A Psychic Public Service Advisory


Hi. You may or may not have already noticed that some interesting changes are afoot. Weirdness: It’s the new normal.

Human abilities — abilities we once had but were turned off — are returning. That’s why it’s important that you set aside time for meditation (we’re talking to ourselves, too) just for these upgrades. Ground and Protect as usual, then ask your Guides to assist in your upgrades. Then just sit and be patient. You may notice something, you may not. It takes a few days, and then you have to let it “cook.” Also be cognizant of your diet. It will be different for everyone. If you don’t feel like eating… don’t. If you want a reuben made with cole slaw… do it. Follow your cravings… in moderation, of course. (If you cravings lean toward alcohol and illegal substances, then you have other issues that need to be dealt with, first.) And please don’t feed your cat cheeseburgers… unless he steals yours.

Try not to eat your own leg.

Many of the CATs got, just last night, a kind of mental “videophone” (that’s what Da-da called it), whereas you have a 3D multicolored vision of someone in your head — live — in our cases they were various ETs who seemed a bit annoyed that this “service” just turned on! Imagine it from their point of view: they’re doing their various jobs, elevating humanity, and all of a sudden there are 100,000 people saying “HI!” telepathically!

You want to send the CATs COFFEE… you want to send the CATs COFFEE…

Anyway, this is just an alert to be alert. Watch for low gravity and static charge. (Psst: that last sentence was from “Close Encounters.”) And don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a world that looks just like your world, but with slight variations — OR seeing ghost images of things that vanish, or flashes of light, or beings here and there, or two of the same car, or weird Xmas light colors… or finding yourself wearing two different socks. Take it all in stride. (Note: We have no idea what percentage of the population will be affected by this.)


Oh, one more thing… one day (soon?), your telepathic circuit will suddenly be completely restored. All humans used to all have this. This will take MUCH getting used to. Learning to master and silence your thoughts will become paramount. Thinking things like, “Ok, who’s this idiot?” when you chance upon someone in a funny outfit will obviously not work. “I am not an idiot. I am a Morris Dancer.” Sorry!

Lying will also be a thing of the past, as will be the necessity of learning different languages. Think about it. You will also be able to tell the contents of anything, just by touch. All told

This… is… a coffee grinder… filled… with… Ethiopian Guji… DECAF??

You will also find CATs mysteriously… appealing…

“Fascinating. This earth feline is 100% Ethiopian Wotona Bultuma…”

139 thoughts on “A Psychic Public Service Advisory

  1. But what if I found cats already appealing? Does that mean I’m ahead of the curve?! 😀

    Thanks for the heads up, I’ll try to focus on this during my next few quiet sessions. Something inside me is telling me that this is one of the things I was waiting for.

    Happy thoughts, everyone! Forwarding a loving hug to anyone reading this message.

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  2. Ok, youse guys, How did you know that? Just recently (2 or 3 days ago) faces suddenly would appear in my head. I enjoy the happening, strangely enough. I never thought much of it (mental shoulder shrug) and went on with my business. Then you post this. Hmmm. I guess this is my public confession. Whoda thunk! This could prove to be interesting. Thinks for the update.

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  3. so, what you’re really saying here is that you really – really – REALLY – seriously need more coffee?? ROFL ~ I’ve been on the wobble for days now. Every time I get up to do something 3D-ish – like vacuum, or dust, or put all the Christmas and Solstice decorations away, or cook, my brain goes wobbly and I have to stop. Coffee helps. ROFL … keep purring, CATs … and be grateful for your shiny fur coats in the wintertime. 😀

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  4. I Love It! My Wife told me how she missed me yesterday, I was gone so long, 4 hrs. That’s weird! So today I open The Creator Writings, which I read daily. And there are 3 new writings. I’m moving 3 times as fast as my wife. Did i mention, she believes I have toys in the attic. Much Love in Harmony.

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  5. I can’t wait for telepathy (as well as levitation and teleportation).
    I’m one of those people that others will only understand if they knew what was going through my head.

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    1. Not so fast.
      Telepathy opens you up to Other people scanning your thoughts also until you learn how to compartmentalize/block.
      Have you ever thought something you would never voice? Like “does she really think her ass doesn’t look fat in THAT?” or “Why Oh WHY”
      I have been trying to monitor my thoughts for several years and it’s still hard. All the judgemental internal comments are enough for me to realise that I am a neophyte at this. Even with a good heart (I think I have) Still trying though.
      Teleportation would be convenient, but I do wonder about splinching…
      Love Cats. The world needs more cats.

