Big Jump, Coal-to-Diamonds, & Another PPSA ~ [UPDATE4]


We had some big energy last night, and an associated timeline jump:

Big Jump Last Night

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 8.45.38 am
Another “U” event from the U1 muon detector in Yakutsk.

Took lots of breathing and meditation for some of us to get through this one. We felt the initial bump at 10:00 pm PST — with associated heart-heaviness, as the energy often goes into your heart and must be distributed and grounded — but the big energy came from 1-4 am PST, and even breathing through it was a challenge.

Here it is on NASA’s little chart. Can you see it?

Just a “glitch” in the proton sensor, o’course. 😉

Here it is again, one the “mainstream” meters:

See it across the top three graphs? Oh, look: it affects the protons AND the electrons AND GOES Hp sensors. Huh.

This was energy that’s come out of the sun (on January 9th?) in inexplicable ways, having finally reached us (no, the energy doesn’t typically travel at the speed of light, though The Event will)…

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 12.00.04 am
Whaaa! What’s happening here?
screen shot 2019-01-13 at 12.06.37 am
This looks like an X-ray flare… but there were no X-ray flares.

Interesting effects manifested, effects we’d seen and felt before, where the breathing starts to INFLATE the energy/light body. A rather odd feeling.

Speaking of that…




Many CATs and readers have been having odd somatic issues for a while now, inexplicable pains here and there, but it seems the sun is lately sending in not just DNA upgrades but also “dark matter” (what Lisa Gawlas calls it) to us, taking the form of “coal” being dropped into our energy cores. These lumps of what are basically uber-dense information then move to various areas, often forming a triangular pattern with other lumps of “coal,” awaiting energy compression. The upcoming lunar eclipse/supermoon energy will then swoop in and compress that “coal info” into diamond energy points, in various geometric shape-patterns… which sounds great, but it also sounds like it’s gonna be uncomfortable. What else is new?

Needless to say, we’ll all have to do some serious meditation on this topic to both incorporate and understand what this energy means to each of us. Apparently, it’s to be the source of our “human superpowers.”


Another Psychic Public Service Advisory

Finally, please be advised that any information that’s revealed to you, in any shape or form, is often for your use only. Sometimes it’s for the masses, but lately it’s mostly for you. We’ve been bumping into this for the past eight months, and it gets us into trouble.

We see an event, or a date, or a number, or a tidbit of information that suggests that something is going to happen on date and time X… however, after date and time X passes, we typically find that the premonition was just for us. This certainly wasn’t always the case, but it seems to be the case more and more. So if you have a dream about something, or see something in a meditation, it may not be The Event, it may be an event just for you and yours.

screen shot 2018-08-13 at 10.30.05 pm

On that note, it’s imperative that you begin looking within for your own answers. We keep being told this when we look for answers for other people. Basically, Spirit wants us all to do our own work, especially if we’re capable. At least give it a good hard first pass on finding an answer before venturing out to others.

That’s it. More as it develops.

Take a memo…


Ok. We all had that “champagne bubble” thing all last night (the big hit seen below at midnight PST), and a bit this morning, along with ANOTHER heavy energy whack last night at 8:00 PST, but that wasn’t muons…

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 10.16.56 am
This is one of the muon detectors in Yakustsk, Siberia. The different numbers at the top (U1, L8, etc.) indicate which way the detector is oriented (north, south, transverse, in your ear, etc.), so given the odd nature of muons, these pick them up depending on spin and orientation… and whatever else muons do.

…resulting in a number of somatic sensations, few of them all that pleasant. However, now that we’re becoming Wave X energy veterans, some of us are actually enjoying the champagne bubblage feeling, but we’re just weird that way.

So. We’re kinda getting blasted and we’re still SEVEN days away from the next energy event. Yikes. Some CATs are planning to fast through it, starting on Thursday. We def recommend eating light, as this seems to make the experience less painful. However, as always, if you get a craving for pickled onions and steak, go for it. And as always, BREATHE through the energy.

Oh, just so we’re all on the same page, if anyone sees the sky go vivid PURPLE (at night), or violet-white-bright-pulsing (during the day) let all of us know ASAP.


