14 thoughts on “Tree

  1. Got to Love It. My little Minky thinks she is a squirrel, in trees often. The Catree in bloom looks like her. Peace in Harmony.

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  2. I know I would be more than happy to trade whatever is left of my stuff for an early retirement under the desktop tree. Maybe with a few cat trees as company. There’s nothing quite like wild nature and wild animals. Still can’t believe I ended up in freaking N. Germany for the grand finale, Source has a very quirky sense of humor.


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  3. Hi Cats & M’s love the pics … thanks for the LOL’s & raising the vibe 🙂 laughter is the best medicine … energy is intense a lot of pressure on the body/head & I feel like the French cat lol I don’t like heights jelly legs … hugging tree tightly 🙂

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