contract.

          If it is in your Contract (Agreement) to experience all of your teeth falling out, or to go through the pain & horror of a debilitating disease or handicap that strips away your entire 3D life, or cancer, or even being Crystallized nearly to death in the name of the great Earth Ascension Experiment….then you do NOT have a choice, in the matter.
          Taking care of our bodies, will not change this. Your Contract ‘trumps’ all. In 3D reality.

          This is why we do not have our FREEDOM here.
          Like CAT Eds. has said, “it depends on (our) agreements”.


        2. No worries, I was responding to the comment about our bodies being “messed up”. I do feel this change will be gradual however, and the event is more so a consciousness push rather than an immediate physical change. But again, there has been proof that we are all capable of achieving “light body” if we really wanted to and move (play 🎉) between physical and other densities…😁

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  8. Hmm, my comment disappeared as I was writing it so I’ll start again, apologies if it ends up posting twce!

    I just wanted to share a funny experience I had this week!

    My daughter and I were offered a council bungalow near my parents which we have waited for a long time. We really need family help and support with my daughters care needs as she is disabled. Our current home is a bit of a struggle as we are unable to use specialist equipment as it is so small.

    I asked my higher self/the universe about this property and got ‘WAIT.’

    I though i had better go and see it anyway, just in case…

    During the car journey there I had pressure problems with two of my tyres (never happened before), managed to set my own alarm off (never happened before), the entire journey down a narrow country lane we were stuck behind a learner driver and huge truck which was too wide for the road and forced to stay at 10 miles an hour. When we pulled up to the property we were greeted by deafening noise from tree surgeons cutting down branches. Then, when I got my daughters wheelchair out I managed to drop it in a load of mud which covered the handles and part of her seat and then narrowly missed stepping in a big pile of dog poo!

    The bungalow was tiny and overlooked on every side…

    I think when I asked for signs, the universe thought it would have a bit of a giggle!

    Hopefully, a more suitable home is on the way or MAYBE, I was being give a hint that the Event might be here soon!

    Hope everyone’s ‘Whomps’ are bearable. I am still crawling through this but hopefully will be back on feet again soon!

    Love & Light xxx

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    1. @lily144, reminds me of what Kauilapele said this morning too: “Currently the only thing I’ve been getting is to “Remain still and at Peace, in your own (current) place, and do not even think about moving”. I was all ready to be ready to move to Maui, but the new message I “got” about it was to “Stay where you are”. So that’s what I’m doing… So bottom line message, for many I know, is to remain in one’s place, take care of personal “items needing attention”, and enjoy the ride, and enjoy the show(s).”

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      1. @Patricia Oh my, yes, that resonates so much. Just be still, be at peace, just wait…! I am also feeling a real need to clean house. Not relating to any move, just because I feel a need to be lighter!



  9. I realize that not many of the comments here can be directly related to the words given in ACIM, especially without sounding preachy. Therefore, take what you can use and leave the rest. I think maybe people can benefit from these messages whether they are on topic or not. Thanks Everyone!

    ACIM (This speaks to me because it’s something I need to master in myself. I AM not separate from my Higher Self!!)

    Ego is the identification with form (physical, thought, emotional). Believing in separateness is the result, the “original sin.”

    Let go of my need (ego) to have a connection with my higher self. Unfulfilled wanting reflects burden, anxiety, dissatisfaction, etc.


  10. There is a portal inside my home. I can feel it, although I cannot see it with my 3D eyes …
    My cats used to know where it is, all of them.

    Sstop! There’s only Me.
    For You.
    Whatever …


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      1. Do you know that all tricolour cats are female only 🙂 ?
        I have a feline encyclopaedia at home, and it’s my favourite read.
        Cats of any other colour – white, black, bicolour, orange, tiger-striped, you name it, can be male or female. If you see a tricolour cat, it’s a female.
        And yes, she reads Russian upside down!
        <2 ❤ ❤

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  11. Interesting flying dream. I somehow was on the outside of a jet airliner , on the roof near the front windshield. I remember thinking ” How am I going to keep from falling off, and I sure hope the pilots don’t see me” Apparently it was no big deal and boy, the view was good!

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  12. It’s an interesting meditation exercise to consider not just the seven right-handed double helices (14 in all, 2 x 7), but also the “circle” bridge around, creating a kind of tetradecagon-esque fugue.


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    1. Regular human DNA has something like 3.2B base-pairs, in one of four configurations (ATCG). So, that’s… 6.4B bits, or about 800MBs of information. Seven times that is 22.4B base pairs, 44.8B bits, or about 5.6 Terabytes of information. If you ran the regular human strand out all the way to its greatest length, it’s about 3.5 feet long, with the superhuman 14 variant being almost 25 feet long! We’re gonna need a bigger boat. (Note: SOURCE will no doubt weave this into a beautifully complex compact expression.)


