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This is a Psychic Public Service Advisory for those near-burn outs in the light community; there are probably more than a few of us, and rightfully so. We’re all pretty tired and beat-up.

First, note that no planetary population in the omniverse has ever tried to raise their group-vibe to reach a whole other level before. Beings from all over the Omniverse are watching us, and rooting for us.

Anyway, a few of the CATs have been so tired from all the energy work — esp. the intensive night work — that they haven’t been meditating as much as they should, and have fallen to meditating no more than say once a day (usu. before bed). Because of this, they were developing certain somatic pain, pressure, and fatigue (and grumpiness) symptoms such that other CATs questioned what was going on with them.

To make a long story short, it’s imperative that you meditate at least twice a day for the next few days, as the energy is very high, the amount of stuff in your body (the technical term) that’s being activated is also high, and you need to use the incoming energy to mindfully activate this stuff… though this isn’t exactly all that demanding: all you need do is meditate and ask Guides to help with the energy integration, then just sit there while they work on you. But you must exercise your free will and initiate the work yourself or you could become really uncomfortable… not to mention miss an important opportunity. Some of us learned this the hard way, but rectified it today and showed positive results immediately.

Also, here’s Blossom’s latest, in case you hadn’t seen it.

Not meditating enough?? NO WAY!


silly belly cat
I am too meditating!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I had been slacking off because I’d fall asleep during meditation. Most days I’m more exhausted when I wake up than I was before sleeping. Everything seems really intense but in a positive way. I feel like I’m 5 years old and it’s Christmas Eve.

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  2. Wow, the newest Blossom post made me cry! Very uplifting but made me so sleepy, after midnight here, so off to what I hope is restfull sleep!

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  3. ask guides, ask brother J, ask source , ask spirit (repeatedly?) for the same things help with wavex, symptoms, integration etc. ?

    Is there a way to give all of them a blanket permission or ‘until otherwise stated’ kind of request …

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    1. Hm. That’s a good question. I don’t think we know. I reaffirm all the time, just to be clear. I personally send grounding cords to SOURCE and the New Earth, then protect, then send ‘regular’ cords to J, Guides, the Oversoul, and a few others, then send Love and Healing light to all who need it… then breathe in SOURCE about five times. If that doesn’t do it, nothing will. 😉


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  4. Ready for a message from me to all of you? No? Too bad, it’s flowing through… (Hey, that rhymed! :D)

    USA is the headquarters for spiritual control and perpetuating this reality. Everyone located here is heavily fucked with spiritually because once it’s over here it’s over every where. The sleeping people who haven’t awoken to their consciousness are keeping us locked into this reality with their beliefs. One persons belief can corrupt 10,000 people. So what we have here is a sort of tug of war of beliefs. And don’t think for one second that all these unconscious people aren’t aware of the spiritual side of things. They are, they’ve just chosen to ignore it. And when things start happening in the skies and you and I are going through our own synchronicities and trippy experiences, what you and I are seeing is more and more people waking up to their consciousness and realizing their beliefs are contributing to the bullshit of it all and they start believing something else, anything but what it was before… This allows for those magical things we believe in to start trickling in as our manifestations. At some point, the assholes are out voted consciously by the good of all and they have choice but to surrender and join in the fun for the greater good of all. Bam! Event happens.

    Be kind to yourselves and let go of that guilt you hold inside for not having the energy for anything else but to be yourself in this moment. It’s ok, it really is.

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      1. Thank you, I love all of you guys…

        Also, I need to post this… for someone apparently. This was all the way in ’93 and the lyrics are what’s important here…

        Unyielding Conditioning
        Tune out from all that`s happening
        Nobody deserves empathy
        Nobody feels for me
        We’ve all been trained by our worlds
        I cannot see no one but me
        No one can feel my emptiness
        Everybody must fend for themselves
        There is no openness
        We’ve all been claimed by our worlds [X2]
        But I have heard of ways
        That say there`s light beyond the darkness
        And everyone can keep their children warm
        And togetherness will guide us safely
        Through all Storms
        Unyielding Conditioning
        Remove all trace of memory
        No one needs justice anymore
        No voices raised in anger
        We’ve all been tamed by our worlds [X2]
        But I have heard of ways
        Where people topple all injustice
        No one lives their lives on bended knees
        And all bigotry is like a disease
        Drowned in the sea
        And all can hold their head up high!

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  5. Wonderful cat pics and incredible advice , My Body is so full of pain and yes you are so so right sitting down and going to the silence is the only thing that helps
    Thank you for your PPSA
    PS: sometimes a heating pad helps.

