YMTJs: Yet MORE (BIG!) Timeline Jumps [UPDATE2]


Ok, so it happened again. We’re looking into specifics, but this was a BIG timeline jump — that we all felt. In the meantime…


Ho hum. Just another impromptu universe on the barbie! No wonder there are an infinite number of universes in the omniverse, Spirit can’t stop makin’ ’em.

Showed up on the Moscow Schumann Meter:


And here are the Kiruna magnetometers:

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 8.13.55 am


Here’s the Pontese ULF meter:


And here’s the Etna Geophone:


And the Ottawa Electrical Field:


There was also a muon component, albeit small. This from Siberia:

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 8.25.05 am

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 8.27.19 am

And here are the Bulgarian muon detectors, always great fun at muon parties:

You can tell in the below meter from Irkutsk that the sun has picked up in activity starting around Christmas Day (note the downward trend), despite “astronomers” calling for a solar minimum. SOMETHING is pushing back the cosmic rays:

screen shot 2019-01-15 at 8.31.28 am
Maybe it’s CAT5’s new cologne.

Krikey, we’re running out of funny cat timeline pics.

Oh, come on!


Ok, we tried looking into the why of this jump… and it’s tough. We wish we were fully privy to this info. We think this latest timeline jump is tied to people purging negativity… so get on with it!



And another!



99 thoughts on “YMTJs: Yet MORE (BIG!) Timeline Jumps [UPDATE2]

  1. Woke up several times during the morning hours with Sousa’s Stars and Stripes playing in my head. A positive timeline shift for the USA!


      1. I woke up to Queens Another One Bites The Dust. Plus wild dreams about the moon flying out of orbit with Venus following it and rainbow skies. People bringing me large crystals and lots of new spiritual looking people showing up and wanting to just sit by me. lol

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  2. FYI/tangent… I did a quick reading for Da-da (for someone in NYC) who noticed not only more chemtrails and chemtrail X’s over the city, but also these weird horn and vacuuming sounds coming from the sky — that he could hear over the roar and honk of Manhattan! Must’ve been loud. Anyway, I saw THREE things going on above:

    1. Wave X
    2. ca8al crap (chemtrails, etc.)
    3. ETs countering the ca8al crap!

    That’s apparently why the sounds are lasting so long, as one is trying to wear the other down. I’m unsure of the mechanisms involved, but Disclosure may soon be upon us.


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    1. ok, horn sounds in NY reminded me… did you know that, in NY in the early/mid ’60s i think, older white people in big cars would honk at the black kids (and all the other kids) in the streets, so they started calling the white people: HONKIES! lol.


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      1. another version of the term Honkies from Dick Gregory. in a speech.

        white men seeking out the sexual services of women of color.
        watch video for your self.


    2. I’m about 3 hours outside of NYC (saints be praised; really dislike that place), and I’ve been noticing an uptick in chemtrailing here, too. They hang quite low in the sky and there are also a bunch of X formations. A few days ago, there was a rainbow patch which normally would make me happy, but I’m pretty sure it was a chembow, which sucks. Didn’t hear any vacuuming sounds, but I was in my car at the time. Hope the ETs don’t forget about upstate!


      1. hi everyone
        I am in a deep forest in south east Ohio and the Chem trailing is thick with X’s have not seen the sun for two weeks. But last night at 12:24 I woke right up feeling that wave thing
        felt super awake the whole night then felt it was time to spend it in meditation.
        what a roller coaster this is , kinda like a ride on a friendly dragon

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    3. I’m all discombobulated and couldn’t find the comment about birds singing. I’ve heard this for the past three days outside my house, like a vast number of birds in a tree singing loudly and fast, even though there were no birds to be seen. Yesterday I just shrugged it off as weirdness being the new normal but today I thought I read a comment about it and then I heard it again. Do any of the CATS remember replying to that? TY.

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        1. Thanks, it’s nice to know there are others experiencing these things. I’m the only one in my family who is, it makes me feel isolated at times but maybe we’re spread out for a reason. Oh, I smelled honeysuckle outside tonight. It was very strong but pleasant and the air was clean and crisp. If that was NE air, I’m all in!