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      1. Still finding it hard to visualise. I have to stop getting so set on seeing everything in absolute accuracy. Instead, I will give myself an easier time and just try and feel my way, I hope that is enough!

        Love & Light xxx


  13. Cats and Ms,
    In the previous topic, I mentioned that I feel tingles in my back when I am thinking or reading something that is true. This doesn’t happen frequently, only once in a while. Perhaps only for important information. You asked which direction do the tingles go, upwards or downwards? I have been waiting for it to occur again and it seems they go from the bottom upwards, on both sides. What meaning does this information have for you? Nuni and I are very curious.

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    1. @Also One Who Believes
      it happens to me too, very often. It is a reassurance that we are not alone. One that we cannot dismiss.
      Years ago, Jesus the Christ himself told me directly, it is their Presence – of our Guides & Guardians & Angels & Higher Selves & Celestial Friends reassuring us of their steady Presence and Love and support. Since it comes with a little shaking, i also think it is going from down to up. Of course, it gives that good feeling of upliftment.
      It can be likened to the statue of quick-silver-Hermes, wearing his wings at his cap, that is, flying up.
      Thinking at Kundalini, there are also two streams of energy on each side of the spine, Ida and Pindala. When Kundalini awakens and evolves, it follows the same pattern, from the base of the spine, to the top. Yes, i see it as the Spirit of Truth in action.
      In the last while i am really happy to feel those delightful chills, pretty much daily. i am said it is SOURCE Infinite Love Embrace.

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  14. FYI, this is the latest from Sophia Love, from her newsletter. It’s an important reminder:


    Hi everyone. I hope this finds you well.

    Today you’ll read an answer regarding a vision I’ve been hearing about from so many of you, for 7 years! I’m glad to hear validation for it, and some explanation.

    With the government re-opened for 3 weeks in the USA, it is looking to be a continued intense news cycle. About a week or so ago I received a clear message from my greater self about staying glued to current events. It was “DON’T”. The frequency of polarization is oozing from so much of it, that in order to wade through to get to the more positive vibe, you are bound to get splashed.

    I’m not saying to stick your head in the sand. I’m saying don’t hang around with people and posts and videos online that surround and re-hash and dissect subjects that are energetically draining you. You can feel it. Pay attention to your mood. Particularly since the eclipse last week.

    I was told that our purpose now is to hold the light. In any way possible. It really doesn’t matter what # your audience is, how many likes a post receives or how many patrons smile back at you in the grocery store. It matters that you make a stand for unity, for love, for light, for something other than re-hashing the final throes of division. It is our job to hold the light.

    Love has a far greater influence and strength than hatred. It’s effect may be unseen, but that doesn’t matter.


    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Well, I have been getting splashed for quite some time …
      I don’t watch TV,
      I don’t hang around with people who are “energy vampires”,
      And yet …
      I suppose I have opted out for it … putting myself to tests or whatever it was my soul wanted …
      It, too, will pass.
      We are not immortal, we are eternal.

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  15. Note that these “meterage posts” are just to help you realize that you’re NOT going crazy, and that those somatic feelings have value. Otherwise, don’t worry about a thing. You are all doing hugely important work here, so stay positive — and try to have some fun, as alien as that sounds.

    Try to inject some chaotic whimsy where you can. This is what cats do best. 😉


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    1. This gives me an immense sense of satisfaction, too.
      I’ve had the same problem, too. For years.
      Here is a smart young man with a POSITIVE solution.

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  16. Hi everyone,
    Thank you for this new post – since the day after I posted a comment about (good feeling) vision of childlike rolling down a rock free grassy hill – (toward the end of comments two? topics ago?) the energy has been rough… ill-nesses in different ways and then after the last TLJ not feeling like I was on the right timeline … Felt off (even this site didn’t feel right – I’m glad to feel my LOVING friends energy again today), but then you mentioned the naughty ca*8al activities, so maybe that was it…

    So… when you mentioned, above, DNA and making a circle of the ends it made me immediately think of telomeres – I’ll put a short video about them below. (~ 3:40 min or so – bonus at 2:45 cute meditating dog) Basically they are areas at the ends of your DNA strands of repeating DNA info and relate in their length and health to your health and aging – the longer they are the healthier and younger your body – Following your mention of making a circle joining the ends I thought of each end as a hand reaching out to the other making a circle as in a Irish Claddagh ring – perhaps this makes an infinity or mobius strip of the DNA strands infinitely repeating health and youth?… video has no annoying voice, just pleasant pictures and words to read – one hint – meditating makes your telomeres longer 🙂

    Peace to all… oh… Yesterday came across a thing about deep clear emerald color (or colour 🙂 ) energy for health of body and can be used to scan the body to find areas that could use increased health and use the same energy for that, too – reminded me of something VERY strong to do with the emerald energy in my past – was very powerful, but can’t bring memory to the fore… it was remembered right before I read the new post about about DNA, so maybe could be used for body and DNA healing before visualizing DNA ends circle?

    love you all, love TO you all


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    1. ? It’s 12:45 am in NM.. it’s about 2 min after posting my comment about telomeres and I distinctly heard ONE honk of a Canadian goose… Am I migrating???

      good night, sleep tight – no bed bugs to bite – in the new Home? hope so, lol.