This update is actually above, in the upper part of the post, to the tune of more graphs. They fit better up there. There was also this “champagnage” indicator from this morning:



But wait, there’s more! Here was more muon activity from… Bulgaria!



As you can see, that was a GAMMA radiation dose, an Event/SHIFT precursor.


Wow, we also had three GRBs today:


More as we find it.

Why haven’t we bitten that off, yet?


82 thoughts on “Big Jump, Coal-to-Diamonds, & Another PPSA ~ [UPDATE4]

  1. Zxbloop! Well thanks a HUGE bunch for this info. I awoke at 4this morning, again. My God the pain! After moving around a bit and slathering MSM cream liberally upon my countenance, I’m able to move. Still, this is getting a bit tedious! Lisa reading tomorrow morning. Report to follow.


  2. Thank you very much.
    The past few days, very rough ones feeling like being at ground zero again, it became clear the answers are to be found within myself and I have to give birth to them. This became clear after a lucid dream yesterday afternoon in which a crow flew towards me, opened a window, looked me right in the eye and flew off again. It is nice to see this confirmed on the blog.

    Just wanted to add I had that metallic zoink-sound again in the back of my head yesterday, yet this time 3 in a row. Zoink, zoink, zoink.

    Thanks for all you work and safe travels. Don’t know why I say travels, it just came out.

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  3. Btw… we’re sorry, we get so many comments and requests that we sometimes lose who we need to answer. A commenter wrote in a few weeks ago about their cat that was sick and on their way out, a cat that had always been there for them, and I can’t remember if the answer got back to them. They were curious if anything could be done for their cat. This cat had always been the HEALER in their family, but sadly, his body was just too worn out from all the energy work. This can happen with people, too. We’re not sure what the final dispensation was, but please note that nothing loved ever dies — esp. when it’s a spirit in cat form here to help with the healing. No matter where you are, your cat is right next to you.


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  4. Hi all, I can confirm the difficulty breathing though this past stuff although I think my timing was a bit different, but have a hard time with timings 🙂 lately – this afternoon/evening was quite ill, too – the earlier breathing through was concerning the solar plexus area then moved up to slightly above the heart… thymus area… Thank you for mentioning the ‘coal’… I had the appearance today of a slightly larger than nickle size dark red very painful lump with with a hard center; it wasn’t there yesterday – not sure what you were talking about was physical, but when I ‘asked’ this thing seems connected to it – I got a very large sigh, which (sighs of any proportion) are always a confirmation to me… This lump is situated in a very sensitive area that is associated with life energy and for me appropriate area for purging/transformation – I will keep an eye on it, so to speak…

    Thank you also for the APPSA – I’m grateful for the non-response to my ‘peek’ request the other day – I believe the asking was related to a triggered purge, as I’ve never asked anything like that here or anywhere as far as I know and quickly passed in any case – thank you…

    I wonder if others are noticing changes in those around them? Besides the changes with my granddaughter I’ve realized my daughter hasn’t had any, I think, of the blow-ups or meltdowns she used to have and feels much more the energy I associate with her true self.
    – onward and upwards, all be well, much love,


  5. This would explain why after waking up as late as almost 11? I still needed 2 more naps and barely 12 hrs later? I’m down for the count.

    Also as i stood outside i can “see” a zillion teenie bits of ???? “dry rain” coming down.

    Didn’t like it though.. Never have

    Going to take a break from internet for a bit…

    Wishing everyone peace and love and grace to stay as neutral as possible in spite if incoming “pokes” designed to elicit strong emotional responses from us.

    It feeds “them” .. Thinking of fasting… Seems only fair to deprive them of their food too while im at it …


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  6. Before i leave… Just read this from Jenny Schiltz… Resonated and hope it helps …

    ““Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore”

    There is a feeling in the air of being in a new space energetically. The best way I can describe it is “there are no walls”. It is like energy from everywhere is streaming in and this makes us really sensitive physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many are just feeling fed up with it all. It can make one feel as if they want to stay in bed with the covers up over their head allowing the world to pass them by.

    For me, it has felt like at times there is too much input to the point where my form becomes overwhelmed and needs to shut down with sleep or quiet time to where I can literally stare at the walls for hours. I asked to be shown what is happening and the understanding I was given helped tremendously so I am sharing this with you now.

