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Yet Another Timeline Jump just now, as picked up by one of the Siberian muon detectors. (And FYI, we just pulled the number 47 out of our back pockets.)


This accompanies other recent energy anomalies:



THEN… we just had this:

Note that little black dot to the right of the sun’s corona?
Notice how NASA fudged that spot to the right of the sun’s corona.

This odd capture is due to the sun’s sister-sun companion, whom we call Trudy, causing a gravitic speed bump between the sun and the satellite, pulling it off “true.” Trudy is actually really nice, energywise, feminine to the sun’s masculine energy. It takes all kinds.


helping paws



Wow. This recent GRB we mentioned in one of the last few posts…


…is the first of its kind. We had a timeline jump 15 hours later, so… hm. Look:

“…It is the first ray of gamma ray ever recorded in the “TeV domain”. Where energy is measured in trillions of electron volts. There where no Grb had ever been seen.

The discovery, if confirmed, is important for at least three reasons. First of all, it will be able to provide the astrophysicists with unprecedented and precious data on one of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe – gamma-ray bursts, whose production mechanisms are still not completely clear. Second, it would be the culmination of a golden period for Magic telescopes, already among the protagonists – on September 22, 2017 – of the detection of the first known electromagnetic signal associated with a cosmic neutrino. Finally, it would pave the way for a particularly coveted research area for Cta , the future Cherenkov Telescope Array.

original source (italian): https://www.media.inaf.it/2019/01/17/grb190114c-magic/

More as we find it. (For those who look, note that Kiruna is looking funny, lately, showing the EXACT same pattern the last few days. Rerun? Caught in a loop? Ca8al interference? We’ll see.)


We had another CME, a weird little one again that we will invariably feel within the next 1-5 days. It’s another upgrade event. Expect kerffuflage.



AND it looks like we had a timeline jump:


And another GRB:



And another timeline jump. Ugh.

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 4.25.06 pm


Jeez, and ANOTHER timeline jump right now, 1/21/19 at 6:45 pm PST:



82 thoughts on “YATJ #47 [UPDATE5]

  1. Whew! Just had an emotional purge regarding how callous people can be to others : plant, animal, human, etc. I hope that was in the timeline we just jumped from and only love remains.

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      1. All depends *which* of the infinite possible New Earths you choose to visit/live on.

        High likelihood that lower frequency 5D Earths will have some form of internet…to accommodate those who don’t want to evolve very fast and don’t wanna let that go…


        1. How are we getting from here (3D) to 5D right away? What happened to 4D? I thought that 5D was a non-corporeal level.


          1. No idea. When things go, we saw things going to 4d for about a year, then some going to 5d later after they adjusted, some staying on 4d. It doesn’t really matter. We’re all gonna find out, eventually. Everyone needs to open that big untouched can of PATIENCE in the back of the pantry and wait it out. Guides aren’t going to tell us ‘when,’ so we need to stay positive, live our lives, and make the best of it in the meantime.

            -CAT Eds.

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          2. “Open that big untouched can of patience”, LOL! That reminded me of when I saw a psychic who told me I was on my last life and would reach nirvana this time. She said each life was a lesson and I had already learned my lessons and just had this one last lesson to learn. The lesson this time was patience. I laughed hysterically. Oh the cosmic joke irony! After all those lives… learn patience? Hadn’t I already by going thru all those lives?! Hahaha! Source has a sense of humor. Good thing I have one too.

            Going from 3D to 5D always made sense to me. The 4th is an astral realm. We already experience it in the dream state or when contacting the other side. Also, keep in mind each of the densities have levels within them. A slug for example is a lower level 3D consciousness as opposed to an enlightened, awakened consciousness 3D human. I’m going 5D. I’ve always felt that. After my work is done here of course. 😉❤

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      2. I feel your pain, CATof9 (i’m a developer/sysadmin also). SSL certs are always a pain in the neck to deal with (in my experience), but for what it’s worth, I’ve found that using the Let’s Encrypt cert authority (which is free) to be the least-hassle-inducing solution out there. http://www.letsencrypt.org