  17. Just remember; whatever you do, don’t mention the war.

    I love Basil, he’s so dysfunctional he makes me feel reasonably well adapted in comparison.

    Yes you did, you invaded Poland! Priceless.


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    1. Love Fawlty Towers thanks for the Laugh sifoo looks like you got away with it 🙂


  18. Months ago, I literally woke up with my hands outstretched yelling out ” I can hold the hold light. ” I’ve never done anything like that and typically don’t talk in my sleep or become animated. Seeing Sophia ‘s post, are we holding the light in our daily lives of at the time of the event?


  19. Well, Lisa this morning explained to me about the “tap dancing pixies”atop my noggin. It’s the reflective silver spiritual energies being infused into my personage. Lots more, but stay tuned.


  20. “Your job is to hold the light.”

    That’s pretty much what I feel I came here to do, so it’s pretty darn accurate. Well, that and to spread said light to anyone I can, especially those I care deeply about. 😉

    Thinking about it… that’s how I felt even when I was little. Like I came here to spread some color over this dirty black canvas of a planet, along with countless other souls.

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    1. The earth and the sun have been demeaned by the ca8al and Hollywood, but it’s actually known all over the Omniverse as a truly special place, full of a truly special group: humanity. The sun is literally a portal right to SOURCE. SOURCE is RIGHT THERE. There are few places like it, if any. And we’re not seen as puny by any stretch of the imagination. What we’re doing here is actually VERY difficult. We are gonna be superstars after The Event.


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    2. Francis,
      Thank you for being so direct with me in your answer!!! I really appreciate it! That night was powerful for me holding out my arms waking up to hear myself yelling out that I will hold the light. How do I know it’s not bc I’m suddenly drawn to this topic that I had this dream? CATS FEEL FREE TO ANSWER. MY QHHT SESSION after this dream explained my purpose in life was to bring happiness to others. All my life I’ve definitely been the comic relief in all situations, so I got that covered. Is that close to holding the light? What else should I be doing? Discuss😊


      1. That freaking thing was worse-horrible than the usual download. And *weird*.

        I slept through it, which is when they download the MOST painful shit straight through me unimpeded for many many hours — every single damn day….and which being horizontal in sleep causes excruciating EM (electromagnetic) buildup every few minutes in the millions of quartz Crystals building and rebuilding in my body every second.

        So that my entire body is like a very loud zapping, cracking electrical thunderstorm…snap crackle pop.

        But THIS download, was so much more hideously painful than usual, and felt like shrapnel or shards of glass cutting through me — it was SO bad, that it put me in the in-between sleep state so that I had some awareness of this horrible process….and this is the WEIRD part.

        My brain translated these sharp shrapnel-like frequencies punching through me, as shaped like golden oval vitamin capsules (like cod liver oil?)
        and printed on each capsule, in a burgundy colour, was the same word in all lowercase letters:


        What was even more bizarre was that these pain-pill frequencies were not just in and throughout my physical body, they were also collecting and floating above my face.
        Which has never happened before with these downloading energies, no matter *how* electrocuting or burningly blastingly excruciating they have been.

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  21. Thank You Cats & Ms … Synchronicity … Lunar Purge followed by a Solar Activation Connect to & Surf the Rainbow Wave … YES we are installing a New Programme – to Start … press ANY key “where’s the ANY key doh 🙂 Fascinating you mention 14 strand DNA (we had to activate the 12 to receive more) 8th & 9th Chakra Activations or 8th octave into 9th octave we are definitely moving UP … Nectar of You the Elixir of Eternal Life connected to 39/93 & the Pine Code 8: 13 … the New Shape of things to come 🙂 PHI reUNITES with PI (Pi has been a lie) Phi generates Pi 3.144 look at your last post with the Aurora Photo 🙂 dIAMONEdness. The picture below is something I created on 26.01.2019 in relation to the Energy coming in connecting to the Rainbow Wave … there is more info on my f/b page D”iamone”d Consciousness. The Dragons & Whales are Uplifting the SeraPHIm (been questioning this connection since December & finally makes sense) Love to ALL
    /Users/michellepunch/Desktop/Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 6.08.52 pm.png