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  6. I find that I don’t want to eat at all …and let’s just say I’m very fluffy – I have no problem in that area. 😊 The sugar shakes come and it forces me to eat and then I get sick. Not really sleeping. My words aren’t coming out in order or brain fog…is that a step toward telepathy? Cuz my mouth sure doesn’t want to work!!!! 😜


        1. Hi M6; you might be thinking of my cat. When I learned how to do Reiki attunements, I attuned my vintage kitty Lily to master level. She and I heal each other!

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  7. Wow that’s wild, I was seeing images in my mind last night too, faces (it was a head that kept morphing it’s face) and images playing like a movie reel. It’s not the first time this has happened, but it’s been a few years. The only other time I saw that was on a 28 day fast.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Us, too. But last night, some of us had a different color and resolution, and the image was much larger. When communicating, try looking at the person’s forehead, or actively imagine opening your ears. Try using all your other senses when this happens.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. A few months ago after meditating, a screen appeared in my living room like a hologram and showed the outline of what looked like a woman’s head and shoulders. There was no speech and I could not make any features out at all, just an outline. It was a very strange! Have since had various faces in my mind and many, many strangers in my dreams but I usually forget what the story was when I wake up.

      Interestingly I am usually more exhausted when I wake up than I am before I go to bed!

      LOVE & LIGHT to ALL xxx


    3. CATs and Ms and others,
      I recall now that I have seen some faces in my mind’s eye while waking recently, but I didn’t recognize them. I would think they would be people I know who are on the other side of the veil. Who are the ones whose faces we see? Living humans, or beings on the other side of the veil showing me a human face? Quite curious.


  8. We would like to take this moment to say HELLO to all those intelligence services currently reading these words, around the world. To answer that one guy’s question — NO, there is nothing you can do to stop the process of people’s abilities waking up. We are past the point of no return. The genius of The Event was that everyone was expecting it overnight. Instead, SOURCE has snuck in and awakened even those on your various staffs, let alone the countless Terrans around the world. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Just getting to know the countless Terran’s myself. They come in many flavors. None quite the same but always seeking the inner truth.

      BTW, Reuben sandwiches are great post “flu” recovery therapy. I think it’s the wonderful mix of sourkraut, pickles, corned beef/pastrami and rye. My mother would always shake her head when I’d ask for that after childhood fevers. Thank God for mom’s who love even when they don’t understand their kids.

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    2. Genius SOURCE is ALL-inclusive — it will be overnight for those currently trapped at the highest frequencies possible here, those who topped out and reached the Frequency Ceiling Cap.

      And it will continue to be a crippled, salted Snail’s Pace, for the rest of the population.


      1. There’s no longer any “cap”. All experience the ALL, for all are ALL.

        Nobody gets left behind. The days of separation are over.

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        1. Well… no one will be left behind, but we’re not all going to the same place. Some will go to a place best suited for their vibration… which is clearly NOT the New Earth. One can experience SOURCE anywhere. Unless SOURCE has a way of miraculously “sweetening” certain individuals…

          I got five bucks that says we’re not gonna see Dick Cheney on the New Earth. 😉



          1. Yes, there’s no need to keep us together. There are an infinite number of planets and environments and classrooms in which to learn. We’re not really separated at all, anyway. It’s time for some to graduate to the Earth 201 course, while others repeat the 101 course in another classroom. This is what time is for.



  9. BTW this new stuff feels to me different than the standard remote viewing. It feels alive as opposed to somewhat remote. ( Yes, pun intended) Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.

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        1. Here, have a hug 🙂

          You’re fine, (s)he’s fine; we’re all fine the way we are.
          With or without nyucks.

          It’s worth pondering why these kinds of patterns stick though, because sooner or later they’ll have to leave place for all of you.


