738: Odds + Ends ~ [UPDATE6]

All kinds of things are happening.

First off…


Lots of CATs have asked that we stop showcasing the various 3d meters, but other CATs consider it a common-ground reference and teaching tool from 3d to 4d/5d. For the interim, we’re still going to cover them.; let’s look at a few.

There was (of course) another flare this morning around 7:00 am PDT, as well as the CME from the 30th hitting. Many CATs felt this latest one in their heads (with more than a few thinking they were having a stroke):

All this energy is having amazing spiritual effects, but we’re not going to speak to this as it’s different for each person. People are having upgrades galore, while others… aren’t feeling anything. It’s a unique situation.

There was also a small timeline jump at the time of the flare:

This meter is in a French mine.

We’ll know more soon.

And now, it’s time for…

SPACE WAR 2: ‘This Time It’s Personal’

They’re at it again:

We don’t know why those two various ET factions (who are both surprisingly high-vibration, but still caught in The Illusion) started fighting again, but we’re not getting into it. Having given up long ago on all things Illusion and duality (it still snags us now and again), CATs strive to remove themselves from anything that has a “winner and a loser,” instead showing compassion for both ‘sides,’ since there really ARE no sides. All are ONE.

ET Advice

While we keep ET advice at arms’ length, for what it’s worth we thought this latest one good.

(Note that this guy, while accurate here, is kinda hit or miss. No offense to him, certainly. We dislike channeling as it is very easy for various things to pretend to be someone else and channelers are typically terrible at setting protection; many of them want “the channel” too much, esp. those who make money from it.)

“Kill Shot”

YES, something (good) is obviously happening with all these flares and CMEs…

…but we aren’t seeing a “kill shot” (people keep asking) from the sun at the end of it… not on the timeline we’re on, anyway. (Maybe on the one we just jumped way from, we don’t know.) If you think about it, SOURCE would NEVER do this; what is to happen is our own group manifestation.

What will happen… what IS happening is more ‘energetic’ in nature, versus something measurable like a flare, with those who are feeling the effects acting as collective Wave X meters. We expect some kind of BIG energy shift that impacts the Schumann Resonance in an obvious way (as the energy bounces off the core and Gaia moves) and we will all definitely feel it when it happens… whenever that is. We’re sensing that THIS is the rumored high/low timeline split (aka, The SHIFT).

The Good News?

Regardless of what happens in the next three months, we peeked ahead and we see August as calm (unless there’s another jump). We haven’t seen this in… well, not for many years. Then it looks calm through to the end of the year. We don’t know specifics. What is to happen might take a bit of getting used to… as nothing will be as it was before… but whatever it is, it will be calm and peaceful… and will open up a whole new world. Those who are good at working together in an STO way will do well.

One Last Thing…

Try connecting to SOURCE now in meditation. SOURCE feels like the sun on your face. Wondrous.

UPDATE1 ~ 4/3/22 @ 11:15 pm PDT

CATs felt this GRB when it happened…

…as well as… something else… just a little while ago (starting around 10:30 pm PDT), something energywise. We felt it keenly in our heads… and jumped into meditation.

We suggest everyone go into meditation, when you get the chance, and really try to fully connect to SOURCE (we know you’re already connected at heart, so try connecting with your MIND as well, the whole of your being). Think “INFINITY TO INFINITY.” After you do this, and you feel the connection… give all that you are, all that you’ve learned… to SOURCE. SHARE with SOURCE. And show gratitude. Without SOURCE you wouldn’t exist.

Spiritual things are changing fast. We don’t know what’s going on, but it feels major. Not everyone will share in this, but you should at least try.

UPDATE2 ~ 4-4-22

We’re trying to keep away from the “news,” but this one called out to us:

Container ship stuck in Chesapeake Bay has kids and other prisoners onboard.

Some CATs wondered if there was anything nefarious about this container ship, stuck in Chesapeake Bay for some time, was so close to DC. So, the M’s had a look. First they said was: “Ok, that feels off.” 

Believe it or not, this container ship deviating from the dug-out channel for ships and getting stuck was some kind of Divine Intervention. We then realized that there are some people within those containers; not spies with explosives or anything, but kids and other people being held against their will. It’s like the perpetrators who are responsible for this human trafficking are supposed to be caught. The White Hats (if they can get off their butts and do something besides “negotiate”) should burn the midnight oil getting access to this ship ASAP. Lives depend on it. Might want to spead this far and wide.


There was another CME this morning. It will be here at approx. 10:00 am on 4/6.

Here’s the pre-ZAP…

…and the pitch…

More aches and pains and fresh Illusion programming.


Today is most interesting. A canyon of fire recently opened up on the sun:


FYI, this site is being thoroughly suppressed because of its message(s). That and our recent incursions with various insensate, lazy ‘unicorns’ — who simply refuse to learn because it requires effort (and who are frankly stealing from us to keep their blog money-boats floating), and who choose to IGNORE what they’ve already learned — not to mention our encouragement from ‘above’ to simply go within rather than look at any of the dreck going on is prompting various CATs to again vote to shut down the site. We’re not reaching any new people, and regular readers already know what to do. And the same things keep happening. Might be best for all if we shut down for a while. We’re going to vote on it, later.


Ok, ok… enough with the email! We’re drowning. CATs capitulate to the onslaught. We live to serve. Closure canceled. On with the grueling Ascension.