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      1. Hey! I’m male and I almost literally live for a hot bath. They are awesome for my energy! And my complexion, as well. 😉

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  6. yup….balance & auto-flow integration are key mindsets right now, & meditation is more or less a state of mind…..whatever works individually, whether it is one’s choice for concentrated quiet energy pockets or full on plug in auto-alternating low & high flow…..the latter works better for me, but overall just focus more on the integration of calm & removing yourself from the struggle parts (drama, worry, anxiety, stress, what ifs & all that over-thinking)
    By the way….love the B&W cat pics….just like my own especially the 1st one, looks just like ‘Manny’…..& 2nd – little ‘Connor’ wanting his belly rub ! I have 4 B&W cats, a balance of 2 males & 2 females….but as you know, when cats interact, it’s not always a smooth roller coaster spectacle to watch… & peace to ‘”Youse” thru this part of turbulence….xo

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      1. You don’t need cats, for that. Just look at the Lightworkers.

        (Something to ‘pond’er…instead of meditating…)

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  7. My, my, my. I’m chugging right along with the occasional sputter. This is too fun! (He said with tongue firmly in cheek)

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  8. Thank you for a reminder! I will need to do it as soon as possible!

    The black and white kitty looks a lot like my cat! My precious sweetheart!!! 🙂
    He is on his road to recovery… but still very weak..
    Please help him heal!….

    Thank you from the bottom of heart!!

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    1. Sorry…just realized that two of these kitty are black and white! 😉
      My kitty looks like the one that is laying on the green carpet. 🙂


      1. We The CATs LOVE tuxedo cats. They are so… idiosyncratic and strange. They are one of the oldest breeds of cats, having been on the earth a loooong time. Highly intelligent and sensitive… but aren’t they all. 😉

        (I wasn’t talking about us!)


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        1. @ CAT11
          The one laying with his tummy on bed is adorable. Actively leading the conference.
          I was also crying, reading Blossom’s. Had to take some pauses, actually, it was too much. Grateful for the link, thank you.

          With your allowance, i’ll share here a message of Archangel Michael.
          Although written in 2014, is amazingly up-to-date, just as Blossom’s.
          It touches Violet Radiance, transmutation pains, the uniqueness of earth. I also cry, always when I read it

          Universal Father,
          Archangel of Michael Messages
          May 17, 2015

          March 4/14, 2014

          From whence come my charges,
          those that I invoke to Earth Shan’s care?

          Never in All of Supreme Creation
          as you count time
          have there been such conglomerates
          of forces and ships,
          recently reconfirmed by your brothers.

          do they guard the home
          of Michael’s Spirit of Truth.

          And Michael’s 12 Dancers,
          protectively weaving the very
          Cube of Creation,
          the 6 pyramidal forms
          about Earth Shan;
          also unprecedented.

          So precious is this orb,
          this original source
          of Michael’s bestowing
          the Spirit of Truth for all Nebadon;
          so determined are they
          who come from all 7 Superuniverses,
          that even Ashtar’s Command
          is challenged (with gratitude)
          to sort All interchanges
          into equal, dynamic balances.

          Any origin
          of any Michaels’ Spirits of Truth
          are to be preserved
          for any local universe.
          All are special.

          Many, many more forces
          external to this world’s local universe
          would jump
          to the opportunity of dissolving
          negative interferences
          attached to so sacred an origin,
          if I were to allow it.

          Herein my scribe is requested to re-present,
          for you my representers,
          an entire Chapter from Phoenix Journal No. 7,

          The Rainbow Masters,
          “The Magnificent Seven.”

          Universal Father

          CHAPTER 5

          REC #3

          TUE., SEP 26, 1989 3:30 P.M. YEAR 3, DAY 041

          AVA RAMA SHEOI —

          Oh, if you could but know the glory that exceeds creation’s Light
          as the Heavens rejoice at this time of wondrous Ascension.
          As the brothers of thy Cosmic fleets fill the spaces about thy Earth,
          we know that this is the time when man, looking up at starlit night,
          shall begin to see and understand
          and the great “knowing” shall enter into his heart.
          We are there, friends, we are all here awaiting the commencement.
          The evil ones cower for they know it is all but finished,
          but they shall go most formidably –­ but they, too,
          must serve in the time of cleansing and sorting
          for ones must be “caused” to choose.
          Amen and Amen.


          The Day of the Great “Telling” that has been prophesied
          now becomes imminent
          when your affairs shall become more chaotic.
          You must now avail yourselves of your full armor,
          for the time of lighted protection is at hand.
          Do not fear the brilliance of the armor
          for it shall also serve as passport into the higher places —
          your shield.
          Man must also know you
          that he might have a place to seek his shelter.

          The Twenty-four Elders are awaiting you,
          and the Father
          speaks of you as His beloved sons
          in whom He is rejoicing for service well done.
          AVE ELOI!

          You are now approaching a time when it is of vast importance
          that you speak out
          so that many souls might be lifted
          in their final stage of development.
          Shortly, all secrets shall be revealed in the Light of the new day
          when nothing can stand that is hidden,
          nothing that is dark shall not be exposed to the Light.
          It must be done in such a way that man,
          who has become cynical and superstitious,
          shall be guided within rather than turned away.
          Some of the secret myths will wither and fall to decay;
          others shall spring forth in response to the new energy
          but all shall be set to Truth.