  2. Hi guys,
    Why, oh why do I always forget about the full moon, lol. 🙂 It effects me every month – if I mentioned to a certain friend the past few years how I’m feeling, he says gently “it’s the full moon today” DUH! I was watching a friends elderly dog today and when I let her out this evening there it was, nice and full-ish with a huge ring around it – Perhaps ?? it was the SR white ‘rapids. followed by CHOP, then TLS that made this afternoon’s exhausted ‘swimming’ from room to room caring for her so difficult. (not that she’s hard to care for, lol).
    Anyway, when I got home I caught up on the chatter and new post here (those are some weird graphs today!) something (don’t know what) triggered a long ago remembrance of an analogy that was helpful to me – I never understood the necessity for protection – even being such an intense empath, never could separate myself from others, often even my skin felt like someone else’s in proximity, etc… I started seeing someone, trying to understand the me of me, in ’79/80′?. It never felt right to need protection or set up protection – using white light or whatever else was going on at the time – nothing worked and I felt it was wrong – like the separation was wrong… I’d been a physics major/metallurgy minor and he put it in terms I could understand on that level – such as low frequency say being one wave every four inches (simplifying this) and high frequency being 10 waves per inch – then bringing amplitude into it, low wave peak 2 inches high, high amplitude – each wave peak 7 inches high. So, thinking in terms of say bars of your personal energy wall – low frequency another being’s energy could ‘walk’ right through the bars – high frequency, the ‘wall’ would be high bars VERY close together and other peoples/beings lower frequencies would not be able to penetrate through your tight strong energy structure… I think a physicist would sue me for slander or some such with this explanation, but maybe you get the gist of what I’m saying – it’s physics NOT judgment of the other – this was easier for me to accept…

    much love to all – may you all have a peaceful and restful night – in accordance with HstGd, etc of course. 🙂


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  3. I asked Source to change my timeline yesterday and hope this was for me as well. Our country’s elections are coming up in 3 months and if the ruling party wins they will change the constitution and start stealing people’s land without compensation, based on skin color. (I’m in South Africa). I really don’t want to witness anything like this happening ever in my life and can’t even believe this is an issue anyone in this day and age need to worry about. Anyway whatever comes will be part of the plan and I can’t choose my lessons but I really hope this is not one of them! Thanks for the posts on here this really keeps me go!

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    1. @ Anonymous

      well…many fell in the trap, too many!!! Sounds so real, and it’s oh, so fake!
      Tell us the name of that goddess – see, you don’t know it? Is that proclaimed goddess, the dark isis, the sister of the snake?
      In case you mean the Infinite Mother Spirit Creator of this Universe, well, She is ineffable, immaculate, ethereal in all Her perfect beauty. Don’t you think, this cobra snake sister has too fat an arse?

      “Return of Light”…which light is that he means??? There is a monstrous, far too long darkness age behind us – isn’t the Light, in fact, in front of us?
      The pope is also preaching god, god, god. You know which is the god he preaches?
      Thank you.

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      1. Holy Crap, what the HELL are you going on about???

        You sound insane.

        If you are so easily triggered and are so obsessed with labelling and limiting and negatively judging/associating everything, then let’s just call this gorgeous image “SOURCE Goddess”, and leave it at that.

        The message here, is the launching of THE (Flash) EVENT, you dang idgit.

        Not the EVENT-Launching energy Blockage you just shat out, instead.

        P.S. I think I’ve had it with this FEAR and EGO-infested blog. It’s just too damn DARK, and too damn dumbed down.
        Intelligence levels here are surprisingly low. 20 people will “like” any [email protected] picture of a ‘cat’, accompanied by 30 inane cat comments…..and yet the Ascension-Driving (ironically Lyran) comments either get attacked with Darkness, or get a big fat nothing.
        Which is why we go nowhere. Except around and around in Time Loops.

        *Memo to the Councils*: Humans STILL do not have a frigging clue, how to operate and support and build with Unity Consciousness.


          1. Gosh! I guess we do need some forum. I missed wading into all the fun. Drat! If I hadn’t gone back thru all the comments, I woulda missed these pithy comments. Ever onward!!!


          2. I haven’t been paying enough attention lately, but isn’t the above poster the same bucket of hatred that was trashing LisaG just a little while ago?

            Everyone is free to leave whenever they feel like it; disagreeing is perfectly OK, these kinds of attacks are not.


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            1. Well… we do have an evil cat tulpa we can unleash into the person’s living space. Should we do that? It’s also rather smelly so it offends myopic people, too. There are loads of near-blind angry people online these days seeking spiritual answers.