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          1. I watched Magenta Pixie’s video, she explains that starseeds and lightworkers are purposely spaced out so that we cover the planet in such a way as to raise the vibration as much as possible. Can’t remember her exact words but that was the gist of it. I too feel so isolated at times, have to dig deep sometimes to keep on keeping on…

            Love & Light xxx


        2. Its in the previous post:

          2019-01-15 AT 9:35 AM
          “You’re literally hearing energy hitting the earth’s magnetic field. That’s what it sounds like. Welcome to the club!

          -CAT Eds.”


  3. Think I’m supposed to pass this one on… The title was in my mind when I woke up the other day, but I had to do some searching to remember what it was. No wonder; turns out to be almost 40 years old. Anyone remember “Fame”? Anyway, enjoy; I did (thanks, guides)!

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      1. Hmm, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I guess I am… Maybe it’s why I found you all… The ‘life-time’ I missed most when I remembered it was a ‘life – form’ , lived between stars having to do with stars and birth of stars – the form envisioned was closest to an energenic Japanese chrysanthemum – the big ones (yellow) with the tendrils coming down from them – and the purpose revealed for being here from the second and last QHHT session I’d had which gave me some peace, it was so hard being here at that time (always? lol ) And I have never been able to get a copy of that session, something always happens – I take it there’s more on that recording I’m not to hear. But I don’t have a normal crown chakra – I rarely have downloads mostly always on upload – when we followed it an extremely long—ng way/time away, to be used how/what we’ve learned in the birth of a new star and system. Well I just had a nice big sigh, so I guess I was supposed to share this, for some reason…

        much love,

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  4. Good grief. Now MORE CATs are craving bread-and-butter pickles, pickled onion, sourkraut (we’re up to five CATs doing this now) — and strawberries, and bananas… TOGETHER. Maybe they’re all pregnant, even the men… men are the new women, after all. 😉

    O Brave New World.


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    1. Ha! So am I …
      Is it because it is winter?
      I wonder …
      Maybe not …
      Love to all who crave pickles ❤

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    2. I’m having the weirdest cravings for turkey breast, pickles and lettuce. And I don’t even like pickles all that much!

      Those are the weirdest times, indeed. But hey, I’m still ridin’ those timeline kerfuffles with you despite all the crap. It’s gotta mean something!

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    3. Interesting, about 3 years ago? for months about all I wanted to eat was dill pickle sandwiches – I would like to again – there are still food difficulties in this household – I’m taking what the Universe brings me – I’m encouraged that we were given two bags of clementines yesterday (tiny mostly seedless orange/tangerine things for those who name things differently) that are generally not eaten by other household members… I’ve eaten four so far 🙂

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    4. I made some fresh kraut w/sweet onions & pink sea salt. All fermented naturally, and its is great uncooked. You can add greens from the yard, dandelion, spinach, purslane, plantain, what ever trips your trigger, chrysanthemums? The more nutrients the merrier! Peace.

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  5. Well, I can attest that there is a kinder and more gentle me present today. I went out into the world today and had a transcendental experience with everyone I met. I also blubbered a lot. Go figure!

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    1. I watched about 15 minutes of some old Jimmy Durante movie on TCM around lunchtime, and teared up when June Allison got emotional listening to “Clare di Lune” (their song) just as she somehow knew she’d just lost her husband in the war — and her four months pregnant. There is something about music right now that we all really need to pay attention to.


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      1. Clair de Lune reminds me of this old nursery rhyme I learned in school:

        Au claire de la lune, mon ami Pierrot.
        Prête-moi ta plume, pour écrire un mot.
        Ma chandelle est morte, je n’ai plus de feu.
        Ouvre-moi ta porte, pour l’amour de Dieu.

        Ties along to me repeating “the Kingdom of God” in my head before I fell asleep last night, a first for me…

        Weird dreams, one segment was me sitting on a fancy superspeed motorbike all geared up yet I couldn’t figure out how to go faster than 15km p/h. All these buttons and technology on the steering wheel but didn’t know which ones to press.
        An analogy for how I feel: ready for blast off but can’t find the “go” button. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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      2. The so called watchers from Knock Knock kept knocking about that too, that the answers are in the songs.

        My issue is that I have serious trouble finding music that is authentic, most of the songs I used to listen to and most of what’s out there feels like dipping my head in the toilet and flushing, in that order, I imagine.

