We’re feeling the effects of that recent (small) CME (seen above)…

[NOTE: We forgot that last night’s timeline jump was the below timeline jump and counted it double, hence the roll back to #48. Sorry about that.]

…having just had a(nother) rather large timeline jump:


These riometers measure cosmic energy.

…with subsesquent energy surge/WHOMP already in progress:

Schumann Resonance meter out of Moscow, which is (oddly) read upside-down.

We’re gonna hunker down for a little while. We need to each personally deal with this incoming energy… which is strangely in the shape of a coat hanger. Huh. BREATHE through it. Plastic hangers are springy!



Whoa. In our haste to get this out, we missed this muon meter:

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 9.15.02 am

Note how the new timeline has a higher energy. Might take a few days before we feel less… impacted.


Here are the rest:

That purple area is typical of a timejump, but we’ve nver seen those turquoise stripes on this Italian meter before. You kinda have to look at these over time to understand them, and even then we’re not sure; each one is different. 99% of the time, the people who run these meters have no idea what the results mean… but they think they do. 😉
Longterm look at one of the Italian meters… which is all over the place, readingswise. Typically those purple areas are regions of high energy instability.
This is a strange and spooky meter from Ottawa. It normally looks nothing like this. You can see the timeline jump just before 12:00 UTC.
Those black areas are timeline jumps.
This is a neutron meter in Jungfraujoch, Switzerland.


We keep getting little nudges and bumps.

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 10.51.43 pm
Yet Another Muon Meter (of a zillion).

105 thoughts on “YATJ #48 [UPDATE3]

  1. All of us in the office this afternoon were really tired and didn’t know why. Then my partner and her employer told me they were the same. I said i thought our bodies were maybe trying to integrate incoming energies. Unfortunately we don’t have beds at work!

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      1. I am so amazed that i sailed through the eclipse. I was dreading it as it was my partner’s 60th and we were going away for a night to celebrate. As we haven’t been away for years due to our elderly cat, we were so looking forward to it. It was brilliant and Poons (the cat) was fine the next day. Yes less than 24hrs away and i was so worried about him. I do love him so much. I asked my guides and brother j to help and they did. I’m so grateful and really hope the Cats don’t suffer too much. X

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      2. I haven’t been functional for 10 years now, and had to Homeschool my son for 7 years (Grade 3 to 10) from my bed.

        This is why forerunners are literally screaming-crying for the launching of The Event.

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  2. So what else is new? Hobbling around with mild gnashing of teeth. On another note, got a new rhododendron planted yesterday. Spring is coming! Got on my exercise bicycle again, pedaled my little self around a bit. Feel much improved for it. 2+ inches of rain expected here in the PNW thru tomorrow.

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  3. Thanks for the update. I knew something was up. Felt on top of the world on the 20th then felt like I hit rock bottom yesterday, the 21st. Today I’m so spaced out and tired. Years ago I’d have episodes of depression and these feelings are mimicking that. I’ll be meditating and doing some deep breathing until I acclimate to the energy/timeline. Peace to everyone out there, this one is rough!

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  4. Thank you. 🙏🏻
    Any idea what those weird waves are on the river in Washington (see mrmbb333 yesterday)?

    Went skateboarding yesterday in the local outdoor skatebowl. Sun was out, skated in a t-shirt, headphones on, no one else around… Heaven! ❤️

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  5. Somehow, the only major after-effect of this major recent kerfufflage is a lot of tiredness, but I’m still fairly functional. I’m not even doing anything special besides meditating/Reiki… Hope you guys are still in one piece!

    I love you all.

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  6. I see this article as a cultural sign of an energetic shift (I don’t ascribe to everything it says, but I think it’s definitely pointing to a shift):


    There is an expectation felt that what ever we do, we need our lives to have meaning. When we question the purpose of things, we begin to question ourselves and everything that we know and trust falls away and this can be really scary. It has lead to a huge wave of anxiety and depression – which we typically consider to be negative but I think it is a sign that we are moving into a new positive space. For me, anxiety is a sign that something needs to be purged. People are subconsciously realizing their potential and are wanting more, but before they can do that they need to purge the negativity out. I am a teacher and I see it in my students all the time. I feel it so heavy in my heart and someday soon it’s going to explode.