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      2. That must be COBRA’s friend (COBRA died some years ago)
        Propagating false light …
        The goddess is ISIS, COBRA’s wife. He hoped she could be cloned to “return to him”.
        I guess something went wrong with the cloning …
        Don’t play games with the creative feminine energy, the creatrix mother.
        Thank you. Very much.

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  4. WAY Ughhh, since ~ 4:30? am MT USA this morning… think I’ll try to invite a ‘chill’ session with Brother J, cozy little closer to a SOURCE fireplace and try for some more sleep – sounds like a plan? 🙂


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    1. @Kathleen, yes, ridiculously UGH today, serious brain fog, totally discombobulated and exhausted. So restless but so anxious! Big HUGS to everyone feeling this, Bleurghhhhh!

      Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️

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  5. Hmmm, feels weird – 6:39 am MT, it’s VERY dark and QUIET now… attracted my attention… looked out, sky primarily clear and blue, pre-sunrise – usually lighter than this though – ‘FEELS’ dark, quiet and empty – there’s a very bright star? planet? at about 9 o’clock position in the SE with a few tiny-s below-a-bit to the side, but below the bright one (my astronomy is lacking here), no other stars – And low in the sky dark purple and pink clouds, no clouds above about 7 degrees above horizon… I had to check Sunrise; sunrise here is supposed to be 7:11 am today… hehehe. 🙂 It’s been hard to put a ‘quality’ word on the dark feeling – not negative… trying out a number of words to link to it – the first that resonated was ‘limbo’, then in-between, but not say between 3 and 4D or 4 and 5D – 6:56 am, I looked out; and there’s a FINE layer of mottled something all over the sky – it was completely clear blue moments ago except near horizon line area. Couldn’t define a color of this fine mottling… 7:11 am… SOOO EXTREMELY WHOBBLY SWIMMY,,, NAUSEATED (THAT ISN’T) – mottling still there – Kind of looks like fine clouds, but keep getting nooo, it’s not clouds, repeatedly! – I would really like to argue with that, but where did it all come from so suddenly… getting really hot and sick feeling – something (oh, a small picture frame ) just fell over on my bed-side thing, right next to me (for no reason!) – scared the **** out of me – DID NOT help the sick feeling – this is the worst I’ve felt in quite a while – have NO idea why I’m doing this ‘play-by-play… ok, I can stop now… make whatever you want to of this – I could just be crazy… I’m going to curl up now and maybe not breath for a bit or breathe very slowly – I’ll see…
    ((( ❤ ❤ ))) to all,

    PS: I closed my eyes and it was filled with symbols, like the periodic table would look – making sick feeling worse – going bye-bye now… ughhhh… ❤


    1. I think the symbols represent the outer edge of the Matrix. I saw a screen of green moving symbols on black every morning before I opened my eyes for a few years. Later, this scene disappeared and was replaced by a starscape.


    1. WOW!
      The link I posted is a picture of Dr. Bruce Banner changing into the Hulk, it’s always his eyes that turned green first.
      Long story short: I started reading about the Hulk this morning. Turns out the story is Bruce Banner’s wife died in a car crash and he was unable to rescue her out of the car. Other people seemed to be able to display supernatural powers when faced with severe amounts of stress, such as that woman who lifted up the car in which her child was trapped, yet he wasn’t and he wants to know why.
      Banner starts researching this in deep and finds out that people who had shown these supernatural powers had 2 things in common:
      – genetic disposition (which he has as well)
      – there were GAMMA rays in the Earth’s atmosphere at the moment of the accident (yet there weren’t any when his wife died)

      Hence Banner decides to injects himself with GAMMA rays, yet through a series of unfortunate events, gets an overdose and transforms into the Hulk when in severe stress.

      Just read the update on this blogpost: first ever GAMMA rays detected.

      Off to check my eyes in the mirror… 👋🏻

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      1. And it seems you guys had a premonition as well, look at the character that says ‘timeline’ in the picture above.✨
        Thanks to my girl, Honeybunny Snugglepuss, for pointing that out. ❤️


  6. @Kg. Spring seems to have disappeared, feeling cold, achy, and, quite frankly, pissed off and done. Huh! What happened? Purge, review, and purge again. My lucid dreams were dealing with old work acquaintances and work situations. Nutz!