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  10. Yesterday, when I woke from meditation/integration/nap, I said hello in my 3rd Eye as is my custom. Usually I see a face or two and some Hearts. Well the faces kept coming in non-stop, all different kinds. I was laughing and saying a lot of hello’s. Ha! Much Love in these AMazing days! Yeehah! ❤

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    1. This week started weird on Monday morning at work about 0700 outside my office I saw a creature 3 1/2 feet tall with bird legs and large upper body. There was a large craft in the sky and wasn’t sure if the two were related or the veils are thinner? When I think of this being I get chills all over my body.
      Then Wednesday night my right leg on the calf started ringing like a silent mobile phone on vibrate. All very strange.

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        1. Sorry it was too dark to see colour. From your question assume colour is important and related to job, mission,intent and whether friendly to humans or otherwise.
          Are you able to elaborate?
          Thank you for your question.


  11. Thank you. 🙏🏻

    I feel we will get instant musical abilities as well, the ability to play instruments ad hoc.

    What exactly is meant by : watch for low gravity and static charge?
    Please elaborate.

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    1. That’s a line (over a loudspeaker) from the tail end of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” right after that gynormous ship landed and they were getting the “special team” ready to go on the ship. In retrospect, that’s just a LITTLE ship.

      “Special teams are exempt and
      should be aware of low gravity.
      Expect some dizziness,
      and look out for a static charge.”


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  12. So, a few nights ago I was dreaming and at one point it felt like I was going “inside” my 3rd eye. I have no idea how to explain it, other then it felt like I was using another part of my “vision”? I also sometimes feel it faintly when before I go asleep.

    Anyone know what I’m talking about? lol.


  13. I sit and hit ‘refresh’ on this blog every two minutes, consume everything written and commented with verve and vigor, and yet today I’ve officially found the first statement I am skeptical of: “You will also find CATs mysteriously… appealing”. Ah yeah, sure… whatevs. [tosses the mutt another dog treat] 😀😀😀


  14. Dear Cats,

    This last week has been wild. My hands have turned “on”. Not sure what they do yet, but I suspect they are able to heal. I can definitely send energy from them. I used to feel this in a warmth that would come and go, but now it’s on, or at least, accessible, all the time. Friends have confirmed they can feel the energy from my hands.

    I have also learned that I can push painful energy off, or out of me, as well, which is helpful with physical pain and when dark energies try bothering me. I am by no means a pro at this yet, but it’s wild that it is suddenly happening. All this just happened this last week.

    In other news, this morning my husband told me about a dream he had last night. A dream where we are running from a wave, but is is a wave of fire. (?!) So, long story short – we are running from giant fire wave (he said we had our cats with us) and then a loud voice said, “Stop running!” So we all stop, and the wave goes through us. He said it was painful but just for a moment, and then the pain went away and then we were in a beautiful, transformed world. I asked him what it looked like and he said it was “really green, like on Downton Abbey”. Bahaha.

    I think if I had to endure a few seconds of a fire wave to get to the 5D Earth, well, it’s not ideal, but I’d take it any day over the physical fun of 3D. I feel like I’ve already got a “fire wave” in my lungs, and my body aches more (why is this getting worse as other things get better?). Eating is getting more difficult. Over the last couple of months, health has gone downhill for no apparent reason. I’m trying to have patience but, you know, after years of this…yeah.

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    1. Hmmm I dreamt about a fire last night. I was in my childhood home in the kitchen, I was protecting my mother pushing back flames into the sink!

      Also had a dream with many stairs the night before, I cannot remember the whole scenario but I dropped a heavy load and went back down to retrieve it hmmm!

      Love & Light 🌟❤️🌟


    2. Hang in there. My health has been going downhill for several years now, to the point where I was barely limping along. Thankfully, it’s just begun showing signs of bouncing back. Purification by spiritual fire, sounds like more fun than it is. But then, I guess this is exactly what we signed up for; because no one else would or could do it. I’m seriously considering retiring from saving the universe once this gig is up, I just couldn’t take another round of this bullshit.


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    1. Ha! Yeah we saw that six-admiralty-flag/666 reference immediately. What people don’t know is that Schumer and Pelosi look so weird because: they are in full mind-control mode right there. They’re puppets being operated by Red ‘Lectroids from the 8th dimension. (Note: that’s a movie reference to refer to the r——-s.) It’s really interesting, just like a sci-fi movie. You can even see Schumer waver, as the control goes in and out. Oh, well. End of an era.

      -CAT Eds.