    It’s all so overwhelming in that it’s stressful but also exciting. I’ve been thinking back on the years – the challenges that have been presented on a collective level and how it’s making the veil a little thinner each day. For example, video games. It is a space where people can feel fully immersed in a reality that provides a sense of purpose. But when the video game is over or isn’t being played, people are confronted with emptiness. I think that this is partially why we see so many young people who feel at a loss, who feel “burnt out”, who don’t know what they are doing with their lives. Despite the bad reputation that videos games have, I almost see them as a mechanism that is creating space. It can help to be a little detached from “reality” in order to make room for perspective shifts.

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      1. talking of perspective change, my wife told me yesterday that she feels now that she has too many clothes , more than she needs. she also said she doesnt feel like buying more…

        And first thought that came to my mind was ‘ oh my, Event must be near’…

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        1. MrM I used to love buying new clothes etc… I haven’t felt the slightest inclination to buy anything new in such a long time, it just does not seem important anymore!

          Love & Light x

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      2. I teach college level courses where the age group is typically 18-24 so there is a lot of emotional baggage coming in 🙂 There is such apathy… many of the kids are fed up on arrival – and I mostly teach drawing, so it’s a real disappointment when they don’t take the opportunity and time given to thoroughly explore their creative potential. Some kids get it, but see it as a list that they have to complete in order to get the grade, to get the degree, to get the job and to get the money to get the house and so on. They’ve been so programmed to perform specific tasks with specific outcomes that when they are presented with limited and often open ended requirements that could have any number outcomes, they sort of freeze up and don’t know what to do. This is all sort of speculation… but we come from a creative source so it only makes sense that we too are creative and the way they are programmed conflicts with their deeply embedded curiosity and creativity, which in effect creates a tension that generates anxiety… there is definitely more complexity to it person to person… but this is an observation I have, which might just be a projection of my own issues pertaining to creative suppression : )
        In the end I believe we all agree to a path before we come here… so there must be reasons for the creative hurdle.

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        1. Nice comment, teacher of young ones. I think it’s an astute observation and thanks for sharing.

          That’s the thing, outcomes are already decided. It’s a done deal. That’s why you seek detachment from them. Because you’re only bogging yourself down when you expect something else. And this ties into why people just kinda know things already. Because it’s already been decided.

          On that note – Everyone has to listen to the Most High. And there’s an Almighty. All is mighty. So when you hear from some, you still have to hear from the other to make it all. But there’s something where everyone through their ego says “Me say”, but we turn the m upside down and get w, “We say!”


  7. I felt an immense surge of energy, of power;
    As beings of full light-body chakra system, do we need to protect ourselves from this immense surge of energy, to boost our immune system? mmm?
    As this is a dimensional change, we must watch our thoughts and out language …
    Our power is within …

    Come on, come on now, fight me if you dare,
    All my power is within:


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  8. Last few days blasts knocked me into horizontal for over 24 hours; me being still for that long is basically unheard of outside of serious illness, and I feel relatively fine.

    Plenty of old memories as well. Some just need a tiny drop of empathy to dissolve, others are pieces of puzzles I had long forgotten about.

    Growing up in capital suburbs that turned more into ghettos each year, I remember several instances where I got into serious trouble. As in being surrounded by 2-5 people who wanted nothing more than beating me to a pulp.

    Back then I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt me, and I didn’t really know what to do about it; so I mostly stood there in a corner waiting for it to stop.

    And the weird thing is that it always did stop by itself, sort of ran out into the sand. Some of them tried to punch or kick me, but I see now that it hurt them more than me. I can’t remember even a bruise. And these were very negative individuals, who regularly beat the crap out of innocent people for fun.