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  7. I was really confused on Friday as was convinced it was the 20th, definitely felt like a rerun to me.


  8. Another “new school” dream of enrollment early this A.M. Nice bright dorm room, but overwhelmed with feeling lonely as I do not know anyone on my floor. Can’t tell you how many times this or a similar dream has occurred. Spent the day clearing out clutter, organizing and cleaning the new room. No clue where I am, but then again that is nothing new?

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    1. @Cay,

      I was having those school dreams too, a few months ago. I haven’t had any lately but they made strong impressions on my mind.
      The main I remember about my (dorm?) room is that I seem to go in there for just a moment to get keys…I’m always choosing which key I need and then putting the other keys back in a drawer, or pulling a particular key off of a key fob thing. Apparently I have lots of things to unlock, ha! 🙂


      1. Ditto on the school dreams AND lock and key dreams. Several involved jiggling the key to get the lock open. But the latest one was 6 or 7 heavy duty padlocks lined up vertically. I knew I had the key to open them, but they were impressive locks. Got my work cut out for me I guess…

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        1. Just as a follow up, I was reading Return of the Bird Tribes this AM and they mention how they have their ways of getting through to us via dreams, song lyrics, phrases out-of-the-mouths-of-babes, etc — and I was just hanging laundry and suddenly realized I was singing an old Madonna song of all things, Open Your Heart. Had to look up the lyrics because I only remember the refrain:

          Open your heart to me, baby
          I hold the lock and you hold the key
          Open your heart to me, darlin’
          I’ll give you love if you, you turn the key

          Source definitely has a sense of humor, but point taken — I’m trying!


  9. Noticed an awareness and purge of all things/situations that have caused guilt in the past. A feeling like releasing physical toxins like shaking, fatigue and discomfort physically.


  10. Okay, feing a wee bit anxious. Tonight for the second time, I have looked out of the back window (in UK facing South) and seen in the sky that black door/rectangle/box thing again. The first time this evening there was also dime kind of green entity/plasma hovering over the back garden too, the second time it was just the black door thing but it was so clear even though it remained for just a snap shot burst it left me feeling very anxious, what is this?

    Just before I saw this (second time) I was observing the sky and smiling because the clouds had formed a hugs heart shape in the sky then changed into an even bigger kitty face! I turned away to make my drink and when I looked back, the four appeared. I don’t know why but I feel really shaky?

    Hope someone can tell me what this is?



  11. With the super wolf blood moon eclipse just hope we don’t all turn into werewolves. 😉 I already feel its influence. Sigh.

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  12. @Kg I had a wave of nausea come over me last evening after dinner about the same time you wrote about. Still feeling it today as well. Meditating helped a bit, will be meditating again for the full moon soon…onward! Feel better : )

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  13. Whoa. Around 9:35 pm tonight, as I was waist-deep in the lunar eclipse group meditation, for whatever reason I thought of connecting two things together… so I grabbed each end and YANKED them together… and there was a loud BOOM, both inside and outside, right as the two things came together. This was in N. CA. Five CATs reported the same thing! Anyone else experience this?

    Something big just happened.


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    1. No, but I am feeling weird to say the least. Like many here, was feeling good, now very weird. Are we in some time loop? It feels like anxiety. Not loving this at all. Qz.1.3.


    2. Don’t know what time it was, but there was a loud boom here late last night in Connecticut (where nothing ever happens) and I thought a big tree branch had landed on the roof, as it was very windy out. I went outside to look — nothing there. –Both the dog and the cat heard it too. 😉


    3. Agreed! I was in a bath, meditating and around 8:30 pm Mountain when I felt a wave of energy roll down from head to toe, it was heavy and dense. I “heard” time to let it go…ready?”.


  14. Hmm. I didn’t mean to post that yet…I went into the kitchen to get some water. I did not type in the last part, Qz.1.3…I’m hoping my hand magically hit those keys…..but, are there any accidents, really? It sure looks like a code of some kind. Hmm 🤔 .