          Man has attained a summit of his creation upon Earth.
          It has served its age-long purpose,
          and now he stands atop a mountain.
          Man on Earth does not even recognize his circumstance
          nor his gifts.
          Listen most carefully during these most stressful times
          that you discern the Black Dragon
          bellows from the Light and voice of the Angels.
          The Dragon is as your Mockingbird
          who mimics the calls of Truth to bring upon you destruction.

          There shall come a great and blinding light
          and a crash of the thunders through the heavens.
          Then man shall be naked before his Creator and man will know,
          for all of history has only been lived and written
          that man may then know.
          Man has scaled the heights and depth of his experience on Earth
          to attain this po­sition of knowledge and wisdom.
          Out of the rumblings and dust of the past
          he will hear his own voice which will command him.
          Some day soon,
          after the “Great Telling”,
          a multitude shall wit­ness and hear the voice that speaks to them,
          the voice that swells as a thousand voices, yet only one, that says,
          “Come home, Earth, come home.”


          From this sphere of life is now emanating a Golden mist
          that shall enclose your world
          even as from this sphere for countless millions of years
          your world has been enclosed in the Golden Ra­diance
          that has brought it heat and Light,
          which is symbolic
          of the Father’s Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.
          That heat and Light is to warm man’s physical being
          and to give him the Flame of Spiritual Life.
          For it is the affinity between this sphere and yours
          that makes for life
          and makes it possible for you to search for Truth.

          Now from this sphere
          the ones with the Golden Helmets of the commands of Light,
          your cosmic and galactic relations,
          have gathered as the Gathering of the Eagles.
          This gathering
          is in response to the Covenant of our Infinite Father,
          the Covenant of the Bow in the Sky.

          There shall shortly come into thy attention
          a Bow
          stretched across thy heavens
          such as Earth-man has never seen before in all his memory
          for the translation of a planet comes but once
          from third to fourth perception —
          but once.
          There are other progressions but each is only once!
          The Bow across the sky
          shall be magnificent in color and will emanate
          musical sounds
          that shall come to the ear of all men,
          and they shall know a Calling;
          they shall know a Love;
          they shall know a Duty —
          and they must be prepared unto that day,
          chelas of the words of Truth –­
          man must be prepared by these words
          brought forth for such purpose.

          From this Bow of Beauty,
          this Bow of Duty that calls to its own,
          it shall first appear
          as a great Violet Radiance over the entire world.

          Thy brothers in the heavens also await
          this moment of commencement.

          In ages past,
          these ones have only appeared to Earth in a very few cases
          on very special errands for the Infinite Creator.
          They, WE, of the Golden Helmets
          will be known to you as the Archangels by title;
          we are the mentors of the angelic messengers from these realms.
          Some special ones are already serving among you
          in various specific duty.
          Be gentle for they differ
          and some are pulled from their pathway
          for they function most poorly in thy density
          and to them, all ones are blessed and seem to bear no evil.
          Ones are sent along as guardians
          but sometimes those ones, too,
          are fooled by the clever ways of the Dark Brothers.
          Ah, you thought it would be your “space cadets” of which I speak —
          for this document will be regarding the Cohans of the etheric Rays
          and the Angelic Brotherhood who stand to serve of thee.

          We now come forth, dear ones,
          for the final gathering of the golden chariots
          when they shall gather to subdue
          the last remains of the darkness upon this Earth Mother;
          for over the entire world a Golden glow shall manifest itself,
          and when it lifts,
          those who remain will know truly
          that they are their brother’s keeper.
          This message will come to the selected scribes
          that each one’s traditional legends
          will finally blend in perfect harmony
          and all song will be as one voice and one language —
          unspoken but wholly understood.

          This is our mission,
          for it will not be long
          when this sphere itself is no longer of use.
          This is always the work
          of those who live in the very centre of their solar system,
          and under the golden corona of light.
          Man has always looked to this great orb for his very life,
          and rightly so that he should so do.


          There is a new chord (actually old, but you have forgotten),
          that is most real.
          But it shall cause man to be enthused
          that he would even seek to themselves to apply feather and wax
          to de­velop wings with which they might fly up to that great music.
          Ah, and ’tis a tender tale of the youth
          who would fly to his freedom with waxen wings.
          Yet he flew too close and without discernment
          and his waxen wings melted.
          He had thought that to reach the Golden Sun
          he might learn all the mysteries of mysteries —
          for you see,
          those of your ancient ancestors
          understood the importance of that wondrous source of light —
          they did not believe the orb was but heat and flames;
          they understood it to be the center and life of this system.

          Ah, but now that body is in great age,
          as celestial bodies do age in the sequence of universal movement,
          that ones might change their stations
          and progress and move ever onward
          in the journey back into Creator.
          Just as we know no Time nor Space,
          we are, however, connected inseparably
          from you of manifested format
          and thus we must count “time” as do you.
          This old Sun
          has now existed for over fifteen hundred billions of years.
          It will exist its allotted time
          and then it will explode as a star explodes —
          but again,
          the end is only the beginning,
          for it has served us well and we all march onward.
          Humanity and we within this System
          will march on to other portions of the Father’s realms
          for they are infinite.