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        1. Wow. She does look like Ruth Buzzi. You have to admire UN-glamorous female comedians like Ruth Buzzi and Phyllis Diller, turning their own funny looks into a career of making people laugh. A pity Ruth never wrote a tell-all book about what was happening behind the scenes at “Laugh-in.” It must’ve been a drug-fueled zoo.



      1. Spot on! BTW, when Pelosi was sworn in, she swore to protect the Constitution of the United States, which is a government services corporation. she didn’t
        swear to support the Constitution of the United States for America. Cleverly in plain sight. (I wear my sunglasses a lot)

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      2. Cats!!!! A-HA! I KNEW IT!!!!! Not the Red lectoids from the 8th dimension part..no clue on that, but the mind control. Zombie time. Or the previous administration is playing a lil bribery extortion game on them saying, if u cave to T, we release the cracken on you pelosi to the media. Is it that?? Is justice john roberts under that spell? RBG? Hollyweird????


  15. Btw… gaia portals (natural portals) typically perk up more around the full moons. But we’re noticing serious energy production from them NOW, ten days from the full moon (which is both a supermoon and an eclipse… and a dessert topping AND a floor wax). Or they’re feeling the energy from that latest flare/CME. Your guess is as good as your guess.

    -CAT Eds.

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  16. Woke up this morning with that old ’50s song, “Runaway” in my head. Ca8al on the run? Feels like it. Esp. considering this article just ran, the result of some actual journalism by The Helsinki Times:


    What’s in all those crates in those storage facilities? CASH. Billions and billions in cash and sundry valuables. What a sad little world they’ve created. And it’ll all go POOF once The Event wave hits it.


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  17. NOTE: If you’re looking for your comment and don’t see it, typically one of three things may have happened: 1. We haven’t approved all the comments, yet; 2. It’s in the spam folder and we missed it in the sift, or; 3. It’s overwhelmingly negative, and we’d have to spend an inordinate amount of time (that we don’t have) trying to correct it, so it got deleted. Please be polite. You don’t get to spout off in class, so don’t spout off here… even if you think you’re right. (Everyone thinks they’re right.) Please THINK before you knee-jerk respond. The CATs operate under the same parameters.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Yes, migraines a plenty, phew really tough!

      Also had this weird feeling last night that something was massaging the right side of my back! Felt like it was really under the skin though, really wierd, I dived back down under the bath water!

      Love, Light and a head massage to anyone that needs it! xxx


    1. Actually, this is quite disturbing! Please don’t post it! I used to watch it as a child but now when I watch this clip I’m not so sure…!


  18. Does anyone else see a ‘1’ in brackets, [ ] ~ the 23 mark on the SR meter this afternoon or is it just me? kinda weird… curiouser, etc… imagination?
    Everyone else seems to be looking forward to all we’ll have after the transition, all the ‘Ts’ and L – I just seem to be concerned I’ll know how to ‘be’ after. Reflection of how Emotionally Tired I am? I’ve always carried on, so I suppose I will then, too… As long as there is more peace and people will have a chance to be what will bring them joy I’ll be happy…

    love to all,

    P.S. Since the eclipse and other ‘things’ this week (may have been earlier noticed by her mom & dad) my autistic 4 yr old has added Spanish, then Russian and Russian alphabet, and last few days French and lastly Japanese to her vocabulary – previously only English & a tad of Spanish and then primarily for her own enjoyment not for communication with us… We let her have pretty much free reign with the Roku and have noticed she is also spelling out what she wants into the search box – so language self education course… one of the only things she’ll get upset about is misplacing the Roku remote or the batteries running down… she’s on a ‘mission’ 🙂 She’s also upped her communication with us, rather than haling us around for her needs…

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      1. I’m pretty sure SHE is now, at least receiving, using mind pictures when I need to do something with her is so much easier – my ‘grandma job’ is providing head sqwooshes as hard as I can – front/back, side/side and pushing her head back on to neck – I try to be gentler with this one, but she wants PRESSURE!
        yeah, she’s a sweety – today I accidentally hurt her elbow… crying, so after hugging, back rubbies, head stroking 40 sec she’s back on her trampoline laughing hysterically at her program – definitely belongs in the next place…

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      1. I read somewhere many years ago, that autistic people were fully equipped for dimensions higher than 3d and would blossom as we raise the vibrations. They will be so talented in the vibratory level they are wired up for. They will amaze us. 😊💖

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        1. Word.