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  15. Nothing here, however I was watching an old Bob Hope movie at the time. Lucid dream this morning: About 4 this morning I was in a church-like building looking out a window which wasn’t stain glass, but rather had metal mullions that looked like the symbols for wind speeds. Interesting. The point of this story is that there was a large, very bright golden light shining thru the window and I watched as it ascended. I awoke briefly, checked the clock, then fell back asleep immediately and watched as it continued upward. Interesting thing about the continuation about the dream action. Hasn’t happened like that before. Not crabby today thanks for asking.

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  16. This is the first sunset my dog ever barked at my first look out the window I thought there was a fire but it was just every color of the rainbow neon and intense. And near the end of it it looked like purple x-rays. What was interesting is the pictures I took are so boring they don’t show any of it.

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  17. No boom noticed in So.Cal. but kept being awakened by what sounded like raccoons knocking over plastic rain barrels. Nothing out of place this A.M. or evidence of any shenanigans. My daughter saw green and blue floating sparkling orbs and felt body was being adjusted to specific positioning during the eclipse.

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    1. Indeed. We had to, there’ve been so many timeline jumps that we have no idea where we are. Not to mention the fact that there are, at any given time, literally an infinite number of timelines. The ONE must collect them (SOURCE has no need for them). So, last night’s was #48. All numbering systems are arbitrary anyway, like all marketing deadlines. 😉



  18. Peeking in after Full Moon – Blood Moon- Lunar Eclipse! 1) wanted to make sure everyone was ok? 2) making sure you ALL were still here and hadn’t left me behind again! 😏

    Heard loud noise with puppy.. But nothing was there.. Sky at dusk is just very unusual for days now.. Rose hues that are hauntingly beautiful…

    The only code/light things i saw (and see occasionally) are when I’m fine but a song or something reminds CLEARLY of my son and i let out a screeeeeeaaaam because no words or thoughts or anything else can even remotely begin to express that pain that pierced and wounded my very soul …and immediately with eyes open? I visibly SEE white bursts of light ALL over the place. Like i busted the atmosphere or something.

    I’ve always seemed to have some effect on electronics… Once in anger i screamed “NOOOO!” (Was something done TO my son) and BOOM — ALL lights flickered and oven went out!

    This is a strong emotional emission and there’s no light fixtures around so the atmosphere just seems to shatter a bit.

    But no codes etc..

    And can someone respond to Lily please? Ideas on what that door she saw was?

    ground-protect and call in LOVE to surround you sweet angel! Your light is just so bright amidst the darkness it draws attention…

    I put umbrella to shieldon top off all to stay hidde/invisible.. to extent that is possible…

    Glad everyone is ok… Emotions are high for ALL of us…but if i can force myself to make the strenuous effort to return to neutral observer peace?

    Its doable… Not easy by any stretch of the imagination… But doable..

    Thanks for not leaving me behind! 💞💕💗


  19. PS.. We are definitely on new timeline though that has greatly diminished impact from neg side… Its palpable.

    Attempt things where you experienced strong resistance in the past and see if it doesn’t flow smoother..

    Im not saying flowing outright with ease. Im saying things that even “thinking of” met outright with a BRICK WALL .. And now? NO WALL

    For me? That’s HUGE.. Though i did develop tenacity.. Perseverance.. Developed the distinction of

    “Unstoppable in the Face of NO Agreement” etc

    Still..as I’m near exhausted? VERY grateful that there’s no darned wall…

    Sigh.. The little things…

    Love you ALLLLLLL! 💞💕💗

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  20. I was re-re- reading the comments section, because of new updates and increased comments, but the last one was one I’d seen (that’s how I know there’s one or more hidden in previous stack, 🙂
    @canonblonde , I’d read your comment with the mysterious addition before a couple of times 🙂 gremlins?… fairies?… this time I realized it rhymed, then thought of jump-rope rhymes – maybe with all these time-line jumps we could start making up time-line jumping rhymes, involving cats ( grumpy or otherwise) – cats are often grumpy – maybe because they often live with humans and it goes so well with disdain… poor cats – I’ve known many well… I think cats could come up with some pithy humorous, sarcastic time-line jumping rhymes… just saying… 😀

    headaches are back – weirdness continues, family still on positive change train with a few temporary explosions or melting. – very weirdly have wanted soda, I want the nicely corrosive bubbles on the sides and back of my mouth/throat – hmmm, now how could I just get them to stay there – maybe I’m really craving those champaign bubble – don’t think♪ I’ve expreienced them yet…