    What I realized today is that they couldn’t hurt me, because something out of this world wouldn’t allow it to happen.

    The Hopi Prophecy is without a doubt one of my favorites:


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  9. Hi Everyone,
    I just saw this on space weather – a meteoroid hit the moon during the eclipse,
    http://spaceweather.com/ (I hope it comes through)
    I wonder what its effects are/were? This cme hasn’t been too bad for me, but definitely hope everyone is back in the game now!


  10. Those rascally pixies have been doing their tap dance on the top of my head all afternoon. They seem to be tireless.

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  11. I have been sleeping like a log since the lunar eclipse, in a good way. Nothing like some TLC and Reiki to help move through this. Isn’t it 3 days before and 3 days after that the effects of the full moon (never mind a blood moon with lunar eclipse!!) can still impact us? 💕🌒🌹


  12. FYI, we’ll try to put caption detail into the graph/meters so people can get an idea of what they mean (when we know!). We take them so much for granted, having looked at them for so long, that we often post them with no explanation.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Thank you SO much for the explanations! Makes it so much more interesting to study when I have a clue 🙂

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    2. Just out of interest, why isn’t the amplitude chart ever posted from the Tomsk space observing system? (it’s at http://sosrff.tsu.ru/new/sra.jpg)

      It just seems much more informative than the hot-white-mess of a chart that is always posted. I may be unique in this respect but about 18months ago I realised that most of the unexplained symptoms that were driving me crazy were exactly linked to the fluctuations in the 4 harmonics shown on the amplitude chart….

      For me, the white (primary) harmonic=fatigue, yellow=headaches, red=muscular aches/pains, green=digestive discomfort (each green spike is like an acute stabbing in my gut).

      I’d be interested to know if any others have the same correlation…

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      1. Hi Mark. I am going to see if this chart correlates with my symptoms too. However, i cant find that particular chart on the site (i just went into every heading – not speaking Russian lol). Can you let me know which heading its under please?


        1. Hi, I linked directly to the chart in my comment – http://sosrff.tsu.ru/new/sra.jpg , the image is not static – it is constantly updated so always current.

          But if you want to find it from the http://sosrff.tsu.ru homepage then it’s name is ‘Амплитуды’ under the heading ‘Шумановские резонансы’. FYI, I don’t speak Russian either but I know the Cyrillic alphabet and both of those read exactly like English (‘Amplitudes’ and ‘Schumann resonances’)


          1. Excellent. Thank you Mark. I didn’t realise the chart would update if I bookmarked it. I’m of the age where I have a reasonable grasp of computery stuff but need a ten year old to keep me sorted. Unfortunately I don’t have children or grandchildren! 😊


    1. Very sad. The new companies trade on the reputation of the former product/owners and people carry on believing the products are good, when they have often been changed and are inferior. My father in law worked for Cadbury’s in Bournville in the UK until he retired. In those days they were a very responsible company who provided a lot of social amenities, homes with large gardens for workers to grow food, etc and would not allow pubs/inns in Bournville village. Oh how things change.

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    2. How the heck are we supposed to eat “clean” when (as usual) we are being lied to? I know, I know, bless your food. But COME ON!🤬 Tired of the deceit😕

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      1. By going within for answers and rejecting so called authorities once and for all. I’m as tired as anyone, but I’m pretty sure that’s the point of the exercise.


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  13. Picking up some muon surge, feeling it in our heads. Could be another part of that (small) CME coming in; the smaller ones seem to have at least two parts to them. Basically upgrade information.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Me and my big mouth! Very discombobulated today. The timeline long jump was hard. Didn’t feel connected or grounded all day, although I tried to ground myself. Then tonight everything sorted itself out. There is no hurrying this process. It works to its own schedule – just like our feline friends! Try to get a cat to come in from outside quickly when it’s freezing and you are letting all the heat out. No chance.😊😸

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  14. So today, the pixies tap dancing on my head yesterday, seem to have formed a conga line. Eeeee! At least I have a visit scheduled with Lisa on Sat. Stay tuned

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  15. Is anyone else questioning the “meteor striking the moon” during the eclipse, or have I become an unabashedly unmitigated skeptic?