          So when your autistic child/friend/whatever acts out, remember the hell they’re walking through and the sacrifices they made to help get this show on the road.

          It’s not for everysoul…


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      1. I’m sorry, 777. I copy the url that I’m looking at with the day’s date at the top of the meter – if I then click ON the link I posted to open in a new window (to make sure) or even on the picture of the meter and enlarge it it shows the date I’m looking at – I don’t know what is happening – from now on IF I see something I’ll just say what it is and the date I’m looking at I’m sure you all know the sites anyway – I won’t post them anymore… 😦 Maybe I’m in a dimension stuck at Christmas??

        much love to all…


        1. Cat’s, etc. I just thought to ask (because of this) – do you sense I am or my communication being interfered with – I’ve been more out in the open here than I have been EVER. I don’t sense anything, but I’ve been interfered with/limited for many decades… maybe along with other blocks that were put in place there’s one that I can’t sense them in certain ways… Sh*t!
          Could you please check…if you don’t feel like it, I’ll just cut back on posting… feel like crying about that…



          1. KathleenG, don’t worry about your posts. I LIKE reading them, I LIKE the long ones. I know all about sites and charts being wacky when you try to post them in a blog or in emails.

            Please don’t try to cut back on posting, I think you are being called to write about various things and are very brave to do so. I think some of us need to know what you have to tell or you wouldn’t feel that calling. I think it’s high time I gave you some positive feedback. 😉

            You have never been mean to anyone else, that’s what I consider most important in comments.

            Please know that when you get the go signal to write about a certain thing, it’s likely very important. I can tell that you are often reluctant, and I am glad that you have forged ahead.

            POST AWAY. I’m an avid reader of yours, and I bet you have many other readers who simply don’t make many comments. But we are all here, reading. 😉

            ALL the comments are helpful. If you are struggling with something, it’s a certainty that many others are, too. How many people read this blog and have never commented? Who knows.

            I hope this comment is approved right away so that you don’t spend another minute feeling bad about your posts~!

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      2. no, sir, it actually jumps back all by itself – to November 2018, in fact – happens on my site all the time, too.
        Need only click on the image – and it brings you to date


      3. Haha, now I did the same thing… 😁
        Whenever the link is copied, it shows the chart from December 26-28.
        Technical anomaly or there’s more to it. 🤷🏻‍♂️


    1. Wow, that’s amazing! My daughter (also autistic) has upped the beeps! She pulls my forehead to hers a few times a day now and says (in a high pitched tone ‘Beeeeeep’ then laughs and gets on with what she was doing before hand. I’m sure she is activating my third eye or sending some kind of code! She does not do it to anyone else, I feel very privileged!

      Love & Light 🌟🌟🌟❤️❤️❤️

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      1. wow, lily144, when my gdd was between 2-3+ she’d at times do the 3rd eye to 3rd eye thing with us (hold us there with her hands) her intention was clearly to hold it longer than we could take it – it would almost make us pass out – maybe she was trying? or actually upgrading us… 😮

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        1. Kathleen ❤️ Yes, I really believe my daughter and autistic/special children are incredibly high frequency beings/very old souls who have come into this dimension to assist us. They suffer in this dimension as it is so dense so stim, hum and display ”odd’ behaviour when they are just finding ways to cope with being in such a tough environment. They are truly incredible and helping to raise the vibration of humanity. 🌟❤️🌟

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      2. @Kathleen, my post was in response to yours, not sure why it’s appeared all the way down here, probably tiredness on my part!

        Am feeing like I have absolutely no interest in anything today, just so drained! Even typing is taking such effort sheesh!



  19. I just got the biggest headache – I’m going to go lie in a proverbial corner with a sprinkling of SOURCE and Brother J…
    kg.. 😦

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  20. This experience pales in comparison to a lot of experiences mentioned but it was a
    new one for me, i was sitting at my desk in the office working away last Monday and suddenly there was an extremenly loud sound of flapping wings and it seemed to be right above my head, i actually ducked and looked up but nothing to be seen.

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    1. That makes my invisible plasma ball that hit the top of my head outside not so weird LOL I thought it was a bug or maybe bird poop but there’s nothing there and then one of my friends had the same thing happened to her inside her house.