          This orb, however,
          shall not end until the Millennium is well passed,
          when once again the forces of darkness are released.
          Then shall the end come
          and this System disintegrateth in thought.
          All celestial bodies,
          whether star or world,
          are only the forms in which our Father Creator forms His Words.
          They are His Words
          that were spoken in the beginning
          that there should be Light and there should be substance.
          They are but His Words, and some shall disintegrate in thought —
          that which was only thought in the beginning.

          Some day,
          in thy contemplatable future,
          you shall look upon a great purple plain ahead,
          a Golden light that draws you to it by its heat and warmth.
          Imagine what awaits those of Earth
          who have proved themselves to be His children —
          for the Soul is end­less, dear friends.
          They shall not want for Truth.
          For lo,
          these many centuries our Father has heard the words
          of the sincere call from Earth —
          the petition is now to gain response in its glorious fullness.

          It shall be on Earth as it is in Heaven.

          Man shall no longer want for anything.
          He shall shortly take his place within the God places
          as a Son of God
          for thy inheritance has been held in Truth for your acceptance.
          Ye will behold
          that which is beyond thy imaginings in thy present state.

          Even as you go about your mundane activities of the day,
          search those deep places
          of your heart place.
          Realize that this is the time we have been awaiting.
          The Great Master Teacher will close of the circle
          and again come forth upon this place of Earth.
          We all await with great joy
          for you to come into your knowledge
          as the Truth goes forth upon the lands.


          Above all The Creation IS –
          the Omniverse –
          the whole of The Creation is above ALL.

          There is the PERFECT ONE,

          What is behind the plan now unfolding upon the Earth?
          There IS a greater plan beyond,
          even beyond the migration from this Solar System,
          as we gave you before,
          and the answer to that is that we are being called
          from out of the depths of night in space
          to serve those who cry out unto us.

          What is the purpose of the schoolroom of Earth?
          What means all the tears, sorrow, death, misery,
          and anguish?
          You must develop and learn, yes,
          but what of the greater plan?
          Would it only be
          that the world would become a dust of ashes
          from an atomic holocaust?
          The lesson to be learned
          is that Spirit (soul) may come to know itself,
          that man might be freed
          from the blight of the great lie of evil
          and grow into his whole-ness.

          The Earth is a school for wondrous
          Fragments of the Father.
          It is so written that the harvest is great but the laborers few.
          in relative comparison
          the harvest is great according to the laborers,
          but from the total of Earth’s population,
          the Harvest is small indeed.
          It has taken years — millions and millions of years -­-
          since man has been upon Earth
          to bring about this one small concentrated drop of life
          to evolve in the crucible of time.


          Here is where Dharma will cringe,
          for what I will say represents blasphemy
          to the multitudes who have been victims of the great lie.

          The Earth is a classroom for GODHOOD —
          to raise the God Fragments in stature
          to again be one with that Source.
          The Earth is the finely tuned instrument for the lessons —
          not Mars,
          nor Venus,
          nor Jupiter,
          nor magnificent Saturn,
          nor spiritual Neptune,
          nor Mercury —
          not even the wondrous Sun or its many bodies.
          The lotus rises from the slime of Earth.
          And now, brothers,
          there is a single bloom, so to speak,
          opening from the muck
          and shortly
          HE will reach forth and pluck it to take it home again.


          Therefore, you and your fellow-men
          are being conditioned for a great transmutation —
          all who will come into the Light.
          Then we can march on to other worlds and universes
          that cry out for help.
          You who think you cease your work by graduation cere­monies
          must think again —
          your work will only have begun.
          You are now being prepared for other atmospheres
          and other dimen­sional formats —
          some are now making those transitions regularly.
          You will now be entering the dimension of total understanding.
          Accept that which the Father has for you.
          You will be leaving behind the density of travails
          of the old third dimension.

          The physical, as it is developed,
          is only to serve for a brief time
          but within is the greatest period of learning.
          It appears that ye are but tiny sparks,
          but you are most wondrous.
          For, as a tiny candle flame, we shall burst forth
          into an area that has never before known Light such as this
          and we shall bring Light,
          even as the workers brought to ancient Egypt,
          the Light —
          the one Light of Aton,
          through Akhnaton (yes, chela, ye shall again prevail).
          The people had never seen it before.
          Some it blinded, for it was too bright.
          They did not, just as today, understand
          because of its blinding light.
          It was a thing to be feared and shunned
          and many fell again into the comfort
          of the hiding places of darkness.

          Man claims to fear the darkness!
          No, this is not true —
          man is afraid of light.
          Light brings forth all his self-inflicted wounds for viewing
          and he prefers to hide
          that he might not be noticed for his deeds.
          it takes courage to go forth into the light.
          Just as you look upon thy physical self
          and would make of the changes —
          how do you know
          you are not the perfection of God?
          Ye choose to set thy standards
          by fools in physical cloth.
          So be it.