      1. Dearest CATs,
        dunno how to embed, but here is the link.
        My Guide says it’s True and it’s Real.
        It is Brother J speaking and sounds Urgent. Please check.

        Further down is my own post from 2014.
        I said NO, I used my Sword…and it worked!
        Shall we, dear CATs & members here, join forces?

        “Urgent: Pray Like Ninevites for POTUS” by One of the Lightworkers – 1.23.19



        October 28, 2014

        URGENT! W​e need send this out!

        C: “There will likely be an assassination attempt (on Putin). Hopefully it will not be successful… and to do it would cause our thugs a lot of problems if they succeed because Russians and many others will stand up strongly against it and he will become a saint.”

        I say NO.

        I say NO
        with ALL THE POWER IN ME,

        I uncreate
        that thought
        and all energy that created it
        and I declare it
        NULL & NICHTIG.

        Heaven has Saints enough
        we want our Saint HERE.

        We say NO to any further murdering.
        SAY NO.

        We witnessed ENOUGH murders of our heroes.
        This time we would break down mourning, totally devastated.
        In one year we would celebrate our despair and devastation again.
        See you not, how we celebrate MURDER each day?
        We would all be too broken to fight.
        And so the dark would again have a victory.

        I SAY NO

        I CUT
        the GORDIAN KNOT
        of the CHAIN
        of SLAVERY

        around GAIA
        and HUMANITY





        And ASK
        all the powerful LIGHT SONS & DAUGHTERS of GOD
        on Gaia and around Gaia
        to MAGNIFY IT
        GOD’s VICTORY.

        IT IS DONE.


        1. Sorry, This video doesn’t sound like Jesus’ wisdom at all. Very conditional and asserting that people aren’t “praying hard enough” to protect Trump. Now, there’s a difference between praying and meditation on positive outcomes (like I believe Harvey could have been worse if it were not for just that) and using prayer or lack of it as a guilt trip (YOU were not praying hard enough, therefore bad thing will happen!) The video felt a bit accusatory and I did not give with it. Also, I think Jesus is above the word “enemy”.

          But that being said… There’s rumors that the reason pelosi and crew ditched town was because the PTW were attempting an assassination on DJT and they didn’t want to be there? I think they did apprehend a gunman recently so…

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          1. Yes, I totally agree. If folks would like to know J’s actual thoughts, try The Course. Or simply be open to the J Layer (I’m still amazed that he could do this), which is a spiritual layer available to anyone who asks.

            The ca8al is over.


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          2. My response wasn’t to be agressive or confrontational, truly. I apologise if I came out that way. I just feel strongly about things that feel wrong to me and want to point them out. But, Oro was looking for a cat opinion and not mine, so I’ll back off from these kinds of comments.

            But it’s hard I’m hella opinionated and blunt, lol.


        2. I got a heavy reaction from this video and I had to stop it half way through, because it felt so awful that I got nauseous and my heart was tightening up. I had the impression, that “they” try to collect energy for exactly the scenario, they allegedly want to prevent!

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      2. On spaceweather.com and several other independent pics. I googled “meteor hit on moon during eclipse” and was surprised at how many people got it. If they’re still up.


  16. Long ago WE (by WE I mean the Forerunners, Wayshowers, Volunteers, Pathpavers etc. before we dropped Light to incarnate) intentionally placed an aspect of OURSELVES in the form of individual fractals in the Sun of this solar system Earth is in. These fractal aspects are those great Beings I instinctively LOVED and worshiped as a young child in the 1950s in this incarnation.

    Long ago WE also intentionally placed other aspects of OURSELVES in different male and female incarnations around planet Earth in linear time in 3D physicality. WE gave ourselves certain incarnations that would help us in these current lifetimes when the Ascension Process would/is happening in physicality and in linear time. Said another way, we very carefully covered our spiritual, energetic butts to make this Ascension Process as kind and gentle to all as we possibly could.