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  21. and in other news…

    The only Russian space telescope “Spectrum-R” does not accept commands from the Earth. This is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the Director of the astrocosmic center FIAN academician Nikolai Kardashev.

    According to him, all attempts to establish contact end in failure


    The Hubble Space Telescope’s premier camera has shut down because of a hardware problem.



    1. @ Mr M
      yes, makes me smile…
      Did you read about the Quantum Banking System, to replace the old one we are in? It will refuse on the spot to make ANY transaction under duress, fraud, etc.
      Purity of rightful intent will only work.
      “Spectrum-R” merely made a quantum jump!


      1. @oro, well there are hardly any real details available for so called ‘quantum’ system, there are many people talking about it with virtually no details/description, and all they offer is “its game changer” ‘its amazing” etc etc. BUT no actual working details. i questioned a few people harping about it all they can offer me was “all will be revealed SOON’ or something like” its under process and creation, so details will be coming SOON”

        In a nutshell I would be sceptical of any “banking system” because that in itself thats a deceptive concept, however “quantum” it is. but cant say for sure unless details are available.

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    1. Then this would be the FIRST time, that the entire series actually HAD a ‘plot’……(squinting, reading……)……uh..

      ..(more painful reading)….nope, this is rather the same…


  22. difficult night… this morning seem to have received information concerning my father’s actions, how he was in the aftermath of his actions and his death – (died mid-sixties) – shouldn’t change anything, but I wonder what my processing time with be, unless I’m making it all up of course – which will be a different process…


  23. Yesterday my girlfriend and me both heard a tone yet it wasn’t in our ears, it was all around. I walked around to see where it was coming from yet it was all over the place. Very different from the ringing we usually get, cause those are in the ears. We could hear this one very clearly yet the ‘source’ was all around the house.

    Meanwhile the head pressure has stopped after 3 days.

    And my little toe tells me we are about to learn smt new about the law of attraction and money.

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  24. What do you guys think of the theory in Inelia Benz’s latest blog post suggesting a possible, more realistic frequency split happening in August and the “culling” of those in the population that are of low frequency?


  25. I wish I could at least enjoy it now that truth is finally spreading, but I just want to get on with it and get out of here.

    There used to be a death penalty for sun gazing, the only thing that changed is that we’ve became stupid enough to kill ourselves out of fear for the giant light bulb of death, despite all evidence pointing in the other direction.


    Watching people being so easily corrupted and misled is at the same time beautiful, embarrassing and infuriating.


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  26. I noticed the whompage starting after feeling the effects, checking to see if that is what was going on.. a couple of hrs later my daughter asked me to go head sqwoosh my granddaughter, she couldn’t do it hard enough – I wonder if grddr need for this is in response to head pressure we’re feeling – . I know it can change the ‘pulse’ of your cerebral spinal fluid – she needed more of the straight down head onto neck pressure tonight (by the way – pushing down on someones head WHILE they are on a trampoline is quite ineffective, lol, grddr let me move her, lol) – I think I’ll take note of her need and ‘things’ going on. She always wants it longer than I can do it – I used to do this for my daughter when young for her headaches and migraines (she had a lot). Maybe some of you could experiment, see if it helps your head pressure/headaches; you need someone else to do it, to hard to do on yourself…

    lily144 -I got your message thank you, best of everything to you and your daughter.<3
    – time between posting a comment and times of moderation, I realize, results in some unavoidably weird placements response to other comments-wise… must drive the Cats etc a bit crazy with how busy little bees we are… 🙂

    Mary Martha, I can't thank you enough for your comment, I really needed it.. When I was training as a Massage Therapist we were told not to talk about ourselves or talk at all during a session… when I was in practice I found I ended up at times talking about something personal and discovered over time it always ended up relating to them somehow and they'd say that – I stopped editing.
    I had some early childhood training to keep quiet in so many ways – re-enforced… 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement – I won't disappear from here… unless you know… we all do…
    much love to you all,
    Kg ❤


  27. Another travel dream! Trying to urgently get somewhere with my daughter, roads are chock a block with traffic. Our car disappeared. Frantically trying to get us on our way then find ourselves at a gargle where we are told we can have the car but it will bee £1200 to repair it?! Mum is suddenly there and tells me that is the usual price. I am not convinced and ask them to check their books! Hmmm very Mundane but yet another ‘trying to get somewhere’ scenario!