    I love you all, may you all receive and experience the love that you are – Ooooo, I just pictured rolling down a big SMOOTH grassy hill – anyone remember doing that – no roack and very expansive so no bummping into each other – roll ’em, roll ’em, roll ’em; keep those doogies rollin’


    1. whoops, music note in wrong place… and posted before I was ready; I didn’t get to proofread, so there’s mistakes… 🙂

      anyway, good night all
      luvvies ❤


    1. WAs asleep for a afternoon nap, 2 hours ago, in the middle of this whomp in progress (visible in Tombsk graph : http://sosrff.tsu.ru/?page_id=7 ). Don’t remember the situation or action happening during my dream, but i managed to mentaly open a portal in the atmosphere of Earth, just above me. A portal to or from Source (one or two ways?) Looks like a mini black hole. And suddendly a big ball of bright light dive on me, coming from this portal. it was going so fast that he left an undisconnected trail of light behind him. I woke up just me it reached me… i was under P+G+C

      Yesterday during a “good” meditation, one i didn’t have since a long time, looking to have connection with my guides and contacts with my galactic family. I see the brightest ball of light i ever whitness with my eyes closed ! Like a light being was crossing my room. I was just there staring a this thing, feeling my head following it, eyes still closed.
      Lots of “sounds” of voices trying to be understood in my right ear during all the meditation… i am quite frustrated with myself to not be able to tune correctly on them. Next time will be better !

      Love and good breathing through to all of you !

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      1. Wow, that was awesome. Keep up the good work!

        Yeah, I was asleep during the timeline shift and dreamt of being on a train… and there was a woman on the train who was selecting people to go on the train. Some people flat-out weren’t allowed. That was a first. Two passengers started dueling with energy (gold vs green) and were removed from the train!



  21. Question for CATs, Ms, and others:
    When I am wondering in my mind if something I am reading or thinking about is True, I get “tingles” along my back somehow. I have started to discern that the tingles are a reaction to the content of my thought at that moment, which I take as meaning it is True. I suppose it could be the other way around… Does anyone else use this method (hoping I turn psychic soon, but until then…)? There is someone or something applying the sensation to my body, or is that cellular resonance? or some other reason?
    CATs, thank you for your wonderful website and wisdom.


    1. Thanks, @alsoone. Your spine is an antenna, but in this case… do the tingles go from the head down or the tailbone up? Either way, good job paying attention to your… oh, let’s call it a vehicle, ’cause that’s what it is. It takes time to learn how to drive these things, and CAT5 keeps throwing out the manual! What you’re experiencing are the beginnings of claircognizance, as those circuits open up; eventually the tingles may vanish and you’ll just know when something’s true.



    2. I have the same thing, it started 3 years ago, or at least that’s when I became aware of it. I perceive it as a positive confirmation from my higher self to a specific question. It’s so cool to have this kind of dialogue! Sometimes I feel them all over my back.
      Interesting point of cat2 about the direction, I’ll start paying attention to it, I’d say it feels like it’s all over the place 😀
      Recently I’ve started working with a pendulum, I like both ways, especially when they come with a wave of energy.

      It’s interesting, in daily life I’m a very visual person, creativity and arts are things I dedicate myself to, I’m very sensitive to aesthetics etc.
      But in spiritual sense I’m mostly a “feeler”, I just sense stuff, rather than seeing images.

      So curious how all these skills that are part of our true nature will develop for all of us!

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    3. Oh, yes. It’s my indefatigable “truth spoken or confirmation” guide. It’s been in play all my life. I’m sure it’s an ability we all have when developed. Congratulations. It feels “tingly good”!


  22. Wow, interesting to read what the scientists have to say about these
    odd goings on in the electrical world. I’ve always wondered what they
    think when they see these charts. And know I know.


    1. If they’re good scientists, they draw no conclusions at all. We have the advantage of having the ability to hear and see Guides who tell us what’s what. Scientists doubt (or flat-out don’t believe in) the existence of the spirit world, so they don’t listen; still, we’re pretty sure their own Guides are speaking to them. Science as we know it has failed, it’s dead. A new type of human is already here who can use all kinds of abilities that are beyond any physical device known to 3d man. What’s really interesting is that ET tech (from diff ET civs) not only detects this energetic realm, but uses it as a communications medium, energy source, a FOOD, etc.


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