        Energy and sound are very closely related. I experience higher vibes much the same way as perfect harmonies, like I can just relax and let it flow through and blend with my field.

        In the beginning was the word, right? That’s sound right there.


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        1. Hi Sifoo, these songs may or may not be your cup of tea. yet i have been listening to them the past day,, and here are all these comments about music and its effects on us.

          For me, this song, Madness Dancing, triggered a huge part of my authentic SELF since first hearing this music in 1983. by Bob Bennett, one of the early ‘jesus music artists’. GO BROTHER J.
          (bob was ‘too folky’ for many christians, and ‘too christian’ for many folkys)

          Then i heard Bob singing this one~~Mountain Cathedrals. mother earth inspiring me.

          i hope someone will enjoy these sound vibrations.
          Thank you Bob Bennett for helping get me through these past 3.5 decades on earth.


      3. Hi Cat3 🙂 Spirit is making me pay attention to 3×144 = 432 & solfeggio LA … Note A 432 🙂 I didn’t realise so many songs have la la la la la in them & LA is an old word that means “oh look” … ooooh la la what celestial event will we see/hear? Dragons? More SUNsational activity or the AquaBlue SUN or both?

        Interesting you mentioned Clearing negativity … right thru to February the collective is going through a purification & im sensing for the 22nd Jan that the next clearance is Guilt being the most toxic energy to our bodies “ouch”. Music I feel is helping to clear/purge mental/emotional stuff from our bodies especially if it moves you to tears 🙂 also Music is related to our Unique Key Signature, the sound of You.

        Thank you Cats & M’s 🙂 Love to All

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  6. Ah, here is a picture that is appropriate for this solemn NOW moment:
    I Shall Sing You The Song Of My People


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      1. Singing to the stars, yes – very poetic ❤
        (On another, more prosaic tone, don't you think it might be yawning, mmm?)
        ❤ ❤

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  7. 3:30 update. Just got up from my afternoon nap. When I raised the blinds what should I spy, but a medium-sized semi-cloaked ship. How fun is that?

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  8. Here in Kansas right now at night the sky is purple but it has a red hue to it. I noticed both WSO and MrMBB333 have red sky videos today.

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  9. Hmmmm….well, THIS is my wet dream….and I’ve been pushing and PUSHING and pounding these guys and their higher teams with my intentions in both the physical and non-physical like f^^ing crazy this past week (surprised they never blocked me as a ‘troll’)……even blasting their asses and the entire planet with my p.o.’d White Dragon energies — dare I even ‘hope’ ~

    Published on Jan 15, 2019


    nicholas Bonfanti
    9 hours ago:

    “If this date rolls around and nothing happens I’m not sure what I’m going to do! Every single thing Paul Butler has thrown fourth has happened in these things were huge events of the spaceships I mean you got to be kidding me my skies have become the new galactic airport I had my DNA Starseed upgrade it freaked me out.

    And in my vision like all my visions I’m walking in the blinding light engulfs me my whole life from the very beginning I always knew everything that was ever going to happen after the blinding light hits me my life stops and there were no more memories this would be the new five the reality starting every major event in my life from a very young age I knew about them every single event

    and they all happened the very last event is the blinding white light of wall from the ground to the highest part of the sky from all that my eyes could see on both sides of me this wall of blinding light hits me and this life and everything I’ve ever known ceases to exist this is

    why I can’t see past that event I have no doubt everything is about to happen just the way it supposed to see you guys in the new life”

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      1. Yes, I always knew that the Pole Shift would either come right after my reset/upgrade Solar Flash (and the splitting and separating of the Timelines)….or would coincide with it — either way I knew we’d never experience it on the Highest Timelines.

        But it’s one helluva beautiful ‘marker’….

        January 14, 2019: | Earth’s magnetic field is acting up and geologists don’t know why:


        1. Magnetic pole shift usually does not occur all at once, the magnetic field migrates in splotches around the globe, then finally coalesces at a new pole. The entire process takes years, often centuries. So much for a temporal marker, LOL.

          Most estimates for the duration of a polarity transition are between 1,000 and 10,000 years, but some estimates are as quick as a human lifetime:



          1. @ “LOL” Anonymous

            This was such an unbelievably stupid response, of so low frequency retarded “3D” level mentality, that I seriously cannot attribute it to any of the regulars on this blog, which has a higher degree of Intelligence than the herd mentality YOU just demonstrated.