    Happy Sunday 🌟❤️🌟


  28. I just dreamed this. I was hanging out with this guy who was playing my brother but he wasn’t my brother and we were at a university trying to tell people about plasma energy but everyone was so bored and screwing around there rolling their eyes at us and they didn’t care what we had to say and the skies are like really purple to the point where even these people who don’t care noticed but still they wouldn’t listen to what it was.We just left the place because we tried to talk to them if they would listen but most were not interested. Then I saw green plasma energy come into the planet and I don’t know what happened to people I saw it go all the way to their skeletons but after that it cut out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, those would be gamma rays. Purple skies probably means night time (unless something big passed in front of the sun). Did the energy go from the head down or the feet up, do you remember? And what’s your general geographic location, within 1000 miles?



    1. Note that the energy itself may not be green. This could be how your mind synthesized the appearance of gamma radiation (green like the Hulk!). But we’re seeing the reddish purple skies more and more, while awake…

      -CAT Eds.


  29. an answer @Mr M
    2019-01-12 AT 9:47 PM
    and to all lovely people here: found this post in June quite amazing:

    The New True Quantum Banking System
    MONDAY, 25-JUN-2018

    The New True Quantum Banking System

    Look Before you Speak – Kim Possible Update 6-24-18

    Entry Submitted by Kim Possible at 3:48 PM EDT on June 24, 2018

    To my dearest ALL,

    Many speak of a quantum system for the people.
    I agree, it is.
    By definition, in the parts of the world most consider “unknown”
    a Quantum System (true Quantum) can span dimensions,
    draws from past time and future yet to come
    based on it’s ability to “map” through time.

    It reads brainwaves, knows intention,
    is locked by DNA (Living DNA) sequencing of the individual.

    Not one individual, but all.
    Your “wealth” within it is coded to DNA of the individual.
    In the case of Nations it is RNA of the original source of said asset.
    It can not go anywhere else.

    This is for security and safety of our human family.

    The way it is programmed
    it is not possible for “the elite” to steal wealth from another person
    nor another nation any longer.

    The system DOES NOT recognize any “royal line”
    only the line of “Source” which is present in all of us.

    We are ALL sons and daughters of the only TRUE King, that is the Creator/God/Source itself.

    Even myself, as I programmed the system to perpetuate with or without me.
    Trust me, it knows my intent too,
    it knows if I am under duress, or willingly making a transaction.
    EVEN IF I “change my mind” and try to allocate funds improperly
    it will reject.

    So much for the 9000 snatch and grab attempts by cabal won’t help a bit.

    It reads into all organic lifeforms,
    understands growth patterns
    and lastly holds massive amounts of data
    in a compilation of materials the size of a grain of sand.

    Technology not even the Secret Space Program, nor the Majestic 12 has/had access to,
    let alone the current antiqued financial systems you are calling “quantum”.
    Gone are the days of data server centers the size of football fields.

    It calculates true trade values based on REAL production,
    not what the “elite” wants the world to see, but real production.

    As of Monday, June 25, 2018
    the Market Re-Valuation shall begin to occur.

    True production of commodities and their respective values will begin to unfold.

    This program was launched on Friday, June 23, after business hours.

    It’s power source,
    is not electricity,
    it is not dependent on any grid,
    not even crystals anymore.

    It is powered by the very Source of Life Itself.
    Yes, the very source of energy that powers YOU powers it.

    It can only operate in the Light, rejects darkness and evil intent.
    Each particle of Source courses through it’s fiber,
    some of you may know it as “The God Particle”, “The Fifth Element”, or Higgs Boson.

    Each particle is part of a whole,
    it connects to Source itself,
    it connects to you,
    it connects to every living thing in this Universe and all the other Universes.

    Each “particle” is a small part of a “whole”.
    Like a tiny network computer on a mainframe,
    it easily passes through the time/space continuum.
    Think of the possibilities
    if you could access the secrets of the Universe through one small particle.

    CERN has made attempts to isolate and access this type of technology.
    Where they failed, we succeeded.

    The system has been running on full Source energy for 6 weeks.
    At the point of convergence of the Two Torus,
    currently flowing through this planet,
    is an incredible amount of Source energy.
    Limitless and constantly regenerating.
    The SAME technology will power the Global Train.
    This works, a prototype has already been built and tested.