          Ye ones of this group have walked long and hard
          through the march of time —
          We shall again endure — oh yes, we shall.

          Go, Dharma,
          and take rest for it has been a long day of work and stress.

          I shield you with the Blue Light of Peace
          that you ones shall come into the calm sea and renew,
          for the path is yet long and drearysome.

          SO BE IT,

          I AM MICHAEL


          1. Too many words of wisdom!

            I prefer the visual harmony of this video that I’ve watched over a hundred times:

            Slomo refers to slow motion, on Crack refers to the name of the crevice between the two mountains, I believe this is Switzerland.

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  9. Ancient Buddhists document meditation techniques with their cats,
    And the results re remarkable.
    Thank you, CATs (and Ms) for meditating with us.

    ❤ ❤ ❤


        1. Sorry, I couldn’t find the link although I searched for it …
          I think I read this in Simon Parkes’ blog
          (there is no “search” button there)
          One of his cats died last year …
          And he spoke about cats …


          1. Well, I am sorry my comment caused your discontent …
            It’s a well-known fact that some cats meditate,
            My cats would come to me to meditate with me 🙂
            As for a link, I have always provided one, except for this time (from Connecting Consciousness)
            Forum or no forum, I shall try to comment as little as possible, just as I promised not to post videos. I keep my promises.
            I have always tried to please the felines, you know,
            Have a good day,
            ❤ ❤ ❤


  10. GaiaPortal ~ Premonitions of Darkness Are Illuminated, and Dissolved By: GaiaPortal ~~~~~~~ Premonitions of darkness are illuminated, and dissolved. Larks of Spirit collaborate in Love. Exquisites are recognized. Humility conspires. Inner Truth is known,

    Looks like they can hear the bird song too 🙂

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      1. Gorgeous, thank you for posting. We released my parents’ ashes to the outgoing tide as Lark Ascending played. A magical experience and a fond memory.

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  11. Thank you for posting the psycho watching cat; I remembered seeing that before – it never gets old 🙂 I wonder how high he jumped?
    I’ve been getting nudged all day to comment in response to being encouraged to meditate more, esp now. I’m asking for guidance in commenting because I don’t know how to put it all together. I’d mentioned here once that an early encounter with meditation feeling I went too deep and stopped breathing and experienced paralysis – kinda scared/put me off it (I think I was about 18/19?)
    Around that era my mother went to these ‘family circle’ things at a neighbors house, kind of seance y – the woman’s family were psychics going back generations. I went with her sometimes. They always started with guided meditation with eyes closed – well, I thought I couldn’t do it as it seemed nothing happened as in seeing what was being talked about – over time I discovered that it was much easier for me if I kept my eyes OPEN. I could ‘see’ better with my eyes open and get information… Fast forward about 50 yrs, 6 yrs ago? – I heard of a class being offered and was hounded with the feeling that I had to take this tele-class. I had taken some classes with the people giving it a couple of yrs prior, but I didn’t have the prerequisites for taking THIS class – also it had the word ‘leader’ in the title,which I wanted nothing to do with… I talked to the people giving it asking permission to take it – long story shorter they just waited for me to TAKE my own permission to take the class (sneaky b*stards). I had also received exactly the cost of the class for Christmas ~ two weeks before. I showed up on the call waiting to be thrown off, of course I wasn’t.
    Anyway, the class was made up of people a little different – one way, most felt that they couldn’t do certain things, but in actual fact did them so fast/quickly that that they thought they weren’t doing them – related to meditation, by the time everyone else was beginning to get ready to relax into it we were already there – one breath was enough, if even that was needed – huge eye-opener for me – saw so many things related in my life that way. So, for me I always think I don’t or can’t meditate, but really it’s just that I don’t have to consciously change anything to be there – I don’t know if I’m clear – shrug – I just wanted to say that for those who might also feel they can’t meditate or are resistant to it or maybe feel it’s boring or some other thoughts – maybe you just do things different. Something to think about – ?
    Something else from that class I thought might be helpful, hmm, how to say it. Along with the one-ness of consciousness, maybe with a dash of morphic fields thrown in… on the more positive side as we each successfully go though something makes it easier or resolving the matter in other people as a result of you resolving it in yourself? – these types of people. The people who were drawn to this class would thus effect/resolve 3500 people instead of one or two etc. ( thus the dreaded leader word) The number is just a number I think, not important maybe. I would think an exponentially high percentage of readers/contributors here would be such people/beings – where whatever you are successfully experiencing, no matter what it FEELS like, are making it that much easier for other peoples to ‘go-through’ easier and with less suffering. Leading the way through the mine-field?
    Anyway thank you for the PPSA it was helpful to me.. and of course kitty-pics – always UP-lifting 🙂
    Much love to all,


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    1. @Kg Thank you, Sweetness. My blessed life here in my garden is one of constant waking meditation. It’s a non-issue for me. I long ago realized how very blessed my life has been despite the occasional vicissitudes. Camellias and daffodils now in bloom along with the witchhazels.