            Therefore, you must be a SHILL.

            Well, get lost Shill. Your obvious mental manipulations no longer work in these Highest Frequencies. “LOL”
            All you managed to do, was backfire on yourself, and give us all the ‘Heads Up’. Thanks!

            So much for your poorly executed ‘shill’anigans….”LOL”


      2. @CAT Eds
        indeed, guess we don’t have the words, on this earth, to express those AWESOME Works of the Universe!
        It might simply be the magnetic alignment of Gaia, to position herself for the Big Leap.
        To propel herself in her NEW rightful place.

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        1. @oro

          “It might simply be the magnetic alignment of Gaia, to position herself for the Big Leap.”

          PRECISELY what I was thinking….or actually, what my higher self sent me to think….

          Because a few months ago the message was injected into the lightworker community inhabiting the lower Timelines (on my 5D Timelines, I already experience for 6 years now a large ‘5D’ White/Blue/Silver Sun) — the message was that the lower Timeline’s Sun would undergo a pole shift in order to transform from 3D to 5D — and that this was a magnetic reversal, causing it to basically implode and turn itself ‘inside out’.

          Thinking like you, that the same principle is in action here with the planet…that this is a required Reverse/Electromagnetheric/Imploding prerequisite to transmute the planet from 3D to 5D.

          In fact, now I am remembering around a decade ago, when the information came through that on the high Timelines a Pole Shift was a fantastic wonderful thing, whilst on the low Timelines it was nothing but catastrophe.
          No wonder I simply shrugged it off, long ago…

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  10. I got the urge to try for sleep at 1:11 am USA MT- very dizzy/wonky almost fell over a few times today – worse now – felt sudden urge to reply to lily144 comment on previous post – figure might see it better here…
    So, @lilly144, don’t know if this relates at all to what you are experiencing or something else, but seemed suddenly time sensitive…
    In the first 6 months or so of 2009 I first had terrible pain in each side of lower abdomen – everyone including Drs at that time thought I had stage 4 ovarian cancer, but they could never get clear scans, of every kind, of the area – then it changed/I changed it? to abdominal/pelvic wall syndrome… meaning just extend that level of pain to ANTHING attached to either/both abdominal or pelvic wall… which changed or added to the next 6 months of multiple clusters of seizures mostly every day for 6 months sometimes resulting in partial paralysis, temporary, but could last more than a day – (by the way found that caffine (my way was cola – some people used MtDew, would calm the seizures down, so carried soda with me everywhere- I’m sure coffee would have done the same, but I didn’t drink coffee then) after the 4 day University hospital testing was told not epileptic, but they didn’t know cause and I should seek psychological counseling… bad night crying too many remembrances of past/childhood unexplained weird things with body and … well you know… Anyway went through all the stages of whatever til I got mad and made all the lines on the brain monitoring equipment go flat, which did help the seizures calm down – over the next month or so I used that visualization to almost eliminate the seizures…
    I don’t know why that needed sharing tonight, but I’m feeling very weak and whobbly… I’m a Weeble though, I whobble, but don’t fall down.. hmmm, shaking starting again…

    much love and strength to all,
    ❤ Kg

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    1. @Kathleen, thank you so much for sharing that, I saw my Gastro doc at the hospital last week (ulcerative colitis flaring badly again). Every time of the month I am housebound with crippling pain and exhaustion due to periods which trigger my uc, it’s pretty horrible and such a struggle whilst simultaneously caring for my (beautiful, amazing) disabled daughter as she needs full physical/personal care, in nappies, cannot dress, bathe or feed herself and is very tall and heavy for her 7 years! She also does not sleep well so care can be literally 24/7. Seems to be getting a little better on the sleep front (fingers crossed)

      I guess there is a combination of factors that cause all these pains etc:

      1) Emotional pain and trauma can manifest in illness…
      2) We are collectively purging a lot of darkness and if you already have a health issue I guess this just exacerbates things…
      3) We are constantly breathing, eating, absorbing a lot of nasty, unatural stuff…Quiet difficult to remain in a healthy state whilst we are being chemtrailed and poisoned lol!
      4) We are downloading a lot of very powerful codes and light due to the ascension process..