    One of the reasons why WE intentionally placed a fractal aspect of OURSELVES in our local Sun was for when we reached the phase within the Ascension Process where we were capable of starting to Embody the Higher in the Lower here in the physical in these lives and bodies. (As you know, tons of Work had to be done by each of us before this could even be a thought and we’ve done just that.)

    Once WE were ready to begin the Embodiment or Resurrection phase of the Ascension Process, WE would slowly and gently start merging the Higher with the Lower/the Lower with the Higher in ourselves, in our physical body vehicles on Earth. In other words, WE would begin becoming Christed, Crystalline, Unified, Integrated Beings in the physical on Earth and that would naturally and automatically attract those fractal aspects of US that have for so long existed in the Sun to merge with US/US with them here in these physical bodies and earthly, incarnate Selves Wayshowing the Ascension Process.


    When enough of the Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners began this phase and were embodying their Solar/Sun/Christic/Divine fractal Selves into their physical bodies and human Selves on Earth, that would automatically and naturally trigger the Sun to do something NEW, something different, something like the suggested ‘sneeze’ causing a tremendous flash of Light to burst out which energetically propels everything and everyone into “Ascending”, evolving in what seems like a split-second.

    I feel weird just typing those words. Why? Because even I have had to fight my way through all the lies and BS of those that have done their utter best to have US never realize these greater truths. I’ve known some of these greater truths all my life but I still sometimes have doubts about what I AM. Then that silly shit clears and I remember and know that I AM the I AM that I AM and that shit is about to get real up in here because WE’VE Worked on and towards this since forever it seems at this point.

    As I said before, no pressure my fellow Forerunners of the Forerunners and Forerunners, but know that as more and more of us Embody our Solar/Sun/Christic fractal Selves into these incarnate earthly Selves, that our doing so tremendously amplifies and quickens the entire Ascension Process and will trigger the Sun to do its ‘Event’ thing because all those fractals in it will have left to be Embodied by human Forerunners on Earth. How could this act not alter everything, not activate everything into further evolution? How could there be increasing numbers of incarnate Christed Beings in human form on Earth and not have that fact alter all of reality? It cannot.

    When is this Solar ‘Event’ Happening?
    Who knows. There’s lots of possibilities. One strong one is during what I’m going to call another Zero Zone period. This Zero Zone is that powerful point when we’ve finished 2016 (a NINE energy year), meaning December 31, 2016 to the start of 2017 (a ONE energy year) meaning January 1, 2017. It’s a possibility but I sense it’s a bit too early yet.

    Another possibility could be at the end of 2017 (a ONE energy year), or the end of 2018 (a TWO energy year), or any point within 2019 (a THREE energy year). It doesn’t really matter if “the Event” happens in two weeks or two years; what matters is that it’s coming and fast and that it will dramatically change (improve, evolve) everyone and everything instantly. Stay focused on getting there, not getting hung up on lower left-brain details


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    1. @ visitor

      WHAT DO WE WAIT FOR, then?
      Step 1: We unite.
      Step 2: We say “NOW”!

      So simple.

      CATs have the Command Bridge.


      1. It’s more important for people to let their Guides know that they’re ready (without anger or exasperation). But before you do this, meditate on your ACTUAL readiness; there could still be some stuff in there that needs to get tossed out, or get washed, or painted gold. Once there all you can do is be patient and wait. We will then be united in our NE goal (New Earth, not Nebraska) *and* our patience. We have to overcome our human limitations and be BETTER than human: that is, SUPERhuman.


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        1. No, the NE is happening in this lifetime. We are actually manifesting it via the sun; our spiritual activity is already causing the sun to increase its energy output (that’s why it appears more white). When enough people wake up, it will just happen. WE are waking up to being manifesters. This is why it’s so important to think positively, as negative things can manifest, too.