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    2. “I just wanted to say that for those who might also feel they can’t meditate or are resistant to it or maybe feel it’s boring or some other thoughts – maybe you just do things different.”

      That’s RIGHT — we DO.
      It’s already ‘built-in’ (pre-programmed). And automatic.
      And always running. Seems to be a default mode.


      “Leading the way through the mine-field?”

      Better freaking believe it — CONSTANTLY.


    3. Thank you, Kathleen. This helps. I do have an aversion to traditional meditation,most especially group meditations where you’re expected to share your experiences afterward. As I never have them, the entire meditation then becomes an exercise in stress, trying to force something just so that I can have something to say. And when I try it alone, I’m either bored stiff or go so deep that I may as well be asleep. Doing Reiki is different, because then I’m busy visualizing for a purpose, which I’m quite successful at. Like the other commenters, I feel that my life is a waking meditation. My summer gardens, my winter orchids, amaryllis, and violets, as well as the birds and animals that visit year-round bring me great happiness. My heart is filled with love, peace, and joy, and I very much hope that that is sufficient for most purposes!

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      1. Double Yup! It’s a conscious aware connection with Source that words cannot adequately convey. BTW I drove through the witchhazel walk this morning and adsorbed that heavenly fragrance . Talk about aromatherapy! Sending the fragrance to all of you.

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  12. Hello troops,

    A couple of things have me chiming in. First, this article:

    Which is interesting enough (‘rational scientist’ stating the case for UFOs based on the oumuamua appearance) (and he will have his day soon enough), but it also amused me when he said: “Another mainstream idea is the extra dimension. You see that in string theory, which gets a lot of good press, and awards are given to members of that community. Not only has it not been tested empirically for almost forty years now but there is no hope it will be tested in the next forty years.”

    Well, we’ll see about that.

    Not being familiar with string theory’s take on other dimensions, I had to look it up and more or less they envision the strings poking out of 2D sheets called branes or membranes. [Think wicked cheap sheets.] That reminded me of something else I read recently, in William Buhlman’s ‘Adventures Beyond the Body’ — where he describes seeing a huge form “like an immense curtain of dense fog except that it appears stable, a permanent fixture hanging in space (…) stretching across the heavens like an endless border.” A guide telepathically explains that the fog is one of many inner membranes dividing different frequencies (read: dimensions) in the universe — and that he is seeing the inner structure of the universe. The guide goes on to say “the key to true exploration is the movement through the energy membranes. As you move farther inward, toward the source, your internal energy frequency must change accordingly. You can only cross through the energy barriers that are in accordance with your inner light. What you see before you is the key to stability and structure throughout the universe. (…) Remember well what you see, for the recognition and exploration of the energy membranes will have a significant impact upon the evolution of your species.”

    I realize the essence of this info isn’t new to y’all, but the description of the fog-like ‘internal cell walls of the living universe’ separating the different dimensions was pretty neat, I thought! Had to share…


  13. Thank you Cats! And thank you Kathleen for your comments about meditation. You have inspired me to show up here with my first comment. 😊 I relate to your experience as shared here. I was in college in the 1970’s when I began my first round of meditation practice. I wish I had known about the need to ground and protect myself before meditating. I drew the attention of an entity that frightened not only me but my doggy companion resting beside me. I’ll never forget how the hairs on his body stood straight up wh3n this being flashed in front of me.. It set my practice back several years if not decades! Anyway, things have always worked differently for me. Sounds like the same goes for you. Thanks for being here and shining your light. ❤️

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    1. @joy113 Thank you, All the best and more to you ❤ – I was just thinking of wanting to thank everyone here for the welcome and support – even if they don't know they're doing it; I feel it – It warms me so…
      love to you all

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  14. This is the most precise and succinct description of our impending ascension from 4D to 5D that will be accomplished through a phase transition from the current carbon-based body to crystalline light body and a maximal expansion of our current limited 3D linear space-time consciousness due to the slow-functioning human brain to a multidimensional simultaneous awareness based on crystalline plasma superconductivity of the 5D quantum structure without even mentioning the word “ascension”, but only the synonym “shift”. Please observe that our crystalline light bodies are fully built and ready for this phase transition and we only wait for Gaia and humanity to reach the “tipping point” for this to occur.

    The shift from 4D to 5D is the ultimate act of liberation from self-imposed limitations to full energetic liberation that will eliminate the current restrictions of gravitation, linear space and time based on the finite speed of light, which are illusions we as souls have deliberately created in the current incarnation experiment in order to experience the artificial condition of not being sovereign creator beings, which is the normal state of existence throughout the multiverse from the 5D and beyond:

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      1. @ CATs
        Yes Please! create a forum, it is slow getting comments approved and inhibits free conversation. By the time a reply goes back and forth, we are on to the next post and issues just get dropped.