      There are probably more reason tat I cannot think of but wow, it really is a battle to keep standing these days!

      The meditation certainly has helped. If I get sharp pains in the night I have a small pot of almond oil with frankincense and lavender in which helps more than any pain killers. have started taking aloe vera, fermented turmeric and although I do not want to consume too many animal products, I have been taking grass fed, organic bone broth.

      These times are brutal, fascinating and beautful!

      Love & Light xxx


    2. Kathleen, the weeble wobbles were all around this morning. I had errands to run, but just couldn’t. A couple of hours later they were gone, but while I was weebling around the house this morning I was also seeing everything outside the windows shifting and trying to morph into something else, all infused with the nicest pinkviolet shimmer. Ah, I just love these shifts. xoxo

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  11. Yes Lily. I have noticed more trails and we are pretty rural. Must be desperation on their part. Glad we have help nullifying these horrible things.

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    1. @NewLynn yes, we are also rural, they really must be desperate, it seems to be constant, would be amazing to see the sun again instead of this patchy white smog everywhere!

      Love & Light xxx


      1. Simply shift yourself to the Higher 5D Timelines. Nothing but clear purple-blue skies. White-blue suns.

        Try it.
        Decide to toss your baggage, and just go there. The “amazing” thing is, how simple it is.


  12. I’m wondering, why do beings on the other side of the veil act like time doesn’t exist at all? Fundamentally, time is the progression of something. I agree that the time we experience (which involves death and decay) is an illusion. But for time to not exist at all actually means there is no such thing as soul growth and experiences.


      1. Then it will be impossible for them to think, do anything, even to simply be. I’m not saying that they aren’t outside of time, I just feel they experience a ‘time’ that is totally different to ours.


        1. “I just feel they experience a ‘time’ that is totally different to ours.”

          You nailed it, right there. That’s how the ET’s explained it to us as well. Nearly word for word…

          Here in 3D/4D we are trapped in Linear Time. So we call it uni-directional (time in only one direction, going forward)

          In 5D we can step outside of it, be in the NOW, and view it (or jump back into it) in all directions, like we are looking at a filmstrip.
          Higher than that, and we exist in the NOW present moment, yet to distinguish that experience from just Being SOURCE, there IS some sense of (non-linear) “time” in order to create a separation from SOURCE experience.

          But that kind of High Dimensional time experience is not yet describable for our current human minds to process and imagine….

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  13. Wow, alot is happening right now!
    Last night as I was trying to go to sleep, my entire body started vibrating and I could ‘see’ what was happening on an energetic level. It was like all the components of my physical body were being sifted so that they all fit together better. I saw small cube like shapes of energy in my minds shifting and sort of flowing into better positions. In my mind, the visual was a little more complex, but geometric graphics were shown to me. It went on for about a minute and at one point I thought it might have been a small earthquake as it seemed to transfer to the bed a little, like I couldn`t figure out where it ended. It stopped shortly after I started trying to figure it out. Cool thing is, I felt very relaxed after it and slept quite well!
    Thanks for all the updates and much love

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    1. I had this intense shaking/vibrating also, last weekend in bed, my husband thought I was shivering so it definitely transferred. He said “it’s very hard to sleep with you shaking like that”! I said sorry but out of my hands really! (Mostly felt like I was going to die, again) Then spent the week either angry, exhausted or sobbing, but much better now, I even figured out how to get rid of my toe pain by pulling the energy up through my feet to my heart 🙂


      1. Oh I also have a lump appear behind my ear, maybe coal related? I will have wait and see, more meditation required.


  14. For about a week now, I have had real problems trying to play my solfeggios’, chill out music by meditative mind through the tv. I cherish any time I get in the evening and love to just relax and have the music and beautful videos playing in the background. I could just stick a cd on but really like the visuals that you get with some of these videos.

    My daughter is able to watch her children’s programmes and although I don’t watch standard tv, I can tune in to this also, no problem. It’s only the meditation videos, cannot help thinking that something is blocking my viewing/listening for some reason…

    Love & Light xxx


  15. Speaking of music, this one wanted to go here. I told them you don’t speak Swedish, they answered that cats don’t speak English either. Keep an eye on the drummer; I used to play a lot of drums, had my own set and all; but it would take me quite a while to put that together.