    They showed me walking through a dense forest. The forest was cool, and the sunlight filtered in softly. The path was not huge but it was visible and clear. We could go off the path but there were signs and symbols pointing us back each time we ventured off.

    Then the forest path opened to a giant field. The sun was blazing, almost painful to the eyes in the sharp contrast. I could not see a path at all and I felt this bombardment of energy. It made me want to slip back into the softness of the forest.

    I then was told – “This is the field of potentiality, of all possibilities for your life.”

    When I really looked at it it was an infinite number of layers of realities, information, frequencies, beliefs, streaming in and out of the field. Like being in a room covered head to foot in TV’s all playing different stations.

    I responded “How can this be? There is no path. It feels like it is too much; like it is all noise. It makes me want to shut down. How can I know which direction to a walk in this sea of confusion?” I was completely overwhelmed.

    “Drop into your heart, it will show you the way”

    I began to really feel my heart space and breathe in and out through it. In just a couple of breaths I began to feel better and my mind stopped racing.

    To my surprise a path began to appear in the field!

    The more I settled into my heart space the more the path became clear. It also started to create a force field around me that blocked all the noise out.

    It was then explained that the only way to move forward now is to be fully grounded in the heart space and from that space determine what you want. Each person has their own path, their own field of potentials. Figuring out what you do want and do not want is essentially choosing what streams of potential you want to allow into your form. They did warn that one can feel paralyzed by all the energy (sitting and staring at a wall) if they are not operating from a grounded heart space. So when you feel completely overwhelmed take a few minutes and make sure you are not allowing too much in.

    This energy will see people making big changes, from location, career, relationships, even about your physical health. Follow the nudging as spirit is assisting us, it is just really noisy and feels unclear unless we are in our hearts.

    The clearest way I can explain it is to say “If you don’t follow your heart, all will fall apart.” The heart space is our true guide.

    I hope that what they showed me helps you to navigate your journey as well without too much overwhelm. Be gentle with yourselves and others. Sending you all lots of love <3"

    Jenny Schiltz

    See you next month 💞

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  7. It’s just the Diamond Codes.
    I’ve been pouring the cruel, photon-light Diamond Code Frequencies through my fried/cooked/radiated, now-completely-horrifically Crystallized physical body since 2012.

    Lisa Gawlas has never reached a high enough Frequency level, to be able to match and pick up and download the Diamond Codes, but as you could see with her ‘coal’ explanation she is now for the very first time at the very edge of these frequencies — the outermost range.

    She STILL can’t download them and help us nearly-dead Ascension Team forerunners out….but at least now she can ‘see’ them. Sort of.


    As you become more and more and MORE Crystallized over the years (producing billions of crystals in all your skin pores every minute of the day) — it feels like your entire body is nothing but constantly ITCHING, *painful* SHARP SHARDS.
    Which you are scratching/gouging out of your flesh pretty much constantly.

    The combination of the 2, is literally UNBEARABLE. And your life from that point on, is over.

    I’m not kidding.

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    1. @ Anonymous “it feels like your entire body is nothing but constantly ITCHING, *painful* SHARP SHARDS.”

      Yep, there are the itchies/pricklies/stingies/stabbies/electrical jolts. And there is the ice pick sticking into the end of the big toe and in the base of the skull. And the meat cleaver in the side of the head. The pincers on the temples. The eyeballs that feel like hot coals. The sword in the top of the skull and down inside the side of the neck to the shoulder blade. The electrified dagger in the thigh.

      I’ve always thought of most of it as an energy thing. I have found that the earthing stuff helps with this sometimes. I have several different items from earthing dot com., but it seems like the mat works best. I assume that is because we were meant to connect with the earth with our feet. I know others say to energetically connect with the new earth, but “earthing” is what has helped me. I consider it a physiological thing, putting my body’s positive charge into the earth. I’ve tried other things, but they don’t seem to work as well for me as “grounding”. I sometimes cover up with the earthing throw for the torso/chest pain, and it really helps.