  15. THIS, is the “tipping point”:

    Best YT comments on these videos:

    3 days ago
    Well, look at the bright side.. if it blows they will probably stop spraying chemtrails on us!!!

    Mr. Pants
    3 days ago
    autojohn2000 Now thats optimism!!!

    larry craddock
    3 days ago
    And they will stop automatically!

    Shawn Smith
    3 days ago
    And no more being a slave 😁

    Stephen Corson
    3 days ago
    LOL!!! …good one! ….least I won’t have to worry about old age! 😃

    Subtle Nature
    3 days ago
    Always look on the bright side of life…

    Citizen_Z _
    3 days ago
    autojohn2000 I think they will keep going after the eruption, chemtrailing turned into a genocidal hobby.

    John Bates
    3 days ago
    The elite had better head for their bunkers …. maybe, with luck, they’ll get trapped there ..

    Firstname Lastname
    3 days ago
    If it goes off the media will blame it on trump

    Alan Marchwinski
    2 days ago
    my problems would be over…lol.


  16. This roller coaster, amirite??? So annoyed with it. Gotta admit, I am digging how more and more folks out of the blue bring up “energy” or random weirdness to me. So fun… and annoying cuz as soon as I expand the conversation; blank stares. Dammit. Soon tho.

    So… I’ve decided to sell my house and art studio and my belongings this spring to find a new place and a new clan… I’m open to suggestions. 😀 If all you cats are holed up under the roof of a majestic ascended master cat lady somewhere, lemme know. (I know you’re all over actually, just thought it was funny.)

    Anyways, I digressed… the purpose of this comment really was as a reminder of the mass mediation 5:11 UTC Monday. Can’t wait! Stay safe tho, G&P, there are still crazies out there!

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  17. Hi all,
    Ever since I woke this morning have been thinking to remind everyone that not only are feet a reflection of the whole body (as in foot reflexology) but also the ears are too – picture an upside down fetus – the earlobe being the head, the outer ear ridge the spine etc. (also the head and inside of the mouth, strangely enough, are too) But esp thinking of the ears this morning… So, if you feel the urge to rub or massage any of these areas it could sooth the body or aid detoxing – Maybe this came up because the SR meter is essentially WHITE the last 3 hrs this morning… (as of posting this) – more fun…
    luvvies and huggles to all


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    1. reminder – if you are seeing an old image of SR meter just click on the image – it will be updated…


  18. Here in God’s Country, NW Pa., it is beautiful, white, fluffy, and not too cold. I’m going for a walk in the trees! A loving suggestion from Natalie Glasson. I accept! Peace in Harmony for All.

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  19. On a totally separate topic, this is what the Govt Shutdown is really all about:



    January 17, 2019

    President Donald Trump could be on the verge of his greatest victory
    and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer never saw it coming.

    With the U.S. government shutdown heading towards its 26th day, experts have start speculating on the long-term plans of the White House.

    If Trump’s goal was to totally “drain the swamp” in Washington,
    D.C., like he promised voters, then he’s less than four days away from total victory — and it’s something the Democrats and the mainstream media never saw coming.

    To understand why, one must understand what it’s like to manage the federal government and the hundreds of thousands of employees that work inside the nation’s capital.

    Critics have long complained that in the bureaucratic nightmare of D.C. politics, it’s almost impossible to fire government employees. It
    simply doesn’t matter how incompetent, disloyal, or lazy a federal
    employee is… once they’re in a job, they’re extremely hard to

    All they have to do is show up on time, and they’ll have a job for

    It’s led to many of the problems of the so-called “Deep State.”
    Put simply, it is entrenched government bureaucrats that have tried to undermine the Trump administration because of the White House’s promise to reduce government waste and cut back on spending.

    It has been a legal nightmare for the Trump administration, but
    technically there’s not much the president can do…

    Unless federally employees were furloughed for over 30 days.

    Then, thanks to technical rules, the Trump administration is legally
    free to release anyone they want from their contract. And the White
    House can do so without cause — which saves a mountain of paperwork.

    No lawsuit threats. No mass walkouts. No strikes. No paperwork.

    Don’t want to work for the Trump administration? Bye-bye!

    And just like that: no more “Deep State.”

    The plan was hinted at by a senior Trump administration official in an anonymous op-ed in _The Daily Caller_ [1].

    “On an average day, roughly 15 percent of the employees around me are exceptional patriots serving their country,” the author wrote. “I
    wish I could give competitive salaries to them and no one else. But 80 percent feel no pressure to produce results. If they don’t feel like
    doing what they are told, they don’t.

    “Why would they?” the article asks. “We can’t fire them. They
    avoid attention, plan their weekend, schedule vacation, their second
    job, their next position — some do this in the same position for more
    than a decade.”

    The problem runs deep, the author claimed.

    “Most of my career colleagues actively work against the president’s
    agenda,” the author wrote. “This means I typically spend about 15
    percent of my time on the president’s agenda and 85 percent of my time trying to stop sabotage, and we have no power to get rid of them. Until the shutdown.”