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  17. Hm. There’ve been WHOMPs in Italy during the night and early morning; we’ll see if we have them in the rest of the world as night rolls in our direction. Apologies to those in the S. Hemisphere. We need to be better about including meters from down under (though those tend to be under more govt. control than the ones we look at).

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. FYI, several groups of ETs, Guides and Universals — and Gaia herself — are keeping Yellowstone (and the world) from exploding before we’re ready. No worries. You are so incredibly taken care of you have no idea.


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  18. Haaa!!!
    Anybody know what the bleep this thing was? It was travelling 558 miles per hour:

    Yellowstone – Fast Moving Surface Object | Why is this not in the news?


      1. “We have to overcome our human limitations and be BETTER than human: that is, SUPERhuman.”

        So….no ideas?

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  19. Hi, All!
    Awesome communications on/of Terran Cognito!
    Guess I’ll start a jig soon!

    Messages from 3 Galactic Commands,
    Andromeda Command, Ashtar Command and Lyran Command


    1. Thanks for posting this from Terran Cognito. Sounds joyful and imminent. I’d like to hear more from the Lyran Command.

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  20. FYI, we’re *still* getting downloads, so be alert for that. Don’t worry if you’re not, you could just be done. Also, since many of us are near portals, we can sometimes get input from those.


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  21. Hi M6, this is off-topic, but do you remember we spoke about how to naturally / energetically heal tooth decay?
    So after drinking warm lemon juice for months in a row (I’m pretty sure that’s what caused it) I seriously damaged my enamel.
    The main issue is that I now have a little hole on my front tooth, right against and probably also under the gums. I write hole, because the dentist said today it’s not a cavity, strangely. It’s a different hole. The xray only gave a bit of information and he said it’s weird and he doesn’t know yet what to do with it, so he wants to cut the gum to look within and then decide.
    Might be needed to do a root treatment possibly.
    Of course I want to avoid this.
    So I know there has to be something to treat, reverse it etc. And you mentioned last time you would look into it.
    If you’d have the opportunity to do this, I’d be super grateful and I’m sure more people would benefit from it.
    Many thanks in advance!

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      1. The ‘lightning-like’ energies I was forced to download the past 2 years targeted metal fillings in my Tetracycline “poisoned” teeth – (from the 1960’s teeth & bone antibiotic poisoning experiment through the medical profession on 30,000+ babies/toddlers/young children)
        – and blasted out 3 fillings, cracked 2 molars in half with resulting massive gum infection….6 months of that before I could crawl out of house back to dentist to have one loose/cracked molar yanked out….decided while I could still leave the house and physically move around, to have 17 teeth filed and capped to preserve what I had left.

        One cracked molar that was capped even, cracked right off at the base completely, after the last round of incredibly painful lightning bolt frequency downloads blasted through my jaws, targeting 2 more of my most tetracycline-poisoned teeth.

        Then last month the molar next to it cracked in half and fell right out. The past 2 weeks the rest of it has been cracking off and falling out in small chunks….only tiny sharp piece left to come off at the gum level right now.

        Rest of uncapped teeth are slowly continuously dissolving…..holes deepening as well.
        Besides knocking teeth out of my head, the energies really sped up DECAY on top of it all.

        Can’t make it out of house/bed to see dentists anymore.
        Woo hoo, I’m having SO much fun…..


        1. Wow Anonymous, that is really intense.
          I hope you’re getting yourself through this with as little discomfort and pain as possible.
          It seems like everything from the old and that which doesn’t serve us in our highest good (or just can’t upgrade to the new frequencies) needs to stay behind one way or the other.
          Wishing you fast recovery and a mouth full of new, healthy teeth and content.
          Or maybe we don’t need our current teeth in the next level?! I do hope so, I like to bite my snacks!
          Oh it might be beneficial to look into consuming some chlorella and cilantro to help you get rid of any possible metals and junk coming out from it.