      I bought my things a while back, so I don’t know what they have available these days. This stuff is NOT CHEAP, since they use silver threads and other expensive materials. There are other brands, too, but I don’t know anything about them.

      Yes, it’s as you say….your life is OVER. But you still have to do THIS n THIS n THIS n THIS. Till when, exactly…….??

      People advise us to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Uh huh.

      Hope we all feel better soon.


    2. Well, get over it. It’s gonna get more intense. And anyone speaking even slightly negatively about Lisa Gawlas will be blackballed from this site. She’s doing her part. And YOU agreed to this all in your current contract, like all the rest of us. We’re not kidding, either.

      “Just the Diamond Codes.” Gimme a break. It hasn’t even fully happened, yet!


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          1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t this been going on for quite a while now? Trash talking LisaG, I mean.

            It seems to me that someone has some kind of score to settle with her and is using this forum to drag her down.

            Judging other people’s evolutionary level (whatever that means) is about as ignorant as you can get. At least LisaG isn’t wasting her time spreading negative crap about other people from what I can see.


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  8. THESE are my goals (dispensation) after this agony torture is finally over:

    “Angelic beings: 1%

    …capable of occupying an organic portal, if desired, sometimes for a lifetime complete with human relationships, jobs and family. More commonly, they assume human form for short periods, often to help humans in trouble or to deliver some higher message that a specific human needs to hear, or that they were in a position to publicize.

    Ascended Volunteers: 0.33%

    These people are humans (at the soul level) who have completed the ‘wheel of incarnation’ on Earth (typically taking 7000 to 9000 lives), having chosen a specific path of mastery, and then finally, ascended as masters of that path. Subsequently, they have returned as volunteers, but have agreed to have their ‘ascended master’ faculties curtailed in order top do so – if the planet was ‘flooded’ with the return of many fully activated masters, it would probably change the mass ascension process, which is not desired.”


    Since a major end product of this Earth Experiment is to produce androgynous ‘Angelic Humans’….methinks my goal here is a combination of the above 2 types of Beings.
    And I also know I’ll have access to ALL dimensional levels.

    So many thanks to Anonymous who posted this link! (HUGE hug)


  9. I was also wondering how the poorly cat was. Hopefully recovering. On another topic, I don’t usually receive telepathic messages from the wide blue yonder, but woke at 2.30am GMT and heard “there is a big energy wave hitting the planet now”. I had felt headachey all day but was actually recovering when I got that message.

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  10. it’s about 1:30 MT USA
    I’m just headed to try for sleep and my body has started shaking like crazy, like the seizures I used to have ( that aren’t epileptic, so say 4 days of testing in 2009) have rarely had them in recent years – this shaking is how they usually start – just always have to ride them out.. – we’ll see..

    the last couple of weeks my dreams have been distant – like heavy feeling & far away – not remembered much. Anyone else had changes in dreams…?

    nite nite…


  11. I feel electrified/energized, like this kitty here:

    In case anyone is interested, here is Beinsa Douno’s prophecy about the end of this civilisation and the beginning of the Golden Age. The Earth is raising its vibrations faster:
    “The earth is now following an ascending movement and everyone should force themselves to harmonize with the currents of the ascension.”

    It was re-posted yesterday by Gillian of ShiftFrequency:


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  12. Well, Lisa crashed today. Phew! To be continued at a later date. On the other hand, I have had a group, I am sure, of pixies gently tap dancing on the top of my head for at least the last 18 hours. I’m rather amused with the sensation. Anyone else? Beuhler?


    1. Sure. All the time. That’s either energy coming IN, or energy going OUT. Or both. We’re getting energy bouncing off the earth’s crystalline core as well as other energy in through the tops of our heads. Like being in the microwave, but without all the fun.


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  13. We are ready for lift off with our rainbow lightbodies to meet our galactic/angelic families with whom together we’ll merge and be transported to the inner earth 5D core for a few months whilst big changes happen on surface 3D/4D. Final date of quantum leap jump Thursday 31 January, this is OUR TIME NOW! HALLELUYAH! CHRIST IS KING! FINALLY WE ARE PULLING THE COSMIC FIRE EVENT IN! AMEN!