    In other words, anyone that’s a hardworking employee is well-known. The honest workers that rely on their jobs… that work hard every day… that serve their country above themselves? They are all safe.

    But after two years, the Obama-era “Deep State” bureaucrats are
    _also_ well-known to the Trump administration.

    In just three days, the White House can finally start clearing house.

    And Schumer and pals never saw it coming.

    — Stephen Dietrich is the Associate Publisher of The Horn News



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    1. Well, ya! It’s called the Senior Executive Service. Research their Plum Book to see who all the vile members are. It’s quite an eye opener.

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    2. I prefer to focus on a world where politics and governments ( are unnecessary, where the world can live as one. Imagine. ❤

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  20. Late night ponderings as I lay awake in bed. Maybe our lack of sleep is because the new humans we are becoming (human 2.0) does not require sleep and we are transitioning into that. I already know we won’t need to breathe. I once stopped breathing for twenty minutes during a meditation where my breathing got shallower until it stopped. I was amazed to see that we do not need to pump air into our lungs (breathing), it already existed there. Once I started to breathe again (pump), I was gasping as if I came up from underwater. I realized it was “chi”. We can survive on chi. So perhaps not sleeping is actually a blessing.

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  21. Laura Eisenhower:

    Love & Light All

    Feeling discombobulated! Am also a tad worried I can only meditate at night when dear daughter is alseep…


    Some words of wisdom by Laura Eisenhower.

    When people say its all an illusion, they are more than likely talking about the trials and tribulations that we mistake for reality, but instead of being bold in Truth we become compliant to duality (the real illusion)…

    We can instead see it as an opportunity to grow and then shift reality for the better, into a higher existence.

    I mean, isn’t that what healing a physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual body all entail? …and something we engage in everyday as we rise above Ancestral and societal patterns?

    Carbon base to Crystalline isn’t a philosophy, it is a new reality that is possible — its natural to us anyway….

    (how do we get there? Be hard-core real with yourself and don’t accept any other BS!!!)

    Archons or any dark entities are drawn to the programmings we have adopted, and our wounds, fractures and imbalances… It is no different than a physical injury being vulnerable to infection (bacteria), which requires extra care, cleansing and greater protection…

    Emotional wounds need purging, mental stressors need serenity and wisdom… We are tested by these darker forces too, cause they want to create the negative circumstances and harmful results, which makes us susceptible to them attaching or feeding on us and so we get further immersed in a vicious struggle to break free.

    Programmings act like the intelligence of something like a virus — A virus has either DNA or RNA as their genetic material and can replicate — similar to Artificial Intelligence replicating something organic, in order to infiltrate or take over. It can’t take over if we guard ourselves though and refuse to let it in. We play a part in creating the World we see around us. Staying true to who we are and and keeping our creative channels clear of programmings, is key to being a guardian…

    Imbalance requires Consciousness and awareness in order to correct it, while also knowing that when balance is held, imbalance results from creative action and as long as we bring it back to balance, we are evolving and maintaining — instead of digressing and getting stagnant and stuck.

    This is what maintaining homeostasis or equilibrium is about too ~ Even if the scales tilt, it knows how to return. Mind-control disrupts this natural ability. There is always a by-product when we create, that has to be cleared, before we can create again… (messy kitchen after cooking has to be cleared before we can cook the next one — if we don’t it can get unhealthy)

    The true definition of imbalance to me, is something that remains that way for a long period of time, which is different than ebb & flow, night and day, creativity & receptivity, or the M & F taking on different roles at different times, or our right and left brain taking turns, based on necessity ~ because there is a center point of balance within the Cycles they create and so it maintains harmony regardless of where the scales need to tip…

    As we move beyond the programming, we move into polarity integration, where the center point creates conception of new realities, instead of a consistent imbalance that ends up producing dormancy, digression, take-over and blockages…

    When we move beyond the programmings, we are more greatly shielded — when we tend to the wounds with love and compassion, we heal. When we know balance is a Cosmic and Natural law, we can allow correction to flow into us.

    We were born into a wounded World and we are either part of creating the infection or we are a part of the healing process and this is through CHOICE and the willingness to see clearly… but in our attempts to move into the full transformations and alchemical shift that awakens dormant DNA, we are struck a few final blows as an ultimate test in our strength — to break the negative patterning which keeps us in a loop — rather than an organic cycle that Ascends.

    When we can truly jump on board with the organic and our true authentic Nature, we can reach our ultimate goals and highest potential.

    (Pluto conjunct Mercury — omg, anyone thinking too much today like me??)

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  22. Hello lovely CATS, Ms and fellow star beings!

    I have been offered a home through the council and wanted to know what you thought about getting a Feng Shui Analysis. Really want to be in a supportive home and as Feng Shui is all about working with energies is this a sensible thing to do or is this a very outdated practice?
    I mean obviously we will be living in our beautiful 5D wonderland soon enough, but in the meantime…!

    Love & Light ❤️🌟❤️

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