    It knows no space, it knows no time.
    It knows intention.
    It is NOT source and was not built to replace source in any way.
    It currently is harnessing and sharing this source energy with all of you,
    until the original “Flower of Life” torus pattern can be restored.
    Essential for our survival.
    Also a far better way to travel, no need for ununpentium and not harmful to humans.

    This IS the beginning of FREE ENERGY.
    It works.
    Tesla knew, we know too.
    Millions of people die every year over Oil and Gas.
    The genocide must stop.

    Has anyone noticed the price of food going up over the last month?
    It has, by 20 to 30%.
    Because the Cabal Controlled CNN Fake Media
    reports “Oil Shortages” and “The Middle East will run out of Oil”
    and gas goes up,
    transportation costs go up
    and so does the cost of food.
    This will no longer be the case.
    It is not possible to have a shortage of Oil because it is a regenerating resource
    and we have not even begun to tap the resources of Russia/USA and many other nations.

    Sometimes it is better to beg for forgiveness then ask for permission.
    No one needs the “cabal oil” anymore.
    It will become worthless within the next couple of years.

    To summarize,
    a Quantum System
    has the capacity to map information sources throughout the Multi-Verse,
    is powered by a limitless energy source,
    holds a football field worth of data sourcing servers (hello five eyes, you can google this one)
    in a substance the size of a grain of sand,
    accounts for intent via a hyper-permeable “brain wave” component
    and identifies the individual via DNA/Living DNA
    and origin of assets from RNA/GNA.

    Money is just a bunch of numbers
    in a consistently running algorithm
    tied to the RNA or origin of it’s asset base,
    placing all proceeds into that “bucket” tied to it’s origin (RNA)
    and it’s people (living DNA) of that original location.

    This is what it is programmed to do,
    can not be stopped or changed until the task is complete.
    This is why the FED/ Families/ Cabal/ Chinese Elders can not register,
    assets of the USA/Russia/Africa to a server in, say, Shanghai
    (yes I saw you last night).

    RNA is not a match. Simple.
    Saves me a lot of time in constantly identifying access.

    Hope this explains the “new system” which HAS been launched.

    Not “going to be”, but IS.
    Now, that it has mapped all living beings on this big rock,
    distribution shall begin.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to steal funds anymore.
    Even though the “corrupt bankers” may choose to try and steal
    from You The People (and they have for many years),
    they can’t now.

    The new system will look for the living DNA of person “x” consent
    through the hyper-permeable component.
    If it is not there, nothing will move.

    There you have it.

    To all the Cabal stooges reading this
    (I am not addressing any of you in IDC for the record)!
    You can take your Oil, siphons, satellite diversions and stick them where the SOURCE does not shine.

    Peace Out

    Kim Possible

    Intel Dinar Chronicles
    “Look Before you Speak” – Kim Possible Update 6-24-18


    1. The “system” has been running on SOURCE energy FOREVER.

      I understand the metaphor here, but I’m personally tired of money and economic metaphors, as well as this current Illusion in general.


      P.S. Those “cabal stooges” are part of ONE. They are you. Best let the animosity toward them go or you’ll nail yourself to the wheel for another go-round. Peope used to ask, “What would Jesus do?” He’d love. Simple as that.


      1. @M5
        i appreciate your answer, thank you.

        ‘The “system” has been running on SOURCE energy FOREVER.’

        Of course it did! But when the dark invaded and captured Gaia, the planet had to be put under quarantine, to save the other Universes from infestation. So Gaia became a “Prison Planet” and the connecting circuits were cut.
        When Adam & Eve came here, they were devastated, for NOT being able
        to connect any more to SOURCE.

        I guess, Kim Possible had to UN-DO whole dark construct after these eons, to cut off each and every massive wiring of planet & all our local Universe, to powerfully dissolve all hidden, malevolent & black-magic connections, even a failsafe mechanism that was still keeping running…
        Yes, sir, she has done it.
        In the end, she had to do EVERYTHING new – to restore the circuit back to SOURCE.

        Find her message to the ca8al sounds more humorous than hostile.
        I, myself, am totally free of animosity.
        And i know you are tired, for i am too.
        Here a BIG hug from me, in wondrous healing.



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