    1. Mmm… we’re not seeing us being pulled into the inner earth. It’s our understanding that some will go UP to a new layer of the earth (the New Earth, which is ready right now), while others transit to other various places (3d planets, far away) to start their lessons over. The 3d earth itself is going to go into full dishwasher mode and reboot, where nature will once again gain ascendancy. None of us will ever return there, unless we become guides to people there waaaaaaay in the future. 3d earth is going back to caveman days.

      There is no final date. We’re not seeing any dates at all, as Guides don’t want us falling into that trap anymore. There will be a day, but we won’t know it — unless we do! You never know.


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      1. Nice M5, thats what I ‘got’ recently, this 3d earth will be thrown back to stone age and what we know as Yeti and some monkey kind species will be going through there evolution here.

        Interestingly what I ‘got’ was the bad guys will be put (with memory wipe) to some other planet where the evolution is at roughly 10000 years behind us, so these guys will be the smarter/evolved ones which will then help those natives on that planet.

        Earth will exist as 4d temporarily and eventually become 5d and will placed/moved to more ‘mainstream’ area of the universe.

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  14. Felt being pulled out of my body a few times. Completely slammed with energy today. Utterly exhausted and grouchy. Nothing new then…



    1. Yes, this has happend to some of us, too. When it’s happened, I’m unsure if it’s just me being stubborn and not allowing myself to fully SHIFT out or if it’s just a preparation experiment on those of us who are ready. We’ll find out, I’m sure. 😉


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  15. Tough night with energy whomp crescendo, which I may have received later than most of the Cat enthusiasts. Breathe, ground and attempt to relax contracted muscles until it passes. Good luck to all.


    1. Note that the energy sometimes depletes you of water (’cause you’re being cooked!) and potassium and other trace minerals. Eat a banana. Drink some water. Oh, and we respond as a group to a lot of what’s happening, but we have early adopters and late adopters of the energy. We’re all over the place like everyone else, not ahead or behind.

      -CAT Eds.

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  16. Since everyone is telling their experiences-
    Every morning for the past week Ive woken up feeling like someone smacked me with bricks all night, my sleep hasn’t been that restful and I’ve been having digestive issues.

    Lack of water maybe at play here. But I know I too have been too been given the “urge” to reduce my reliance on online forms for spiritual advice. Things still feel difficult but also feels optimistic!

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    1. We know how you feel. We don’t really read anyone anymore, save for Lisa Gawlas, Lynn, and a few others, as most of them seem to be saying the same thing over and over again.

      Btw, some CATs sleep with big (metal) 40 oz. water bottles for nighttime hydration. Just part of the routine now.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. Try a little baking soda in clean water. No fluoride or chlorine, and not from a plastic bottle. Peace.


        1. NOTHING from plastic bottles or containers.

          Sadly… there is no “clean,” anymore. The Event is happening for a number of reasons, and this is a big one: the earth bio-system cannot take any more pollution.

          -CAT Eds.

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  17. In the mean time, in the springtime (in my head at least), ain’t we got fun! BTW, I just had a conversation with a friend today and she suggested WE look upon all this pain and stuff for what it is. The GLORIOUS ASCENSION PROCESS and rejoice! Since we’re still here (obviously by agreement) Let’s make the best of it.

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  18. After a highly emotional week last week I have mostly been left a deep sense of peace the last few days, (still with the current stomach cramps and toe pain) but a big improvement 🙂

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    1. Ha-ha-ha-ha! Considering how much of the jewellery out there is shit … Matt is good 🙂 🙂 🙂


  19. Just when you think you’ve been there and done that.

    My inner ear suddenly tuned in to the bird channel around 6 am UTC this morning. For about ten minutes or so I was blasted with what sounded like a giant tree full of birds, and felt like lightning entering through the head and down the spine. It was a nice touch with entertainment during treatment, I’ll give them that.

    Half an hour later or so the same blast came bouncing back from below, for a while I wondering if my legs were about to fold and started making backup plans but it all worked out somehow.

    The weirdest thing in this whole mess is that I felt like I understood the bird chatter on some level.

    Birds are weird. Humanoids with bird heads and feathers even more so. I wonder where they went, the blue beings from Egyptian paintings and inscriptions. And where they fit into the puzzle, they feel less insane than the crocs but at least as arrogant.