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  16. I don’t see anything right now. I feel the Schumann. Hickups out of nowhere at the moment.b
    Ask you all if you have you felt a band around your shoulders this week. No growing wing pain, but a wrap?
    Also think that empaths are engaged at this point. You all had happy expansive thoughts, but I was so sad. Suddenly Exhuberantly changing. Had to settle in the energy to recreate from and share. ( These dam hiccups)
    There is this change. Empaths soak in everything. It really sucks. Sometimes we get a preview and think YES, but we realize it’s not right now and you have to deal with those who you hold in compassion but don’t contribute to the bargain. All I know is something changed.

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    1. I’m feeling the “hugs”. A lot!
      This week has been like quantum changes. Something has cleared out of my body…I literally feel like a rainstorm has come and washed away things inside me. I have felt this kind of inside rain cleansing feeling before, but this time is a little bit different somehow. It is an amazing feeling. I hope it stays.
      So many things are different now, my hearing, my senses. What feels the most different though, is my heart. It’s just on fire, with that Source fire heart feeling. If I focus my feelings and intentions from my heart, they seem to be more powerful.
      I woke up to Auld Lang Syne yesterday. Any thoughts on that?
      Xoxo love to everyone.

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    2. Sorry to tell you this, but angels just don’t have “wings”, buddy.
      (patting you on the…..back)

      Stop watching “SUPERNATURAL”. Those guys *really* messed up the ‘angels’. Holy crap….


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      1. Actually… some do. It depends on what or how they want to manifest, and how people around them perceive it. I’ve seen one with wings, one without (who was 20 feet tall), one like a wheel…and some all the colors of the rainbow.


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  17. For the 3rd day in a row I had to take a nap in the afternoon.
    Went into a lucid dream where I was in my childhood home with my brother. He went upstairs and I stayed in the living room. I saw light in the garden and upon closer scrutiny I saw it was a spaceship.
    I ran to the kitchen and had to open a white door (which wasn’t there in the real house) , then the door of the porch. As I opened it I could feel the gravitational pull of the ship and I immediately floated up in the air. The levitation felt very simple and familiar.
    At the same time the whole scenery changed from a garden view with a giant spaceship over it to a binary code reality which turned out to be (or changed into) the back of a playing card. All I could see was one giant playing card, not even the sides of it, just the design in black and white.
    Then I saw playing cards (the frontside) running down vertically, only showing the top of each card (like making a pile showing only the top). Like spinning a vertical wheel, that’s how the cards where shown, in rapid order. The last card I saw was the King of Spades.
    I also saw a cilinder in the ship, the only thing of the ship I got to see. It was like a coil, vertical and it had a red core. Ruby red. I knew this cylinder/coil was the ‘engine’.
    Then I shook myself back to waking state.

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  18. Having trouble finding my center of gravity when walking the past few days. It is as if I could float horizontally easier than walk upright (like floating on top of water). This may be the wonky feeling Kathleen was having. Cay


  19. Purging, you say? Had a dream about a huge dishwasher that I had stacked too full. On clearing it out after the program was finished, it turned out some plates were still dirty. Meanwhile myself, a friend (owner of most of the porcelain and initially very angry bc of my mistake) AND the dishwasher were successfully transported by plane to a place near Barcelona. On arrival at a beach with white sand, I started reloading the machine with the plates that were still dirty. All was well, I managed to remain calm, held my ground and the friend gradually accepted things the way they were en his/her anger subsided.

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  20. Well, here in the PNW, spring is in the air. I went outside to record the rainfall and was struck by how mild the air is. The witchhazels are opening up their wondrous fragrant blossoms! This timeline feels like we’re a month ahead of what the calendar says. Anyone?

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    1. @J
      your post so nice, thank you! This was my spontaneous spring poetry today:

      Beautiful Hyacinths

      Beautiful hyacinths, guess just thinking,

      now, that the Sun shines so brightly,

      off common onion hearts sleeping deep,

      popped have they green tendrils slightly.

      I kissed them and blessed them, so pretty,

      so shy and so cute were they glowing…

      It didn’t take long; with scent gorgeous,

      in grace did they fill all space, flowing…

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