    1. Check a company called Reminova, don’t know if they’re up and running yet. Remineralisation of teeth, the end of drilling. 😉

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    2. Dentists are all about drilling, cutting and poisoning. Not very constructive at all. The problem with letting white coats run their stupid tests is that they’re paid to find problems, literally.

      My teeth used to be fine until dentists fucked them up with all their great ideas. These days they’re seeping mercury into my bloodstream and spontaneously cracking from the frequency changes in combination with their so called solutions.

      The x-ray itself most probably did more harm than any hole in a tooth. Even taking a test is sort of telling the universe that you need some more suffering because you’re still not quite getting it.

      Brushing teeth with salt now and then should be enough for most people. Rinsing the mouth with colloidal silver-water works well when there’s some kind of infection going.

      I have no easy answers, but I’m pretty sure dentists and doctors isn’t it.


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      1. Sifoo I’m with you on that dentist thing, I don’t trust one easily and I’ve been researching and testing dentists for a while now to assure myself it’s someone who doesn’t only have the right skills, but also integrity. After this last appointment I felt uneasy and decided to look for someone else, who I have decided upon today and feel good about.

        As to the X Ray I try to avoid them as much as possible and fortunately the last one was years ago.
        It did not do me harm, because I prepared for it energetically prior to it and cleaned it afterwards.
        And I wear my orgonite.

        I believe taking a test is not at all connected to asking for more suffering from the universe, on the contrary. My higher self indicates that besides what I can do by myself here, I need medical assistance.
        I see it as an act of self love to honor that and I fully trust my higher self and guides.

        I’ll look into that colloidal silver water, thanks!

        I cleaned some things energetically yesterday and today again.
        Interestingly now when I gently push my gums with a finger through my lips, the sensitive, unpleasant sensation I had is much less.
        Indicates to me that healing is happening, yay!


    1. I donated/gifted a LOT of money, towards Lisa’s teeth (denture) implantation restoration procedures.

      Through her GoFundMe account.


  22. There has been a sharp uptick of violence in my area and it’s getting me worried… It started this year too, what could be causing it? My city was one of the ones to get 5 G… Perhaps thats got something to do with it?

    I really losing my patience with this Event stuff honestly.


  23. Anyone getting a lot of entity/psychic attacks right now? I have been feeling ALOT of dark energy around myself and my daughter/our home. I feel like I am constantly clearing and working ultra hard to keep up our protection.

    Been having really dark dreams as if on another timeline but just really awful, nightmarish, fighting some really dark/apocolyptic energy in dream state, very dark ‘human’ beings, scenery run down, as if something bad has happened. Hiding in fear behind a wall whilst seeing a fellow lightworker injured badly and taken away by these scary people. Also lots of train dreams again. Dreamed I was pregnant and on a train….

    Getting a bit weighed down and exhausted with all this dark energy though. Head feels literally clamped! It really is trying to cling on…

    Love & Light to ALL ❤️


    1. Just wanted to add, I am ‘frozen’ in many of these dreamstate scenarios, unable to move, speak, anything. So frustrating. I’ve been able to stop things happening before and have managed to save people in dream state but lately…Hmmm, as I type this my computer is starting to sound like a dehumidifier. Going to switch off and go and soak in the bath!

      LOVE to ALL xxx


    2. No, but a few nights ago there was a big ca8al dark thing push that resulted in a lot of them… not being here anymore. That could’ve had something to do with it. We saw the aftermath of things and it wasn’t pretty. Body parts everywhere… the ca8als’, not their victims. The symbols they erected were pathetic and we easily knocked the ones down that we saw. They also keep trying to locate certain portals, for whatever reason, but are just too dumb. What a sad waste of time, but… it’s their choice. You may also be doing some purging. Won’t last much longer, as you’re vibrating too fast.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thanks CAT Eds. That makes a lot of sense. There was some pretty horrific imagery in the dreams I had, it was all quite vague when I woke up but some of the images are still with me, not pretty at all…Shame they cannot just turn towards the light, it’s exhausting.

        Love & Light x

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