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    1. We don’t think much of it. Q is not a hoax,and JFK Jr IS alive. Things just aren’t moving as fast as people want. We’re pretty sure that, the moment that the world makes their Big Discovery about X, The Event will hit right about the same time. We wouldn’t worry about it. This is just the ca8al paying schmoes to get out and poison the stream. The good news is, we won’t have to share a planet with them much longer.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thanks CATeds, just another ‘attempted’ spanner in the works then by the PTW…

        Will try not to look at these articles in future and will go within a bit more. More meditation and less web surfing lol 🌟🙏🌟


        1. P.s I meant these articles as in PTW inspired articles, not this space! This space is fantabulous! ❤️❤️❤️


      1. You know, every time you say something like that I envision you all living in a place like the Beatles in Help (multiple doors but one big living space) — and ever so natural — adoration hasn’t gone to your heads one jot… 😉

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        1. Btw… not sure this is public knowledge, but the Beatles manager hired girls to go berzerk and pass out whenever the Beatles appeared in public — esp. when they got off an airplane. It was suprisingly inexpensive and wholly effective.


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  20. My downloads for the past few weeks have changed in the way I perceive them.

    Before it would be strange text or mathematical equations.

    Now all I am seeing are small, bright colours everywhere, moving in every direction.


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    1. The first was the new code/info, the second is the very beginnings of the upcoming energy catalyst/compiler. (Lisa Gawlas saw the former as “coal,” but we saw them as codes and symbols, as you did.) The upcoming lunar eclipse is supposed to bring in all kinds of light as catalyst/compiler. We’re guessing things could get a little extra… ouchie… as the new code is compiled.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. I always see sacred geometry, really beautiful esp during meditation. My fav is the flower of life 😊 Been seeing lots of purple and green too.

      Also have had pretty bad pains in each side of lower abdomen, anyone else had this? Salt baths help as does essential oils.

      Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️


          1. Actually, what will help more is deep meditation, looking into those places where you have the pain and imagining the lumps of code there turning into light — as well as asking Guides what the darn things are for!


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          2. @M3 How about deep meditation during an Epsom salt bath? 😉

            I will definitely try this, thank you, they really do feel like ‘lumps’! Hopefully, they will turn to light painlessly!


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  21. Odometer today is 155555 Five fives (5:5). The Uni has really been throwing the fives at me lately which typically means busy/chaotic for me and I stopped paying attention, but this seems more insistent. Is it a worldwide 55555 msg?
    Also, news reporting flights being grounded due to shutdown and TSA calling in sick and chaos at major airports. Will this be the gradual buildup for all airports shut down that you’re looking for?


  22. Has anyone read Lisa Renee’s latest newsletter? It is about alignment to Natural Law.
    Lisa writes:
    “When [the] chaotic forces of unconsciousness are exposed to, or intersecting with an extremely high frequency that is in Alignment to the Natural Laws, this can generate cross spirals which quickly collapse projects or pull people and things into opposing directions. A common example of increased volatility that presents as cross spirals in the environment is when broadcasted artificial intelligence frequency waves meet the inner spiritual forces, which generates organic liquid plasma trinity waves. AI is not in Alignment to Natural Laws and thus, impacts the individual and planetary body by generating volatility and forces of chaos which manifest as growing black subtle forces, miasma blockages and increasing disease in the collective consciousness fields.”
    She also writes about the Essene Gnosticism, the 13 Principles of Natural Law.
    The consciousness body of the Earth has evolved beyond 3D frequencies, opening up new future timelines in higher dimensions …
    Love to all,

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      1. Ah, you got me there …
        Not familiar with navy talk … (not native English speaker) …
        Is it Australian English?
        Do you mean helter-scelter?
        🙃 🙃 🙃


        1. Ah. I think CAT12 (who was IN the royal navy at one time), meant that exceptionally bumpy turbulence planes and helicopters often experience along the coasts and over the ocean… but in an energy way. The current energy chaos we’re swimming in actually causes ET ships to vibrate in the atmosphere when it’s really bad (at speed), and few things affect them.


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