    1. Funny you mention diamonds… I missed my morning meditation, as I was taking care of someone, so I thought I’d probably have some catch-up in my evening session. Before that, as I was taking the trash out, I noticed a BIG diamond ship within a rifle shot of the portal. They saw me notice and we gave each other a little mental between equals. Then, in my meditation, I got a big download and activation — and another healing (still recovering from a rather nasty calamari wound) — and some work from those on the diamond ship. I need to visit them and see who they were (I didn’t want to pry). Stay tuned…


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      1. Onederful AM a Diamond moment for you to be taken care of 🙂 Arcturians are connected to diamond energy & providing so much support to us all. The ships have been close since 26th I have visited 2 times no memory of but I know & Feel I have been there … staying tuned
        (there has been a major breakthrough in our upliftment you mentioned this above being ahead of time so I know there has been lots of discussion & meetings on what is ahead it is a very exciting time for everyone not just us on Earth. After receiving information about the Seraphim I cried so many tears of joy this was the final push on the cabal what they have done to the seraphim they have done to us, keeping the seraphim locked in the horizontal grids blocked us all to our higher hearts … we are now free to be Uplifted into our Higher Hearts/Mind … the rainbow wave)

        Has anyone noticed Kundalini Heat Rising in spine & top of head? this has been very active since 26th.


      2. @ AM

        January 26:

        “*Jerusalem in repositioning. Authorized: ÓB (Lower Earth Orbit).”
        January 28:

        “*Jerusalem updates field of vision.

        Main Command centralizes Protocols.

        Special Portals are re-enabled in multizone.”
        (Pleiades 1 Messages)


    2. Thank you Michelle!…’s a large version of your gorgeous Whale pic on f/b:

      I bring in the ‘Diamond Light Codes’

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      1. Thank you Anonymous We are all Diamonds within 🙂 we all carry the diamond light codes, atomic diamond is our core structure. The sun is emanating the new higher frequency & activating these DNA codes they are pure source christ consciousness … our missing links. We are dephinitely forging ahead into our dIAMONEdness … For Carbon to Reach its Fullest Potential it has to be FORGED in FIRE, pressed to its Limits under Extreme Pressure & Temperatures to Shape/Mpould & Form the Beautiful Symmetry of A DIAMOND. Polished & Clear Full of Purity & Strength that is Unbreakable, Indestructible & Undeniably BE YOU TO FULL!


  22. Hi,
    just noticed a nice white whompage started an hour ago on the SR meter I’d updated at about 1:15 am here to see –

    – this evening I had hours of extreme dizziness – the kind that the slightest movement on the bed makes you worse – after I checked in here for new comments and checked out the GRB – the timing matched it…

    — I’ve been meaning to ask if anyone had updates or experiences with the ‘coal’-> diamonds upgrade thing – I’d had the overnight appearance of a lump with hard core the day you posted about the ‘coal’ thing – it was painful – mine has been changing, recently improving, but with a certain intensity matching some of what Anonymous commented on in the 9:28 pm 1/28/19 comment. Any asking about it needing medical looking into was always a big negative.
    @~AM, thank you for mentioning diamond, it gave me mental permission to ask about this…
    good night
    love to all,


  23. I saw a rainbow circle around the sun today and what looked like a small pink lightning flash from the core! Beautiful!



  24. New Gaia Portal:

    Flashes of Light cannons are viewed with gratitude.

    Portions of mesmer are refused.

    Philanthropics are engaged for hu-manity.

    Stardust engaged.



  25. Ya’ know, All of these experiences We’ve been having are gettin’ interesting. Just sayin’


  26. I feel so sick lately with my nose, throat and my head feels like it about to explode! Very tired all the time, cannot concentrate….
    Last night I wok up because my hole body was itching everywhere!
    When I woke up I was fine again…
    What is that?!
    Can anyone relate?!
    CATs? Any explanation?…


    1. @June. Yes i woke up at 2.30am the same night and didn’t get back to sleep. Also felt itchy all over but worst were my lower legs. As Kathleen posted I have been dizzy too. Especially when lying down.


  27. Any thoughts on the info in the link anyone?
    I’m not familair with Michael Love so i’m not sure.
    It’s all in capitals and there’s a few ‘Great Ones’ in there.

    Extract below.




    1. Well, the event has been happening (that is, waves of SOURCE energy getting stronger and stronger and stronger) for the past 30,000 years, so… we’ll take a crescendo, any crescendo. Specific dates are fraught with disappointment, so we’ll just hold the light and try to smile like we mean it. And I sincerely hope there will be no yard blowers on the New Earth.



  28. The night before last was crazy, couldn’t sleep worth a darn, felt wide awake and at one point my legs started feeling like I was on a long road trip and couldn’t get out of the car to stretch them. I had to shake them a lot to release the energy build up, arghhh!
    Shoutout to 777✌️


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